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Name NonameInfinite
Real Name Vincent Lam
Race Human...ish
Job Student
Birthplace Earth
Zodiac Sign Capricorn(was not aware of this)
Laterality Right-handed
Hobby Final Fantasy
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Job Class
  • Default:Freelancer
  • Wind Crystal:Synergist
  • Water Crystal:Scholar
  • Fire Crystal:Bard
  • Earth Crystal:Mystic Knight
EX Mode You have yet to see infinite power!
Limit Break/EX Burst Antima Blade (Antima=Anti Ultima)
Weapon Swords, Hardcover books, Violin
Ultimate Weapon Violin Bow Longsword and 4-stringed Scan-blade
Summon Bomb
Voice Actor Vincent Lam


Hi there! My name is NonameInfinite and personally, I love the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy was an epic start to the series and arguably a big influence in the JRPG genre. Final Fantasy II brought along an interesting leveling system. Final Fantasy III was big step in the Final Fantasy evolution especially with it's large job choice selection.

Final Fantasy IV was cool evolving Final Fantasy's story sense, plus that ATB System = WIN! Final Fantasy V really had that traditional Final Fantasy feel and arguably the best job system EFAR! Final Fantasy VI and Compilation of Final Fantasy VII... need I say more? I mean they were both pretty much masterpieces.

Final Fantasy VIII's story was simply amazing. Final Fantasy IX is another of those traditional Final Fantasies that I loved.

Final Fantasy X was another masterpiece. Final Fantasy XI was... online so I have no idea. Ivalice Alliance was rather revolutionary to the series with Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy Tactics and whatnot.

Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy looks amazing. Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 looks good and from what I've played is pretty fun. Final Fantasy Type-0 is the closet thing to a traditional Final Fantasy that is an action-RPG. Of course we're all still waiting for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Final Fantasy XIV... it is best not to talk about that.



I'm working on it! I'm working on it!


Walkthrough:Final Fantasy/NonameInfinite - Final Fantasy for PSP


  • Final Fantasy for NES
  • Final Fantasy IV for SNES
  • Final Fantasy IV for PSP
  • Final Fantasy V for SNES
  • Final Fantasy V for PS
  • Final Fantasy VI for PS
  • Final Fantasy Type-0

Yes, I am the type who puts too much food on my plate and bites off more I can chew.

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