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Real Name Joe
Gender Male
Top 3 FFs FFX, followed by VII then IX
Home Wales, which is in the United Kingdom BTW

Yeah kids, I'm back! The biggest comeback since Micheal Jackson and Lazarus put together. You might (won't) remember me from briefly in 2007 where I contributed to the Dragon's Neck Colosseum now and again. I don't really have much interest in coding or any of that, though I'd like to make some more contributions this time around. Or at least get my profile more up to date with all the reviews I've posted on on the main series and the spinoffs.


My Opinions TableEdit

Category Number ONE! 2ND Best 3RD Place Worst
Looking Forward To FFXIII DISSIDIA FFXIV CrystalBearers
World Spira Ivalice ThePlanet WorldOne
Main Character Tidus Zidane YunaX-2 WarriorOfLight
Supporting Character Auron YunaFFX Steiner Quistis
Main Villain Sephiroth Kuja Kefka Zermous
Supporting Villain Beatrix Zorn&Thorn Genesis Xande
Soundtrack FFIX FFVII FFX Tactics
World Map Music FFVII (Cloud+NorthCave) FFVI (Terra) FFII FFVIII
Final Boss Fight Braska'sFinalAeon(X) SaferSephiroth(VII) TheUndying(XII) CloudOfDarkness(III)
Boss Fight Evrae(X) FourArchfiends(IV) Hades(IX) CPU&Nodes(IV)
SuperBoss EmeraldWEAPON(VII) DarkBahamut(X) Ozma(IX) Omega/Yiazmat/HellWyrm(XII)
Boss Battle Music FFVIIBossTheme FFVIIIBossTheme X-2BossTheme FFIIBossTheme
Special Boss Music JENOVA(VII) BattleOnBigBridge(v/XII) Challenge(X) CreepyDolls(IV)
Final Boss Music DarkMessenger(IX) One Winged Angel(VII) DancingMad(VI) Tactics
FFI Character There Were Characters? REALLY?!?
FFII Character Firion Hilda Minwu Guy
FFIII Character Desch Refia Arc 4OldMen
FFIII Summon Odin Bahamut Leviathan Chocobo
FFIV Character Rydia Cecil Kain Edward
FFIV Eidolon MistDragon Bahamut Shiva Whyt
FFV Character Faris Galuf Bartz LoneWolf
FFV Summon FatChocobo Chocobo Odin Remora
FFVI Character Terra Edgar Locke Gogo
FFVI Esper Seraph Maduin Bismarck Shiva!!!!
FFVII Character Sephiroth Aerith Cloud Mukki
FFVII Summon Knights Of The Round Neo Bahamut Hades Typhoon
FFVIII Character Seifer Adel Ultimecia Selphie
GF Alexander Bahamut Pandemona Doomtrain
IX Character Zidane Freya Steiner Artimecion
IX Eidolon Fenrir Alexander Madeen Carbuncle
X Character Auron Tidus Rikku Maroda
Aeon Anima Yojimbo Bahamut Ifrit
XII Character Ba'Gamnan Balthier Ashe Penelo
XII Esper Chaos Mateus Cuchulainn Zermous

Final Fantasy IEdit

PSP:Finished the game, quite high level characters but cannot be bothered to do the dungeons

MY REVIEW:;review2

Final Fantasy IIEdit

PSP:Going back to find Snowmobile

MY REVIEW:;review3

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

DS:Finally beaten the Cloud Of Darkness, woo hoo. May try out Onion Knight now

Haven't posted a review yet.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

DS:Completed the game, avoided most optional bosses in Subterreane and probly not going to do a New Game+

MY REVIEW:;review6

Final Fantasy VEdit

GBA:On the Fire Ship, about to go fight boss I believe.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

GBA:Cave of the Espers but was a dodgy copy and save file got corrupted so I chuckedd it. Haven't re-bought it

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Finished but considering downloading the game if it comes out on UK PSN for my PSP

MY REVIEW:;review12

Review is a bit out of date I think, might write another one.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Just entered Ultimecia Castle, been there for years now to be honest.

MY REVIEW:;review1

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Finished with practically perfect save (no Excalibur II obv. or all Cards), started new game recently for an hour.

MY REVIEW:;review25

Final Fantasy XEdit

Need to get Celestial Weapons and Sigils from Lightning Dodging and Blitzball. Then Stat Maxing and Dark Aeons and Monster Arena.

MY REVIEW:;review22

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Cloister 60 of that bloody Via Infinto dungeon. My characters aren't nearly strong enough. Gonna do a New Game+ using Trainer, Mascot and Special Drespheres to go for 100%

MY REVIEW:;review23

Final Fantasy XIEdit

PC: I bought it on the cheap but my PC died and not allowed to play it on laptop

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Fighting Yiazmat, will be doing so for years

Crisis Core: FFVIIEdit

On New Game+ Hard Mode: Doing as many missions as possible before I go to Modeoheim (I think Modeoheim anyway), I'm in Midgar inbetween missions.

Dirge Of Cerberus: FFVIIEdit

Finished and unlocked the secret ending. But doubt I'll puick it up again.

MY REVIEW:;review20

FFXII: Revenant WingsEdit

Another one I can say I've finished

MY REVIEW:;review6

Tactics: War Of The LionsEdit

Finished it by pratically using Ramza and Cidolfas. My non story characters are highly underdeveloped.

Tactics AdvanceEdit

Finished main story and that's enough for me. Dont care about the 300 Missions.;review14

Tactics A2: Grimoire Of The RiftEdit

Not very far into it at all to be honest. Characters about Level 11/12


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