This is a fun game. You should all play it.

Hello internet wiki people who chance there way here. I was once an active user here, but for the past few years I've just lurked. It's sort of odd to think about how time just rolls on by, I created this account in the start of 2010 during the latter half of my 8th grade school year. As of the time I write this in July 2014, I'm currently 17, graduated from high school, and moving onto university this fall. I can't say this site has been a significant part of my time for a long while, but still love the time I spent here and the friends I have made. I can be found on LoL, Steam, or IRC, pretty much always using my username of OavatosDK.

If you ever want to know everything I've learned from eStalking SilverCrono, feel free to PM me. It's probably a couple years out of date though.

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