FFXIII Crystarium[edit | edit source]

Just testing and toying around with SNs template for the Crystarium

Lightning[edit | edit source]

Ravager[edit | edit source]

0 Libra
0 Thunder
0 HP +15
60 Strength +4
60 Magic +4
60 Strength +4
60 Water
80 HP +15
80 Magic +4

90 Magic +11
90 HP +25
90 Sparkstrike
90 Strength +3
90 HP +10
90 Aquastrike
120 HP +10

220 Magic +4
220 Fire
220 Strength +5
220 Strength +4
220 Magic +10
220 HP +25
220 Magic +4
350 Role Level 2

230 HP +10
230 Strength +3
230 Magic +3
230 Overwhelm
330 HP +10

400 Strength +3
400 Strength +3
400 HP +20
400 Thundara
400 Magic +3
400 HP +20
400 HP +20
400 Magic +3
400 Blizzard
400 Strength +3
600 Magic +3

Talk Template and Signature[edit | edit source]

Chocobo Black Mage.png

History[edit | edit source]

August '10[edit | edit source]

This talkbubble is based upon SilverCronos talkbubble. Thanks for letting me copy from it, SC!


Special Talkbubble for Mafia-Game[edit | edit source]

This talkbubble was made by OavatosDK for the third Mafia game, which is Kingdom Hearts themed. Thanks again Oavatos! I owe you one.


September '10[edit | edit source]

MirrorshardSceada 21:53, September 18, 2010 (UTC)
I slightly changed my talkbubble, now resulting in this here:


08:55, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

October '10[edit | edit source]

Rest in Peace, Steve...[edit | edit source]

Though not exactly a talkbox or signature, I feel the need to keep this here...

I had this at the top of my user page from the 6th to the 17th of October. Steve, we will never forget you or your voice...

November '10[edit | edit source]

Around the first of November, I altered my two existing userboxes, and added a third one, resulting in these three here:


Images for Mafia Bubble~[edit | edit source]

Dissidia Cosmos.png Dissidia 012 Chaos.png

Image for Kafra Stuff~[edit | edit source]


FFTA2 Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]

Trying to build a kind of template to be used in the walkthrough I'm planing~

{{{prev}}}Main Page{{{next}}}
Special Pages
FFTA2-Luso1Sprite.pngAbout Jobs: Hume - Moogle - Viera - Bangaa - Nu Mou - Seeq/Gria
FFTA2-LusoSprite.pngPage 1: Here we go
FFTA2-VieraWhiteMageSprite.gifPage 2: Everybody loves to quest
FFTA2-AdelSprite.pngPage 3: Here comes the Kitty!

The template will be implemented here. Hopefully, it will work...

Quest Info Box[edit | edit source]

A4-15 Blue King of Cinquleur Investigation Rank: 55
Zellea, the Forbidden Land: Dance of the Candleflies Receiving Buffs and Debuffs -- days 500 gil
A4-11: Red King of Cinquleur Blood-Darkened Bone 1 Nego: 99 (-) Apt: 99 (-)
Hedychium Pollen 5 Team: 99 (+3) Adapt: 99 (+7)
"We of Cinquleur seek battle with the strongest of warriors!
Defeat me if you can, and you shall be rewarded!
Blue King Bliu of Cinquleur"
7810 gil
Platinum 2
Lamia Scale 2
Divariwood 1
Dispatch: Yes. Recommended: Lanista, Berserker Repeatable: No AP: 30 CP: 99

Still missing, and needing to be included: LawYes check.png, Clan rewardsYes check.png (CPYes check.png), ability pointsYes check.png, ev. victory circumstances → need to redo this... *sigh* Will later on, when it's finished, be implemented here. Also, the design could be better, but that is only secondary and will follow as soon as I finish the skeleton for the box...

{{{pos}}} {{{name}}} {{{type}}} Rank: {{{rank}}}
{{{dest}}} {{{law}}} {{{time}}} days {{{fee}}} gil
{{{prereq}}} {{{item1}}} Nego: {{{nego}}} ({{{negoup}}}) Apt: {{{apt}}} ({{{aptup}}})
{{{item2}}} Team: {{{team}}} ({{{teamup}}}) Adapt: {{{adapt}}} ({{{adaptup}}})
{{{desc}}} {{{gil}}} gil
Dispatch: {{{disp}}} Repeatable: {{{repeat}}} AP: {{{ap}}} CP: {{{cp}}}

{{Walkthrough:Final Fantasy Tactics A2/MirrorshardSceada/Questbox |pos= |name= |type= |rank= |dest= |law= |time= |fee= |prereq= |item1= |item2= |nego= |negoup= |apt= |aptup= |team= |teamup= |adapt= |adaptup= |desc= |gil= |reward1= |reward2= |reward3= |disp= |repeat= |ap= |cp= }}

Testing it out[edit | edit source]

Testing it out with the two quests Blue King of Cinquleur and Stuck in the Muck:

Walkthrough:Final Fantasy Tactics A2/MirrorshardSceada/Questbox
Walkthrough:Final Fantasy Tactics A2/MirrorshardSceada/Questbox looks rather good I dare say... - Also, it seems to work just fine...

Lindblum Tourism Office[edit | edit source]

Some preparations for my planned Location League.


Hello and welcome dear traveler, to the Lindblum Tourism Office!

Here at the LTO, we have made it our most important task to present our valued customers places and travel destinations most adventurous and beautifull, in order to create truly unforgettable holidays for them. Be it an old, historic and pompous city, or true wonders of nature, with us, you will find the destination you want!

My name is Kafra, and I am the tour guide assigned to you. I hope I can interest you in our ever varying and enormous offer ^.~

One thing however, I do have to say about our offer: Due to the enormous effort that is needed to organise and plan such a truly memorable holiday, we can only offer two destinations each fortnight, unless it is for a special occasion. Furthermore, we can also only hold one of these two holidays at once, and as such will prefer the location that more people signed up for. We would like to apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

Lastly, I am obligated to ask you to maintain a civilized level of conversation while being a guest in our office. Everyone else here apart from the staff is a potential travel companion of yours, and we would definitely not like to see our guests fighting each other. So please, for the sake of everyone, both staff and customer, we'd kindly ask you to remain civilized. Also, as you certainly can see, there are also minors and kids among our clients, so if possible, we'd like for you to avoid inappropriate remarks while being our customer here. Thank you very much.

So, shall we go see now, which destinations are open for signing up? :3

Temporary Table of Participants[edit | edit source]

Image Game Name Image Game Name
FF1MatoyaGBA.png I Matoya's Cave Chaos Shrine PS.png I Chaos Shrine
Mt Gulg.png I Gurgu Volcano Pandemonium PSP.png II Pandemonium
PSP Altair.png II Altair PSP Mysidia.png II Mysidia
World of Darkness - Beggining.jpg III World of Darkness Crystal Tower.jpg III Crystal Tower
Hein's Castle.jpg III Castle Hein Lostown.PNG IV Feymarch
FFIV iOS Lunar Subterrane.png IV Lunar Subterrane FFIV iOS Inside Giant of Babil.png IV Giant of Babil
Big Bridge.png V The Big Bridge Library of the Ancients - Dungeon.PNG V Library of the Ancients
FFV-IR09.png V The Interdimensional Rift Narshe town.PNG VI Narshe
Magitek Factory.jpg VI Magitek Research Facility File:KefkaTowerSwitches.jpg VI Kefka's Tower
Ff7-midgar.jpg VII Midgar Nibelheim.PNG VII Nibelheim
FFVII-CosmoCanyon.jpg VII Cosmo Canyon Balamb Garden Area 4.jpg VIII Balamb Garden
Fishermanshorizon-1-.jpg VIII Fisherman's Horizon Esthar.png VIII Esthar
Burmecia city of rain.png IX Burmecia Iifa tree from mountain path.png IX Iifa Tree
Daguerreo 1.jpg IX Daguerreo Macalania.jpg X Macalania
Zanarkand3.jpg X Zanarkand Dream's End FFX.png X Within Sin
Windurst.jpg XI Windurst Boyada Tree FFXI.jpg XI Boyahda Tree
Bastok.jpg XI Bastok Rabanastre2.jpg XII Rabanastre
Pharos4.jpg XII Pharos at Ridorana Giruvegan.png XII Ancient City of Giruvegan
Bodhum Beach.png XIII Bodhum Lake bresha10.jpg XIII Lake Bresha
Orphan's cradle.jpg XIII Orphan's Cradle Mizzenmast.png XIV Limsa Lominsa
Gridania.jpg XIV Gridania Ul'dah.jpg XIV Ul'dah
Ffcc rebenatera.jpg CC Rebena Te Ra Ffcc lynaridesert.jpg CC Lynari Desert
Rela Cyel SS.jpg RoF Rela Cyel Ffccrof shadowland.jpg RoF ??? (Shadowland)
Ffcc-mlaak image padarak.jpg LaK Padarak Infinity Spire from Padarak.jpg LaK Infinity Spire
Capital city.jpg CB Alfitaria Victory Monument Hill.jpg CB Victory Monument Hill
File:FFT Orbonne Hall.jpg T Orbonne Monastery Mullonde-battlefield3.jpg T Mullonde Cathedral
BervPalace.png TA Bervenia Palace AmbervaleEntry.png TA Ambervale
Fluorgis2.png TA2 Fluorgis HallOfKings.jpg TA2 Ruins of Delgantua
LeaMonde.jpg VS Leá Monde Greylands.png VS The Greylands
VIICC Banora Ruins.jpg CC Banora DFF Arena - Edge of Madness.png D Edge of Madness

Example Battle: Daguerreo vs Edge of Madness[edit | edit source]

Daguerreo 1.jpg Neo Nintendo Bracket DFF Arena - Edge of Madness.png
Second Round!

Votes for the City powered by Water[edit | edit source]

  1. A vote for the first contestant

Votes for the Throne of Chaos[edit | edit source]

  1. First voter on that side, duh

Traveller's Log[edit | edit source]

Well, it does not look too bad so far, but still a bit too much like MM2...

Own Design Attempt[edit | edit source]

Hey, I do want a design of my own afterall, so...

Daguerreo vs. Edge of Madness[edit | edit source]

Daguerreo 1.jpg http://i1188.photobucket.com/albums/z411/Sceada/vskafra.png DFF Arena - Edge of Madness.png
The beautifull city of water located on the Forgotten Continent on Gaia is a supreme treshold of wisdom. A must see for every scholar! The throne of the fiery diety of discord, Chaos, is a relict from times past, when colossal wars were waged. If you want to relive the spirit of those days, you should not look further!
The Offer is open from:
11/16/10 to 11/30/10

Votes for the Water-powered City[edit | edit source]

  1. An example vote.
  2. Another one.
  3. MirrorshardSceada http://i1188.photobucket.com/albums/z411/Sceada/kafrahead_15px.png

Votes for the Throne of Chaos[edit | edit source]

  1. Some people prefer it hot...

Traveller's Log[edit | edit source]

A comment.

Another one.
Guess what? A third comment!

Userbox Design Attempt[edit | edit source]

http://i1188.photobucket.com/albums/z411/Sceada/kafrahead_45px.png This user is a customer of the Lindblum Tourism Office
This user is a customer of the Lindblum Tourism Office

MirrorshardSceada 15px23:43, November 27, 2010 (UTC)

VIP Cards[edit | edit source]

Silver 10
Gold 25
Platinum 50

Table as basis, rounded edges, name as attribute (more to come)~

Testing[edit | edit source]

Silver VIP Membership Card
This Membership card has been awarded to
Customer Number 42
for being a loyal customer that participated in 10 or more travels held by the
Lindblum Tourism Office.
Gold VIP Membership Card
This Membership card has been awarded to
Yet Another Customer
for being a loyal customer that participated in 25 or more travels held by the
Lindblum Tourism Office.

To Use: {{User:MirrorshardSceada/LTO/SilverVIP|name=}}, resp. {{User:MirrorshardSceada/LTO/GoldVIP|name=}}

Notes[edit | edit source]

Standing: 02/14/2011 16.00

Jimcloud 7
Der Eins-Geflügelte Engel 4
Ultima the High Seraph 3
NeoBahamutZEROX 2
AJ Two 4
OavatosDK 2
TheBlueDragoon 6
R8.50Mango 3
Mecha Ultima Zero 1
RazielZero 3
Bond em7 7
Fighter Jecht 1
Armageddon11 3
Rosenarm 1
Hamfruitcake 09 2
Door to Nothing 2
Leon95 3
Kupohunter 1
Born from Darkness 1
MystRay 4
SilverCrono 1
Kayreed Caliburn 1
Kuja FFIX 5
HolyTezza 1


Balthier ffxiirw.PNG Balthier: I’m afraid the jury’s still out on that one.
This article is about a game that's still to be released. As such, some of the information might be inaccurate or likely to change.

Sceada: I feel I have to thank you my friend...
This crystal shard has been given to {{{name}}} by MirrorshardSceada as a thank you for {{{reason}}}. Thank you very much for this!
If you ever are in need of MSS' help, you are more than welcome to ask him.

Sceada: I feel I have to thank you my friend...
This crystal shard has been given to testname by MirrorshardSceada as a thank you for testreason. Thank you very much for this!
If you ever are in need of MSS' help, you are more than welcome to ask him.

Trial Box Testing[edit | edit source]

Testing of the Trial Box template I made for my FFTA2 walkthrough.

Walkthrough:Final Fantasy Tactics A2/MirrorshardSceada/Trialbox

Wiki Markup Tests[edit | edit source]

Test directed to my planned renewal of my userpage

Mafia[edit | edit source]

Mafia is, to put it simple, a party game that is to be played by at least five willing participants, but can potentially hold any number of players. It is a game full of suspicion and murder, both of which gladly don't happen in reality.

Basically, the main point is that there exists a group within the players that is the so-called Mafia, and that strives to eliminate their fellow players so they can seize power or something of the sorts. To do this, they vote in the so-called Night Phase to determine whom they want to kill. However, the other players are of course not that easily dispatched and so between every two Night Phases, their exists a Day Phase.
During said Day Phase, all players including the Mafia discuss on who may be a mafiosi and then vote on who to lynch. If they are lucky or just good at detecting such things, they manage to vote an actual mafiosi and thus raise their own chances of victory, but it is of course also possible that an innocent player is hit, so that it effectively helps the mafia to get closer to their goal.
While this all happens, a so-called Moderator keeps track of the game and elaborates as to how certain events happen. For example, the moderator may chose to narrate how an innocent townsperson exactly was killed during the night. As such, he is also able to give the whole game a theme, effectively turning it into a sort of interactive story.
The game then ends under one of two conditions:

  • All the mafiosi have been eliminated, which means that the townspersons have won and will survive
  • The remaining number of innocents is equal or less to the number of remaining mafiosi, in which case they abandon their usual ways and just openly kill the remaining innocents, resulting in their victory

This very fun game has been adapted to the wiki back in May 2010 by the user A.J. two, and has since become quite popular, leading to multiple games taking place parallely. If you want to learn more about the game as such, please refer to the link in the Userbox below.

Game III, which is being led by 8bit is the first game in which I personally participated. It features a Kingdom Hearts theme with focus on Organization XIII.

It started back on September 9, 2010 and is, due to many unforeseen problems as well as a lenghty, health-related absence of it's moderator, still going and currently stuck in the phase Day II. It is a bit of a shame that it has gotten stuck so often, but sadly there is not much that can be done. The character I play as in this game is Axel, the organization's number VIII. It is quite fun to play as him, especially as he tends to get into interesting discussions with Xaldin every phase.

Following everyone else's lead, I have also created a talkbubble to be used in this game:


Last update of this tab: 10:51, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Due to the various problems of Game III and the growing desire to play Mafia, a fourth game was proposed in November 2010 and after it had been discussed, it was decided that I would be it's moderator.
Game IV features a Dissidia based theme, with every player picking a character from a different main series game and has been dubbed Dismafia 004 Final Fantasy. As such, it is implied to be an earlier cycle of the great war featured in Dissidia, and for convenience it is seen by its players as the fourth.

It was started on December 8, 2010 and has since made it to the Day III phase, albeit not without major problems, one of it being a slightly decreasing activity of its players and the second the very first on-wiki case of Metagaming.
Metagaming is the process of trying to use out-of-the-game knowledge in order to determine the mafiosi of a game and in this case, one player tried to decrypt the messages sent by each player. Said player was then disqualified and expelled from the game, while the remaining players had to have their roles reassigned, leading to the game essentially restarting right in the middle of it.
Currently, it is in Day III, which is about to be concluded shortly seeing how almost all votes are in already.

Naturally, I as a moderator also play a character, or to be more precise, two: Cosmos and Chaos. Both were given their respective talkbubbles:


Last update of this tab: 10:51, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Game V features a novelty for the games held on the wiki: For the first time, the game is co-moderated by two users, namely A.J. two and Ultima. It has been formally started on February 27, and has since made it to Day I.

The game's theme is based on the first Final Fantasy (with some 8bit Theatre elements, mind you), with me taking Matoya as character:


Last update of this tab: 10:51, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Game VI is the most recently started game which only begun on March 15. Currently, it is in the middle of the Discussion in Day I. It is unique in the fact that it does feature a theme but is not based on a game or similar, and instead on a fanfic: A l'Cie's Diary... which is a Final Fantasy XIII fanfic written by me. Co-moderated by me and Sorceror Nobody, it has been dubbed Mafia Nova Crystallis and is set in the future of my story, around the time of Cocoon's creation, featuring the player's as l'Cie.

As a moderating character, I am playing the protagonist of the fanfic, the l'Cie Paddra Boreas Sceada:

Last update of this tab: 10:51, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Game VII is the next upcoming Mafia game moderated by DoorToNothing and "Tabbeh", and it is set to have a The After Years theme. Right now I am a bit uncertain about joining it, seeing how I have little to none knowledge about TAY and am to top it off part of all four running games, moderating half of them. Perhaps I'll sign in at a later point, given that it is currently still far from being ready to start.

Last update of this tab: 10:51, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Games[edit | edit source]

Obtained it for the Playstation way back, and since then have finished it multiple times. Always fun to play, especially when I go over to my best buddy's place and we play it on his 42' screen xD It has somewhat become a tradition for us to play it together, and as such we tend to pick it up anew quite often.

Status: We just obtained the airship in our most recent playthrough and kicked Marilith's backside.

This user has completed Final Fantasy.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Originally got this for my Playstation along with FF I in the Origins bundle, but I never got around to play it more than for an hour before getting frustrated at the leveling system. That is, until I got it for the GBA. Now, sometimes when I am on the train, I put it into my DS and play. It isn't as bad as I first thought but it still is at times quite annoying, and to be honest, the storyline is so far hardly able to be even called a such. Still, I will see this through to the end because the game simply desires that. And after all, perhaps the appearance of the Emperor will give it a turn for the better, who knows?

Status: Just reached the Snow Cavern.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Got it for the DS and enjoyed it quite a lot - That is, until I got to the Crystal Tower. Seriously, that thing is way too long for not featuring a Save Point along the way, and then there is the World of Darkness waiting afterwards. After falling twice to the guardians of the dark crystals, I have put this aside for the time being.

Status: Before Crystal Tower.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Despite owning it for the Playstation, I ended up playing it on the DS after receiving it as a gift from my girlfriend. I must say I quite enjoy it, though I seem to be unable to get through the Lunar Subterrane. I always get killed on the way to the first Save Point. Perhaps I should grind some more before I try again, but right now there are other games that capture me more and are thus more likely to be played by me.

Status: Prior Lunar Subterrane.

This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IV.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Initially obtained it for the Playstation (I know, this is kinda of my running gag here), I later on got it for the GBA to a very good price and played it on the train with my DS. And boy, did I enjoy this game! The story was quite good, it had humour (Gilgamesh!), some awesome music tracks (Big Bridge, anyone?) and most importantly: A hell of of an awesome job system. You just gotta love it, with all the possibilities it provides you. I mean, what's not to like about a Freelancer with Spellblade, Jump and Counter? Yep, I definitely had fun there.

Status: Completed. Not 100%, but enough to make me happy.

This user has completed Final Fantasy V.
This user has completed Final Fantasy V.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Another game I got for the Playstation, though this one is an exception in that I did actually play it on that system. Yes, I don't just buy the game for the Playstation and then never play them on it, I also do play them! And a good play it was, aye. The story is good, the characters loveable and the music... Oh my god the music! It is just so wonderful. The opera, Forever Rachel, Terra's Theme... - Seriously, I could go on for the entire track list. Also, Kefka is time wise seen the first villain that I really liked. I mean, who wouldn't like that insane clown? He was just priceless.

Status: Completed. Second playthrough where I try to learn all magic (~60% done).

This user has completed Final Fantasy VI.
This user has completed Final Fantasy VI.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Ah, Final Fantasy VII... - The one often called the best of all time. Well, sorry to disappoint you but for me that just isn't true. It's not that I did not enjoy playing this on my Playstation, because it actually holds a rather good story, but it just did not blow me out of my chair like other games did. It is solid, aye, with a number of great characters (I'm looking at you two mainly, Red XIII and Vincent) and overall a good system, but... The graphics suck. Sorry to say it that way, but I can't help it. I heavily dislike VII's graphics, which is actually a sad thing when one considers how much I love the graphics of the NES/SNES era. I guess these early attempts at 3D just don't appeal to me, but I can look over that. Sadly, even if I do this game hardly isn't the best of all time. Good, yes, but not as exceptional as everyone likes to make it out to be.

Status: Finished with currently no intention to replay.

This user has completed Final Fantasy VII.
This user has completed Final Fantasy VII.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

I truly loved this game. It's got something that is hard to put into words, and that makes it so great. Granted, the battle system is kinda of a knock off of the Kingdom Hearts one, and you can get through the entire main game by mashing the X button if you fancy that as well as some luck with the DMC, but it is great and well made. Also, the DMC is a really great idea both plot- and gameplay-wise despite you not being able to control it directly, which sucks a bit especially when trying to level up. But it is still good, and especially it's usage in the ending has me sold. Ah yes, the ending... - Briliant. It is an awesome ending, and that is not despite it being sad, it is especially because it is sad. This is what it is meant to be, this is what it is, and it is awesome. Also, Zack is just so lovable and great, that he has become one of the three characters that are for me (almost) impossible to vote against in any User Arena.

Status: Finished. Not with all the quests, but I'm content for the moment.

This user has completed Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
This user is a fan of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.
174 This user has completed 174
of 300 missions in Crisis Core.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

You know, I really don't know why, but when I first tried to beat the game, I got stuck on disc 2 and then never picked it up again. Strange thing, because I actually liked it as far as I can recall. Huh. I'll be certain to pick it up again when the time comes and then I'll be sure to finish it.

Status: Waiting to get started over again.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

The game that started it all. Without this one, I might never have found out about the Final Fantasy series and then I'd be a different person. But I learned about it, and then while playing I learned a lot from it. Seriously, IX has told me a lot. Not only about gaming, but also about life. It was where I first learnt how bad it can be to be forgotten, or how insecure someone might be - both these knowledges have been very valuable to me while growing up. But even without those does the game have a lot of things going for it. For one, there is the music which has by now accompanied me for an entire century and still does not fail to capture me. Also, it has a fun story with some truly deep characters, where the most notable one certainly is Vivi. And let's face it: You just can not not love Vivi. And then there's the ATB System with the Abilities that can be equipped, and well... To cut a long story short: I just love about everything from the game, and I have finished it so often that I have truly lost count of the number.

Status: Finished a good 7 or 8 times.

This user has completed Final Fantasy IX.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy IX.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

I had a lot of fun playing this one. The story is quite good, the battle system is enjoyable and the very best thing is the possibility to actually control your summons in battle. Just how awesome is that? It also doesn't hurt that it is fairly linear, because it makes sense in terms of the plot. And to top it all off, it features a set of truly awesome themes, most notably of course To Zanarkand. God, that piece alone has made me wish I could play the piano more than once...

Status: Finished a while ago, and most likely won't pick it up again for the time being.

This user has completed Final Fantasy X.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy X.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Despite a great deal of people telling me that it is a bad game, I am still looking forward to play it sometimes in the near future. I would actually start it right away were it not for the fact that I intend to tie up some loose ends first before I start a new game. Also, time is certainly a big factor...

Status: As of yet unplayed.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

I must admit: I did not care much for XI at first. The prospect of an online game that I have to both buy and pay for playing just didn't thrill me, seeing how I got my software for free with Ragnarok Online, and paid less for the same playtime. Thus, I largely ignored it for a long time... - But this changed. I first grew curious when Dissidia came out. Shantotto was an interesting character, so I figured her game could not be that bad, but not much changed else: I occasionally looked up an article about XI on the wiki here, but I did not really consider getting it. And then, there came Prishe. Honestly, I don't know why, but somehow she got me excited for this game. I really would love to start it right now, however I only have limited time at my disposal due to being a student... - Can I really be able to devote all my time onto this game? Because according to a certain user here who is a longtime XI player, that's what I'd need to do if I want to get anywhere in this game... So, basically, I am exicted about this game, but I'm lacking the time for it - Hopefully, this will change at a point and I can pick it up. Perhaps I'll be able to after my exams in August...

Status: Somewhat likely to start it depending on my exam results in August/September.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

One thing first: I suck at playing with the Gambits. And since those are practically the essential thing to the battlesystem in this one, I am fucked. Which is a sad thing, for I really did enjoy the game's plot and characters up to the point that I got stuck, which is namely the Sandsea. I certainly hope I'll one day get the gist of these damn things and get around to actually finish it, because from what I've heard it would definitely be worth it. But right now, I don't really have the time, sadly...

Status: Paused in the middle of the Sandsea due to failing at Gambits.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Ah, a good game... Granted that it is fairly linear for a huge amount of time, and it also somewhat sucks that you can't revisit the early locations, but... guess what? It makes perfect sense storywise and as such, I can live with it. Also, it has some great characters, first and foremost of course Sazh. Sazh is awesome, and if you ask me, he is the most human character ever to be found in a Final Fantasy game and as such he completes my trio of characters I can not vote against. Also, one thing which I did quite enjoy that many others seemed to be annoyed by was the accents in this game, especially Fang and Vanille's. Well, to come to an end, I did generally enjoy the game and it's story. But then again, I guess this should have been obvious given that I write a fanfic based on it, ne?

Status: Finished the main story, back to grind a bit on Pulse and finish missions.

This user has completed Final Fantasy XIII.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy XIII.
31 This user has completed 31 of 64 missions in Final Fantasy XIII.
Final Fantasy XIII Logo.jpg This user has 16 of 36 trophies in Final Fantasy XIII.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

I must say that I was rather sceptical about this one at first, given how much it is different from the main series games. But when my girlfriend gave it to me as a present, how could I have said no to playing it? And let me tell you, I haven't regretted it once. The battle system is fun, the growth system as well and the story may not be as deep as some others but it still has a lot of points in it's favour. Especially the sidequests are often very beautifully designed in terms of the story and as such, I almost couldn't stop playing it. What's more, I noticed a lack of a completed walkthrough for it which has led to me picking that task up as a Focus. Due to this, I will be sure not to quit this game anytime soon.

Status: Finished once. Began a second playthrough for my walkthrough.

This user has completed Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.
This user is a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.
131 This user has completed 131 of 300 quests in Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

A fight game, with Final Fantasy characters in it? Dear Lord, I'm in heaven. I always wanted to battle with fighters such as Zidane, Cloud or Squall, and standing up to the likes of Garland, Sephiroth or Exdeath. So, obviously, I couldn't stop playing the game, once I got my hands on it. Sadly though, I had to reach a point, where my skill in such games apparently isn't high enough, and had to give up eventually.

Status: I am not good enough in such games to get a 100% rating, but oh well, most of it is done and I'm content with it that way.

This user is a fan of Dissidia Final Fantasy.
106 This user has 106 / 151 accomplishments in Dissidia.

Dissidia Stats
Playtime 154:30 PP Catalog Completion 97%
Play Plan EXP! Battlegen Completion 75%
Bonus Day Sunday Accomplishments 69%
Ghost Character Kefka Shop Inventory 76%
Storyline Completion
Destiny Odyssey
93% 67% 70% 94% 95% 82% 94% 90% 85% 95%
Shade Impulse Distant Glory
I II III IV The Lady of Legend Redemption of the Warrior
95% 94% 76% 100% 86% 76%
Character Levels
Warrior of Light 77 Garland 50
Firion 14 The Emperor 2
Onion Knight 15 Cloud of Darkness 2
Cecil 81 Golbez 3
Bartz 62 Exdeath 2
Terra 78 Kefka 88
Cloud 100 Sephiroth 50
Squall 91 Ultimecia 19
Zidane 56 Kuja 2
Tidus 72 Jecht 62
Shantotto 2 Gabranth 2

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

Got it preordered in the Legacy Edition and am pretty excited for it. I mean, it has Gilgamesh, Lightning, Yuna, Prishe and Laguna! But, with my luck being as it is, it is once more the case that I get my game delayed... With a bit of luck it'll be here by Wednesday, 31 March. But only with luck, which I sadly seldom have...

Status: Waiting for it to arrive... >.>

Last update of this tab: 14:49, March 25, 2011 (UTC)

About Me[edit | edit source]

Well, this is it, this is my userpage. My name here is Sceada, or, more precise, MirrorshardSceada, and as you can probably see from the Infobox, I'm 21 years old and swiss. Yes, that's right, I come from Switzerland, more precise from Biel, one of the ten biggest cities in our land. I'm studying Computer Science at the time at the ETH in Zurich, being in my first year again, after failing my exams last August. I have now been around for a while, and, well, I have somewhat become a regular around here, that some people know, and actually have come to see as a sort of friend on here. I have no clue how it happened, but hell, I am glad it did =D I really like being here, and even though I do not contribute that much, I am still happy that the few things I did were even praised sometimes.

On a more personal note, you could easily say, that I am a sort of... well, how should I put it? An otaku? A freak? A nerd? A geek? Somehow probably all of that, and certainly also a lot more. I am seriously obsessed with certain anime/manga series, I am someone who can not stop gaming if he starts with a good game, and I like working on my PC. One of my biggest hobbies though, besides listening to music (sadly, I can't play any >.<), is writing. I really do enjoy it a great deal, whether it be a short story, or some prosa, or in the frame of a roleplay, which I do only seldom say no to. All in all, I am a rather strange guy, huh?

Oh, and another thing, which you might notice when you talk to me at some point: I am a huge romantic. I can't help it, but I just have a faible for it. A scene like the one in Spice and Wolf Season 2, where Lawrence finally tells Holo how he feels? You'll instantely find me sitting here, exclamating "KAWAIIIII~ x3". That's just the kind of guy I am. And I am happy to say, that I do since September 9 have a girlfriend. Even though she's living a whole 9 (sometimes up to 12 >.>) hour long train ride away from me... A though thing, but I'm positive, that we can make it through this :3

So well, that's it, that's the guy you know as MirrorshardSceada. This is me. =)

Oh, one more thing: If you want to know more about me, here you can read about me in a Troper's nutshell.

37 This user has been a member of the Final Fantasy Wiki since May 2, 2010.
Cactuar.gif This user spends WAY too much time here and really needs to get off the computer...after one more edit.
FF3NES-Griffon.gif This user is a WikiGryphon.
Special:Editcount/MirrorshardSceada/Sandbox So far, MirrorshardSceada/Sandbox has made [[Special:Editcount/MirrorshardSceada/Sandbox|Special:Editcount/MirrorshardSceada/Sandbox]] edits to this Wiki!
Userb enon.gif This user believes that an edit count doesn't necessarily reflect on the value of their contributions.
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User gemini.jpg This user is a Geminian.
http://i1188.photobucket.com/albums/z411/Sceada/schweiz-wappen_40px.png Grüezi!
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Blinded by Light.
Vivi.jpg "HAPPY B-DAY!" This is commemorate the day of your birth. Not your Birthday? Too Bad! It's your early present!

Anyway, I only give these out to people who desevre it, by doing stuff. Stuff like: Being Awesome, helping me out, etc... Take this, MirrorshardSceada, and post it on your wall! We only print a few of these a year, ya know?

PS-For da lyrics and other awesomeness...


-Made with love by Kupohunter, and his pal Gil

The A.J. two Chocobo Award!
The A.J. two Chocobo Award!

In the opinion of A.J. two, MirrorshardSceada is awesome, and has done something that that merits their recieving this award, whether it be something important to the wiki - or himself -, or just being a friend. In his eyes, this user deserve this award. So, anyways, Congratulations!
Leviathan: I feel I owe you a debt of gratitude
This award is to certify that MirrorshardSceada is a frequent voter in the Dragon's Den. Leviathan is pleased and hopes that you will continue to visit his domain frequently.
If you ever are in need of Leviathan or his l'Cie's help, you are more than welcome to summon him.
50px "Bliss is so fleeting..."
This cluttered eyesore is to certify that MirrorshardSceada has completed Jeppo's Challenge #11 with Zidane Tribal!

Despite head-butting one of the Italian players in the 2006 World Cup Final, Zidane now enjoys a peaceful retirement in the-- oh hold on, wrong person. Rewind!

After sticking his dagger into Kuja-- oh hold on, that might be misunderstood. Ah, forget it. Zidane is the master of everything. That's all that needs to be said.


Vivi Ornitier character.jpg "Yeeeeow! Look at all the Abilities!"
This cluttered eyesore is to certify that MirrorshardSceada has completed Jeppo's Challenge #11 with Vivi Orunitia!

As the most powerful, all-knowing mage around, every child around kept pestering their parents for a Black Mage doll, especially the ones that said "KILL!" after poking its belly. As a result, half the world's population went in flames. Oh, well. At least Vivi knows the Water spell to douse the blaze.


Eiko Carol character.jpg This cluttered eyesore is to certify that MirrorshardSceada has completed Jeppo's Challenge #11 with Eiko Carol!

Now you are probably wondering why there isn't the usual quote from Eiko at the top of this eyesore, slightly changed to reference that she knows all abilities that she is possibly learnt. This is because this is meant to award the user, and adding a word that was uttered from that six-year-old brat would be more of a punishment.

And it is definitely not because Jeppo can't think of a good quote to add for this! Nope. Absolutely not. Negative. Nosiree!


Freya Crescent character.jpg I thought rats were humble creatures, not all-powerful and jump over tall buildings!
This cluttered eyesore is to certify that MirrorshardSceada has completed Jeppo's Challenge #11 with Freya Crescent!

At the annual Festival of the Hunt, Freya entered and scored the highest tally of points ever recorded. She did so well, she killed all the monsters in Lindblum, then went on to kill all the monsters around the surrounding areas of the regency. She was later disqualified for taking a controlled substance.


Amarant Coral character.jpg "I hate kids."
This cluttered eyesore is to certify that MirrorshardSceada has completed Jeppo's Challenge #11 with Amarant Coral!

To celebrate the fact that he knows all the abilities he can possibly know, Amarant does... absolutely nothing. Other than giving the others the usual lecture about you should fight alone and everyone is out to get you. He should meet Squall sometime. Maybe in the Dissidia sequel.


Received: August 17, 2010

Chaos FF-PSP.png "Waaaa! I want my mummy!"
You are hereby permanently rewarded for beating Jeppo's Challenge #1. This is due to your persistent boss-slaying, despite your player's levels being stupendously low. Your disruptive Light Warriors will no longer be tolerated by Chaos (which is why he died). You may still view the other Jeppo's challenges, however, you may not beat them... well actually I made that last bit up. Of course you can attempt them! Thank you. Have a nice day.

Received: November 8, 2010

l'Cie[edit | edit source]

http://i759.photobucket.com/albums/xx238/SorcerorNobody/SorcerorlCiebrand.gif This user is a cursed l'Cie, bound into the
service of
Sorceror Nobody for eternity
Branded: August 26th, 2010 Eidolon: Tonberry
Role proficiencies:
Focus: Complete the wiki's first Final Fantasy Tactics A2 walkthrough

My Eidolon as a Sorceror l'Cie is Tonberry, the Karmic Retributor. Also, thanks to Bluestarultor, my little green friend does have his own page where you can find more information about him, and his Gestalt Mode as a digging machine.
You may wonder why I picked Tonberry as my Eidolon and not something like Shiva or Odin or another existing Eidolon. Well, truth be told, I took him exactly because he hasn't been an Eidolon so far. Okay, true, it was a GF in VIII, but to be honest, I didn't even know or remeber that at the time I picked the Tonberry. Also, I just consider the concept of their Karma attacks to be very cool as well as his style of fighting. Creepy stalker with a Kitchen Knife? Epic. Just epic.

  • August 26, 2010: Branded and given first Focus: Finishing all Crystaria Tables.
  • August 30, 2010: Focus being deemed complete, entering Crystal Stasis.
  • October 3, 2010: Revived from Stasis, and given a second Focus: Complete your Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 Walkthrough.
  • January 22, 2011: Specific detail of Focus altered slightly: Complete the wiki's first Final Fantasy Tactics A2 walkthrough.

Progress on current Focus:

FFTA2 Walkthrough Progress:
Quests covered: 25 out of 300

The Contest of Peons was a tournament held from late November until the middle of February by our master Sorceror Nobody. 32 l'Cie participated in it, and it featured a double-elimination modus, with one round every week. To be honest, I still don't know how it happened but I somehow made it to the 3rd place in a tie with Drake. I am still deeply honoured by this result and I would like to once more thank everyone who made it possible. Thank you guys!

FFTA2 WalkthroughProgress:
Quests covered: 25 out of 300

User Hub Template[edit | edit source]

Yes, following many other users, I feel it is time for a User-Hub template, so... I'm testing this out here before implementing it. MQMagicMirror.PNG

http://i1188.photobucket.com/albums/z411/Sceada/blackmage_mirrored.png MQMagicMirror.PNGThe Broken Mirror's Shards...MQMagicMirror.PNG http://i1188.photobucket.com/albums/z411/Sceada/blackmage.png
Userpage - Talkpage - Contributions
A l'Cie's Diary... - FFTA2 Walkthrough
Dissidia Character - Lindblum Tourism Office

Edit Statistic[edit | edit source]

Note: This users is slowly fighting his way back from back surgery

Due to having had another discushernia as well as a constricted spinal canal, I had to have back surgery on Thursday, the 20th of September and have since been recovering from it. I'll soon be back to work, even if only on reduced hours, and due to that, my free time will be more limited again.
Then again, it's not really like I did much around here in that time anyway. I did not really contribute anything usefull in quite some time...
Nontheless... this here, right now at 13:13, January 15, 2013 (UTC), is my 3000th Edit to the Wiki, and I am using it here, on my userpage, getting it a bit more up to date and all. And while they are probably not that impressive... I still want to share some stats about these 3000 edits:
Edits on Final Fantasy Wiki: 3000 (Total edits on wikia Wikis: 3280)
Edits to Main Space/Talk: 420/29
Edits to User Space/Talk: 1120/293
Edits to Final Fantasy Wiki Space/Talk: 164/5
File Space/Talk: 184/4
Template Space/Talk: 86/2
Forums/Walkthroughs: 632/61
That's just 14% (almost 15% if you count the talk pages) of work I've done on the Mainspace, and barely over 6% on the Files.
20%... certainly not much. Still, I consider myself part of this community, and am glad to still be here after 2 and a half years.
So now, let's get back to actual editing, shall we?

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