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Hello, I am Moocowisi. I am an avid fan of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Chowder, PlayStation, Pokemon, Spongebob (the older episodes), The World Ends With You, Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, Watchmen, Bone, Gitaroo Man, Sleeping, Eating, Walruses (Walri?), Dr. Pepper, Ratchet and Clank, Cows, Kirby and a bunch of random other things. Welcome to my page.

Final Fantasies I've Played[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy III: Downloaded NES ROM. Kinda hated it. I made it to the Nepto Shrine and I had to stop. Sue me.

Final Fantasy IV: Just got the Lunar Whale. I stopped playing it for some reason that I'm not entirely sure of. I should finish it.

Final Fantasy V: Beat it! Not my favorite. I guess the whole job system thing isn't for me, I didn't like this or III. Gilgamesh was awesome, though.

Final Fantasy VI: Beat it! One of my favorite games of all time. It managed to be both serious and goofy whenever it needed to. One of the best casts ever.

Final Fantasy VII: Beat it! The most recent addition of my Beat it! list. Wasn't as bad as the haters made it sound and not as good as the fanboys made it sound, either. Sephiroth kicks ass.

Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII: The first Final Fantasy that I beat and the game that got me into the series. Very good but for whatever reason, it had no replay value for me. Maybe because you had to redo all the missions when you start a New Game +...

Final Fantasy VIII: It was so good, but then that outer space romance thing ruined it. I think the big problem with that game was its story. It tried to be heartwarming, sad and epic at the same time. Shame.

Final Fantasy X: First Final Fantasy I played. Being the arrogant middle schooler that I was, I figured I could guess my way through the Sphere Grid. Didn't happen. I ended up trading it in. Later, I looked to see how far I made. I was three levels away from the final boss. And I still had -ara spells and low level weapons. Kinda wish I kept it now...

Final Fantasy XII: I'm in the Salikawood. I don't have enough time in my life to finish it.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: About halfway through. I didn't know that different weapons gave you new skills and upgraded your jobs, so I was still using Soldiers and White Mages while my opponents had Assassins and Summoners. I kinda stopped due to discouragement. I should pick it up again.

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Played every day since I got it (up until some time in January). I got it the day it came out (in America). I was on vacation and it was being shipped to my house, so I redirected to my hotel and played it whenever I had the opportunity. Good times, good times.

Other Stuff[edit | edit source]

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Tidus menu.jpg "Star Player of the Zanarkand Abes! Didn't anyone tell you?"
This cluttered eyesore is to certify that Moocowisi has completed Jeppo's Challenge #4!

The Guado are already depressed as it is without the Besaid Aurochs beating them so convincingly. Garik Ronso's job has already been done!


And I will get around to my Vagrant Story Walkthrough. I want to write it, but I don't really have a whole ton of time on my hands to play it again right now. If I don't start it by September, somebody slap me.

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