Name Zachary Bower
A.K.A Neo Bahamut, Lithp, Unholy~Quadralateral,
Role The Leading Man. But seriously: FFVII expert, argumentative asshole, plot analyist, the guy who asks the random questions. Also knows a thing or 2 about FFX & FFT.
Job Class know it'll happen.
Hometown Nibelheim...okay, Howard, PA, but I WISH it was Nibelheim. >_>
Date of Birth 9/8/91
Age Do the math.
Height 5' 3 1/2"
Talk Page
Weapon Masamune
Spells Firaja, Thundaja, Meteor, Holy, Shadow Flare, & Ultima.
Summons All of the Bahamuts, Valefor, Anima, Salamander, and Zodiark.
limit breaks Douchebag's Ultima. It's 3 hours long, invokes the powers of Longcat & Tacgnol, and involves; a rusty pocket watch, a microwaved bean burrito, and the stars of the Big Dipper. Need I say more?

"Let's mosey!"
―Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII

"I guess it's save the world."
―Vincent Valentine, Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII

About Me[edit | edit source]

The first games I'd ever gotten were the Disney's Dinosaur movie game & the new millenium version of Asteroids (fun as Hell, I'd encourage you to try it). I was about 9. This was a stroke of blind, stupid luck, as it pretty much set me on the Playstation system. I'd seen the neighbor girl's older brother play Final Fantasy VII a few times, and as I was getting distracted from the primary purpose of hanging out with her, she was getting a tad bit irritated at me. Fortunately, I'd decided that it looked awesome, and I got it. And the rest, as they (and Machean) would say, is history. I've played every Compilation of FFVII game available to North America, and I love them all. Both mentally AND physically! Incidentally, have you ever gotten a compact disc removed from your--nah, it's not important.

Moving right along, my 2nd favorite FF would have to be Tactics, and I'd always said that it would work much better as a handheld so, naturally, I was ecstatic when I heard about War of the Lions. The only other one I like is X. I didn't much care for X-2, I absolutely abhor XII, and that freakin' metal crab thing on that freakin' demo disc put me off of VIII forever.

I also like the Kingdom Hearts series, and my next videogame conquest goals are KH: Birth by Sleep & Dissidia: Final Fantasy, although not necessarily in that order.

Right now, I am questioning the wisdom of writing a page I don't really intend to change in present tense. Anyway...although I've largely beaten Dissidia, I still lack people to play with for it & WoL. *Sadpanda.* I don't have Birth by Sleep yet, either. In terms of Final Fantasy, I've since played most of the series--beat I, working on II, started III, started V, & dropped VI right at the finale--& so far, my heart's still with VII.

I think I've even gotten over my paralyzing phobia of VIII's goddamn robot crab.

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Projects[edit | edit source]

Dissidia Plot FAQ:

I came up with this to answer some things I thought were not being answered--or being answered incorrectly--about the plot of Dissidia. I am of the opinion that the FF Wiki doesn't give it enough focus. It IS a Final Fantasy game, has a very high likelihood of being canon, and has a surprisingly complicated backstory, given that it's a game made up almost entirely of main characters with resolved plotlines.

I would like some critique of the FAQ, if at all possible.

UPDATE: Heh, that's awesome. I'm contemplating deleting the only project I've had thus far.

Polls![edit | edit source]

For clarification: The link is under "projects." I had a similar poll up about it while I was working on it, but I've now largely ceased activity & am thinking of just deleting it outright. It doesn't seem to me like it's really a worthwhile endeavor. Since some Wiki patrons were nice enough to help me out, I'll take some feedback here before I do anything.

For clarification: Yes, I am asking which one's your personal favorite. The "fan favorite" comes in the averaging of all of the answers. I don't care what reasoning you use to determine which one. It doesn't necessarily have to be the most powerful character, or anything like that, just which one you like (or love to hate) the most.

Here you can show your FF preferences[edit | edit source]

Although I alluded to it above...oh, for a brief explanation, the list is repetitive because, when I made it, I hadn't played that many FF games. Having played a few more, I feel that there really isn't anything awe-inspiringly shitty or epic enough to make me change the list.

Games[edit | edit source]

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Game VII Tactics X XII
Story VII Tactics Crisis Core X-2
Graphical Style XII Crisis Core Dirge VII
Soundtrack VII Tactics X XII
Cast VII X Tactics XII
World VII X XII Tactics
Monsters X/X-2 VII Tactics Dirge
Final Dungeon Crisis Core Dirge VII X
Final Battle Dirge Crisis Core X Tactics
Battle System X-2 VII Tactics XII
Skill System VII/Crisis Core X-2 Tactics Dirge
Limit Breaks X VII Dirge XII

Characters[edit | edit source]

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Ramza Tidus Cloud Vaan
Female Protagonist Yuna Aerith Tifa Penelo
Villain Sephiroth Genesis Rosso Shuyin
Minor Villain Rufus Hojo - Yu Yevon
Recurring Boss Genesis Weiss Wiegraf Seymour
Cid VII X XII Tactics
Airship Shera Highwind Celsius Farenheit
VII Character Cloud Aerith Tifa Yazoo
X Character Yuna Auron Seymour Kinoc
XII Character Balthier Ashe Basch Penelo

Songs[edit | edit source]

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
VII Song Advent/One Winged Angel/The World's Enemy The Summoned/Those Who Fight Further The Price of Freedom Tifa's Theme
X Song Otherworld Auron's Theme Seymour's Theme Battle theme
Town Theme Banora Midgar The Forgotten Capital Edge
Battle Theme VII Crisis Core X Tactics
Boss Battle Theme VII X Tactics Crisis Core
Final Battle Theme Otherworld One Winged Angel Merry-go-Ajora Heartless Hellion

Summons[edit | edit source]

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Esper (FFT) Lich Salamander Bahamut Moogle
VII Summon Knights of the Round Bahamut ZERO Phoenix Choco Mog
Aeon Valefor Anima Bahamut Yojimbo
Overall Valefor Bahamut Phoenix Belias

Talkbubble history section[edit | edit source]


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