Ninja of Wind2


First idea. Designing a way for userboxes to be collapsible. Idea origin: one of BfD's userboxes.


Maybe if I made an entirely new userbox without ((user personal)).

{{{image}}} This user can make collapsible userboxes.


Finnished, now to put it into a template so I don't have to go through that again.


Second idea. New talk bubble design. Idea origen: random thought, nothing else.

Ninja of Wind

I have a picture to make a new talk bubble out of, but I need to have everything pull it together.

Text styles have been completely wiped out by switching (against my free will) to Microsoft 2007.


test of new signature template:

Now I want to make my custom Shadow picture link to this page.
[[User:Ninja of Wind/Sandbox | Ninja of Wind2]]
That didn't work. Time to do some research.
Ninja of Wind2
That worked. I copied Silver Mage's linked picture code. Now to add it to my signature.


I think I should include my GIF files:

FFI victory A
My Victory Fanfare for FFI
Fun Facts

  • Red Mage closes his eyes, but it's hard to see under his hat
    • Each firework Red Mage launches explodes on a different frame
  • Black Mage is the only one who doesn't blink (that freak)
    • If you look carefully, Black Mage's hands glow the color of his next spell
  • Fighter's fanfare is kind of dumb because it was hard to come up with one for him
    • I refused to make Fighter a sword; too much work
  • White Mage was the most difficult because the cure spell moves in front of her
    • Her's is my favorite because I am proud in the work I put into it
  • Making Monk's kick was also difficult because the sole of the foot has to rotate
    • The shockwave from the punch was just inspired to waste more frames, as Monk was comming up short at the time
  • Thief's was the most entertaining to make
    • I think this really shows his arrogance; while the others are celebrating a victory, he just checks his hair


Ninja of Wind

First to change the picture and see how this is going to look.

Shadow (Final Fantasy VI) small

Shadow may need to be recolored for this, but I'll work on that later. Next is to change the top portion of the bubble.

Shadow (Final Fantasy VI) small

Now all that's left is to customize a shadow.

Ninja of Wind2

Approved. Now to copy it to template.


I figured out something about my name a year or two back. Watch what I do:
I thought that was cool because it sounded japanese, but I just found out it is japanese.
I knew I was destined to be a ninja!!! Now my Shadow affiliation is that much more important. I might even use the kanji symbol for Kage for a signiture. Let's see if I can find it.

  • 影- Kanji
  • かげ- Hiragana

Let's try those.


I have descided on the greatest award template ever. I did not make the name of it up myself, but if I am lucky, nobody here will know person I got this from. I want to keep my identity here semi-secret.

Ninja of Wind2
Ninja of Wind

This award inducts you into the:

Society Honoring Individuals with a Tenacitude for Smartness
Congratulations!!! You have proven yourself worth for this award by besting even me in a contest of intelligence. You deserve this and everything that comes with it. The title, the non-existent fame, and the fact that you beat a ninja in a game of wits. You will now impress almost everyone you meet: friends, family, neighbors, and pets just to name a few. (Warning- This will not impress girls, teachers, colleges, or employers. Just though I'd mention before you tried anyway)


For my FFTA Job Walkthrough:

{{{Image}}} {{{Job}}} Ninja of Wind2
{{{Type}}} To Earn: {{{Job1}}} {{{Job2}}}
{{{Move}}} {{{Jump}}} {{{Evade}}} {{{ATK}}} {{{DEF}}} {{{HP}}} {{{MP}}} {{{SPD}}} {{{MGC}}} {{{RES}}}

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