ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
002 Tyro Attunement I
Attunement II
Dr. Mog's Teachings
Scholar's Boon
Secret of the Archives
Esotericism of the History Department*
003 Warrior ???
Blade's Edge
Warrior's Drive
004 Knight Knight of Steel
Defensive Aspect
006 Monk Fist of the Monk
Martial Enlightenment
Blemished Insight
009 Red Mage Magic Flame I
Secrets of the Red Mage
All-Rounder Mage*
011 Black Mage Mana Spring I
Mana Spring II
Omnicast Fire
Attack All: Strong Flame*
012 Magus Forbidden Arts I
Forbidden Arts II
Forbidden Knowledge
014 White Mage Concentration I
Concentration II
Prayer of Mending
White Mage's Miracle*
015 Devout Healer's Prayer I
Healer's Prayer II
Cleansing Spirit
017 Summoner Summoning Spring I
Summoning Spring II
Summoner's Quality
Pact with the Phantom Beasts*
019 Samurai Way of the Samurai I
Way of the Samurai II
Blade of the East
Understanding the Secret Arts*
020 Dragoon Dragoon's Soul I
Dragoon's Soul II
Dragoon's Devastation
Skyhigh Flight*
022 Dark Knight Helm Expertise
Dark Blade
Secrets of Darkness
Dark Special Move*
023 Spellblade Spellblade Mastery I
Spellblade Mastery II
Spellblade Splendor
Divine Earth Magic Sword Skills*
024 Viking Hammer Master
Ferocious Charge
Scourge of the Seas
Brave Hero of the Sea*
025 Berserker Berserker's Axe
Berserker's Awakening
Berserker's Might
026 Ranger Master Archer
Blue Moon Barrage
Hawk Eye
Distinguished Marksman
027 Thief Thief's Pride I
Thief's Pride II
Way of the Thief
Thief's Trump Card*
028 Bard Concert Musician
War Ballad
Chant of Repose
030 Ninja Shuriken Master
Shinobi's Acumen
Shinobi's Secret*
033 Gladiator Axe Master
Super Critical
Unyielding Will
Sword Champion's Hidden Sword*


ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Warrior of Light Crystals' Blessing
Light's Wrath
Holy Might
The Promised One
Chosen of the Light
Unfaltering Light
Radiant Soul*
002 Garland Heretic
Stalwart Warrior
True Madness
Embracer of the Dark
Font of Darkness
Mad Veteran*
003 Sarah Bloom of Cornelia
Royal Benediction
First Princess
Tender-Hearted Princess*
A Song to Remember Those Who Fight*
Princess Loved by the People*
004 Wol The Stranger
Critical Affinity
Palamecian Adventurer
005 Echo Pluck
Tiny Sprite
Mischievous Sprite
The One Who Guides the Blank*
Fickle Reward*
Mischievous Character*
006 Master Burnished Fist
Martial Artist
Arduous Path
Sharpened Clenched Fist*
Expert's Magnificent Skill*
Perfected Momentum*
007 Matoya Witch's Tonic
Witch's Sight
Legendary Witch
Stubborn Witch*
Old Hand at Magic*
Master of the Den*
008 Meia Blue Witch*
Bewitching Magic Arts*
Palamecian Avenger*
Beautiful Heretic*
Vengeful Blue Magical Power*
Phantasmagoric Witch*
009 Thief Canny Thief*
Master of Tricks*
Dagger's Secrets*
Skillful Dagger-Handling*
Lucky Thief*
Thief's Pride*


ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Firion Hold the Line
Rebel's Might
Weapons Master
All in the Wrist
Honed Skills
002 Maria Archer Mage
Rebel Sharpshooter
Defiant Archer
Master of Magics
003 Guy Son of Beasts
Unyielding Fang
Untempered Giant
004 Leon Misplaced Faith
Power of Darkness
Lone Warrior
Darkborn Knight
Sinful Warrior*
Atonement for Committed Crimes*
Blooming Power of Darkness*
005 Minwu White Shepherd
Master in White
Greater Good
Beautiful Advisor*
Life Sacrificed for the Ultimate Magic*
Brain of the Rebel Army*
006 Gordon Grim Determination
Pride of Kashuan
Royal Charge
Princely Promise
A Glimpse of Courage*
Oath to a Loved One*
Successor of Kashuan*
007 Leila Pirate's Code
Trick Attack
008 Ricard Dragoon's Determination
Dragoon's Pride
The Last Dragoon
Dragoon of Deist
009 Josef Self-Sacrifice
Double Hit
Ward of the Snow Plains
Entrusted Ambition
010 Emperor Emperor's Stratagem
Winds of Darkness
Thirst for Power
Power Coming from the World of the Dead*
Ultimate Power Acquired in Hell*
Soul of Rebirth*
012 Scott Courageous Prince*
Kashuan's Blade*
Inextinguishable Flame of Battle*


Ingus's first two Record Materias (Might of Earth and Devout Soul) have VERY different IDs.

ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Luneth Might of Wind
Prey on the Weak
Fast Learner
Unbridled Curiosity
Windborn Warrior
Ur's Rascal*
002 Arc Might of Water
Gentle Soul
Wisdom Beyond Years
Unseen Valor
Boy's Thoughtfulness*
Promising Growth*
Reader's Intellect*
003 Refia Might of Fire
Beloved Soul
Chakram Arts
Heightened Senses
Light of Affection
Competitive Spirit
Maiden's Innocent Charm*
(996)*(Might of Earth and Devout Soul)
Ingus Might of Earth
Devout Soul
Spirit of Sasune
Steady Hand
Warrior of Earth*
Determined Guard*
Devoted Spirit*
Elegant Soldier of Remarkable Ability*
005 Desch Ancient Power
Duty Bound
Shocking Demeanor
Ancient Wisdom*
Revived Memories of Ancient Times*
Boldly Carrying Out One's Duty*
006 Onion Knight Mage Aspirant
Untapped Talent
Timeless Wisdom
The Apex of Weapon Skills*
The Apex of Wizardry*
The Boy Who Carries a Legendary Title*
007 Cloud of Darkness Ripples of Magic
Portent of Doom
Avatar of the Void
Mysterious Destroyer*
Overflowing Waves of Darkness*
Being Coming from the Flood of Darkness*
009 Aria Maiden's Awakening*
Word of Prayer*
Rainbow Guiding the Light*
Pure Heart*
Maiden of the Water Crystal*
Prayer Dedicated to the Crystal*


ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Cecil, Dark Knight Gore-stained Blade I
Gore-stained Blade II
Pride of the Red Wings
Cursed Power
Dark Knight's Chivalry*
Red Bloody Fang*
Red Cursed Sword*
002 Cecil, Paladin Indomitable Spirit
Holy Blade
Paladin's Devotion
Azure Blade
Harmonious Soul
Guileless Paladin
003 Kain Heart of the Dragoon
Illustrious Dragoon
Heights of Honor
Echoing Roar
Soaring Dragoon
Dragoon's Essence
004 Rydia Eidolon's Gift
Eidolon's Bond
Summoner of Mist
Child of the Feymarch
Descendant of Summoners*
She Who Is Loved by Phantom Beasts*
Exceptional Summoning Talent*
006 Rosa Archer in White
Artemis of Baron
Rose of Baron
Gentle Prayer
Compassion's Boon
Quiet Devotion
007 Edward Royal Song I
Royal Song II
Frail Prince
Spoony Bard
Prince's Performance*
Awoken Courage*
Minstrel Overflowing with Talent*
008 Yang Ascetic Journey
Tough Love
Feat of Fabul
009 Palom Black Magic Adept
Black Magic Prodigy
Black Magic Marvel
010 Porom White Magic Adept
White Magic Prodigy
White Magic Marvel
011 Tellah Sage's Sigil
Sage's Monograph
Sage's Reverie
Deep Insight into Magic*
Sage Known for His Great Abilities*
Sage's Specialty*
012 Edge Secrets of Eblan
Smoldering Fury
Sacred Tradition
Passionate Prince
Spirit of Eblan
Eblan's Legacy
013 Fusoya Moon's Grace I
Moon's Grace II
Wizard's Beard
Waxing Moon
014 Golbez Devil's Pact
Brooding Darkness
Sorceror in Black
Controller of the Four Heavenly Kings*
Demon Brimming with Dignity*
Black Intimidation*
015 Cid Baron Airshipwright
Stubborn Ox
Grizzled Veteran
018 Ceodore Hero's Progeny
Conqueror of Trials
Vigor of Youth
Young Prince's Resolution*
New Red Wing*
Sense of Justice Inherited from His Father*
020 Rubicante Lord of Flame
Master of Fire
Honorable Foe
021 Ursula Princess of Fabul*
Girl Longing for Strength*
Acquirer of the Secret Art*
Memory of a Young Day*
Fighting Talent Acknowledged by Her Father*
Follow the Strong Stature*


ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Bartz Wind Wanderer
Spellblade Master
World Traveler
Tempered Spellblade
Twinstrike Champion
Fragments of Grace
002 Lenna Oath of Tycoon
Empathic Soul
Heart of Grace
Princess's Love
Overflowing Love
005 Galuf Martial Master
Fit of Rage
Fist of Dawn
Quiet Resolve
Walker of Worlds
Timeless Valor
Priceless Experience
006 Gogo Master's Touch
Master's Bearing
Master's Guise
007 Gilgamesh Warrior's Burden
Captain's Protection
Into the Fray
009 Faris Pirate's Vanguard
Fury of the Seas
Flower of the Sea
Sarisa's Memory
Forgotten Family
Warrior Princess
010 Dorgann Proud Father
Tempered Blade
Dawn's Star
011 Exdeath Evil Thoughts
Arcane Secrets
Call of the Void
Evil Incarnate
Reign of Chaos
Born of Evil
012 Krile Bestial Affinity
Familial Bond
Unbroken Promise
Endless Affection*
Grandfather's Soul Lives On*
Girl Full of Enthusiasm*


ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Terra Hidden Power
Blood of Espers
Light of Hope
Magitek Warrior
Innate Power
003 Locke Treasure Hunter's Zeal
Adventurer's Dagger
True Treasure Hunter
Enthusiasm for Adventures*
Phoenix's Blessing*
Passion to Search for Treasure*
004 Celes Hand of the Victor
Unbreakable Spellblade
Love's Wake
Rune Knight Blademaster
Rune Knight Soulmaster
Rune Knight Spellmaster
005 Mog Heart of the Dancer I
Heart of the Dancer II
Moogle Warrior
Moogle Gallantry
Reliable Chief*
Lover of Dances*
Leader of the Moogles*
006 Edgar Might of Figaro
Pride of Figaro
Well-Oiled Machine
007 Sabin Innate Healing
Keeper of the Old Ways
Fists of Justice
Fiery Honor
Master's Secrets
Master's Teachings
008 Shadow Cold Steal
Hardened Assassin
Violent Ambition
Murderous Method
Heat of Battle
Cloak of Darkness
009 Cyan Katana Master
Samurai Spirit
Samurai of Doma
Brink of Despair
Path of Vengeance
True Conviction
Self Reliance
010 Gau Wild Child
Feral Might
Veldt Mischief
011 Setzer All In
Soaring Dreams
Wandering Gambler
Taking Wing
Fate-Defying Bet
Second Chance
012 Strago Elder Sage
Blue Mage Defiance
Mystic Bloodlines
Reborn Zeal
Pursuer of Monster-Mysteries*
A Bond that Brings Back Hope*
Magical Power to Challenge the Inferno*
013 Relm Granddaughter's Love
Gifted Artist
Precocious Youth
Divine Pictomancer
Cat-eared Pictomancer
Wondrous Hues
014 Gogo Defensive Instinct
Enigmatic Ally
Mimic's Craft
Perfect Likeness
Heroic Mimicry
015 Umaro Blizzard Berserker
Bone Carver
Icy Jewel
016 Kefka Magic Madness
God of Ruin
Sneering Mage*
Antics that Celebrate the Joys of Destruction*
Treacherous Clown*
018 Leo Moment of Truth
One Against Many
Knight Inviolate


ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Cloud SOLDIER Strike
Mako Might
Lone Wolf
Mantle Bearer
Sprinting Wolf
002 Barret Reload I
Gun-Arm Master
Solemn Protector
003 Tifa Pugilist's Lore
The Zangan Way
Face the Past
Heroic Devotion
Fighter's Instinct
Brawling Barkeep
Warm-Hearted Female Brawler*
004 Aerith Prayer of the Cetra
Cetra's Destiny
Planet's Salvation
Descendant of the Ancients*
Loving Mother that Watches Over the Planet*
Flower Seller from the Slums*
005 Red XIII Planet Guardian
Seto's Will
Survival Instinct
Ancient Spirit
Dire Fang
Proud Warrior
Hero's Son
006 Yuffie Gift of the Shinobi
Master of Shadows
Girl Who Thinks of Her Homeland*
Cunning Daughter of Ninjas*
That's Mine!*
007 Cait Sith Lucky Slots
Moogle Ward
Hidden Burden
008 Vincent Flesh Undying
Unerring Shot
Lingering Nightmare
Turk Among Turks
Beast Within
Seeing Red
009 Zack SOLDIER's Pride
SOLDIER's Resolve
Worthy Hero
SOLDIER's Dignity*
SOLDIER's Swift Attack*
SOLDIER's Pursuit*
010 Sephiroth Loner
Heroic Stance
Argent Hero
Fallen Hero*
Inheritor of Jenova's Will*
The Secret to Change Fate*
011 Cid Fury
Ace Pilot
Air Raid
Star Dreams
Heavily Smoking Captain*
Sky Leader*
Champion of the Skies*
012 Reno Crimson Lockdown
Ace Turk
Turks' Technique
Light Beam Master*
Swift Professional*
Pride and Confidence of the Investigation Department*
015 Angeal Heroic Stride
Pride's Sigil
Rightful Pride
018 Rufus Savage Shots
Master of Fear
Ambitious Scion
Scion of Shinra*
Young Strategist*
Representative of the World*
019 Shelke Forever Young
Invisible Soldier
Double Destruction
Orange-Tinged Double Spears*
Warrior Frozen in Time*
020 Rude Unspeaking Giant*
Quiet Fighting Spirit*
Strong Arm of the Turks*
021 Elena Hard Worker's Secret Technique*
Turks Novice*
Fighting Class Elite*


All of Raijin's Legend Materias can be found in Irvine's slots and vice versa.

ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Squall Composure
Orphaned Cub
Heart of the Lion
Legendary SeeD
Slavering Fangs
002 Rinoa Angelo Recover
Witch of Succession
Sorceress's Vow
Daring Beauty
Breaker of the Circle
Defier of Fate
003 Quistis Keen Eye
Instructor's Discipline
Trepies Forever
004 Zell Untapped Power
Raw Power
Balamb Firebrand
No Chicken Wuss
Subscriber to Combat King*
My Spinal Reflex*
Rowdy Vigor*
005 Selphie Slots
Flower of Trabia
Shrewd Negotiator
Unfading Smile*
Hidden Love for Her Home*
Obsessed with the School Festival*
(012)*(all Legend Materia)
Irvine Solitude
Master Sniper
Fragile Psyche
Nerves of Steel
Gentle Sniper*
Masterful Rapid Fire Abilities*
He Who Knows the Past*
007 Seifer Dirty Trick
Fallen Gunblade
Worthy Rival
Bad Seed
Drive to Win
Relentless Assassin
009 Laguna The Fairies' Boon
Charismatic Aura
Destiny's Burden
Aspiration to be a Journalist*
Tactical Gunner*
Nice Guy's Mischief*
010 Edea Icy Manipulator
Chosen Sorceress
Successor's Power
Beautiful Leader*
Secret Arts of the Witch from the Future*
Enormous Magical Power*
(006)*(all Legend Materia)
Raijin Faithful Friend
Firm Discipline
Solemn Warrior
Bold Thunder*
Heroic Competition*
Booming Tremendous Thunder*
013 Fujin Terse Beauty
Stern Discipline
Silvered Warrior
Biting Winds
Blistering Speed
Raging Winds
015 Kiros The Team's Straight-man*
Amusement Called Friend*
Unconventional Fashion*
016 Ward Rich Expressions*
Giant Overflowing with Charm*
Silent Bond*


ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Zidane Thief's Code
Tantalus Code
Mercurial Thief
World in Red
Snap Judgment
Thief's Quick Wit*
002 Garnet Blessing of Alexandria
Blood of the Summoner
Dagger's Will
Hidden Origins*
Beauty Who Cast Aside Doubts*
Dignified Resolve*
003 Vivi Rod Master
Black Mage's Awakening
Spark of Life
Spark of Memory
Will to Live
Magic Suffusion
004 Steiner Ironclad
Knight's Pride
Knight's Charge
Unbending Loyalty
For the Crown
Walker of the Path
Opportunity Strikes
005 Freya Burmecian Dragon Knight
Warrior Extraordinaire
Undaunted Dragon Knight
006 Quina Hunger of the Qu
Secrets of the Qu
Arms of the Qu
Qu Pathfinder
007 Eiko Impetuous Youth
Impish Recital
Uplifting Melody
Longing to Be a Lady*
Protection of Madain Sari*
Thoughts About Her Hometown*
008 Amarant Way of the Fist
Bounty Hunter
Flaming Stand
009 Beatrix Sacred Duty
One-Eyed General
Veteran General
First Paladin
Paladin's Purpose
Undying Loyalty
010 Kuja Silver Genome
Dark Fate
Inevitable Fate
King of the City that Never Sleeps*
Uneternal God of Death*
Achromatic Narcissism*
015 Marcus Thief Troupe*
Dexterous Younger Friend*
Courteous Thief*


Wakka's third Record Materia (Self Discipline) occupies one of Auron's slots.

ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Tidus Winning Spirit
High Scorer
Ace Striker
Stranger Tides
Dream to End Dreams
Moonflow's Grace
002 Yuna Light of the Fayth
Summoner's Prayer
Savior of Spira
Prayer for Spira
Father's Footsteps
(007)*(Self Discipline)
Wakka Preemptive Strike
Self Discipline
Heart of the Team
Everyone's Big Brother*
Put His Heart into Blitz*
Technical Control*
004 Lulu Inner Fire
Ice Beauty
Doll Collector
Witching Ways
Dark Temptation
Third Pilgrimage
005 Kimahri Ronso Pride
Proud Tradition
Unyielding Resolve
Decided to Win*
Hornless Pride*
Anger Dwelling in the Spear*
006 Rikku Machina Meddler
Al Bhed Ingenuity
Fleet-Footed Hunter
Spiral Eyes
Al Bhed Prodigy
Fixer Upper
007 Auron Bushido
Legend's Blade
Untarnished Spirit
Hand of Revelation
High Guardian
Snarling Dragon
010 Jecht Legendary Shot
Heavy-Handed Father
Ace of Aces
Father Who Can't Be Obedient*
Entrusted Feelings*
Blitz Champion*
012 Braska Selfless Summoner
Summoner's Resolve
Unwavering Vision
Amicable Great Summoner*
Great Summoner's Dearest Wish*
Great Summoner's Quiet Rage*
015 Paine Woman of Mystery
Gullwing Blade
Steely Warrior
Swordwoman's Pride*
Sharp Blade*
Watchdog of the Gullwings*
018 Seymour Maester of Yevon
Twisted Summoner
Mad Obsession
Summoner with Hidden Ambitions*
Dead Man Who Took Away the Light*
Savior Who Guides Towards Destruction*


ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Shantotto Minister of Windurst
Legendary Lady
Witch's Cackle
Peerless Power
Beyond Reproach
Absolute Self-Centeredness*
002 Ayame Mighty Musketeer
Blade of Bastok
Hardened Faith
Cool Hands
Master of the Path
No Hesitation
003 Curilla Noble Beauty
First Sword
Knight Captain
Tempered Steel
Faith in the Dawn
Templar's Charge
004 Prishe Ageless Maiden
Feeling Peckish
Unexpected Assault
005 Lion Fleeting Strike
Ace Agent
First Pirate
Agent's Shiv
Agent's Barrage
Agent's Expertise
006 Aphmau Pure of Thought
Unarmed Puppeteer
Imperial Heir
Caring Puppetmaster
Empress of Peace
Court Secrets
007 Zeid Dark Knight of Bastok
Karmic Blade
Darkest Iron


Basch's second Record Materia (Loyal Captain) occupies one of Gabranth's slots.

ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Vaan Freedom's Wish
Winds of Rabanastre
Wings Unfurled
Thirst for Adventure
Undaunted Courage
002 Balthier Sky Pirate's Pride
Machinist's Touch
A Sky Pirate's Life
Cool Customer
Scourge of the Skies
Leading Man
003 Fran Seething Mist
Viera Virtuoso
Art of the Barrage
Reign of Arrows
Alluring Archer
Boundless Bond
Brawn and Brains
(007)*(Loyal Captain)
Basch Shield of Dalmasca
Loyal Captain
Unwavering Devotion
Honest General*
Firm Oath of Protection*
Allegianc Pledged to Dalmasca*
005 Ashe Vow of Vengeance
Dalmascan Royalty
True Path
Regal Bearing
Queen's Imperium
Princess Who Didn's Lose Her Pride*
006 Penelo Loving Soul
Desert Bloom
Moral Compass
Heroic Girlfriend*
Girl Who Dreams of Being a Dancer*
Overflowing Thoughtfulness*
007 Gabranth Icy Veins
Object of Hatred
Errant Hound
Obscured Feelings*
Sustenance by the Name of Hatred*
Military Man Clad in Black Irons*
008 Larsa Untarnished Prince
Road to Peace
Noble Intentions
010 Vayne Cold Ambition
Noble Bearing
Military Genius
Unswerving Resolve
War Strider
Bathed in Blood
011 Reks Spark of Youth
Cool Head
Uncanny Ability


ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Lightning Flash of Light
Bolt from Above
Bottled Lightning
Radiant Champion
Gleaming Blade
002 Snow Bastion
Indomitable Will
Eternal Optimist
Bittersweet Vow
Fiery Friend
Heartening Hero
Enduring Resolve
003 Vanille Innocence
Pulse Kindness
Words of Truth
Pulse Prayer
Embracing Salvation
Gentle Atonement
004 Sazh Father's Pride
Double Barrels
Friendly Skies
Cheerful Daddy*
Thoughts for His Son*
Struggling Father*
005 Hope Ascendance
Hope Not In Vain
Beyond Oaths
Thoughts for His Mother*
Hope that Surpasses Love and Hate*
Remarkable Growth*
006 Fang Gran Pulse Warrior
Power Pulse
Spear of Gran Pulse
007 Serah Air of Enchantment
Etro's Intervention
Awoken Powers
Wishing for a Reunion*
Traveler Passing Through Time*
The Ability to See the Future*
010 Cid Raines Cavalry Commander
Might of the l'Cie
Rising Pawn
Young Idealist
Seraphic Might
Mouth of the Dead
011 Noel Yeul's Blessing
Shadow Hunter
Life's Protector
Hunter Who Came from the Future*
Prepared to Change History*
Sword Skills that Clear the Future*
012 Nabaat L'Cie's Despair
Fencer's Baton


ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Y'shtola Cultured Conjurer
Solemn Soul
Matoya's Treasure
Imperfect Art
Stunning Scion
Master of Mending
002 Thancred Fraternal Knowledge
Blades Like Wind
Wandering Scion
Bag of Tricks
003 Yda Honed Flesh
Capricious Pugilist
Divine Fists
Unsquenchable Spark
Martial Instincts
Famed Fighter
005 Papalymo Derisive Smile
Sharlayan Thaumaturge
Scion Thaumaturge
Overseer of the Circle
Thaumaturgic Flair
Practiced Prestidigitator
006 Alphinaud Sharlayan Prodigy
Louisoix's Heir
New Determination*
Tactician of Salvation*
Many Journeys of Learning*
007 Minfilia Antecedent
Protector of Eorzea
Word of the Mother
Blessed of the Twelve
Courage of Halone
Who Walks Before
008 Cid Hidden Truths
Engineer's Mark
Ancient Knowledge of the Allag Civilization*
Engineer Who Travels the Skies*
Technology for the Sake of Freedom*
009 Ysayle Frozen Girl*
Maiden Who Controls the Heretic*
The One Who Knows the True Dragonsong*
Heart Stacked on a Saint*
Maiden Who Invokes a Deity*
The Strength to Surpass Feelings*
010 Haurchefant Knight's Teachings*
Good Knight of House Fortemps*
The Shield that Protects the People and Friends*
Silver-Haired Swordsman*
Proud Hero*
Oath to the Unicorn*
011 Estinien Dragonhunter*
Reputation of Slaying Dragons*
Power of the Dragon's Eye*
Vengeful Determination*
Dragon Knight of the Blues Skies*
Spear of Persistent Intentions*


ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Noctis Sleeping Prince
Lucian Heir
Promised Power
Path of the True King
Heir to Greatness
Divine Revelation
002 Gladiolus Staunch Ally
Stalwart Watch
Crown Defense
Leader of the Van
To Duty Born
Shield of the King
Young Leader's Grip*
004 Prompto Cheerful Mood Maker*
Bold Friendliness*
Secret Endeavor*
Recorder of the Journey*
Savvy Friend's Qualifications*
Resolution of an Ordinary Person*
005 Iris Puppy Love
The Two of Us
Stern Stuff
Amicitia Touch
Got Your Back
Amicitia Line
006 Aranea Assault Spear Master*
Beautiful Flight*
Sisterly Mercenary Captain*
Strong-Minded Mercenary Captain*
Aerial Maneuver Division Brigadier*
Heroine Who Soars Through the Sky*


ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Ramza Salve
Standard Bearer
Strength of Conviction
Beoulve Spirit
True Hero*
002 Agrias Holy Knight's Sigil
Holy Knight's Pride
Holy Knight's Muse
Knight's Devotion
Knight's Finesse
Unwavering Faith*
003 Delita Will of the Commons
Captain of the Order
Sword Attested
Unshakeable Resolve
War Hero
Ark Knight's Finesse
004 Ovelia Forlorn Princess
Lady of Ivalice
Royal Imperative
Gentle Princess
Prayer for Ivalice
Divine Insight
005 Mustadio Goug Machinist
Expert Marksman
Rare Gift
Deep Knowledge of Machines*
Excavator of Lost Civilizations*
Machinist's Quick Shot*
006 Orlandeau Godspeed
God Among Men
Gathering Storm
Undefeated Knight*
Sword Saint Who Stands at the Knight's Apex*
Supreme Sword Technique*
007 Gaffgarion Darkest Arts
Fell Blademaster
Masterful Mercenary
Dark Knight's Duty*
Seasoned Dark Knight*
Dark Knight's Exquisite Skill*
009 Rapha Divine Mantra
Avenging Sister
Skyseer Adept
Skyseer Mystique
Sky Mantra Secrets
Keeper of Faith
010 Marach Dark Mantra
Avenging Brother
Netherseer Adept
Netherseer Mystique
Nether Mantra Secrets
Sower of Doubt
011 Meliadoul Hardened Blade
Tenacious Templar
Steeling Gaze
Divine Knight's Sword Technique*
Divine Knight's Special Technique*
The Essence of the Mighty Sword*
012 Marche Boy Gone Astray*
Breaker of the Crystal*
Resolution to Face Reality*
Will to Proceed Even When Lost*
Strength Not to Run Away*
Wish Hidden at the Bottom of the Heart*
013 Montblanc Eldest Son with a Strong Character*
Reliable Clan Leader*
Clan of White People*
Natural Talent for Black Magic*
Natural Talent for Time Magic*
Supplementary Magical Knowledge*
014 Alma Beoulve's Youngest Child*
Teachings of the Monastery*
The Girl Who Carries the Holy Spirit Within*
Cheerful and Lively Little Sister*
Reincarnation of a Saint*
Heart that Worries About Her Big Brother*


ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
001 Ace Card Wheeler
Master Dealer
Class Ace
Hidden Zeal
Trump Card
Spiral Breaker
002 Deuce Tender Touch
Musical Inclination
Soft Power
Kindred Spirit
Dutiful Dynamo
Eye for Detail
003 Nine Wild Side
Head Basher
Winds of Destruction
Dizzying Leap
004 Machina Eloquent Honor Student*
A Heart that's Too Pure*
Wielding Spiraling Blades*
Transfer Student with Precise Sword Skills*
Governor of the Seat of Fear*
Boy Who Craves Strength*
005 Rem Girl Who Handles Daggers*
Sincere Correspondence*
Earnest Feelings*
Transfer Student with Outstanding Magical Power*
Governor of the Seat of Love*
Benevolent Maiden*
006 Queen Incorruptible Wise Woman*
Swift Rush*
She Who Administers Clever Strength*
Logical Talented Girl*
Hidden Heart of a Demon*
Calm and Collected Strategy*


ID Character Record Materias Legend Materias
005 Reynn Ward of Heaven
Hidden Nature
Fate Usurper
006 Lann Sunny Disposition
Spring of Youth
Unforeseen Power
011 Morrow Unspoilt Scenery*
A Day of Journey*
Endless Adventure*
Dreaming Boy*
Hope for Tomorrow*
Time to Run Around*
012 Aemo Radical Orange*
Small Hero*
Wanted to Protect Ordinary Life*
First Time Knowing a Song*
Thinking Future*
Gentle and Lovely Orange*
013 Wrieg Wrieg Song*
Exchanging Promises*
Budding Trust*
Fulfill the Wish*
Prepared to Carry the Burden*
Adventurer Who Roams the World*
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