About meEdit

I feel unworthy to register here, since I've only completed a few FF games-- Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Final Fantasy VI(GBA version), Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Crisis Core and Dissidia Final Fantasy. Blame it on the universe not wanting me to own a PS1 or 2 in my childhood. However, playing Dissidia has opened my eyes to the rest of the universe of Final Fantasy that I was totally oblivious to, so I started to read articles on the games that I did not get to experience (which is a lot). Then, I noticed grammatical errors. The edit button was right there, so I went ahead and changed them. Then, while reading a few articles at once, I noticed inconsistencies. I verified with other articles which was correct, and I changed what needed changing. Since then, I've been changing articles anonymously (they were mostly of the games that I had played, but can you blame me?). Anyway, I'll be helping as much as I can, and I hope my contributions will be helpful.

Random MusingsEdit

  1. I like Huntresses. Not necessarily because bows are cool. I just find the word "Huntress" so sexy. :P
  2. Terra Branford = Aerith Gainsborough? They're both only half human. They have big bows on the back of their heads (well, at least in Dissidia). They have a body part that is green (Aerith's eyes are green, Terra's hair is green). They like flowers. They both had some sort of moment with Cloud...
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