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Hello Wikians! I'm glad to be able to join the marvelous colony that is this wiki! I'm new to the whole final fantasy universe but I too have experienced the majesty that it is. I have been a member of the kingdom hearts wiki and I think it's about time I spread my wings a little.

  • My youtube name is 1996squareenix
  • Here is my facebook. (Please don't laugh at my last name.)!/profile.php?id=100001114394590
  • My favorite sport is swimming
  • I'm dominican, but I was born in new york.
  • My favorite colors are white & black
  • I'm christian.
  • My favorite food is cinnamon rolls.
  • I play the piano
  • My birthday is july 15
  • I am 14
  • I have a PS2, PSP, PS3, GB and a WII
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  • My name is Elias, but everybody calls me Eli.
  • I am homeschooled.
  • I study medicine, I want to grow up to be an optometrist (Eye doctor.)
  • I have an extremely high vocabulary, higher than most of the adults I know, my friends refer to me as a human dictionary.
  • My favorite shows are Phineas and Ferb, Burn Notice, Good Eats, George Lopez, Malcolm in the middle and Family Guy.
  • I take tv and video games WAY to seriously.


Squall Leonhart

Friend list[]

I have alot of friends on the kh wiki. And I'll have alot here soon. :)

Final Fantasy[]

1000 Words (English Version) (X-2)

Aerith's Theme (Kyle)

A Flower Blooming In the Slums (CC VII)

Aria de Mezzo Carattere (part 1) (VI)

Aria de Mezzo Carattere (part 2) (VI)

Azul the Cerulean (DoC VII)

Battle (Dissidia)

Battle in the Forgotten City (VII ACC)

Battle Results (XIII)

Blue Fields (VIII Piano Collections)

Born Anew (XIII)

Chaos (Dissidia)

Cloud Smiles (Tour de Japon)

Cosmos (Dissidia)

Distant Worlds (BM III)

Dust to Dust (XIII)

Ending Theme (X)

Eruyt Village (XII)

Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~ (X-2)

Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~ (X-2 Piano collections)

Eternity ~Memory of Lightwaves~ (Kyle)

Eyes On Me (VIII)

Final Battle (X Piano Collections)

J-E-N-O-V-A (VII Piano collections)


Keeping the Peace (Dissidia)

Let the Battles Begin! (Piano) (VII AC)

Liberi Fatali (Distant Worlds)

M306 OPN2 "Defiers of Fate" Palamecia Assault Version (XIII)

Main Theme / World Map Theme 1 (Orchestra Ver) (VII)

Memories of Happier Days (XIII)

My Hands (XIII)

Night of Seclusion (CC VII)

One-Winged Angel (VII AC)

Opening ~ Bombing Mission (BM III)

Prelude (DW)

Purgatorial Road (X Piano Collections)

Seal of the Wind ~The Three Trails~ (X-2 Piano Collections)

Silent Edge (DoC VII)

Snow's Theme (XIII)

Somnus (Versus XIII)

Squaresoft Variation (Best VGM ReMixes)

Sustained by Hate (XIII)

Suteki Da Ne (X)

Suteki Da Ne (DW)

Terra (VI Piano collections)

The Iron Beast (CC VII)

The Messenger (Dissidia)

The Oath (Kyle)

The Oath (FLWV)

The Promised Eternity (XIII)

The Promised Land (VII AC)

The Sending (X)

The Theme of Love (20020220)

Those Who Fight Further (Dissidia)

Timely Ambush (CC VII)

To Zanarkand (Tour de Japon)

To Zanarkand (Kyle)

Vengeance on the World (CC VII)

Water (VII AC)

Why (CC VII)

Kingdom Hearts[]

2nd Mov. Kairi - Andante Sostenuo (Piano Collections)

3rd Mov. Riku - Scherzo e Intermezzo (Piano Collections)

Above the Rising Falls (Best VGM ReMixes)

Aqua (BBS)

Cavern of Remembrance (KH2:FM)

Dearly Beloved (Piano Collections)

Dearly Beloved (BBS)

Deep Dive (Days)

Destati (Drammatica)

Dive into the Heart -Destati- (KH)

Duet of the Keyblade Masters (Best VGM ReMixes)

Forgotten Challenge (Re:Com)

Fragments of Sorrow (KH2)

Fragments of Sorrow (BBS)

Graceful Assassin (Re:com)

Missing You ~ Naminé (piano Collections)

Musique pour la Tristesse de Xion (Field & Battle)

Mysterious Figure (BBS)

Radiant Garden (BBS)

Rage Awakened (BBS)

Scherzo di Notte (KH)

Scherzo di Notte (BBS)

Simple and Clean PLANETB Remix Full

Struggle Away Fight for my Friends (Days)

Terra (BBS)

The 13th Anthology (Drammatica)

the 13th Side (Piano Collections)

The Other Promise (Drammatica)

The Other Promise (Piano Collections)

The World That Never Was (Days)

Vanitas Remnant (BBS)

Ventus (BBS)

Xion (Days)


Weekly Schedule
Sunday I have church starting from 9am - 6pm I might try to get here afterwards.
Monday - Friday I have church on tuesday and friday nights.
Saturday Normally I'll be here all day. But sometimes I get dragged along by someone for something. So don't expect any consistency. I also have to go to sleep early because of church the next day.