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  • I live in Dixon
  • I was born on August 31
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am male
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I think the Fayth gathered up my thoughts and brought me back.
Tidus, Final Fantasy X

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FACT: The Phantoms got Kain pissed one day. Fortunately for them, he was in a good mood and settled with "messing up" their planet.

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Name Naruto195
A.K.A Keyblademaster333
Job Class Dark Ninja(Dark knight and Ninja mix)
Hometown Midgar
Date of Birth 12/11/1992
Age 16
Height 6'1 ish
IQ I dont know
Weapon Buster Sword,Brotherhood
Spells Cure,Fire,
Summons Bahmut,Ifrit,Shiva
limit breaks Blade beam,Omnislash

About meEdit

I'm 16 year old Junior in High school. I fell in love with final fantasy at a young age. I enjoy voice acting,and anime. My name is Ryan and I am a huge FFX and FF7 fan,though I dislike FF8. My favorite PSP game is Crisis core,with Dissidia next. I'm waiting for Final Fantasy 13 with high hopes and I plan on buying it. I'm also the creator of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Wiki. Check it out when you can

Category Best Second Best Third Best Fourth Best Worst
Game X Crisis Core VII XII Dirge Of Cerberus
Story VII Crisis Core IV X VIII
Magic VII X Crisis Core IV VIII
Boss Crisis Core II X I VIII
Final Boss I VII IV CC X
Female Character Terra Yuna/Aerith Lightning Celes Vaan
Male CharacterTidus Ramza/Cloud Basch/Balthier Squall(Dissidia) Vincent
MusicX VIIXIII IV Don't have a worst
PreludeVII X VI IV VIII(I don't think it has one)

Game Progression/status and thoughtsEdit

FF1:Beaten(Need to beat the super bosses)

FF2: Beaten(Pawned all super bosses)

FF4:Beaten(File screwed up so can't beat Zeromus EG)

FF4 After Years: Beaten (Need to beat Ultma Weapon,Omega and Shinryu)

FF5:Second World,Exdeaths Castle

FF6:Looking for group members

FF7: Beaten(Pawned both super bosses)

FF7,Crisis Core: Beaten(Pawned Minerva)

FF8:Beaten(Beat Ultimecia at low levels,way to easy. Game is better then I thought but its still not in top 5 favorite,or near it for the matter)

FF10:Beaten(Beat both weapons..they were pussys)

FF12:Beaten(Need to beat optional Bosses and All Marks)

FF13:Chapter 5/6


FF TACTICS WOTL:Chapter 4,Forst bessalt

Dissidia: Beat Game(Pawned Chaos and Inward Chaos)

FF1: Good but needed better Story

FF2: Ok,but leveling up system sucks.

FF3: Theres a FF3?

FF4:Damn good game.

FF5:Good story,but characters...meh

FF6:Great game,but I don't know why people worship it.

FF7:Amazing game but same as above ^

CC:Second favorite FF game


FF8:.........Ultimecia and Junctioning suck

FF9:Pretty fun

FF10:Best game out of them joke

X-2: Not to good but not bad

FF12: Really good but has flaws...*Looks at Vaan and Penelo*

Dissidia characterEdit



Final Fantasy II Walkthrough Edit


My First walkthrough, its a co up with TenzaZangetsu and Dark Shyuin. I'm proud to present my [[Walkthrough:Final Fantasy II/Naruto195|Final Fantasy Walkthrough II]]! IN CONSTRUCTION!

Final Fantasy X Walkthrough Edit

FFX logo

My second walkthrough. Final Fantasy X is one of the best games in the history of the PS2. With voice acting for the first time,its well worth the play. Here ya go Final Fantasy Walkthrough X IN CONSTRUCTION!


ZackCGModel-CrisisCore2 "Hey, would you say I became a hero?"
Well Naruto195 certainly is for completing Jeppo's Challenge #2!

Fans often question why Shinra killed Zack. The answer is clear now. He was such a lazy git who didn't complete any missions while is was a member of SOLDIER! Or maybe the President needed a new colander..?


Chaos FF-PSP "Waaaa! I want my mummy!"
You are hereby permanantly rewarded for beating Jeppo's Challenge #1. This is due to your persistent boss-slaying, despite your player's levels being stupendously low. Your disruptive Light Warriors will no longer be tolerated by Chaos (which is why he died). You may still view the other Jeppo's challenges, however, you may not beat them... well actually I made that last bit up. Of course you can attempt them! Thank you. Have a nice day.




Dissidia progressEdit

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Playtime 125h PP Catalog 99% Battlegen 97% Accomplishments 86% Shop Inventory 90%
Story Completion
81% 82% 89% 89% 90% 84% 94% 91% 78% 79%
Prologue SI-I SI-II SI-III SI-IV Lady Warrior Inward Chaos
100% 80% 85% 80% 100% 84% 86% 92%
Character Levels
Warrior of Light Firion Onion Knight Cecil Bartz Terra Cloud Squall Zidane Tidus Shantotto
100 100 80 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 55
Garland The Emperor Cloud of Darkness Golbez Exdeath Kefka Sephiroth Ultimecia Kuja Jecht Gabranth
100 72 70 100 62 100 100 64 70ish 100 100
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