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Name Alexandra
A.K.A MidnightEchoChild
Job Class Black Mage/Summoner/White Mage
Hometown A land, far far away
Date of Birth September 27th, 1995
Age 15
Height 71 in (5' 11")
IQ over 120
Weapons Staff, Scythe
Summons Alexander, Ixion, Shiva, Zodiark, Eden, Odin,
Spells All White/Black/Summon spells, including Holy, Ultima, and Death, and Toad
Abilities Reflex, Piercing Magic, Break Damage Limit, Dualcast, Time Crush, Ignore All
Limit breaks Final Heaven, Great Gospel, Grand Summon

Me, Myself, and I[]

Hello people!!, My name is Alexandra(Or Alex if you prefer) Anyways, Welcome to my page, feel free to browse around....but no touching, or else i shall rain down a myriad of piercing black magicks upon you. I've been a fan of Final Fantasy since age 8,I own all of them and recently bought the reinstallments of Final Fantasies I-IV on the PSP, i just finished Final Fantasy XII at 100% about a day ago. GOOD TO SEE YOU ALL!!!!, KUUT POA VUN HUF (that means Good Bye for now)

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AB Drec ican ec y vmiahd cbaygan uv Al Bhed.
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