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Name NoctisXV
Job Class 騎兵/Kihei/cavalry
Weapon(s) Kusarigama and a Longaspata/Longsword
Limit Break 慈悲深い刃/Jihibukai ha/Blade merciful or merciful blade
Date of Birth 2/4/2000
Favorite FF Final Fantasy IX
Best Final Fantasy I've Played Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy XI sounds fun >_<

Death has a new face!


Like a boss!!!

This is my place in the wiki community, I am a lover of final fantasy and it helps feed my imagination. My favorite Final fantasies are VII,VIII, IX, X, XII, and coming soon, XV. I'm also excited for the release of KHIII whenever that'll happen.

Hello everyone and Salvete! As you probably know by now, my name is NoctisXV. I enjoy sharing my skills with this and many other wikis. I like to experiment with a coding system known as Hex Triplets. Basically, I like working in different font colors as you can see at the top of this page.

So far, Square's been a hush to new info, so keep your eyes peeled 'cause they might release some new info (other than KHII.5 remix)

I'm very smart and under the attendance of Albemarle High. Here, I work on basically finding out what college I want to go to. I'm also creative. I'm working on drawings for a story I made up unlike the ones below. it's called Kingdom Fantasy VII and it is one out of at least 52 projects (this is why it is marked with a seven.) They are gods but in their human forms. So far I've made:

  • Allahntaka, the Divine-He's basically the father of the gods. He creates his daughter, Olathea, from the most beautiful star he created. He goes into a deep sleep after making brothers and sisters to keep Olathea company. He has his thunder god, Ramuh, wake him up on the 1,000,000 day where the sun grows black (an eclipse.) He finds, after waking, that the world is not the way he wanted it and decides to destroy it and create it anew. This event is known a Iorgitoutheou, Η οργη του θεου/I̱ orgi̱ tou theou, the wrath of God.
  • Olathea, the Goddess of Civilization-The first and true daughter of Allahntaka. She was made from a star that appealed to him. She was lonely and thus her father made for her, brothers and sisters. Soon, the world would fall into turmoil and to settle the divine dispute, Agia, Goddess of Light, suggest they create for themselves a mother. From this act, Nirvana was born. During Iorgitoutheou, Olathea is brutally murdered and her blood spilled cross the realm. She would bless a specific few the crystal power to fight her father and save the world. After her father's death, the threads of life delve into her blood, recreating civilization.
  • Nirvana, the Divine Mother-"Born" after Allahntaka went to sleep. Her creation is said to be the day the earth began to kneel towards its destruction. A common phrase found at the beginning of most ancient Epanasti poems and literature is "Allahntaka was the beginning and Nirvana was the end." Allahntaka to this day, even in his deathbed, despises her out of all creation. He believed she was forged from fledgling emotions and not clear-cut thought. Nirvana would return after the events of Iorgitoutheou with a wrath as bitter as Allahntaka's. She wields a pair of scythes chained together along with elemental magicks.
  • Agia, the White Dwarf-Goddess of light. She is able to use her photokinetic power to bring light and warmth to the world along side the God of the Sun. She proposed the idea of a motherly figure during the time when Allahntaka was resting. She is the last of the Necrotheos, or, dead gods, to die in Iorgitoutheou. Because of this, areas of the world that she watched over grew cold. Also, people percieved that because light is dead but fighting that Agia's death represents that those under the light will almost always die.
  • Dichonoia, the Umbra Walker-Goddess of Shadow and Darkness. She lives alongside the God of Death, Thanato. She survived Iorgitoutheou proving that darkness isn't so easily expelled like some may think. Dichonoia wields the awful Proangelos, the blade used to call upon ancient beast of war. She is very mischievous for she nearly started a war between two countries.

Awesome Characters in My Opinion[edit | edit source]

  • Warrior of Light (DFF)
  • Cecil Harvey
  • Terra Branford
  • Cloud Strife
  • Squall Leonhart
  • Zidane Tribal
  • Yuna
  • Basch fon Rosenburg
  • Claire"Lightning"Farron
  • Noel Kriess
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum
  • Brandt
  • Feral Chaos (DDFF)

Final Fantasy Storyline Ideas[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy XVI-Final Fantasy XVI is set across the World of Cornelia also spanning across a multitude of worlds. The story is about Orion Deushard and his friends. There are five crystals. Each representing the elements-Earth, Water, Wind, Fire. The 5th is called the All-cryst. The world follows the Factorem religion in that the world was created by a man who wielded either the All-cryst or the Water cryst. Sacred text reads that the the wielders of Earth, Fire, and Wind die and the last two must face off and become the Maker.

An evil surfaces after rogue professor uses tiny strands of Orion's DNA. It creates the dark embodiment, Sephirto Godtesta. Being Orion's opposite, he plans to destroy the world. Orion, Julia, James, Raina, and Lexus jouney through the Realm to quell his sinister plight.

Final Fantasy-Chronicles of Ygg-The land of Okktnycem lays under siege by the forces of Altima and her servent, Inminentis. Odin and his servant, Bionis Machina, nearly destroy them. The result, Odin loses his memory and becomes Ygg Woden, guardian of the soul-tree Yggdrasil. Frigga, his wife, uses his last rune magic to make Yggdrasil use its soul crystals to choose guardians from afar to protect it from dangers later on.

Firio, a citizen of Xul, has a vision of the Odin-crisis and consults the elder, Thor. He tells him stories about him and his brother, Balder. Accepting that he might become the Guardian of Yggdrasil. On the Night of the Five Lights, he receives the All-cryst and his journey begins on from there. This would lead into the story of FF XVII(XVI).

Final Fantasy XVII-The epic of the celebrants and the creation of the Paradise of Eutopia. The world is threatened by Lord and King Leviathan. To save him, the celebrants create a dream powerful enough to stop his rage. The land is called Nova Okktnycem. Okktnycem is Al Bhed for Yggdrasil.

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Will of Freedom-Shinryu has denied Cid the power to leave and merges Worlds A and B together to form world C. He makes a new pact with Shinryu. If Cosmos and Chaos choose five warriors to subjugate their memories to him, then he will open a new portal and divide the now merged worlds. Cosmos summons the Warrior of Light, Prishe, Cloud Strife, Noctis Lucis Caelum, and Kain. Chaos summons Garland, Gabranth, Kefka Palazzo, Exdeath. They journey to Shinryu's throne, Equilibrium, to ensure the process.

They are engulfed by Shinryu's golden light and strongly purified to where they can't remember but so much. Now the stage is set for the last cycle.

Final Fantasy Rising Dawn- Abel Highwind, a Dragoon from the Thalassocracy of Highwind, is killed by his jealous brother, Kain. He finds himself descending into the Dark World, a place where the planet's sustaining essence, the Dawn, cannot reach. The warriors of darkness save him by reincarnation. This would allow a second chance and also allow him to become a warrior of light.

My Ideal, DFF:WoF (above)[edit | edit source]

Since it's one of my prized ideas, I've decided to elaborate on it more... I've been busy and decided to pass the torch. Anyone reading this and they'd like to continue or change the story go to my talk page.

→REDIRECT to NoctisXV/Dissidia

Not so much time has passed since Cid had been released. Now he is able to manifest his human form. Finding the path back home, he has little time before the Wyrm king, Shinryu, arrives. The world begins to illuminate and in the sky appears World B. Shinryu's voice is heard across all of World A. He tells the world of Cid's ( a Lufenian's ) sins. The sky shatters and the twin worlds merge and create World C.

The world is on the verge of descending into the rift and causes citizens to panic. Shinryu revives Chaos and brings him to the Empyreal paradox, where Cosmos awaits and Cid awaits. He tells them he'd decimate the merger and split the two worlds, though World B would fall to the rift, if they'd summon specific warriors to sacrifice their memories to give him the power split them. But, he'd have to rest first.

Cosmos is hesitant on summoning warriors for what happened in latent cycles. Chaos only gives a smirk. Chaos manipulates Cosmos to go first. She witnesses a vision of Noctis and his Cryst appears. She wonders why it happened but continues. She summons the Warrior of Light, Prishe, Cloud Strife, Tidus. Chaos compensates by summoning Stella for witnessing of how she opposes Noctis. He also summons Garland, Gabranth, Kain, and Exdeath.

Cid begins to glow and the Crystals shatter. The warriors appeared floating in the air. They each awoke and were debriefed on their collaboration. Cosmos was saddened when she saw Kain on Chaos's side. What will the rest of my warriors think? She teared a bit.

"You've been tasked to go to the sleeping Wyrm king, Shinryu, to have your memories extracted." The warriors gazed at the Lufenian. He also told Cosmos and Chaos are now combatants on the war front. To take their place, Galaxos (WoL), and Feral Chaos (WoD). The warriors are to set out for Equilibrium, Shinryu's resting place.

Ideal themes in latin[edit | edit source]

Latin Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Sicut sol ortu suo,
Tenebrae autem incorruptam.
Sicut sol, et occidit,
Suus revertetur.
Haec est autem voluntas eius statera,
Et ideo debet esse.
Cum crystallis stringitur,
Fortem et implevit universam terram.
Lux aeterna et semper erit.
Semper discordibus lucem ac tenebras
Et miserebitur nostri Dominus, Et miserebitur nostri Dominus,
Testis regeneratione futuris temporibus.
Libatis exordiatur;
Novum iter coepit.

English (Used to get lyrics)[edit | edit source]

As the sun rises,
Darkness fades.
As the sun sets,
It will return
This is the will of balance,
And so it must be.
With crystals held tight,
They brave the horizon.
Light eternal and forever shall it be.
Forever shall light and dark clash.
Lord have mercy! Lord have mercy!
Bear witness to the new age, the future era.
Destiny begins anew
A new journey has begun.

Mythology[edit | edit source]

In my journals, I've been writing stories. They're called "Kingdom Fantasy".

  • In the first, they have the religion of Factorem. They believe the Maker, God in a way, bestows five mystic crystals to a chosen few who will stop a coming darkness. But, the water-bearer and the all cryst-bearer fight for the mantle of becoming the next Maker. The others must go on to face the darkness alone. They are predestined to fail and die. The new Maker would then gather their crystals and ascends to his heavenly kingdom.
  • In three, Exodus, an ancient God, had sealed away an ancient demon. It's name was Chaos Tenebrae. He had had plan to release the reverse evil world in to the good. During the fight between the two, parts of land landmasses began to ascend to the sky where Tenebrae would be sealed for an eternity. Following colonization, his rest was disturbed and walk the earth under a human guise and an alias.
  • In ten, the mythos is based off of FFXIII's Fang and Vanille. A man and a woman had saved the world from Ragnos Rok. Because of this, impurity had flown into them causing them to lose sanity and cuase a world war. A young summoner journeys to stop the war between the Celebrants and Humans. At Yggdrasil's ruins, she creates a "cocoon" to protect the Celebrants and those faithful to them.
  • In XV, the world was populated by different peoples. The first were the Anteans. They believed the world would be destroyed by the magic, Ultima. But, they were killed off by a heavenly light. This created the Eschatonians. They believed the Angel of the Phoenix Realm, Ultima, would send down an Eschaton beam which would destroy the world. But, they were destroyed by the most ancient of magicks, Flare. The remnants either fled with the Anteans to a frosted continent whilst the remaining created the Excanites. Their theory was that the world could either be destroyed by either Eschaton or Flare. A man with the name Phoenokobo had died and Flare occured fifty years later. The remnants, too, went north while the remaining forged Gran Terranius. They were known as the Gran Terrae. They believed anyone being an incarnation of Phoenokobo would live for fifty years, die, then flare would occur fifty years later. This would soon form many religions and stick for the rest of the planet's lifetime.
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