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About Me

Hello my name is Miphares, also sometimes known as Miki-san (ミキさん, Mikisan?) or Miki Miphares depending on where you find me, I have been a huge Final Fantasy series fan for the past 18 years, however I started the series with Final Fantasy IV when I was coincidentally 4 years old. I have been an avid editor of Final Fantasy wiki since my rejoining of the site in 2010.

I have been responsible for creating articles, providing information, and images for lesser known titles such as Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, Final Fantasy Dimensions, and Final Fantasy Dimensions II. Despite my little free time, I tend to try my best to aid the wiki.

My personal favorite activity on the wiki is aiding in Japanese translations and information for titles throughout the series, with my ultimate goal being able to provide the most accurate translations and interpretations to the original Japanese language versions as much as possible.

Basic info on myself: Female, Californian, university student, avid FFXI and FFXIV player, RPG Maker hobbyist, and cosplayer.


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