I have decided to set up this shrine to worship RNGesus and document my sheer absurd luck.

As some may know, Gabranth is my very favorite character of all of Final Fantasy. And as such, one of my main goals in Final Fantasy Record Keeper is to pursue all of his relics.

During Gabranth's introduction event Blade of Vengeance it took me two 11-pulls to get his first relic—Gabranth's Hauberk—that was featured on the first banner. Not bad! The second banner featured the Chaos Blade and this time I needed a bit more patience and four 11-draws to get it.

Aw yiss, I'm so happy! I thought to myself. Little did I know that this was only the beginning of my blessing...

I got my second Chaos Blade during the Triple Burst Blast, where it was a featured relic during the first phase.

Haha, that's pretty funny! I thought to myself.

Now this is very it starts to get REALLY funny. The next event that introduced Gabranth's BSB-weapon was Blood Reign. Within a total of two 11-pulls I received my desired relic, the Nightbringer. Not only did I get what I wanted, but all 5★ equipment that I pulled were relics for Gabranth, as documented here:

  • [1] (two Chaos Blades and Gabranth's Hauberk)
  • [2] (Nightbringer and Gabranth's Hauberk)

Man, that's a pretty incredible coincidence I thought to myself.

Today marked the arrival of the newest FF12 event—Dancing Heart—and yet another new relic for Gabranth. Can you guess what I got on my first pull? Well, look for yourself:

  • [3] (Nightbringer, Gabranth's Helmet and two Chaos Blades)

WHAT THE FUCK HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?! I almost shouted out loud.

Now I am excitedly awaiting the arrival of the Highway Star and Barbut that have just been released during the Dissidia collaboration event in Japan. I wonder how these pulls will go, but nothing can surprise me anymore.

Let it be known that RNGesus is real and I am his prophet.

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