And here's random info, as I dislike userboxes. I'll probably edit around the lines laid out below, which means there will probably be little edits from me on the NES games. The only Final Fantasy games that I've played (all Playstation but Tactics, all NES but III, all SNES, FF X, FF XII, and FF TA) and disliked are I, II and Mystic Quest. I'm currently playing X (first time) and VI Advance. I've also seen and like The Spirits Within.

Favorite Game: Final Fantasy IX

Least Favorite Game: Final Fantasy-it's all grinding, which I hate.

Favorite SNES-era Character: A tie between Kain in IV, Faris in V, and I can't decide with VI. I would say the best is Locke out of VI, but the other characters are mostly just as good.

Least Favorite SNES-era Character: Cyan. He's annoying, and useless in battle too.

Favorite PS1-era Character: A tie between Red XIII, Selphie, and Freya-all the characters in IX are cool, but Freya is the best.

Least Favorite PS1-era Character: Rinoa, Eiko or Cait Sith. I'd have to go with Cait Sith, however, though all of the ones I listed are equally annoying and worthless.

Favorite PS2-era Character: Kimahri, Auron or Balthier. Wait, no, Balthier.

Least Favorite PS2-era Character: Wakka or Fran. Wakka is annoying but useful in battle, and I hate the voice actor for Fran.

Favorite Battle System: X or VIII (yes, I actually liked the draw system and thought it was better than the Materia system)

Least Favorite Battle System: I. The other NES games were slightly better.

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