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Hi there. I'm SNPratty, resident of the Wiki and one of the new users. If by some chance I'm needed for anything, I respond fairly quickly on my Message Wall, but it may sometimes be easier to email me as I'm likely to respond faster. ~ SNPratty TAY PSP Maenad Field.png

Final Fantasy History[]

When i was 15 years old (because i'm 17 now), I got Final Fantasy V Advance and iOS Versions. I started to play it, and it was wonderful. Really wonderful. I completed Final Fantasy I to X-2. XI to XIII are almost done.

That time i started to love Final Fantasy.

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"History has already been broken..."
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Yeul - the young Pulsian seeress - gifted with the curse of precognition.

This young girl has travelled to every time within the world of Pulse.

Having seen the way it began and the way it will end, she cannot alter the course of time to save herself.

Guiding Caius, Serah and Noel, she valiantly braves her countless death, smiling as she fades...

Though physically, she may have faded - this innocent girl is in all of our hearts...