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Name Mario Wenceslao
A.K.A Mr. Rojo/Wenches
Age 20
Birthdate may 19
Birthplace Mexico
Weapon Gunblade
Job Class Paladin
Spells Holy, Ultima, Firaga, Full Cure, Shadow Flare
Laterality Right
Music Interpol
Color Red

Words aren't the only thing that tell people what you're thinking.

Tifa Lockhart

About Me[edit | edit source]

Well there is not much to say... im 20 years old, im from mexico. I love to draw and to write, but im very lazzy about this one and hardly end any script or so. I love tea and music, some of my favorite groups/singers are Interpol, Julian Plenti, Bat for Lashes and Russian Red. I also love FF's music, almost every soundtrack is amazing.

FF and me[edit | edit source]

I am a great FF fan, it is my favorite videogame series, my first one was FF VII and since then i have played almost everyone of the main series and some spinoff. Right now im planning to play all of the games from the main series, without FF XI, before i get my hands on FF XIII. (propably i wont make it... )

...right now playing FF I for PSX.

Untitled*[edit | edit source]

Category The Greatest* Good+Good just Good. dont like...
IV Character Rydia Cecil Edge Tellah
V Character Gilgamesh Bartz Lenna Mid
VI Character Terra Sabin Celes Umaro
VII Character Tifa Vincent Cloud Cait Sith
VIII Character Squall Rinoa Laguna NORG
IX Character Vivi Zidane Princess Garnet Brahne
X Character Auron Lulu Rikku - Tidus Seymour
X-2 Character Rikku Gippal Yuna Brother
XII Character Balthier Ashe Judge Gabranth Judge Ghis
Game Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy VI none
World Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy VII
Cast Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy V
Male Protagonist Squall Zidane Cecil Vaan
Female Protagonist Tifa Terra Garnet/Dagger Rosa

Userboxes[edit | edit source]

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My Talk Bubble[edit | edit source]

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