ok... ok. ok. yeah.. ok. ok anyway here i am. Final Fantasy. Great series. Definetly one of the best. the only one that can compare in anyway is zelda despite the vast differences. Why am i here? because im a huge fan. however i dont fore see myself editing any time soon as i have not played all the games. i will list the games i have played followed by a one line sentace on what they did the best.

so in my play order[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy X: Best story

Final Fantasy x-2: Best Job set

Final Fantasy VIII: Best story play out (ok i have to explain in more then one sentance. while it has a rudementry story with not much in it it plays out very well with perfect dialouge and giving everyone the right amount of lines)

Final Fantasy Crystal chronicles gamecube: best... yeah i never finished this due to my memory messing up like five times.

Final Fantasy III: Best air ships

Final fantasy revanunt wings: Best unloseable ending boss

Final Fantasy XII: Best magic (note i started playing long ago but only finished two years later because its suce a monstrosaty. good amount of magic though).

Final Fantasy crisis sore: best cut scenes undoubtly.

Final Fantasy VII: best characters.

Final Fantasy IV: Best party

Final Fantasy IV, The after years: Best way to rip off money and make you think your getting a good game for eight euro when it turns out to be near fifty!

Is it just me or are all the characters better in the after years? Im not saying the story is better anything but the characters do seem more natural and intereting

Help me add to this[edit | edit source]

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