Name Munk451
Xbox Live Gamertag Munk451
Playstation Network ID Munk451
A.K.A Munk The Videogamer, Chris Leonhart
Date of Birth August 24
Age 19
Height 5'8"
Weapon Gunblade
Summons Shiva, Eden

About Me Edit

Hello There and welcome to my profile! I am Munk451 (Better known as Chris Leonhart) and I enjoy Videogaming in any way, shape or form, but deep down, I Have always been a fan of the Final Fantasy Series due to the variety each game has, even though i have only played the recent seven games in the series (7,8,9,10,10-2, 12, and 13)

(Note: Leonhart is not my real last name)

My UserboxesEdit

About MeEdit

Userb male This user is a male.
en This user is a native speaker of English.
American-flag This user lives in the United States of America.
User virgo This user is a Virgo.
th_User_browser_firefox.png This user prefers Mozilla Firefox.

Userbox fatchoco This user is not fat. S/He is just big-boned!!
Userbox ps3 This user owns a PS3.

FFXIII-LightningUserbox This user has 780 / 1000 points in Final Fantasy XIII.
Final Fantasy XIII Logo This user has 4 of 36 trophies in Final Fantasy XIII.
64 This user has completed 64 of 64 missions in Final Fantasy XIII.
(360 Version)

Games I Have Completed/Movies I have WatchedEdit

VII This user has completed Final Fantasy VII.
VIII This user has completed Final Fantasy VIII.
IX This user has completed Final Fantasy IX.
X This user has completed Final Fantasy X.
X-2 This user has completed Final Fantasy X-2.
XII This user has completed Final Fantasy XII.
AC This user has watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.
XIII This user has completed Final Fantasy XIII.
(360 Version)
TSW This user has watched Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within.

Games that I LikeEdit

VIII This user is a fan of Final Fantasy VIII.
IX This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IX.
X This user is a fan of Final Fantasy X.
X-2 This user is a fan of Final Fantasy X-2.
XIII This user is a fan of Final Fantasy XIII.

Characters/ Other Stuff Edit

Userbox X-2 Rikku Aw, this user wanted to be a Cactuar!
BalthierUserbox This user plays the Leading Man, who else?
Penelo ffxiirw This user isn't the greatest chef in the world, or even a halfway decent cook for that matter.
Moogle1138 This user is Kupo for Kupo Nuts!
Garnet menu No matter what this user becomes, he/she will always be themselves.
HopeUserbox There is hope for this user after all.
Oerba-dia-vanille This user more or less slept through history.
Userbox-DSquall This user has gone talking to a wall.
Userbox-DSephiroth This user wants you to stop pretending you're sad.
Ffxiii This user has been
Blinded by Light.
VercingetorixBox This user has defeated Vercingetorix.
FFVIII-SquallRinoa artwork This user is a huge fan of Squallinoa, and loves Squall & Rinoa as a couple.
SeeD Logo 2 This user is an elite SeeD operative.

Games I disapprove ofEdit

Reasons for why I disapprove of the games i do can be seen here (they used to be in a separate section, but i decided to try to keep my profile page as simple as possible.)

XIThis user Hated Final Fantasy XI.
XIIThis user Hated Final Fantasy XII.

Why I hated Final Fantasy XIEdit

I honestly do not like MMORPGS whatsoever, especially if you have to pay for them! I feel jipped that if I have to pay $15/Month to play a game I will probably play for only 10-20 hours out of the week. I am also a little disappointed with the interface of the game, because it is like nothing I have ever seen before and also that it is mainly on PC systems (which is problematic for RPG playing unless you have a gamepad.) I know there is an Xbox 360 version.

Why I hated Final Fantasy XIIEdit

I had a hard time Deciding on putting FF12 on here. Eventually, I decided that I did because of it's odd resemblance to an offline MMORPG. (That Means YOU DotHack!) But, that was not of the main concern. The fact that you have to not only buy spells and weapons, but that you have to acquire licenses to use the stuff. Of course, if I was to play Final Fantasy XII again, I would prefer playing the International Zodiac Job System, so that way characters are restricted on what they can learn, based on the class that they are in.

Final Fantasy Characters Best/WorstEdit

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Squall Tidus Cloud Vaan
Female Protagonist Lightning Rinoa Yuna None
Couples Squall / Rinoa Tidus / Yuna Locke / Celes None
Male Supporting Character Auron Vincent Hope Estheim Wakka
Female Supporting Character Oerba Dia Vanille Celes Selphie Yuffie
Temporary Playable Character/Guest Party Member Seifer Sephiroth Beatrix Larsa
Villain Sephiroth Ultimecia Kefka Palazzo Seymour/Vayne
Minor Villain Gilgamesh Edea Yunalesca Hojo
VI Character Terra Cyan Celes Gau
VII Character Cid Cloud Tifa Yuffie
VIII Character Squall Rinoa Selphie Irvine
IX Character Garnet Zidane Vivi Quina
X Character Tidus Yuna Auron Rikku
X-2 Character Yuna Rikku Logos Leblanc
XII Character Penelo Ashe Balthier Vaan
XIII Character Lightning Hope Estheim Oerba Yun Fang None
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