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Name MystRay
Job Class Summoner/Mystic Knight
Human Name Joel
Human Birthday April 29th
Human Age 17
Weapon The Goddess's Tear/The Lethal Calamity
Race Fallen Occuria
IQ ACT Composite Score: 30
Black Magic Spells Meteor, Flare, Doomsday, Ardor, Thundaga, Firaga, Blizzaga
White Magic Spells Curaja, Arise, Renew, Holy, Esunaga
Hometown Skies Above Ivalice
Limit Break Pyroclasm, Flame Purge, Shatterheart
Summons Anima, Magus Sisters, Zodiark, Ultima, Eden, Bahamut, Chaos, Hashmal


Hello, You and welcome to my User Page. As you can see, I've put a lot of work into this. I am very proud of my User Page, and I encourage you to look around. I have it very neat and organized, because that's just the kind of person that I am. I'm still pretty much a complete novice at coding (seeing as how I've "shamefully" stolen several things from other people's pages...), and help will definitely not be turned down. With that said, please have a good time on my User Page.

A Little Schpeel[]

Hey there, I'm MystRay (just call me Myst). I'm huge gamer that just so happens to count Final Fantasy as his favorite series. Obviously, this Wiki appealed to me. I've been here for a few years (coming up on 3 now) and I like to think that I've learned some things. My mainspace editing may not be up to snuff, but I still love being a part of the Wiki. If you ever have any questions about Final Fantasy or the Wiki in general, feel free to message me on my talk page (trust me, I love getting messages). In terms of games I know the most about, I would say any games from the Playstation era and beyond (VII and up). I've played the games before these (I-VI), but I'm far from coherent in them, let alone qualified to be giving advice about them. My favorites are XII (best game ever), X (best story and character ever), IX, VIII, and XIII/XIII-2. Other games/series that I play are Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Mario (to an extent), Crash Bandicoot, Persona 4 (the original, Golden, and Arena; yeah I like this game), PSASBR, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Ni No Kuni, Bioshock/Bioshock Infinite, The Walking Dead, and I'm hoping to start the Tales series soon with the Tales of Symphonia collection and the Tales of Xillia. I hope you enjoy your time on the Wiki, and I hope that I might be of some help here.

My Pages[]

My Rants

Since I am a very controversial gamer, I have decided to make a page explaining my opinions, and my rants about any topic in the series.

My Rants!

My Book Ideas


This is my first fanfic so hopefully it'll be okay. It's basically a fanfic of Final Fantasy that I've come up with, so here you go!




Here's my sandbox, mostly used to develop tables and such for my Walkthroughs.


My Other Interests[]

As I hope you know, my life contains more than just Final Fantasy and video games. Although it may seem that I spend a lot of time here (which I do), I still maintain a life with many other interests.



I love to read. I have unfortunately been doing less and less of this lately, but I just got a Kindle for Christmas, and I'm hoping to start reading again soon. Here are some of my favorite authors and the works they have created. These are not in any particular order.

  1. - J.R.R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings and the like)
  2. - C.S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia)
  3. - Cornelia Funke (Inkheart Trilogy, Dragon Rider, The Thief Lord)
  4. - Lemony Snicket (Series of Unfortunate Events)
  5. - Erin Hunter (Warriors Series)
  6. - J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter)


As well as reading and playing video games, I enjoy acting (I obviously 'really' enjoy musicals. Here are some of my favorites. These are not in any particular order.

  1. - Les Miserables
  2. - My Fair Lady
  3. - The Sound of Music
  4. - Little Shop of Horrors
  5. - The Wizard of Oz
  6. - Camelot
  7. - Wicked
  8. - Mama Mia!
  9. - Hairspray
  10. - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  11. - Annie
  12. - Phantom of the Opera
  13. - Dreamgirls


This category is another thing I do too much of. Watch T.V. Here are some of my favorites. These are not in any particular order.

  1. - The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
  2. - Glee (FOX)
  3. - Seinfeld (NBC)
  4. - Everybody Loves Raymond (CBS)
  5. - The Amazing Race (CBS)
  6. - Survivor (CBS)
  7. - Big Brother (CBS)
  8. - Family Guy (FOX)
  9. - American Dad (FOX)
  10. - New Girl (FOX)
  11. - American Idol (FOX)
  12. - The Glee Project (Oxygen)
  13. - Face Off (SyFy)
  14. - Lost (ABC)


Another thing that I am a big fan of is music. I mostly listen to classical, FF, and pop. Here are some of my favorite artists/composers. These are not in any particular order.

  1. - Nobuo Uematsu (Most FF Tracks)
  2. - Taylor Swift (Country/Pop)
  3. - Katy Perry (Pop)
  4. - Carrie Underwood (Country)
  5. - Pink (Pop)
  6. - Mumford and Sons (Folk)
  7. - Glee Cast (Various)
  8. - Demi Lovato (Pop)
  9. - Kelly Clarkson (Pop)


I'm a pretty big movie person, so I'll list some of my favorites here, not in any particular order (minus the top two which are tied for my favorite).

  1. - Beauty and the Beast
  2. - The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  3. - Anything else Disney/Pixar
  4. - Jurassic Park
  5. - Mamma Mia!
  6. - Hairspray
  7. - Les Miserables
  8. - Princess Mononoke
  9. - The Sound of Music
  10. - The Dark Knight Trilogy
  11. - The Chronicles of Narnia
  12. - The Hobbit

About Me[]

  • My real name is Joel
  • I have gone to the State round of the Scripps National Spelling Bee.
  • I am a member of my school's Quiz Bowl Team.
  • On top of everything else, I'm an aspiring author.
  • I currently own FFI, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII, Crisis Core, X-2, XIII-2, FFXII: Revenant Wings, FFIV: The After Years, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, Dissidia, Dissidia 012, and Theatrhythm in some form or another.
  • I have horrendous Arachnophobia
  • My favortie genres of music are showtunes, classical, and pop.
  • I will admit that Taylor Swift is my favorite artist.
  • I have over 100 Final Fantasy songs on my iPod.
  • Based on the counters below, I really need to up my Mainspace, but if you look at my percentages, my biggest is my User Page (...) and then it's my Walkthroughs.
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Milestones on the Wiki[]

Edit Milestones[]

Current Gameplay[]

I decided to put this section here simply so that people can see what I'm up to in my Final Fantasy adventure. You may see some of the statuses stay the same for a while, since I like to play many games at once, so I don't get bored with one game.


  • Final Fantasy XIII - Dang you Treasure Hunter!!!!!!!!!

Favorite FF Games [Of the Moment][]

Favorite FF Games
  1. FFXII - I love this game so much. This was the first main series game that I really got in to. The first one I played was VII, but XII really got me into the series. I love the story and gameplay. Vaan was an abomination, but everything else really made up for it. I love the Hunts and Espers. Currently in my best game, I have done everything! Order of Ambrosia has been obtained!
  2. FFX - Where do I begin, this is my favorite, story wise. The journey that Tidus and Yuna go through is epic and incredible. I still weep whenever I see the ending. The gameplay was also excellent. I liked how they moved away from the classic ATB system. My favorite piece of music is also in the game. Fight With Seymour, that plays during the fight with Seymour Omnis inside Sin, is by far the best piece in the series. Currently, I have done everything in this game as well!
  3. FFIX - This game is incredible. The story is so mesmerizing and awesome. The ending is my second favorite of the series. The emotional depth is incredible. Especially since, at first glance, this appears to be just a kiddy fantasy game. I have yet to defeat Ozma, or win Hot and Cold.
  4. FFVIII - This may come as a shock to a lot of people, but I actually quite enjoy this game. I found the story good and the characters as well. My favorite summon sequence in the series is in this game as well. I have done everything I can think of in this game as well.
  5. FFXIII - I have finally won this and I wanted more (and got it with XIII-2 and soon to be LR). This game is amazing. The music is awesome, though not as good as Uematsu. The characters were exceptionally real and this is one of my favorite stories in the series. The Crystarium was nice, and the Paradigms were good but annoying. The only real downfall was the linearity. The summons were awesome and the graphics were obviously the best in the series. It was just too short. Only 13 chapters! Can't wait for Lightning Returns!

Opinions of the Games[]

Game Opinions

BEWARE: My sentences and grammar here are pretty atrocious. Read at your own peril.

  • FFI - I've only played it for the PSP, but I still like it. A good beginning game to the best series on Earth. I enjoyed the simplicity of it.

Status: Have gotten to Chaos, but need to grind some more before I can beat him.

  • FFII - I own it for the PSP, but haven't gotten a chance to play it yet.

  • FFIII - Probably my least favorite of the series. Its too grind-heavy and forgetful. The Job System is good though. I don't like that you have restricted changing of jobs.

Status: Got a little past the first couple dungeons. Can't exactly remember where I left off.

  • FFIV - Complete - I've only played for the DS, and I won it on the PSP, and I really like it. I think later games are much better though. Still a classic. The characters were okay (except for Rosa, who was cardboard incarnate) and the story was surprisingly deep!

  • FFV - I own the Anthology Version, and its awesome. One of the best of the pre-Playstation era. The villain was awesome, just not as memorable as others. The playable characters were okay. Galuf was the only one that I really liked a lot. I tend to not like the silly end of the spectrum all that much, but this was just the right amount of silliness and seriousness.

Status: Going to Crescent Island

  • FFVI - I own the Anthology Version, and its tied with V for beting the best in the pre-Playstation era. It just has too many characters. Kefka's also waaaay overrated. I don't really see why people like this game so much. Terra was epic, and the music was pretty good, but I don't see much else that's really extraordinary, besides the story, which is just a given that it will be awesome.

Status: Gathering party members in World of Ruin.

  • FFVII - Complete - Good game. I own it for the Playstation 1, and it was the first one I played. Sephiroth was an okay villain. Cloud was okay as well. Just not extraordinary. Basically the same problem as VI.

  • FFVIII - Complete - One of my favorites. I loved the story and characters, and the draw system was great. The one downfall was that the Junction System was too complicated. Triple Triad was awesome as well. It was actually useful! Way too underrated. The characters were deep and the story was incredible. This is definitely the most technologically advanced of the series, and I surprisingly liked it. This was also the first game where I've completed every single sidequest in the game. I absolutely love this game.

  • FFIX - Complete - My second favorite in the series. Best characters and music in the entire series. Kuja is my favorite character in the series. Incredible game. I have over 100 Final Fantasy songs on my iPod, and a pretty good majority of them are IX songs. Kuja is an amazing villain. He has a reason for everything he does, which is sort of rare nowadays, and even though he dresses sort of creepily, he is one of the greatest villains and characters of all time. He will fall to a caliber among the greats, such as Darth Vader, Sauron, Tash, and many others. Zidane was also my favorite hero of the series.

  • FFX - Complete - The best game from a story perspective. The characters were unforgetful. Seymour was great. My third favorite overall. Incredible music as well. Yuna is probably the best female love interest/protagonist there is. Her character was absolutely annihilated in X-2 though. Even though his voice was horrendous, Tidus was a great protagonist, and really did a good job. I think that he makes the biggest changes out of any Final Fantasy hero. The music was very inspirational, and amazing. Fight With Seymour is my all time favorite piece of music from the series, and Zanarkand is very beautiful. Suteki Da Ne is also incredible.

  • FFXI - Never played it. Would like to someday though...

  • FFXII - Complete - The best game ever. Vaan was atrocious, but everything else made up for it. The story was mediocre, but the gameplay was immaculate and awesome. I especially loved the Hunts and Espers, even though they were useless after defeating them. Balthier was a real gem, as was every other character (besides Vaan). There were more sidequests than story, but they did it in a great way. Having the Hunts was incredible, and the Espers were hard to find (most of the time), and pretty challenging battles. The music was good for not having Nobuo Uematsu for anything but the vocal song at the end.

  • FFXIII - Complete - Now that I finally have a PS3, I can write my opinion. It is amazing! The graphics and music are amazing. I was really skeptical about the music at first, but now I am in love with it. I was shocked to find that these were real characters. All I had heard was that they were boring, but these are the most real characters in the series. Yuna and Kuja still dominate though. The only real drag is that it is pretty linear. The battle system is also incredible! I love the Paradigm and Crystarium systems! The License Board is still the best though. The battles mostly remind me of X-2's. All in all, an amazing game.

  • FFXIV - Look at XI

  • Crisis Core - Great game. Not as good as main series though.

  • Dissidia - Complete (for all intents and purposes) - I love this game! Usually I don't get so addicted to fighting games, but this is just epic!

  • FFX-2 - Good game. I don't get all of the hate for this game. It is an overall good game with a good battle system. I just wish they had kept the music from X.

  • FFXII:RW - Even though I'm only towards the beginning of Chapter 2, I am very impressed. Vaan is shockingly enjoyable! I still hate him in the original, but I like him here. The battle system in unique and awesome. I also like that they added more of the original and classic summons, as well as the awesome Ivalician Espers from the original and the Tactics series.

  • FFXIII-2 - Complete - I think this game was a definite step forward from XIII. The story wasn't that great (love Serah though), but the battle system was absolutely incredible. The thing that really makes this awesome is the Coliseum DLC. Still haven't gotten any of the crystals there but Amodar's (dang you Gilgamesh and Jihl!). All in all, great game.

  • Dissidia 012 - Complete (for all intents and purposes) - Awesome game. Took Dissidia, and made it even better. It gets extra points for the inclusion of the best character ever! Yuna!!!

  • Theatrhythym Final Fantasy (god, I hope I spelled that right) - Complete (I've beaten Chaos...which is sort of the final boss...?) - This game is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very difficult, which is awesome. Soundtrack is, obviously, amazing. Characters are awesome since Yuna's there and yeah. Gameplay is cool too. Easily my favorite spinoff. Sorry 012, but you've been replaced!




Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Graphical Style XII X VIII III
Soundtrack X VIII IX III
Final Dungeon X VIII XIII I
Final Battle XII X VII III
Battle System XII X XIII IV
Level Up System X XIII XII III
Skill System X XII XIII I
Limit Breaks XII VII VIII IX


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Squall Tidus Zidane Vaan
Female Protagonist Yuna Rinoa Terra Rosa
Male Supporting Character Balthier Barrett Red XIII Wakka
Female Supporting Character Beatrix Ashe Fran Paine
Female Love Interest Yuna Garnet Aerith Penelo (she loves Vaan)
Female Bubbly Ditz Rikku Yuffie Selphie Penelo (she's not ditzy)
Temporary Playable Character Seymour Larsa Beatrix Reks
Villain Kuja Seymour Venat Kefka
Minor Villain Dr. Cid Seifer Edea Judge Bergan
Recurring Boss Gilgamesh All Omega Constructs/Weapons All Ultima Weapons Can't think of one
Cid Dr. Cid Cid Highwind Cid Fabool Cid (FFX)
I Character Chaos Tiamat Serah All Main Characters
II Character Emperor Mateus Firion Maria Guy
III Character Cloud of Darkness Xande Refia Luneth
IV Character Golbez Kain Rydia Rosa
V Character Galuf Exdeath Gilgamesh Cid
VI Character Terra Celes Gau Edgar
VII Character Aerith Yuffie Red XIII Hojo
VIII Character Edea Squall Rinoa NORG
IX Character Kuja Beatrix Garnet Amarant
X Character Yuna Seymour Yunalesca Jecht
X-2 Character Yuna Rikku Paine Nooj
XII Character Balthier Venat Basch VAAN!
XIII Character Vanille Hope Lightning Snow
Overall Yuna Kuja Beatrix VAAN!


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
I Song Matoya's Cave Battle Music None None
II Song Don't Know Yet Don't Know Yet Don't Know Yet Don't Know Yet
III Song Don't Care Don't Care Don't Care Don't Care
IV Song World Theme Don't Know Yet Don't Know Yet Don't Know Yet
V Song Clash on the Big Bridge Lenna's Theme Exdeath's Theme World Theme
VI Song Terra's Theme Opera Theme Kefka's Theme None
VII Song Aerith's Theme One-Winged Angel First World Theme None
VIII Song Liberi Fatali Fithos Lusec Withos Vinosec The Oath Blue Fields
IX Song Roses of May Dark Messenger Final Battle/Grand Cross None
X Song Fight With Seymour Zanarkand Suteki da Ne Otherworld
XII Song To the Place of the Gods Esper Battle Boss Battle None
Overall To the Place of the Gods Terra's Theme Liberi Fatali Otherworld




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Youtube Video of the Week[]

Youtube Video of the Week

Since I am a big fan of Youtube, I decided to post a Youtube video every week.

#5 - Aria of the Soul - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4[]

So I was just recently exposed to this game, and I instantly fell in love. Just like with every game out there, the music is one of the first things that convinces me about a game. This being one of the first tracks you hear, just takes the cake. I might even go so far as to say this is my favorite sound track from a non-FF game! Great job Shoji Meguro!

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Video Archive


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My Eidolon[]


Bluestarultor was nice enough to make an Eidolon page for me and Chaos. If you would like to view it and other Eidolons, just go here.




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Weird Miscellaneous[]

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I have always wanted to write walkthroughs for the series, and I think that I've finally found the place to do them. I first found this section while looking for help on XII. I was trying to do a sidequest or something, and I found the Walkthrough section. I had been thinking of writing a Walkthrough for the series for some time, so I found the perfect spot right here. So here you go...



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Well, this took me a little less than two years to complete so you guys better like it! Just kidding. This is my favorite game in the series so if you want help from a "master" just go here.

In Progress

In Progress[]

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This is an amazing game. Now, after winning it, I've made up my mind that I'm gonna do this before X. There're already a lot of X Walkthroughs and the Wiki needs more XIII ones, so here you go! Here it is!

Future Plans

Future Plans[]

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One of my favorite games. Gonna do this after XIII.

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I actually really liked this game. I don't know when, but I do plan on doing it.

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My second favorite game in the series. Planning on it, but don't know when.

There will be more, but I didn't want too many future projects lined up.

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