Occuria Summoner

aka Alexandra

  • I live in Russian,Moscow
  • I was born on April 2
  • I am Female
Occuria Summoner
Name Occuria Summoner
Real Name Alexandra
Job Class Dancer,Hunter,Summoner
Hometown Russian,Moscow
Date of Birth April,2
Weapons Runeblade,Artemis Bow
Spells I use materia,or Divine Magic
Summons Gold Dragon,Fenrir,Zirconiade
Limit Break Ancient Song, Flaming Dance,Last Reason.


"Don`t follow a path-make your own!"
―Bartz Klauser, Final Fantasy V

"...Not interested"
―Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII

"Loosing...isn`t in my vocabulary!"
―Cassandra Alexandra, Soul Calibur III


Come and Vote at my International Wolves Arena!!

Do not look yet!Edit

Comming soon...

About MeEdit

Erh,what about shoud i write?

I am just a simple Russian girl,

I've got vodka in my blood,

So I dance with brown bears,

And my soul is torn apart...

Okay,see below.


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What is your favourite type of weapons?

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Do you have the Crystal Edition of Final Fantasy XIII-2?

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My AwardsEdit

RCC Bronze Award
This sword is awarded to Occuria Summoner for voting 10 times in the Ridorana Cataract Colloseum.

FFXIII enemy Ferruginous Pudding
FEC Bronze Award
This is to certify that Occuria Summoner has voted
in at least 10 fights in the Flan's Elbow Colosseum

RCC Silver Award
This sword is awarded to Occuria Summoner for voting 20 times in the Ridorana Cataract Colloseum.

Top five femalesEdit

  1. Rydia
  2. Lightning
  3. Tifa
  4. Elfe
  5. Ashe

Top five villainsEdit

  1. Sephiroth
  2. Caius
  3. Genesis
  4. Rufus
  5. Gabrant

My Favourite music from Final FantasyEdit

Category Song
I Song Battle Theme
II Song Battle Theme I
IV Song Main Theme
VI Song Terra`s Theme
VII Song Those who fight further
VIICC Song Why
VIIDoC Song Redemption
VIII Song Liberi Fatali,Eyes on Me
IX Song Over the hill
X Song Otherworld,To Zanarkand
XII Song Road of Hope
XIII Song My Hands
Boss Battle Theme One-winged Angel

My Favourite SummonsEdit

Category Best
IV Eidolon Mist Dragon
V Summon Ramuh
Esper Bagamuth
VII Summon Leviathan
Guardian Force Phoenix
Eidolon Fenrir & Titan
Aeon Valefor
XII Summon Adrammelech
XIII Eidolon Odin

My GamesEdit

  1. Final fantasy series
  2. Shadow of the colossus
  3. Ico
  4. Devil May Cry
  5. Silent Hill
  6. Genji
  7. Grand Turismo
  8. Star Ocean
  9. Valkyria Profile:Lenneth

My MusicEdit

  1. The Black Mages (Nobuo Uematsy the best!)
  2. Nightwish
  3. Iron Maiden
  4. Therion
  5. Dragonforce
  6. Linkin Park
  7. Edguy (+ Avantasia)
  8. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Akira Yamaoka)
  9. Gackt and Ayaka
  10. Blind Guardian
  11. Koh Otani
  12. Tetsua Shibata
  13. Leona Lewis
  14. Nickelback

Where you also can find meEdit

Final Fantasy Wiki rus Devil May Cry wiki Devil May Cry wiki rus(admin) Shadow of the colossus wiki

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