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Garnet: Aaah!
Zidane: Ooo, soft...
Zidane, grabbing the princess's shiny butt, Final Fantasy IX

Hello there! I'm MrAceAttorney, one of the nicknames of the character known for his iconic OBJECTION!!!. Most of my contributions involve updating enemy infoboxes and "beautifying" articles. I make minor edits here and there, but I like to focus on one topic at a time. My talk page is always open for comments, questions, or requests. :D

About me[]

I'm a computer science student, with basic programming knowledge in an irrelevant country. I love video games, especially hack 'n slash games like Dynasty Warriors, and building simulation such as Roller Coaster Tycoon. My first exposure to Final Fantasy was when my uncle binge-played Final Fantasy IX on the PS2. Years later, my Zidane in Dissidia (2008) was unbeatable among my friends. This wiki helped immensely in providing useful facts and trivia. I only started editing during one boring class. Since then, I enjoyed editing and watching editors improve the wiki.

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