Name Mooglejake
Home City New Bodhum
Job Class Comando
Date of Birth 16/07/96
Weapon Buster sword,Cerberus
Spells Flee, Curaga,Bravery
Summons Anima,Alexander
Accomplishments Mastered Final Fantasy XIII-2
Final Fantasy Wiki Character

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Table Of awesomeness Edit

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Graphical Style XIII-2 XIII XII I original
Soundtrack XIII-2 X VII I
World Gran Pulse Spira Cocoon III
Monsters Tonberyy Behemoth Marlborro Flan
Final Dungeon Northen Crater orphans cradle Sin Academia 500AF
Final Battle Jet Bahamut Genesis Shuyin Yu Yevon
Battle System CC X XIII XII
Level Up System X XIII IX Crisis- Core
Skill System Sphere grid Crystarium GF Job System
Limit Breaks Omnislash Gestalt Slice and Dice Meteorain
Boss Battle Crystalspawn XIII-2 Caius Orarba Shiva Sisters Carry Armour
Male Protagonist Cloud Tidus Noel Luneth
Female Protagonist Lightning Tiffa Serah Ashe
Male Supporting Character Vincent Auron Vivi Arc
Female Supporting Character Fang Lulu Rikku Selphie
Female Love Interest Tifa Yeul Dagger Rinoa
Female Bubbly Ditz Rikku Yuffie Eiko Lenna
Temporary Player Character Sephiroth Beatrix Seymour Cinna
Villain Caius Sephiroth Jecht Cloud Of Darkness
Minor Villain Shinra Yunalesca Leblanc Angeal
Recurring Boss Ultima weapon Omega Typhon Antlion
IV Character Kain Rydia Cecil Tellah
V Character Bartz Gilgamesh Faris Galuf
VI character Terra Setzer Locke Kefka
VII Character Cloud Vincent Tifa Cid
VIII Character Squal Irvine Zell Rinoa
IX Character Vivi Zidane Armarant Steiner
X Character Tidus Auron Lulu Wakka
X-2 Character Rikku Yuna Paine Brother
XII Character Basch Balthier Fran Vaan
XIII Character Lightning Snow Fang Galenth Dysley
XIII-2 Character Noel Caius Lightning Alyssa
Crisis Core Character Zack Genesis Sephiroth Kunsel
Job Comando Synergist Samurai Freelancer

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Challenges Iv'e CompletedEdit

Orphan Profile This user has completed Number completed
out of 9 of SN's challenges!

Quotes Edit

"If you want quiet, you'd better take the next train." —Lightning to Sazh

"That was my sin, and this...this is my punishment." —Vincent, referring to his inability to stop the Jenova Project.

"Listen to my story. This may be our last chance." —Tidus

"The heroes never die. Come on. We've got a world to save." —Snow


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