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  • Orison Cap

  • Cleric's Briault
    • Cleric's Briault +1 (Cleric's Braiult -1, Holy Leather, O.Bronzepiece x28)
      • Cleric's Briault +2 (Forgotten Memory x30)
    • Cleric's Briault +2 (Forgotten Memory x50)
      • Piety Briault (Rem 3 x10, Sparkling Stone, Malboro Fiber)
        • Piety Briault +1 (Rem 7 x8, Akvan's Pennon, Yggdreant Bole)

  • Healer's Mitts
    • Theophany Mitts (Rem 5 x10, Imp. Silk Cloth, Beetle Blood)
    • Healer's Mitts +1 (Benedict Silk, Benedict Yarn, Ether Leather, 20 Ancient Beastcoins)
      • Theophany Mitts (Rem 5 x5, Imp. Silk Cloth, Beetle Blood)
        • Theophany Mitts +1 (Rem 8 x8, Raxa, Beryllium Ingot)

  • Cleric's Mitts
    • Cleric's Mitts +1 (Cleric Mitts -1, Ether Leather, O.Bronzepiece x28)
      • Cleric's Mitts +2 (forgotten Touch x50)
    • Cleric's Mitts +2 (forgotten Touch x30)
      • Piety Duckbills (Rem 5 x10, Sparkling Stone, Oxblood)
        • Piety Mitts +1 (Rem 8 x8, Akvan's Pennon, Bztavian Stinger)

  • Orison Pantaloons (Bastion Prefect - Attohwa, 300 Resistance Credits)
    • Orison Pantaloons +1 (Orison Seal: Legs x8 - Trial 4178)
      • Orison Pantaloons +2 (Card of Balance x6 - Trial 4238)

  • Cleric's Duckbills
    • Cleric's Duckbills +1 (Cleric's Duckbills -1, Ether Holly, O.Bronzepiece x28)
      • Cleric's Duckbills +2 (Forgotten Steps x30)
    • Cleric's Duckbills +2 (Forgotten Steps x50)
      • Piety Duckbills (Rem 5 x10, Sparkling Stone, Oxblood)
        • Piety Duckbills +1 (Rem 10 x8, Akvan's Pennon, Rockfin Tooth)

FFXIII-2 Fragments Before Translation Project

FFXIII-2 Fragments Before Translation Project

The book: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments Before
Forum thread: FFXIII-2 Fragments Before Translation Project
Date started: June 13, 2013
Date completed: July 9, 2013


Chapter Pages Word Count Date Status
Chapter 2 - teacher & children (P36-87) 52/52 ~14,100 6/13-6/21 Complete
Chapter 3 - friend & foe (P90-136) 47/47 ~11,700 6/22-6/27 Complete
Chapter 4 - fair & soul (P138-191) 54/54 ~14,700 6/28-7/4 Complete
Chapter 5 - someday & somewhere (P194-220) 27/27 ~7,800 7/5-7/9 Complete
Total 180/180 ~48,300 6/13-7/9 Complete

View the entire translation on my blog:

Google Docs:
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

 mecorx (talk) - 00:37, Jul 10, 2013 Microchu ATB.png 

FFXIII-2 Fragments After Translation Project

FFXIII-2 Fragments After Translation Project

The book: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments After
Forum thread: FFXIII-2 Fragments After Translation Project
Date started: July 15, 2013
Date completed: May 13, 2014

Chapter Pages Word Count Date Status Notes
Ouvertura AF3 (P5-15) 11/11 ~1,500 7/15-7/16 Complete TL: mecorx
prayer & wish (P18-63) (0)46/46 - - Complete TL: Hakurou
Intermezzo AF200 (P64-70) (0)7/7 - - Complete TL: Hakurou
will & choice (P71-124) 54/54 ~13,600 10/14/13-2/10/14 Complete TL: mecorx
Intermezzo AF400 (P126-131) 6/6 ~800 7/16 Complete TL: mecorx
back & reverse (P133-178) 46/46 ~11,300 5/1-5/13 Complete TL: mecorx
Intermezzo AF500 (P180-187) 8/8 ~1,100 7/17 Complete TL: mecorx
memory & hope (P190-236) (41)47/47 ~10,500 7/18-10/14 Complete TL: Hakurou (P190-195)
mecorx (196-236)
Coda (P238-239) (0)2/2 - - Complete TL: Hakurou
Total (166)227/227 ~38,800 7/15/13-5/13/14 Complete

For the sake of completion, I've also uploaded Hakurou's translations with a few minor edits.
His translations are in grey.

View the entire translation on my blog:

Google Docs:
Ouvertura AF3
prayer & wish
Intermezzo AF200
will & choice
Intermezzo AF400
back & reverse
Intermezzo AF500
memory & hope

Last Updated:  mecorx (talk) - 12:28, May 13, 2014 Microchu ATB.png 

FFXIII-2: フラグメント / Fragments

Note: Fragment entries from Japanese and English versions. They are not direct translations.

フラグメントアイテム / Fragment Items

フラグメントアイテム / Fragment Items



Chaos Crystal

Item Info
A shard of twisted time, frozen in crystal. It is a key component in the paradox weapon, which is being developed in Academia of the 5th century AF.

This remarkable and extremely rare substance is formed by spacetime singularities, and is believed to be the seed substance that causes Time Gates to manifest.




Black Hole Gem

Item Info
A stone recovered from inside a faeryl. This substance was responsible for summoning up a tempest, sucking up huge numbers of monsters, and sending them flying to another spacetime.

Faeryl monsters like to swallow crystals that sit in their stomachs and ignite the flames they breathe from their mouths. This particular monster must have swallowed the fragment by mistake, thinking it another crystal.




White Hole Gem

Item Info
Countless flan are emerging from the gate in the Sunleth Waterscape and disrupting the balance of the ecosystem.

This fragment is the twin of the Black Hole Gem. It has the power to take monsters absorbed by a Black Hole Gem, generate a rift in spacetime, and disgorge those same monsters into a different era and place.




Entropy Board

Item Info
The Entropy Board allows you to activate a switch in Augusta Tower (200 AF).

Use the board to replace circuits crosswired across time periods and bypass the malfunction.




Falcon's Compass

Item Info
This compass was given to you by Falcon of Blitz Squadron, in the Vile Peaks, 200 AF.

A Security Regiment compass logs the actions of its possessor. By analyzing the data it holds, it is possible to deduce the identity of the previous owner.




Control Device Password 1

Item Info
This is one of the passwords needed to access the Atlas control device (100 AF, Bresha Ruins), which was locked by some unknown person.

Access to the control panel was lost when the researcher who held the passwords disappeared from the site. After that, the Academy changed its password management policy to avoid similar incidents in the future.




Control Device Password 2

Item Info
This is one of the passwords needed to access the Atlas control device (100 AF, Bresha Ruins), which was locked by some unknown person.

The encryption technology appears to use the paradox to enhance lockdown security. A virtual space exists inside the control device. Enclosed within is a temporal rife-to get the password, the puzzles in the rift have to be solved.




Paradox Scope

Item Info
The 'Paradox Scope' is a lens that shows the possibilities of different timelines. The bearer gains the ability to sense the crossroads of history.

The scope bends the rules of the universe and makes the impossible possible. As a result, you may find yourself able to do things such as defeat unbeatable foes, and experience a future that should have never come to pass.

モンスターの種子 / Monster Bits

モンスターの種子 / Monster Bits



Gogmagog Fragment Alpha

Best of the Bestiary
Gogmagog is a giant of the Void Beyond. Banished from this world for violating the laws of time, the beast forever wanders the Void in search of escape.

Many enchantments were needed to contain its immense power. The charms and magic seals that cover the beast are mute testament to the courage of those who banished it.




Gogmagog Fragment Beta

Best of the Bestiary
Ancient documents provide scant information about the true nature of Gogmagog. Researchers believe that there may be two Gogmagogs, and that the name refers to the species, not the individual.

Others believe that Gogmagog is a fal'Cie who was punished for trying to travel the timeline. This may well be the most compelling explanation for the beast's immense power.




Gogmagog Fragment Gamma

Best of the Bestiary
The legends are not clear on the reason why Gogmagog searches for an escape from the Void Beyond. Some say that what he truly seeks is oblivion. Should he find a way out and be reunited with his lost half, only then will he find release.

A certain passage in the legend reads thusly: 'Gogmagog once believed he had found his missing half within the Void Beyond-it was, however, but a shadow of his past self, searching endlessly through the mists of time.'




Atlas Fragment

Best of the Bestiary
Atlas is a giant war machine that was excavated from the Bresha Ruins. The technology appears to be of human origin, rather than fal'Cie. This suggests that it is a relic from a future civilization.

The machine can be operated through its crystal-controlled AI and sensory perception apparatus. Academy scientists hypothesize that the machine was built to combat large-scale fal'Cie, but stress that their research is still in the early stages.




Aloeidai Fragment

Best of the Bestiary
Aloeidai is the mortal enemy of the giant Gogmagog. The legends say that in order to exact revenge against Gogmagog, who had caused him to be banished from his homeland, Aloeidai cursed Gogmagog to wander forever in the rifts between eras.

Aloeidai loathes all things that live in this world, and when he is defeated, he twists the surrounding spacetime in an effort to take his enemies with him into death.





Best of the Bestiary
Mutantomatoes are flan mutations that arose suddenly in Cocoon's Sunleth Waterscape nature preserve. Researchers believe that the creatures feed on the crystal latticework that runs through the interior of Cocoon and helps support it in the sky.




Proto Fal'Cie Adam Fragment

Best of the Bestiary
The Proto fal'Cie known as Adam was built by humans. Some of the memory modules of the fal'Cie Eden, which once controlled Cocoon, were transplanted to the artificial fal'Cie.

In 400 AF, the automated Academia defense networks began to attack the population they were tasked with protecting. However, the time traveler Serah Farron was able to eradicate the malfunctioning systems. At least, according to certain records of unknown providence.




Zenobia Fragment

Best of the Bestiary
Zenobia is one of the fearsome group of Cie'th known as the 'Undying.' After descending upon the Haerii Archaeopolis and wreaking untold havoc, she disappeared from the pages of history.

In 400 AF, Zenobia was summoned through a crack in spacetime by the Proto fal'Cie Adam, and became the harbinger of death for the seeress Yeul. It is said this moment was 'seen' and recorded within an Oracle Drive.




Amethyst and Luvulite Fragment

Best of the Bestiary
Pacos Amethyst and Pacos Luvulite are crystalspawn born in the chaos of Valhalla.

Amethyst was once a pure chuck of ice floating on the seas of entropy, while Luvulite was a pool of molten magma that erupted from the unstable ground. Once both had matured to a certain size, they took on the apparent shape and cunning of beasts.




Miniflan Fragment

Best of the Bestiary
The self-styled miniflan musketeers are a gang of five kinds of flan who somehow acquired self-awareness. The group consists of cool Blue, emo Black, lady Pink, mischievous Yellow, and their hot-blooded leader, Red.

Red is a regular miniflan. As for the others, it is not clear if they will turn the same color as they age. In any case, scientists are praying that they won't grow any bigger.




Goblin Fragment

Best of the Bestiary
The goblins that inhabit the Archylte Steppe of Pulse are highly intelligent carnivores who lay traps for their prey and hunt in packs. For this reason, they are a direct threat to the hunters who also live off the plains.

Climate change can cause a decline in prey and force the goblins to wander closer to human settlements in search of food. They love a good fight and like to pounce on unwary humans. We recommend staying in large groups when traversing goblin-infested lands.




Ghast Fragment

Best of the Bestiary
The Cie'th, including monsters such as the Ghast, are created by fal'Cie from living humans. When people who have been made l'Cie are unable to fulfill their Focus, they are transformed into Cie'th. Places where fal'Cie were once active are often infested with large numbers of wandering Cie'th.




Kalavinka Fragment

Best of the Bestiary
The Kalavinka Striker is a bioweapon that was deployed by the elite PSICOM forces of the defunct Sanctum government of Cocoon. It was believed these weapons were all lost in the catastrophe, but at least one apparently fell into the Void Beyond.




Fragment of Invincibility

Best of the Bestiary
The War of Transgression that pitted Cocoon against Pulse took place 700 years before the catastrophe. The common wisdom on Cocoon is that the war was sparked by a Pulse invasion; however, Pulse records claim that the culprit was a 'demon from Cocoon.' Historians remain divided to this day.

The people of Pulse had always feared invasion from the sky, and made preparations accordingly. These included 'immortals,' war machines of immense strength and durability that were able to fight fal'Cie even when half-destroyed. The ancient weapons where designed for a defensive war on the ground, not offensive airborne assaults. Some historians claim that this proves it was Cocoon that instigated the war.




Ugallu Fragment

Best of the Bestiary
The monster Ugallu once descended upon ancient Paddra. Many a l'Cie and mighty warrior faced the beast, but none were able to subjugate it. Only the seeress Paddra Nsu-Yeul of the Farseers knew the true extent of the menace it posed.

Ugallu was a monster from the seeress's future. Its very existence in her time was a contradiction, an impossibility. If it was not destroyed, the tear in spacetime would grow until it consumed the entire nation. So the seeress made the fateful decision to break her own vows and seal the beast within the Void Beyond.




Ochu Fragment

Best of the Bestiary
Ochus are wild plant-monsters that live on Gran Pulse. Variants include the small microchu and its close cousin the neochu, as well as the rapidly mutating chaochu.

Because the ochu and its relatives inhabit similar environments, they are fierce rivals for food and resources. On Pulse, evolution acts on populations remarkably quickly; new varieties and species emerge in a matter of years. That said, however, the ochu and neochu have been in competition for much longer.




Gorgyra Fragment

Best of the Bestiary
There was once a female warrior of Paddra, bound to serve the goddess, who was tricked by an enemy and almost caused the seeress to be killed. Now, the seeress loved the warrior like a sister, and she forgave the mistake. But the warrior did not, and as penance she asked a fal'Cie to turn her into a Cie'th.

When the warrior finished her prayer to the fal'Cie, an ominous voice rang through her head. 'I have heard your plea. You shall lose your five senses, be plunged into black flames, and wander the eternal darkness. Your words shall be a song of agony; your screams a curse of death. And thus shall you remain, until a merciful one destroys your soul and frees you from your torment.'




Long Gui Fragment

Best of the Bestiary
The long gui is one of the largest monsters on Pulse. All members of the oretoise family have long life spans, and some researchers believe that long guis are actually shaolong guis that have survived even longer than normal. Others assert that they constitute a distinct species.

Evidence exists to support both sides of the argument, but as the creatures live for centuries, generations must pass before a consensus is reached.





Yomi Fragment

Best of the Bestiary
The Archylte Steppe becomes a very different place when thunder rolls across the heavens, for it heralds the coming of Yomi, one of the host of the Undying that is also known as the Wings of Death.

Why does it only appear with the lightning? The answer lies in its former life. Yomi was once a great hero, driven to prove that he was the most powerful warrior of his age, but he was struck down by lightning on the steppe before he could complete his quest.

Now he wanders the very same steppe where his life was so suddenly cut short. Amidst the crashing thunder and howling wind, no one hears his tormented screams.




Twilight Fragment Alpha

Best of the Bestiary
The malevolent Twilight Odin is the 'dark shadow' that enveloped the Blitz Squadron in the Vile Peaks, 10 AF.

This entity exists outside time and can manifest in several eras at once. The source of its power, however, is but a single fragment, and the loss of this crystallized memory would weaken the shadowy being across every age.




Twilight Fragment Beta

Best of the Bestiary
The creature known as 'Twilight Odin' appears as a shadowy twin of the original Eidolon. In truth, it is a formless being of chaos that seeped into the mortal world from the Unseen Realm. This malignant force used a crystallized memory found in the Vile Peaks as a mold, and assumed the form of Odin.

The memory belongs to a certain l'Cie who saved Cocoon. It was in the Vile Peaks that she first faced and overcame the equine Eidolon warrior.

アカデミーの報酬 / Academic Rewards

アカデミーの報酬 / Academic Rewards


アカデミー最高顧問 ホープ・エストハイム

Academic Rank: Monster Professor

Academic Rank: Monster Professor
You have investigate and created detailed reports on every known monstrous life-form. In recognition of your contribution to the Academy's Weapon Development Department, I hereby confer upon you the honorary title of Monster Professor.

Academy Lead Advisor, Hope Estheim



アカデミー第一代表 テラフ・レーラント

Academic Rank: Paradox Professor

Academic Rank: Paradox Professor
You have recorded topographical data and provided complete and detailed maps for every notable paradox location. For your contribution to the Academy's paradox research, I hereby confer upon you the honorary title of Paradox Professor.

Academy Representative Telaf Raeland




Idea Circuit

The A.Z. Files
I got a message the other day, and when I saw who it was from, well golly, I nearly keeled over in surprise. It was from Hope Estheim himself! I remember when Elida used to be classmates with him in middle school. It's hard to forget the names of the people who were involved in the catastrophe.

Anyway, he said he was really interested in my report about the gates, and wanted to know if I'd be willing in joining his team. Team Alpha. Wow. With them, I'd have all the resources I need to continue my research.




Enigma Codex

The A.Z. Files
We're learning more and more about the properties of spacetime. We know that when the future is altered, the past is reorganized to maintain the logic of the timeline. Even people's memories are overwritten with the new reality. And we also know that multiple possibilities do not co-exist.

In the end, one timeline is chosen, and that becomes the true history.

I wonder what happens to the other possibilities, the ones that aren't chosen. And in which of the those worlds will I end up?




Difference Engine

The A.Z. Files
I still don't know if it was me or my friend who died that day. No matter how many times I check that gravestone, the doubts remain.

Timelines that are not chosen eventually disappear. Other possibilities only exist for as long as spacetime is broken. When the paradoxes are resolved, and the true timeline restored, will it be like the man in my dreams says it will? Will I disappear forever, gone even from the memories of the people who remain?




Travel Guide: New Bodhum

Area Information
New Bodhum is a seaside village located some distance from Cocoon's pillar. Most of the residents are refugees from the former Cocoon town, Bodhum.

The residents are trying to recreate the fireworks festival for which old Bodhum became famous. If they succeed, the town is sure to become a major tourist destination.

From the Editor's Desk:
Be sure to drop by NORA House, a peaceful cafe right on the beach that serves up a fatally delicious dish of deadly whitefish. When we asked the very attractive chef what exactly was in it, she told us 'It's better that you don't know!'




Travel Guide: Bresha Ruins

Area Information
The Bresha Ruins are the remains of an ancient city that once stood on the shores of Lake Bresha, one of the eeriest sights on Cocoon. During the events of the Purge that immediately preceded the fall of Cocoon, a Pulse fal'Cie turned the waters of the lake into crystal.

From the Editor's Desk:
Even burning flames became crystallized, creating spectacularly evocative and unusual landscapes. However, because the waters of the lake are now frozen solid, the famous fish restaurants that once dotted the shore are sadly no more.




Travel Guide: Yaschas Massif

Area Information
The Yaschas Massif, in Pulse's southern reaches, is home to the ancient ruins of Paddra. Paddra was the only advanced civilization of ancient Gran Pulse, but after the War of Transgression between Pulse and Cocoon, it began a long decline that ended in its complete disappearance.

From the Editor's Desk:
The tough, mountainous terrain is a popular draw for mountaineers and other outdoor types. We recommend visiting Paddra, awe-inspiring even in ruins. Also worth a hike is the viewing platform next to the dormant fal'Cie.




Travel Guide: Oerba

Area Information
Oerba is an abandoned village located in the northern reaches of Pulse. The sand that covers the ground is powdered crystal that fell during the War of Transgression.

In recent times, large numbers of Cie'th have been seen in the area. Presumably, they were created from living humans to serve some mysterious fal'Cie purpose. Cie'th are former l'Cie who failed to complete their Focus.

From the Editor's Desk:
Oerba is a designated Special Protected Zone, so visitors are not allowed. However, you might get permission from the Academy for an airship flyover.




Travel Guide: Sunleth Waterscape

Area Information
The Sunleth Waterscape is a nature preserve located inside Cocoon. After the catastrophe, the various fal'Cie that controlled the weather became dormant and the light of the fal'Cie Phoenix, which once served as Cocoon's sun, dimmed considerably.

For these reasons, the native biosystem has broken down and the site is now a haven for monsters.

From the Editor's Desk:Jars of concentrated miniflan mucus are sold exclusively at the local Academy branch office. Known as Firaga for the Tongue, the spice is wildly popular with chefs who need to give their dishes an extra dash of hellish heat.




Travel Guide: Academia

Area Information
Academia is the capital city of the settlements that have sprung up around the base of the Cocoon pillar.

In the east is the merchant's area, with Grand Avenue running down the middle, and in the west is the residential district called New Town. To the north stands the headquarters of the Academy organization, a popular sightseeing spot for visitors and locals alike.

From the Editor's Desk:
After a full day of shopping, we recommend heading to the Academy HQ building and checking out the night views from the restaurant on the top floor. The restaurant is run directly by the Academy, and it serves up dishes that tickle the intellect as well as the palate.




Travel Guide: Augusta Tower

Area Information
Augusta Tower is the giant electronic brain of Academia. The AI mind that occupies the tower stores precious data and records from centuries ago that cannot be found anywhere else. Apparently, there are freelance data miners who do nothing but search the archives for new information discoveries.

From the Editor's Desk:
When the tower was first built, a number of galas and parties were held featuring the tower mascots, Augy and Towpy. When the tower was closed to the public the mascots were discarded, to the dismay of small children everywhere.




Travel Guide: Vile Peaks

Area Information
Located in Cocoon, Vile Peaks is a massive dumping ground of waste and refuse. When the fal'Cie built Cocoon, and during later modifications, large quantities of material were lifted up from the surface of Gran Pulse.

The unused surplus was discarded here, and now it is infested with roaming war machines of ancient Pulse.

From the Editor's Desk: Forget about sightseeing. Not even the military is allowed full access That said, there are a few brave collectors of retro war weapons and relics who sneak in here to scavenge for parts...




Travel Guide: Archylte Steppe

Area Information
The Archylte Steppe is a broad plain located in a remote corner of Pulse. The few explorers who reach the steppe return with reports of a tribe of fiercely independent nomadic hunters who have lived off the land here for centuries, cut off from the rest of human civilization.

The actual location has not been made public, but tourists with a bent for adventure might consider renting an airship and putting together their own expedition.

From the Editor's Desk:
Some believe that the hunters are descendents of the original inhabitants of Pulse, while others claim they are a lost tribe of Cocoon. If you could get close enough to win their trust, they might tell you their story.




Travel Guide: A Dying World

Area Information
One of the prophecies recorded on the Oracle Drive excavated from the ruins shows a mysterious place called the Dying World. It appears to be inhabited by descendants of the ancient Paddra Farseers, as well as refugees from Cocoon. Scientists believe that this world is our distant future.

From the Editor's Desk:
Frankly, we're not sure if anyone would actually want to visit the place. But "We'll take you to the ends of the earth!" is our motto, so we've sent our crack intern researcher to check it out. We'll let you know the moment we hear from him again.

モーグリのうんちく / Great Mog Wisdom

モーグリのうんちく / Great Mog Wisdom



Delicate Crystal

The Wisdom of Moogles
A time labyrinth is a work-in-progress space that its creator couldn't be bothered to finish because of a paradox, kupo. We can transform it into what it should be by resolving the paradox, kupo!

I'll bet the creator was lazy and irresponsible, kupo! What? That sounds like me? N-no, it doesn't, kupo!




Time's Stardust

Mog Confidential
Ever wondered how moogles fly so fine in the sky? It's all thanks to our magic bobbles, kupo! They're made of crystal, kupo, and they conjure up an anti-gravity field that never lets us down.

Our little wings are just for show, so people won't get jealous of our brilliant bobbles. Hehe. Now you know something no one else does, kupo!





Time's Shell

Mog Confidential
Tick-tock, the moogle clock runs on clockwork, kupo. If I forget to wind it up, it'll stop dead and we'll be in untimely trouble!

...And you want to know something really super secret? My moogle body is actually a puppet, and the real me is inside the clock!

I am totally, absolutely telling the truth. Kind of.




Time's Corral

Mog Confidential
I have to do everything that Lightning tells me, kupo. Everything! In Valhalla, the losers obey the winners. It's the law, kupo.

Where did I fight Lightning, you ask? In Valhalla, of course! It was an exciting duel. She threw down scissors three times in a row, kupo! I wasn't expecting that. Maybe I should have picked swords after all, kupo...




Spinning Moonstone

Mog Trivia
Fragments are little nuggets of information like frozen shards of time. You just have to touch them to fill your head with what's inside, kupo.

You see, they are made of the same crystal that's inside the Oracle Drive. That's how they hold memories and stories and so much more.




Sparkling Runestone

Mog Trivia
Snow is a stray cat that Yuj found, kupo! Gadot was just joking when he said they should call her Snow, but the name stuck and that was that.

But in fact, everyone in the town has their own name for her, such as Esmeralda and Mewmew. It's one thing to call a girl cat 'Snow,' but when you give her a dog name like Spot, that's just wrong, kupo!




Astonishing Limestone

Mog Trivia
The survival knife was a birthday present from Snow and Serah to Lightning, kupo. Serah treasures that knife because it reminds her of Lightning, but Gadot took it, polished it, and then left it lying on the beach.

It was a good thing I found it, kupo. But why did Gadot clean it, then leave it out to get rusty in the salt air? It makes no sense.




Trilling Milestone

Mog Trivia
When Snow proposed to Serah, he gave her a very special necklace, kupo. It's shaped like the planet Cocoon, and it symbolizes how Snow and Serah will be together forever—just like Pulse and Cocoon, kupo!

That was the idea, anyway. But the marriage is on hold until they find Lightning again.




Lovely Starstone

Mog Trivia
The NORA Special is a dish served up tasty hot at the NORA House in New Bodhum. The cook is Lebreau, the best chef on all of Pulse, kupo!

The menu changes every day, kupo. But whatever it is, Lebreau uses only the freshest veggies from the garden and fish from the ocean—it's a surf 'n' turf treat.




Bubbly Stone

Mog Trivia
Guess what? Gadot designed and built most of the buildings in New Bodhum, kupo. They're not exactly fine art, but they're tough and built to last, just like the architect. Not to mention, they're comfy like an old sofa, kupo.

It's just the same as people. When it comes to homes, it's what's inside that counts.




Scorching Firestone

Mog Trivia
When he used to live on Cocoon, Maqui sold all kinds of weird gadgets at a place called Lenora's Garage, kupo. These days, there are a lot of researchers over at the Academy who are getting good use out of his skeleton key set.

He was trying to keep his little side business confidential, but Lebreau soon twigged what he was up to. She's got a nose for profits, that's for sure, kupo!




Dewy Bloodstone

Mog Trivia
When the folk of New Bodhum have a gripe or need advice, they always turn to Yuj. Gadot's too scary, Lebreau's too busy, and Maqui's too wacky.

If Snow doesn't get back soon, he might find he's out of a job. It's hard staying king of the hill, kupo!





Mossy Rosetta Stone

Mog Trivia
There used to be this hit vidshow called 'The Katzroy Files,' kupo.

The lead character was an unlucky detective who kept a Chocobo Chick in his hair. He wasn't much of a detective, but he was honest and always looked after his family. He was very popular, kupo.

Apparently, he was based on a real person. I wonder if it's anyone I know, kupo.




Bittersweet Chiffon

Cuddly Chronicles
Mog has been alone ever since he can remember. One day, a chocobo chick fell into the Void Beyond and asked him a question. 'Say, are you a Mog who's a moogle? Or are you a moogle who's also a Mog?'

Mog replied, 'I'm a moogle, of course, and my name is Mog! And what a strange question from a chocobo chick with no name!' When she heard that, the chocobo chick fluttered her wings angrily, and said, 'I DO have a name, I do!' It was an encounter that stayed with Mog for a long time. Even now, he sometimes thinks back to that day, and wonders what happened to that little chocobo chick...




Tremulous Muffin

Cuddly Chronicles
Poor Mog had never met anyone of his own kind. One day, a group of quivering flan were whisked into the Void Beyond. 'Look at him, he's all round and white! He can join us! Then we'll be six!' 'Welcome to the miniflan musketeers—all for one, and one for all!' And so, just like that, Mog was a flan.

One of the flan said, 'We flew here from the forest of Sunleth! Come fly back with us! 'But you didn't fly here, you were just carried into the Void Beyond,' objected Mog.

Befuddled, the flan looked at each other...and then suddenly, all five of them were sucked into another gate!




Beloved Cinnamon

Cuddly Chronicles
You know how Mog can turn himself into a weapon? Well, one day, in the Void Beyond, he met a monster much like himself. It was a flying weapon called a Centaurion Blade. It told Mog that these days, it wasn't fighting many battles.

'Are you a summoned weapon, Mog? Can you turn into a sword?' Mog replied, 'Of course I can, kupo!' And just like that, he turned himself into a handsome sword. Now, when Mog is a weapon, he can't move on his own. If he did, he'd just get in the way of whoever was trying to use him. When he explained this, the Centaurion Blade shook his pommel sadly. 'You are not one of my kind,' he said, and then disappeared. 'What a rude sword, kupo!' said Mog, and he stayed cross for a long time after.




Selfish Pancake

Cuddly Chronicles
Mog had no idea if he was a monster, or an Eidolon, or just a simple monster. But one think he knew for sure, he wasn't a stuffed toy! After all, he told himself, how many stuffed toys can fly?

One day, Mog got sucked into a weird and scary corner of the Void Beyond where he met a giant monster called Adam. 'Are you a fal'Cie?' asked Adam. 'Are moogles my brethren?' 'No, moogles are moogles!' Mog replied proudly. Then Adam said, 'I have no use for stuffed toys,' and disappeared before Mog had a chance to reply. 'Watch your manners, kupo!' shouted Mog after him, but Adam was gone, never to be seen again.




Farewell Madeleine

Cuddly Chronicles
One day, Mog heard rumors about another creature that looked just like him. So he set off through the Historia Crux to find the monster people called an imp. For sure, the imp and little flapping wings, just like Mog, and it could even hover in the air. But the more Mog looked, the less moogly the creature appeared.

'Are you a kind of imp?' asked the monster. 'Er, no, my eyes don't stick out nearly as much as your,' replied Mog. Well, this made the imp madder than anything, and he called his ahriman friend and chased Mog all over the Crux. No matter how much Mog protested that he meant it as a compliment, the imp would not forgive him.




Teatime Mont Blanc

Cuddly Chronicles
Mog could never remember how he ended up in Valhalla. The first monster he met was mighty Odin, towering over him. 'There is only one law in Valhalla,' intoned Odin. 'The weak must obey the strong.' Then, suddenly, he attacked!

'Seems like a silly law to me,' said Mog, 'but if that's the way it has to be...kupo!' With that, he launched himself gallantly at his giant foe, only to be swatted down in an instant. 'Well, I guess I lost, and that makes you the boss. What do you want me to do, kupo?' But Odin just glared down at him, and said, 'Bah! I have no use for one as weak as you.' Mog learned a valuable lesson—sometimes, words can hurt more than enormous boss monsters...





Dishonest Mille-feuille

Cuddly Chronicles
Valhalla is a world where only the strongest survive. Those who are born weak must hone their strength and skills in battle against more powerful foes. Mog heard that one of the strongest monsters around was the Knight Valfodr, so he decided to issue a challenge.

Valfodr was not the kind of monster to show mercy, even when battling the puniest of foes. Despite his total, crushing defeat, Mog was pleased with the outcome. Now, he thought, he was ready to serve the mighty.

But instead, Valfodr rejected him, saying, 'I have no use for one so weak.' Still, he left Mog alive and without a scratch. Maybe Valfodr wasn't so bad, after all?




Pink Parfait

Cuddly Chronicles
Lightning first found Mog lying on the shores of chaos, in the heart of Valhalla. Mog was trying to live down his title as the Weakest Monster of the Void, so he challenged Lightning to a duel, which he promptly lost.

Mog assumed that Lightning would treat him like all the other victorious foes, and leave him where he lay. But instead, she said, 'Come. Get up, Mog.' He couldn't believe his moogle ears! 'You want me to follow you?'

'That's the rule, right? You lost, and now you have to do my bidding.' After that, Mog vowed he would serve Lightning for the rest of his life, no matter what, kupo.

バウンティハンターの褒賞 / Bounty Hunter's Prize

バウンティハンターの褒賞 / Bounty Hunter's Prize



魔物13頭 軽傷者6 重傷者0

Ruthenium Ring

Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
Look, I'm gonna spell it out for you, nice and clear. The Bresha Ruins are suffering from a serious monster problem. There's a big reward for anyone who can shut down the infestation once and for all, but in the meantime, the government's handing out bounties for single monsters.

We've got no choice if we wanna keep Cocoon safe for humans.

The government has assigned us agents the task of handing out the bounty to registered mercs. We used to demand the head of every monster as evidence, but some heads are pretty hard to collect-from bombs, say. So now it's all automated and recorded direct to the kill count.

Today's Kill Count:
13 monsters confirmed dead
6 hunters injured, none seriously




魔物17頭 軽傷者2 重傷者1

Rhodium Ring

Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
The mercs around here love their gold, yes they do. And silver, and gems, and whatever else they can turn into cash. Back in the old days, we used debit cards; almost no one carried hard currency.

But when the paradox screwed up the entire system and no one could prove how much they owned, well... That was the nail in the coffin for virtual money!

We'd always had a black market currency, under the authorities' radar—you know how people don't like paying taxes. Anyway, it was simple enough to switch over to that. And now even the government uses it. So metals are king again, and everyone loves their gold.

Today's Kill Count:
17 monsters confirmed dead
3 hunters injured, 1 seriously




魔物3頭 軽傷者14 重傷者6

Palladium Ring

Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
Monsters were too hot to handle today. Lots of casualties. Score one for the monster army, I guess. We gotta get more hunters on the job, or we're gonna be in a world of trouble.

What's that? Why don't we leave the monsters alone, you say? Nah, wouldn't work. The government tried abandoning these ruins once, years ago. Oh, man, that was a disaster, let me tell you!

The monsters kept comin' and comin'. They poured out of the ruins, out of the Hanging Edge, and started appearing in our cities. If we'd let things go on, Cocoon would have turned into one giant monster nest. So we introduced a bounty system and started to drive them back, bit by bit.

Today's Kill Count:
3 monsters confirmed dead
20 hunters injured, 6 seriously




魔物26頭 軽傷者7 重傷者3

Osmium Ring

Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
Monster extermination operations in the Bresha Ruins are being assigned to mercs by government agents. The Academy has adopted a total hands-off policy. Hmph. I guess this is all the government is good for now. We sit around and hire other people to do the dirty work for us.

The Academy scientists are sucking up all the resources for that big project of theirs, and the government gets the crumbs. Still, if the gate research is completed and the monster infestation problem isn't solved, the Academy'll find it harder to steal our funding.

Today's Kill Count:
26 monsters confirmed dead
10 hunters injured, 3 seriously




魔物15頭 軽傷者10 重傷者0

Iridium Ring

Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
The government sent me to one of the branch offices, so I have no idea what happened in the ruins, which means no report today.

...Although, I could tell you about my trip, I guess. I went to the old commercial city of Palumpolum, and I couldn't believe how many people are still living there. I guess it's not surprising. The city was barely touched in the catastrophe, and the provisional government was located there for a while. The residents have even kept the old name. Guess they like it.

Today's Kill Count:
15 monsters confirmed dead
10 hunters injured, none seriously




魔物36頭 死者2 重傷者35

Platinum Ring

Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
We had our first fatalities today. They were fools who ignored orders, but still—you don't like to see it happen on your watch. We'll raise a toast to them tonight.

It's getting hard to keep up with the kill count. The mercs are expanding the area of operations throughout the ruins. The improvements in the AMP tech are amazing, but we're still trying to figure out how to deploy the weapons effectively in the field. Lots of confusion, lots of mistakes, which means more work for me.

Today's Kill Count:
36 monsters confirmed dead
2 hunters killed, 35 hunters seriously injured




魔物27頭 軽傷者4 重傷者1

Mythril Ring

Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the kind of monsters that come out of the paradox. We get wild beasts, ancient Pulse weapons, everything. Even military security bots attacking civilians. I wish I knew how they get up here into Cocoon.

A lot of stuff that comes out, we have no idea what era it comes from. We get advanced bioweapons from the future, extinct monsters, creatures from what must be some other dimension. According to the eggheads, it's the gate that does it, pulling in beasts from all over the timeline.

Today's Kill Count:
27 monsters confirmed dead
5 injured, 1 seriously




魔物33頭 軽傷者12 重傷者5

Adamantite Ring

Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
We've got some interesting news to report. It's about the mystery device that was unearthed in the Bresha Ruins in 5 AF. I'm talking about the control device for Atlas. Turns out the technology in this thing is a lot more advanced than in the giant itself.

We could actually build Atlas today, with our current know-how. The problem is, the engineers haven't been able to figure out how the device works, and we'd have no way to control the giant.

The controller appears to read human thoughts and transform them into physical action by some kind of... telepathy. No one knows who built it, or how. It's like an object from another world. A real paradox.

Today's Kill Count:
33 monsters confirmed dead
17 hunters injured, 5 seriously

紅玉の追想 / Crimson Memories

紅玉の追想 / Crimson Memories



Waltraute's Flower

Message of the Orbs
The crimson orbs hold the memories and remorse of people who were taken from this world through tears in the fabric of time. The spheres hover silently above the ground until someone draws near whose heart is sensitive enough to hear their message.

The crimson orbs are born as a rite of penance, sealed in time. The stronger the remorse, the greater the price that must be paid before the burden can be lifted.




Gerhilde's Blossom

Message of the Orbs
Eidolons are beasts that dwell in Valhalla. L'Cie chosen by Etro are pitted against Eidolons in a trial by combat. Those who emerge triumphant receive a crystal called 'eidolith,' which they may use to summon the beast to fight at their side.

The weak must obey the strong. This is the inviolable law of Valhalla. Like any other denizen of the Unseen Realm, Eidolons are bound to answer every call of their master.




Ortlinde's Bloom

Message of the Orbs
In the city of Paddra sits a fal'Cie, sent there by the mighty god Pulse. The fal'Cie channels the visions of the Farseer seeress and records what she sees on the Oracle Drive.

The people of Paddra pay homage to the fal'Cie and worship Pulse who stands above. Devotedly, they bow their heads to the fal'Cie and the prophecies; fearfully, they kneel before Etro, the goddess of death whom the seeress serves.




Schwertleite's Flower

Message of the Orbs
In ancient times there was a mighty spell that could summon meteorites and cast them upon the heads of foes. The meteorites had crystalline cores, grown abnormally large in another spacetime.

The attributes of the meteorite would differ depending on the nature of its core crystal. Some meteorites even held within them rare, otherworldly crystals knows as 'artefacts,' which in special circumstances might be used to open portals to other places—and other times.




Helmwige's Nightshade

Message of the Orbs
Caius, the peerless hero celebrated in Paddra legend, was a Guardian, appointed to serve and protect the seeress. The sagas sung of his countless victories, of foes vanquished in the thousands. He was called 'Caius of the Ballads,' but despite his renown, none knew his true origin.

He took the name 'Ballad' because of the one battle that nearly killed him.

The foe was a fellow warrior of the Farseers. Overwhelmed by the strength and skill of his opponent, Caius was driven back and back, until it was only a matter of time before the final blow would fall. But their duel was interrupted by an enemy attack, and during the ensuing battle Caius's opponent gave his life defending the seeress. Caius believed that it was he who should have fallen in her defense. Thus, to honor the fallen warrior, he took his name.




Siegrune's Spiritbloom

Message of the Orbs
The most famous of the prophecies left by the seeress Paddra Nsu-Yeul concerns the descent of the monster Ragnarok in the great battle for Cocoon.

Long before this came to pass, the seeress named the two 'sisters' who would summon the beast. 'They shall come from the far north, and the black-haired one shall be of the family Yun, and the red-haired one of the family Dia.' The truth of the prophecy was later confirmed by the priests of Oerba.




Rossweisse Skyblossom

Message of the Orbs
At the height of Paddra civilization, the seeress Paddra Nsu-Yeul of the Farseers prophesized its destruction. In one of history's great ironies, the prophecy itself ignited the civil war that destroyed the nation.

The seeress realized that her very words had the power to change history and the future, and so, with her Guardian Caius and a few select escorts, she left the city for the wilderness.

She covered her face with a veil, cast off the crown that made her ruler of Paddra, and became simply Yeul the Seeress. Soon after that, she and her small band of followers disappeared from the pages of history.




Book of Avalon

Words of the Seeress
Hark, and hear the secret words of the Farseers.

Only those blessed with chaos by the goddess may travel the portals of time. Even the fal'Cie, with all their great power, could not enchant the blessed and make them turn against the goddess. The goddess's protection is nearly absolute.




Book of Shambala

Words of the Seeress
Hark, and hear the true words of the Farseers.

On the day that the power of the l'Cie shook Cocoon from the sky, the goddess took pity on the people, forgave them their sins, and reached out a hand of salvation. In that instant, two sisters were touched by Valhalla's might, and chaos was settled deep in their hearts.

The symbol of Valhalla that shines on their garb is proof of their status.




Book of Valhalla

Words of the Seeress
Hark, and hear the sacred words of the Farseers.

The weak must obey the strong. This is the inviolable law of Valhalla. Each monster that falls in battle becomes the servant of the victor. For those whose hearts brim full with chaos, the power to bend monsters to their will extends beyond the borders of the Unseen Realm.

ブリッツ隊の栄光 / The Honor of Blitz Squad

ブリッツ隊の栄光 / The Honor of Blitz Squad



Torreno's Last Light

Blitz Squadron Chronicles
Immediately following the catastrophe, the Guardian Corps took control from the Sanctum, Cocoon's then-governing body. A provisional government was formed, consisting primarily of military personnel.

The Cavalry, an elite unit of the Guardian Corps, spearheaded the administration. Seeking to rebuild society on the strength of human science and free from dependence on the fal'Cie, they founded an institute called the 'Academy.' Slowly but surely, the provisional government transferred authority to this new organization.




Baxter's Last Light

Blitz Squadron Chronicles
Since the Academy's inception, its founders planned to focus heavily on social sciences and eventually merge with the existing government.

The responsibility for defending the populace from Pulse's hostile creatures also passed to the institute, and so, drawing on personnel from the former Guardian Corps, the Academy Security Regiment was born.

Blitz Squadron is a part of that regiment—an elite unit trained specifically to neutralize paradox-related threats.




Falcon's Last Light

Blitz Squadron Chronicles
Blitz Squadron's first duty was an operation at Lake Bresha. The device used to control Atlas had been stolen by an anti-government group, and the squadron retrieved it within a single day. It was a testament to the efficiency of the Academy Security Regiment.

The criminals in question were former PSICOM military, people opposed to the new society the Academy was striving to build. Even after the catastrophe, many residents remained on Cocoon, and more than a few of those pushed for the fal'Cie to be restored. This was one of the incidents that occurred in the midst of general unrest.




Ray's Last Light

Blitz Squadron Chronicles
Along with the monsters and bioweapons from other time periods that appear near the gates, there are also many unique creatures whose natural habitat is in the Void Beyond. These creatures are known as 'Rift Beasts.'

It was Blitz Squadron that learned the ecology of nektons and meonektons. The former swim freely through the Void, while the latter attach themselves to a particular spacetime. It was the squadron's expansive compilation of data that allowed the Academy to build theories on the non-space that connects the gates.




Thunder's Last Light

Blitz Squadron Chronicles
In 9 AF, Blitz Squadron was given orders to apprehend an anti-government group basing its operations out of the Pulse frontier lands.

The mission was a success, and at the group's base they discovered evidence of some incredible research. The terrorists had obtained data on Atlas, the Bresha Ruins giant, and were attempting to build their own mega-soldier. This incident would later prove to be the catalyst for an unexpected debate.




Sarge's Last Light

Blitz Squadron Chronicles
In 9 AF, Blitz Squadron foiled an anti-government group's attempt to construct their own Atlas. This incident sparked a heated debate among the members of the Academy.

One faction insisted that they delete all Atlas data files to prevent future misuse, while another claimed that the construction of the giant weapon was a necessary evil. If Atlas was indeed a future weapon, they argued, someone must build it or history would face another paradox. With no conclusion forthcoming, the data files were eventually stored within Academy headquarters to await a final judgment.




Blitz Squadron Mission Report

Blitz Squadron Chronicles
In 10 AF, Blitz Squadron, an elite Academy Security Regiment unit, returned from duty in the Vile Peaks. During their mission, their entire airship vanished... and the crew along with it. All hope for their survival was lost, until they miraculously reappeared three weeks later.

During an awards ceremony that took place some time after, the squadron's leader was asked how they team got its name. He revealed that it was an homage to one of their former squadmates from their Guardian Corps days, who went by the code name 'Lightning.'

天命の記録 / Fate's Recollection

天命の記録 / Fate's Recollection




Heart Prism

Lenora's Garage Latest
You're not going to believe this. More and more people in New Bodhum have been learning spells after moving here from Cocoon!

It makes sense that Serah has magic powers, 'cause she spent time dreaming in crystal, but when kids start screaming 'Fire!' and conjuring flames out of thin air, you have to start wondering.

We asked Serah how she does her magic tricks, and she said something about 'channeling the crystal power within'—whatever that means. Well, maybe some mysteries are not meant to be understood...




Vita Lyrica

The NORA House Chronicles
Serah has left on a journey, too, so things are going to get busy around here. She was the only one who knew how to cook all the NORA House dishes; with her gone, it's just me holding down the fort.

Serah used to get good grades back in school. History was her favorite subject. She was teaching the kids the odd class here and there, but Snow and her were talking about building a proper school right here in New Bodhum. When they get back, we're all going to pitch in and make it happen.




Anima Miseria

The NORA House Chronicles
The last time Serah saw Lightning was right before she was turned into crystal. She told Lightning about her plans to marry Snow, but when Lightning refused to bless their marriage, she took off running. That's no way to say good-bye. Those two still have unfinished business.

Here in New Bodhum, Serah spent a lot of time looking up at the night sky, talking to Lightning. She's never been able to let go.




Unio Mystica

The NORA House Chronicles
Back in Bodhum, on Cocoon, there was this weird relic called a Vestige which had been lifted off Pulse back when Cocoon and Pulse were fighting.

Turns out that it was an old Pulse temple, and there was a fal'Cie inside that turned Serah into a l'Cie. It seems crazy to think now that no one thought to check inside before they set it up next to our hometown!

When Serah got turned into a l'Cie inside the Vestige, the Cocoon fal'Cie used the incident for their own purposes. Serah's not a l'Cie anymore, and the brand is gone from her arm, but she's still able to use magic. I wonder if the power just stayed inside her after she was cured. Or is it new, from somewhere else?




Ars Symphonica

The NORA House Chronicles
Everyone in NORA came from Bodhum originally, but there's not a soul living there anymore. When Cocoon fell and almost smashed into Pulse, the whole town was wiped out.

Funny thing is, no one was in the town thanks to the Purge that the Sanctum and PSICOM carried out. Does that mean the Purge was a good thing? Well, I wouldn't say that.

Bodhum used to be famous for its fireworks festival, and our cafe would be busy as anything the night of the show. I hope someday we can bring those good times back here in New Bodhum.





Pathos Jewel

NEW: Lenora's Garage Latest
This new column, penned by your favorite junk and gadgets dealer, introduces newbies to the ins and outs of machines of all kinds.

The crystal used inside the ancient Oracle Drive devices is a really amazing material. It resonates with the thoughts of nearby people and reconstructs them in its atomic structure!

Plus, if you inject energy into the crystal, you can freeze the structure into place. If you think about something really hard, and then run a current through the crystal lattice, you can trap the images that were inside your head. Scientists have even figured out how to date the recordings.





Misery's Bead

NEW: Lenora's Garage Latest
Since I started dealing junk parts, I've been building quite a collection of broken weapon components. I've divided them into two main categories: military and ancient weapons.

Military weapons includes things like bioweapons and mechs that were used by the old Cocoon military. A lot of the top-secret stuff features streamlined designs and AMP (Antimatter Manipulation Principle) technology.

The ancient weapons are mostly hardware that extinct Gran Pulse civilizations left behind. These relics tend to be tough and heavy, like construction machinery, but some are really weird contraptions using far-out technologies.




Amur's Sphere

NEW: Lenora's Garage Latest
We'd been having problems with our automated delivery system, and customers were complaining they didn't get their goods. For a virtual shop like us, this is a serious problem. Then again, I only started this as a hobby, so do I really care if we go under?

Well, anyway, we patched the problem by borrowing space on the Moogleworks system, which is why some of you have been greeted by the squeaky 'Welcome, kupo!'...Say, wouldn't it be wild if that shop was run by a real live moogle?




Innocence's Sacred Sphere

NEW: Lenora's Garage Latest
The upgrades we do on wristwatches make them pretty much indestructible. It all started when Snow asked us to customize a watch for him, with a guarantee that it could survive absolutely anything he might throw at it.

Not sure why he'd want to try and wreck his own watch, but the customer knows best. Besides, the way Snow runs around like a behemoth with its head cut off, I figure he should worry more about himself than his watch.

People complained about how the earlier models looked, so we've brought my pal Yuj on board to spiff up the design. If anyone knows about matching outfits, it's Yuj.




Orb of Clotho

The Book of Haerii
This is the prophecy as told by Clotho, messenger of the otherworld.

Great Fenrir is the fal'Cie of the skies above. By the will of the mighty god Pulse, Fenrir ceaselessly wanders the heavenly vault, searching for the great door lost at the equinox of existence. This is the destiny of the fal'Cie Fenrir.




Sword of Lachesis

The Book of Haerii
This is the prophecy told by Lachesis, messenger of the magic world.

Ragnarok the beast shall bring down Cocoon. After the War of Transgression, two girls from the far north shall come to Cocoon, the nest of Lindzei, and transform into the beast that destroys it. Until the end of time, this day shall be known as the Day of Ragnarok.




Mirror of Atropos

The Book of Haerii
This is the prophecy told by Atropos, messenger of the heavens.

The Thirteenth Ark is the fortress that protects the heavenly vault. When the heroes gather unto mighty Pulse to do battle in the war that must be fought, this shall be the stronghold. Know now and remember that the Ark shall be the salvation of all Pulse's children.




Giant Egg

A Research Director's Notebook
What was the ultimate purpose of the Paddra Oracle Drives? The dominant theory is that they were archiving device for preserving images of the future. These 'archives' appear to consist of broken fragments of the seeresses' prophecies.

To gain a clear picture of the timeline, it will be necessary to amass a large collection of these images and then piece them together.

We have noted that the ancients stopped recording visions after a certain point in history. Did the process of recording to the Oracle Drive become an empty ritual? Was some other means found to preserve the prophecies? Or did the visions of the future grow so terrible that the Farseers thought it best they never be seen?





Extraordinary Egg

A Research Director's Notebook
I still find it difficult to believe. Today, we uncovered a recording of Snow in the machine. There was nothing unusual about the image itself. We expected that Snow might be traveling the timeline. What shocked me was the brand. He bore the mark of a Gran Pulse l'Cie.

Since the catastrophe, the Pulse fal'Cie have had nothing to do with human affairs. They have shown no interest in attacking Cocoon, and they have no reason to make anybody a l'Cie. Which leaves only one possibility—Snow himself asked for the brand.

What is happening to Snow, in that distant future? What terrible need drove him to take the l'Cie brand?




Woolly Stone

The Melancholy of the Lambs
We're the sheep of Gran Pulse
and our wool is the best,
We grow it this thick
so it keeps off the pests.
But the men chase us down
with scissors and shears,
And cut it all off
before it covers our ears.

Our Rough Wool is strong
and makes saddles and carpets,
Our Thick Wool makes hats
and booties and blankets.
But it's our fine Fluffy Wool
that holds them in thrall,
When plucked at the roots,
It's the best wool of all.

Its hard to be a sheep
out here on the plain,
Avoiding the hunters
is such a terrible strain.
Oh, I wish that just once
I could munch on some grass,
Without a man coming to pull
a tuft from my...side.




Setzer's Dice

A Gambler Speaks
They say the future isn't certain. But neither is the past. Until someone checks, no one knows if a tossed coin comes up heads or tails. For a brief moment, both possibilities exist. The coin is heads-and-tails, potential realities overlapping. A paradox.

You've seen the evidence all around you. Don't tell me you haven't. Treasure boxes that appear out of nowhere, landscapes that shouldn't be there, gates that shimmer and flicker. This is what happens when worlds collide. It's like I always say... There's more to this universe than meets the eye.




Cartesian Board

Valhalla Analects
The Void Beyond is a chasm between the seen and unseen worlds. It is a space of shadows that are cast long and dark from Valhalla itself. Many form closed, incomplete worlds that are known as temporal rifts.

There are other kinds of places here, too, such as palaces and battle arenas molded from nothing more substantial than hopes, dreams, and passions.





Valhalla Analects
There is no death in the Void Beyond. Souls who long to die instead live within dreams that are spun from the fabric of their deepest desires. Once trapped within these dreams, they have no means of escape.

Next time you look into a mirror, peer closely at the edge. Do you see the ghostly shimmering? That is the world of dreams, known to some as the Mirror World. It is an eternal place of wishes fulfilled and happy memories made real—yet the ghosts who inhabit it know not they are prisoners of eternity.

クイズマスターの証 / Quiz Mastery

クイズマスターの証 / Quiz Mastery




Quiz Rank: Private

Figures of Note
Captain Rygdea is a former Cocoon soldier. Following the catastrophe, he played a central role in running the provisional government.

Rygdea crushed the budding resurgence of the former administration by revealing the Sanctum's manipulation by the fal'Cie, and their subsequent slaughter of innocent civilians during the Purge.

He lent his support to the Academy scientists who sought to promote 'human independence,' and encouraged the shift in authority from the government to this new institute.




Quiz Rank: Sergeant

Figures of Note
Elida Karmic is a singer hailing from Palumpolum, Cocoon, and was popular during the 10s and 20s following the catastrophe.

Her most memorable appearance was during the New Nautilus Auditorium Opening Concert, where director of the New Cocoon Project, Hope Estheim, handed her a bouquet of flowers. Karmic and Estheim were classmates all through middle school.




Quiz Rank: Lieutenant

Figures of Note
Colonel Yaag Rosch was an officer in the Sanctum's elite PSICOM Division.

Along with PSICOM officer Colonel Nabaat, he acted as one of the primarch's staunchest supporters. During the catastrophe, however, he chose to abort the operation ordered by the fal'Cie. Rosch redirected the military's efforts into evacuating citizens, and in doing so saved countless lives. His fate following those events is unknown, but it is assumed he was killed in action.




Quiz Rank: Colonel

Figures of Note
Bartholomew Estheim was originally an economist for a Sanctum-affiliated institute. Following the catastrophe, the newly formed provisional government employed him as a financial advisor, where he was instrumental in the founding of the Academy.

He is the father of Hope Estheim, the director of the New Cocoon Project.




Quiz Rank: General

Figures of Note
Lieutenant Amodar was a soldier in Cocoon's Guardian Corps. Although he once retired from duty in disgust at the military's handling of civilians during the catastrophe, Amodar re-enlisted to help protect people from the hostile creatures of Pulse.

The lieutenant's unique appearance was used to create a duplicate—a 4D attraction code-named 'Captain Cryptic' that proved incredibly popular with children. The original Amodar is said to also have been fond of quizzes and trivia.




Stoic Virtue

Academy Datafile
The deterioration of the crystal pillar supporting Cocoon continues, and it will only be a matter of years before a complete structural collapse occurs.

Academy scientists are moving forward with plans to create a 'metashield'—an invisible cushion of force that will soften Cocoon's impact significantly, thereby minimizing the damage to Pulse's surface and preventing a catastrophic upheaval in the lowerworld's ecosystem.




Epicurean Song

Academy Datafile
With our continuing progress into paradox research, we've come to learn that the future can influence the past. Once events in the future are decided, the past is altered to support that outcome.

For people in the future, the past is like an unopened box. Say, for example, at a certain point in time, someone makes a discovery in a set of ruins and learns a fact about the past. In that instant of understanding, past reality is defined.

But then the question must be asked: who, along the entire span of history, is considered to be 'in the future'?




Lyceum Knowledge

Academy Datafile
The language of the human race has changed little since ancient times. Records show that the tongue spoken by the people of Paddra almost a thousand years ago is functionally identical to that used by the present citizens of Academia.

Although the language is much the same, it seems strange that the alphabets of Gran Pulse and Cocoon should vary so widely. Perhaps this variation stems from the fact that human language was not a naturally occurring phenomenon, but a tool given to us by the fal'Cie.




Academia Wisdom

Academy Datafile
The last Primarch in Cocoon was the ill-fated Cid Raines, who was killed in a coup d'état shortly after his rise to office.

The Cavalry, the military unit leading the rebellion, once followed him without question in their bid to overthrow the Sanctum. They considered his acceptance of the government's highest position as incontrovertible proof of his betrayal.

Captain Rygdea, member of the Cavalry and instigator of the coup d'etat, was the driving force behind the provisional government formed following the catastrophe. Although he spoke little of his former commander, he did have this to say of Cid Raines: 'He was exactly the sort of man we needed for this new age.'

グラビトンコア / Graviton Core

グラビトンコア / Graviton Core



Graviton Core Alpha

The Hero's Trail
Well, this is it. I'm off to find Lightning. Serah says her sister is alive, and if I don't believe her, who will? And this isn't just about Lightning. Fang and Vanille are waiting for me to find a way to help them outta that pillar, too.

I'm going to leave my engagement pendant with Serah. It's not the right time to get married, not while we still don't know the truth. Besides, I still need to get Lightning's blessing!




Graviton Core Beta

The Hero's Trail
Whoa, that was one crazy dream. I didn't really get that talk about gates and artefacts and stuff, but ya gotta do what big sis tells ya, right?

Looks like this journey is going to take longer than I figured. But, Serah, and Gadot and the gang, they'll understand. Right?




Graviton Core Gamma

The Hero's Trail
Hey, Serah, can you hear me? It seems like wherever I go, I leave this graviton ore stuff in my steps, which you're going to need at some point down the road. Guess that means I should keep walkin', even if it doesn't get me anywhere.

Who knows, maybe you'll hear this message some day, through the crystal. At least then I won't have been talkin' to myself the whole time. So, Serah? If you're listening, take care and come home safe!





Graviton Core Delta

The Hero's Trail
So, this is Oerba, where Fang and Vanille came from. You know, I always figured they'd be the last ones to turn to crystal and sleep forever.

Although I guess they'd slept for centuries before they met up with us; I only ever knew them when they were up and runnin' around.

If I'm going to free them, I need to get stronger—much stronger. Strong like I was back then. When I was a l'Cie.




Graviton Core Epsilon

The Hero's Trail
I passed by someone when I was in the Historia Crux. He was sleeping, just bobbing along time's current. I didn't get a good look at him, but crazy hair looked really familiar. It was Sazh—I'd bet my favorite bandanna on it.

Thing is, last I heard he was piloting some airship. I hope he didn't get caught up in any of this trouble. He's had enough bad luck for one lifetime.




Graviton Core Zeta

The Hero's Trail
Hey, Serah. It was good to see you—but hard to say good-bye again. Don't worry about me, though. I found my own gate. And now I'm followin' my path.

Hey, and Noel? You there? You make damn sure Serah finds her sister, you hear me? Together, you can do it. I know you can.




Graviton Core Eta

The Hero's Trail
So here I am, in the Void Beyond. I heard there's some kind of coliseum place up ahead. I've got something I need to do there.

All I have to do is climb on Shiva and head straight in. Only one thing I'm worried about...What exactly is that Caius guy up to?

親愛のメッセージ / An Affectionate Message

親愛のメッセージ / An Affectionate Message



Words of Light

Message from Lightning
There is no time in Valhalla. Events happen in chaotic order. Noel Kreiss, I already sent you to Serah's side. And yet, here I am in a place where we have yet to meet. You get used to it, I guess.

My battles with Caius rage on, our conflict eternal. But should I lose even once, and existence be destroyed, an empty void is all that would remain. I cannot lose the war for Valhalla.

I'm sorry, Serah. This nightmare realm is where I need you to be...





Father's Song

Message from Sazh
Hey there, Serah, I've got some 'intel' for you. Well, it's something I heard from Lightning in a dream.

The guy you're fighting, he's got some serious backup. How'd it go? 'Winged and fanged, born from chaos. A cursed beast of blackest night.' I'd tell you more, but her voice got cut off all of a sudden.

Me? Right now I'm in some weird kinda palace. I get this feeling I'm gonna run into someone I know, but I never seem to find 'em. But don't you go worrying about ol' Sazh. You just watch your back!





Vanille's Fruit

Vanille's Echo
I've wanted to apologize to you for so long, Serah. I'm the reason you were turned into a l'Cie. It's my fault you had to suffer. I couldn't say it before, so I'm saying it now. I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry.

Did you know that you were the first miracle in all of this? You defied your l'Cie fate and turned to crystal of your own will. It was your miracle that showed Fang and me that we had the power to save Cocoon.

So don't ever stop believing in yourself. You can make another miracle and protect Cocoon. I know you can do it.




Fang's Crown

Fang's Echo
I meant to apologize when we met, but I never did. So, Serah, this is my chance. Everything was my fault. You were made into a l'Cie because I messed up. Sure, I helped you out a little, but that doesn't make things right. Vanille and I, we'll repay our debts by keeping Cocoon in the sky.

It's not so bad. I have Vanille here with me, after all. Don't you worry about us, you just get yourself to Lightning. That Caius guy she's fighting? We've heard his name before. He's bad news—a real monster. So hurry along, and help your sister out. You're the one she needs to see more than anyone in this world!




Hope's Message

A Letter from Hope
Serah, can you hear me, out there in the future? I'm sending you an access code for a supply sphere.

I trust this may help you in the fateful battle to come.




Noel's Message

A Letter from Noel of the Future
Hey, Noel. You're not going to believe this, but this message is a message from you. I'm just a little further ahead in the timeline than where you are now.

I've got a warning for you, my past self. Things are going to get a lot harder from here on out. But just remember to hang in there, no matter what. You just might surprise yourself; you're a lot tougher than you think.




Serah's Message

A Letter from Serah of the Future
I don't know where I am. I can't hear anything. I can't see anything. It's cold, and dark, and I'm all alone. This place is...dead.

But I don't have any regrets. I fought to the end. I never ran away. I just hope someone will remember me, now that I'm gone.




Chocochick Down

A Letter from Dajh
Daddy went away for a while. He said he was going to help Serah and her friends. Let's do it Daddy! I want to help, too!

Hey, remember my daddy's chocobo chick? Well, its a girl. So I've decided to call her Chocolina. Cool, huh?




Lucky Coin

Sazh's Soliloquy
You wanna know what I think? This place I've ended up at, it's like a paradise for dead folk. See, some people die before they have a proper chance to live, but here they can enjoy themselves and forget about their regrets.

Maybe in the beginning it was just a fairy tale, but some kind of cosmic switcheroo made it as real as day.

Thing is, I'm not suppose to be here. I guess when Dajh and me got caught up in that mess a few years back, the powers-that-be thought I got killed or somethin'. But I didn't. I'm as alive as can be. So I'm leavin' and headin' back home to Dajh - just as soon as I hit one more jackpot!




Priceless Gift

Sazh's Soliloquy
The casino owner told me somethin' interesting the other day. He said there's a Coliseum out in the Void Beyond. Supposedly, dead heroes from all over—or at least, copies of them—gather there to duke it out for honor and glory. Of course, I'm no hero, so it's got nothing to do with me.

Makes me wonder, though. This palace is for dead people, and that Coliseum, too. Do you have to be dead to get into the Void Beyond? I sure hope not, cause I'm not done livin'!




Lapis Lazuli

Dreams of the Daughters
In the future, Fang and I are called the 'daughters of the goddess,' right? It's kind of embarrassing, to be honest.

When they say goddess, I guess they mean Etro. I remember her. When Fang and I first tried to hold up Cocoon, we felt this... kindly strength, surrounding us. It was the same feeling as back when I first turned to crystal.

I bet Fang doesn't remember it as well as me, but I think maybe it was the goddess we felt. Although the priests back home always made her out to be much scarier than that. So maybe I'm wrong?




Heliodor Ore

Dreams of the Daughters
While we're here, sleeping inside the pillar that holds up Cocoon, Lightning is fighting to protect Etro. I wonder why. Etro is a cruel goddess. She sends Eidolons to persecute dying l'Cie and slaughters her 'children' as carelessly as we swat flies.

I don't really know what Lightning's game is, but I can tell you this. She's in a really bad place. Once she set foot in there, she had no way to get out. It's hard for her to be heard while she's in there, too. So, Serah, you've got to help. Listen to your heart—you might hear Lightning if you do.





Dreams of the Daughters
Hope visited again. We always know when he does. He comes to check on the pillar. Fang and I are lost in our dreams, but even so, we know when our friends are close. We can feel them in our hearts.

We're fine here, inside the crystal. But I worry about the future. I...I caused so much trouble for the people of Cocoon. And for Serah, and her sister, and their friends and family. Hope, we're counting on you to save the future and stop the tragedy from happening all over again!





Dreams of the Daughters
That idiot Snow is hell-bent on going to the Coliseum. There's nothing there, except dead fools fighting for a glory that no one will ever know. Is he really that obsessed with becoming strong? The worst part is, he's doing it for our sake.

I really wish we could tell him to forget about us and help Serah and Lightning. It was our fault they got caught up in this mess in the first place. If things keep going the way they are, maybe our nightmares'll come true, and those two girls won't ever see each other again.




Cosmo Aura

Dreams of the Daughters
Serah, can you hear me? Fang and I just had the most wonderful dream. We were in a place I didn't know, with a young man and woman who I've never met. They were laughing together, enjoying the moment. They were so happy.

When I think that we're helping to build a future for people like that, the weight of Cocoon doesn't seem that heavy at all. Fang and I are here inside the crystal, but even so, we can feel you in our hearts. So, Serah, don't give up, okay? You can make a future where everyone can be happy again. I know you can.

女神エトロの神託 / Oracle of Etro

女神エトロの神託 / Oracle of Etro



Ultima Brand

Words of Protectors Past
The Heart of Chaos does not grant the Guardian power—it eats away at their physical self. Caius did not gain an immortal body, but was cursed with eternal life.

Heed my words, Noel. You are the last protector, and the only one who can wrest the Heart's strength from Caius. In the instant you strike the life from his body, you shall either inherit the curse, or break its eternal grip. Only your will can slay fate one way or the other.




Omega Brand

Words of Protectors Past
The eidolith that summons Bahamut is set into the hilt of Caius's greatsword. Bahamut is an Eidolon of Valhalla—a gift from the goddess of chaos to her l'Cie.

No one now living knows why Caius possesses the crystal eidolith of a l'Cie. It was centuries, nay, more than a thousand years past that he became the Guardian, and his companions of that age have long since departed this mortal realm.




Chaos Brand

Words of Protectors Past
A massive battle once raged on Gran Pulse. Paddra was besieged by a great army that sought the life of the seeress. In the face of this assault, Caius chose to perform an 'incarnate summoning.' This ritual merged his essence with that of the Eidolon Bahamut, and drew forth all their latent power.

An incarnate summoning expends the life force of the summoner, and thus Caius did perish. But he returned from death's domain, an immortal heart beating within his breast. That dark summons is now his to wield at will—as long as the Heart of Chaos pumps eternity through his veins.




Crimson Crystal

Tablet of Memory
Valhalla is a world that is connected to every age, every timeline. When the seeress of the Farseers gazes into the future, Valhalla is at the heart of the vision.

The seeress also has the power to send her inner voice through Valhalla and then to the time and place of her choosing. However, only those with great chaos in their hearts are able to hear the words of the seeress.




Azure Crystal

Tablet of Memory
In the heart of Valhalla stands Etro's temple. The throne that sits within, the throne of the goddess, is always empty.

No one can say how long the goddess's temple has stood in this place. In a world where time does not exist, such a question has little meaning. Some speculate, however, that the goddess built the temple with her own hands, as a prison for some long-forgotten enemy.




Forest Crystal

Tablet of Memory
The seeress of the Farseers knows the exact moment she will die. However, she is forbidden to change the timeline in order to save herself.

The seeress has no choice but to accept her preordained end. This is the law of the Farseers. Each change of the timeline creates new victims, spawns new tragedies, and not even the seeress can tell how great those losses shall be.




Amber Crystal

Tablet of Memory
Valhalla, where the temple of the goddess stands, floats on the vast ocean of chaos into which all things must flow. There is no beginning or end to chaos. Those that fall into its waters are condemned to float for eternity in the rift between life and death.

The ocean of chaos has drowned the Pedestal of Time. There, on that holy of holies, did the goddess Etro first step into the Unseen Realm. But as her power waned, the sacred spot where her foot touched soil sank beneath the sullen waves.




Violet Crystal

Tablet of Memory
The seeress of the Farseers has left us many prophecies, but amongst them the most enigmatic must surely be this: 'When Valhalla consumes the sky, a new star flashes like lightning, and in the heavens twinkles distant hope.'

What does it mean when 'Valhalla consumes the sky'? What is the new star that flashes in the sky? Does this prophecy foretell a future of salvation—or destruction? No one can say.




Etro's Sorrow

Yeul's Confessions
Etro granted the most selfless of gifts. Her power and strength flowed through the gate to the Unseen World, and with each passing second she grew weaker and weaker.

Now the goddess sleeps within the Heart of Chaos. Should she cease to exist, then the power that she granted to humanity, the power that makes their universe whole, will disappear. When the sands of time run out on the goddess, so too do they on the world of man.




Pulse's Resolution

Yeul's Confessions
When the people of Cocoon first came down to the surface of Gran Pulse, magic filled the earth. Among the people, there were those who awakened to this power. I saw it happen. I saw time distorted and twisted.

When the timeline was changed and history broken, fissures appeared in the wall that separates the spirit and the material. The crystal power that was once bestowed only upon the l'Cie was released, and it permeated deep into the soil. Now normal humans can spin enchantments and spells—if they know how.




Lindzei's Desire

Yeul's Confessions
The part we humans call 'soul' is a gift of the goddess. In all our hearts flickers a small piece of the chaos of Valhalla.

From Valhalla, you can see every age, every timeline. I see the future because Valhalla lives in my heart. The Eyes of Etro is not a unique gift, reserved for the special. Every human who claims a soul can gaze into the future.




Mwynn's Tenderness

Yeul's Confessions
Our bodies are made of the blood of the goddess. Our souls are formed of the chaos which she bestowed upon us. The Farseers were an ancient people who embraced the chaos more than any other. They were Pulse's oldest tribe, and I was their seeress.

The power to see the future. The power to travel the timeline. The power to bend monsters to your will. The power to remember in your dreams, even when the timeline has changed. They are manifestations of hidden chaos, and in a chosen few, these powers are great indeed. Such are the blessings of the goddess.




Bhunivelze's Sleep

Yeul's Confessions
In the physical world, it contains within its form endless chaos. By the will of the deities, it gives birth to all living things. I speak of crystal.

The eternal dream world of the crystal lies within the Unseen World. Even the gods long to find their way to that place. In all crystal, the heart that shines most brightly is called Bhunivelze.

パラドクスエンディング / Paradox Ending

パラドクスエンディング / Paradox Ending


Transcript: A Giant Mistake

Excerpts from an Alternate History
'Okay. So ultimately, it was the Academy themselves who built Atlas?'

'Looks like it,' replied Serah, scanning the data they had just recovered. 'It started when the forces who were trying to restore the old Cocoon reactivated the dormant fal'Cie.'

'Atlas was a weapon built to protect humans from the fal'Cie?'

'Yeah...' said Serah, before lapsing into silence. Noel followed her gaze skyward. If the Academy had not built Atlas, more and more of the fal'Cie would have been awakened by the other side.

But even so, was there no other way to counter the threat?




Transcript: Vanille's Truth

Excerpts from an Alternate History
Long ago, in ancient times, Cocoon and Pulse fought a terrible war. Two women called Fang and Vanille released a monster and began to march on Cocoon. At that moment, the goddess unleashed a powerful spell and turned them into crystal statues. Their slumbering forms were placed in a temple in Oerba, which, in time, was lifted up into Cocoon itself. There they slept until, hundreds of years later, a young girl wandered into the temple and was made a l'Cie.

The girl's name was Serah. This was the moment that marked the beginning of the thirteen days of the Purge.



Transcript: Mog's Marvelous Flan Plan

Excerpts from an Alternate History
It all began with a chance meeting with a single flan. Mog translated from the flan tongue to humanspeak, and back again. The flan had some incredible news. 'The true Royal Ripeness has been born, kupo!' (Although, the flan didn't really say 'kupo.')

'Does that mean we failed? We didn't change history after all?' asked Noel. Mog nodded in response. Noel and Serah looked grave. How could they defeat the greatest flan that ever lived? It was even more powerful than the original Royal Ripeness! The situation was bleak indeed.

Unless...'I have an idea, kupo! Mog can save the day, kupo!' Noel and Serah had never seen Mog so confident. They looked at each other gloomily. They weren't looking forward to hearing Mog's idea...





Transcript: Test Subjects

Excerpts from an Alternate History
'Let's go!' barks the officer. At his command, several soldiers pound into the elevator. This is Augusta Tower, central information processing facility. The men are members of the resistance.

It is 400 AF. After the Cie'th incident, the Proto fal'Cie Adam now rules Academia. Adam is manufacturing an army of military fal'Cie which it will use to control the human population.

But humanity is fighting back. The soldiers have infiltrated the tower in an attempt to steal the machines' crystal supply and put a halt to the fal'Cie population. At the same time, something is changing inside the captive Noel and Serah...





Transcript: The Future Is Hope

Excerpts from an Alternate History
Snow was riding the highways of time when he came across a gate projecting strange, flickering images—images showing Serah.

Snow saw her receiving an artefact from an unknown young woman, hesitant, unsure of the gift. Then as he watched, the scene changed, and changed again, and again, a tumbling kaleidoscope of visions, countless fragments of histories Snow had never known.

'Damn! Someone is trying to rewrite history!'

Snow realized he had to act fast. He leaped onto Shiva and headed for the gate. A new adventure was just beginning—the hunt for the thirteen crystals!





''Transcript: Beneath a Timeless Sky

Excerpts from an Alternate History
Yeul knows that this was the world she wanted. 'Noel is here. I'm here. That's all I need. No Caius. Just us. We can start over again, and this time make it better.'

But Noel wants more. He wants a future. He wants everything. People, life, all of it, the bad as well as the good.

Yeul lifts her head. 'If that's what Noel wants, then I want it, too. Look, Noel, a star is falling. A new door is open. Perhaps beyond it, the real future is waiting...




Transcript: Heir to Chaos

Excerpts from an Alternate History
Across Noel's mind flitted one of Caius's memories. A memory from a thousand years ago: Caius fighting a warrior and losing, pushed to the brink of defeat.

But the gods refused to bless either of them, and the warrior was called to Valhalla before the duel reached its climax. Caius might have been saved from his curse of eternity. Instead, he had to wait. Wait for the birth of Noel.

Noel's eyes snapped open.

'You make your own myths, Caius. But I'm going to save everyone my way. Yeul, and Serah, and yes, you, too.'

So saying Noel's mouth curled into the old, familiar smile.



Transcript: Fate and Freedom

Excerpts from an Alternate History
'Hey, can moogles talk?' Dajh has dropped by NORA House to play, and as usual he's peppering me with questions.

'Of course they can. They know lots of things, and love answering just about any question you might have.'

'Hohoho. Since when did you become a moogle expert?' laughs Sazh as he strides into the house. He has a point. Why do I think I know about moogles? I mean, they're just make-believe creatures from children's books. Yet...somewhere in the back of my mind, I'm sure I've met one.

'What's wrong?' Dajh looking up at me, wondering why I've suddenly become so quiet.

I tell him it's nothing. But it isn't nothing, and for the rest of the day, my head is full of thoughts of moogles...

FFXIII-2 Brain Blast & Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz

Note: Side-by-side comparison of The Japanese and English versions. In many cases, a lot of information is missing from the English version...

熱戦! 頭脳ファイト / Brain Blast

ニュータウン (北) / New Town North Terminal

ニュータウン (北) / New Town North Terminal
Question Answer 質問 答え
According to the philosopher Denrith, humans are merely an intellectual version of a certain monster, with the ability of looking innocent on the outside, but being conniving on the inside. Which monster was he referring to? Cactuar 謎の哲学者「デニリス」の有名な言葉「人間は考える○○○○である」。一見間抜けでも、したたかであることを説いたこの言葉で、○○○○に当てはまる生物は? サボテンダー
After the fall of Cocoon, the public became more and more aware of the truth behind the fal'Cie and their actions. What part of the truth was fudged in history textbooks? The intent of the fal'Cie コクーンのファルシの真相について徐々に知られはじめたAF30年代に発行された歴史の教科書で、大幅に記述を変えられた箇所とは次のうちどれ? ファルシの目的
Around 100 AF, a TV show based on the battle of the l'Cie was in production, but got canceled at the last minute. What was the name of the show? 'Don't Mess with the 'Fro' AF100年頃、ルシたちの戦いをモデルにしたドラマの企画が立ち上がったが、事実と大幅に異なる脚本のためお蔵入りになった。さて、その企画のタイトルとは? 俺たちのアフロヘア同盟
Around 100 AF, which test was proved invalid and superfluous by the Academy? Role-based personality test AF100年頃、これを理由にした就職差別が社会問題になったためアカデミーが大々的に調査し、ニセ科学と結論づけた診断とはいったいどれ? ロール別性格診断
Around 400 AF, the '??? male' became a popular phrase. What goes in the blank? Armored AF400年代になって、ニュースなどでよく使われるようになった「○○系男子」。自分の殻にひきこもり、無理に壊されると弱くなってしまう人のことだが、○○に入る言葉は? 甲殻獣
BBQ Ben's is famous for their cheap, but delicious behemoth meat. Rumor has it they have close ties with certain government officials. How are they able to serve meat at such a reasonable price? They got leftover beasts from research labs 格安のベヒーモス肉を提供するチェーン店「やきにく剛」。一部では権力との癒着を指摘される彼らの安さの秘密とは? 研究用魔物の流れ品を優先入手
Before Cocoon's aerial railway, people rode the trains that ran along the ground. What was the name of Cocoon's old terminal? Nautilus and Bodhum コクーン空中鉄道ができるまで、地表を走っていた旧コク鉄のターミナル駅は? ノーチラスとボーダム
Chocobo riding used to be mandatory at all private schools. However, it was canceled indefinitely due to what kind of complaint from the parents? The chocobo smell would rub off on the students 裕福な子供たちの通う学校でチョコボ騎乗訓練の授業が開始されたが、すぐに親たちの抗議によって無期中止になった。その抗議理由とは? チョコボ臭くなる
During the festival of the Day of Rebirth, which food stand gets the most business from children? Microchu mousse お祭り「再誕の日」の屋台で子供に最も人気がある「ちっちゃくて、まーるいもの」といえば? コチューカステラ
How do people refer to the day of Cocoon's fall? The Day of Rebirth 落下しかけたコクーンが支えられた日付を、「人類がもういちど誕生した」という意味でなんと呼んでいる? 再誕の日
How does Hope refer to Lightning? Light ホープは、ライトニングのことをどう呼んでいる? ライトさん
How does Hope's time capsule work? It slows down time within the device ホープたちが乗ってきたタイムカプセルとは、おおざっぱに言えばどういう仕組み? カプセルの中だけ時間の進みを遅くする
In the children's song 'Chelsea's Bubbles,' she is able to blow a bubble as high as the biggest, roundest thing one can see. How high was she able to blow her bubble? To the skies of Cocoon 童謡「ちぃちゃんのしゃぼん玉」で、しゃぼん玉は「うんとでっかく、まるいものとならんだ」と歌われている。さて、どこまで飛んだ結果そうなった? コクーン上空
In the popular children's show 'Cocoon Five,' what is the name of the five heroes' ultimate attack? Cocoon's Final Attack コクーンの子供に大人気だった戦隊ヒーロー「コクーンファイブ」。番組の最後の最後にトドメとして使う、5人の合体必殺技の名称は? ファイナルコクーンアタック
Spells can be sealed into cards and sent as gifts. Which spell makes for a popular birthday card? Cure 魔法を封じ込めて送れるスペルカード。誕生日に贈るものにはどれをかけるのが一般的? ケアル
Stem is the new recreational drug of choice among the young and is quickly becoming a social issue. The ingredient can be easily found in the Sunleth Waterscape. What is it? Dried habanero leaves 湿布などに使われる「ヘタ」という粉末。サンレス水郷などでとれるものが原料だが、その正体は? ハバネロの頭部に生えている葉を乾燥させたもの
The chocobos first used by Chocobo Delivery Services were based on the colors of nature. What colors were they? Green and yellow 同業他社を寄せ付けないサービスで、顧客満足度100年連続No.1のチョコボ急便。創業時代に配達員が乗っていたチョコボは自然をイメージしたカラーになっている。さて、それは何色 緑と黄
The Lumeritz singing competition began 100 years after the first paradox. What year was that? 103 AF 人々のこころの大会ともいわれる、リュームリッツ歌合隊はパラドクス発生100周年を記念して始まったが、それはAF何年? AF103年
The monster movie 'The Imp' was a big hit among the niche crowd that raved about its cuteness. What did half of the movie consist of? Dancing imps 一部の層に「カワイイ」と爆発的な人気を得たモンスター・パニック映画「ジ・インプ」。上映時間120分のうち、半分は何をしているシーン? インプが踊っている
The New Bodhum urban legend about a man with a knife is based on who? Tonberry ネオ・ボーダムの子供たちを恐怖の渦に陥れた都市伝説「迫りくる包丁男」。実際はなんのしわざだと言われている? トンベリ
The popular DJ DK sports thick sideburns and a mohawk. What is the name of this hairstyle? Chocobo hair 若者から支持される人気ディスクジョッキー「DK」の立派なもみあげと、トサカが特徴の髪型は? チョコボヘア
What accessory is considered to grant wishes, but is seldom used because of its smell? Chocobo feather 身につけると願い事がかなうと言われているが、実際そのニオイのためあまりつけられないものとは? チョコボの尾羽
What accessory is recommended for those who want to boost their physical attack power? Power Wristband バトルの時、物理攻撃力が低くて敵を倒せない……そんな人におすすめの装備品は、次のうちどれ? パワーリスト
What advertising media was widely seen in Palumpolum as a result of energy conservation? Blimps 商業都市パルムポルムで、エネルギー不足のため街中に増えた「電力を使わない広告媒体」とは? 広告用バルーン
What coarse substance is known as a fast-acting cold reliever? Microchu baby teeth 風邪を治す画期的な特効薬のもとと言われる、カタイ素材は? コチューの乳歯
What company’s business has been booming due to the numerous deliveries required between Cocoon and Gran Pulse? Chocobo Delivery Service コクーン、グラン=パルス間のやりとりで急成長した会社とは? チョコボ急便
What determines the altitude of flights from Cocoon to Gran Pulse? The arm's length of fal'Cie Titan コクーンとグラン=パルスを行き来する輸送機の飛行高度は何を基準に決められた? ファルシ=タイタンの手の届かない高さ
What does one call cooked behemoth meat that's hung out to dry for three days? Cured meat ベヒーモス肉を焼き上げたものを3日間天日干しにした料理をなんという? サベル
What does the cactuar sign seen at amusement parks imply? Emergency exits 子供向けの遊園地などで見かけるサボテンダーの描かれた標識の意味は? 非常口
What happens to a l'Cie once they complete their Focus? They turn to crystal 使命を果たしたルシは、どうなると言われている? クリスタルになる
What happens to a l'Cie that's unable to complete their Focus? They become a Cie'th 使命を果たせなかったルシは、どうなると言われている? シ骸になる
What is a baby moogle called? A moogling 子供のモーグリは、どう呼ばれている? コモークリ
What is someone who sits at home all day generally called? Bear どんな仕事にもついていない人を、アカデミアでは俗になんと呼ぶ? すっぴん
What is the acronym for the Academia Central Broadcasting Station? ACBS 「アカデミア中央放送局」の略称は? ACBC
What is the behemoth king incapable of doing? Shooting a thousand needles from its body 次のうち、キングベヒーモスができないことは? 身体から針を千本発射する
What is the best act of the circus troupe the Circus Riders, a group of acrobats who use airbikes for dangerous stunts? Chicken race エアバイクを駆使する曲芸が人気の空中サーカス団「ノリノールサーカス」の「地上最大の肝っ玉」を披露する曲芸とは? クロスチキンレース
What is the famous painting by Geraint, the artist representing the new way style of post-Cocoon? 'Cosmos' コクーン後期のネオ表現主義を代表する画家、ジェラントの代表作で、世界の秩序を描いた作品は? コスモス
What is the full name of Professor Garnett, the editor-in-chief of the modern history textbook of 400 AF? Micah Garnett 「コクーン及びパルスの近現代史AF400年度版」の編集委員長はガンバスティン氏だが、彼のフルネームは? ミルケ・ガンバスティン
What is the name of the dish composed of flan flesh filled with silver lobo meat? Flan fal'Cie 狩猟民族出身のシェフが開いたレストラン「もこもこ」の名物で、プリン類の皮にシルバリオの肉を詰めた料理とは? プリンのファルシ
What is the name of the elevator connecting Gran Pulse with Cocoon? Gran Elevator グラン=パルスとコクーンを結ぶエレベータの名前は? グラン=エレベータ
What is the name of the phenomenon that occurs on Gran Pulse due to the winds carrying away the sand? The Shimmering Sands phenomenon グラン=パルスにおいて、砂が巻き上げられて起こる大気の乱反射はなんと呼ばれる? 光砂現象
What is the orobon incapable of doing? Exploding into a pile of dust 次のうち、オロボンができないことは? 自爆して華々しく散る
What is the surname of the Sanctum representative Cid, former commander of the Cavalry? Raines コクーン時代、騎兵隊の司令官を務めた後、聖府の代表に就任したシド。彼の名字は? レインズ
What meat is used in the popular hunter's dish, 'Chef's Grudge'? Cooked tonberry tail ハンターの間で大人気の郷土料理「トンテキ」とはどういった料理? トンベリのしっぽ肉を焼いたもの
What mythology-based movie won the Tantalus Award for Best Film in 328 AF? 'From Etro with Love' 神話をモチーフとしたストーリーが高く評価され、AF328年アカデミアアワードで大賞を受賞した映画作品の名前は? エトロより愛をこめて
What popular game do kids play on the shores of New Bodhum? Hopscotch ネオ・ボーダムの子供の間で今流行している、砂浜ならではの遊びといえば? 陣取りごっこ
What project is being criticized by reformist groups for pushing Academia to become a closed city? Elimination of foreign trade アカデミアで「閉鎖性につながる」としておもに革新派からの批判にさらされている都市計画とは、いったいどれ? 外敵の即時排除
What topic is most touched upon in the modern history textbook of 400 AF? Paradox 「コクーン及びパルスの近現代史AF400年度版」で、最も多くのページが割かれているのは、セラたちにもかかわり深いこと。それは何? パラドクス
What type of flan was discovered in 150 AF and has since been popular among couples? Fetching flan AF150年頃に生息が確認され、恋人たちに人気が出たプリンの変種とは? ラブリープリン
What was Dajh's ability as a l'Cie? Sensing power of Pulse origin コクーン時代、コクーンのファルシによってルシにされたドッジ・カッツロイ。彼のルシとしての能力とは? パルスの存在を感知
What was the name of New Bodhum's soccer team, one of the few teams that participated in the first season on Gran Pulse in 4-5 AF? The Enterprise リーグ再開初年度となった04-05シーズンにグラン=パルスから初の加盟を果たしたネオ・ボーダムFC。その開拓精神から名付けられた彼らの愛称は? エンタープライズ
What was the name of the device used by Sanctum's elite soldiers that allowed one to control gravity? Grav-con Unit コクーン時代に優秀な軍人に支給されていた、高い場所から落下してもケガをしない、重力コントロール機器の名称は? グラビティギア
What was the name of the military squad led by Cid Raines? Rapid Response Team かつてシド・レインズが率いた、警備軍の精鋭を集めた遊撃部隊の名称は? 広域即応旅団
What was the name of the parade that was once held in Nautilus? Pompa Sancta かつて栄華を極めた歓楽都市ノーチラス、そこで連日開催されていたパレードの正式名称は? ポンパ・サンクタ
What was the name of the weapon used to shoot Cocoon's garbage into outer space? Megajunk cannon かつて処理しきれなくなったゴミを、コクーン外へ大砲で撃ち出す計画があった。その大砲の直球な仮称とは? メガ捨てキャノン
What was the reason Volcano Day was established? The eruption of Heaven's Mountains AF283年、火砕流によって多くの避難者を出し「怒れる山の日」制定のきっかけとなったできごととは? ヘブンマウンテン大噴火
What was the task of the government-operated PSICOM? Protecting Cocoon from Pulse コクーン時代に存在していた聖府軍による組織、PSICOMの役割とは? コクーンをパルスから防衛
What was the title of the bestselling book of 10 AF about a young girl and her transformation into a Cie'th? 'The Dark Brand' ルシ化した少女の苦悩を描いた、AF10年のベストセラーの題名は? 黒い烙印
What water sport requires athletes to wear floats on their legs as they fight over a flag? Waterstrike 両足に浮き袋をつけて水上でフラッグを奪い合うマリンスポーツをなんという? マリンストライク
When Serah became a l'Cie, she hid her brand with a bandage. Where on her body did the brand appear? Left upper arm セラがルシになった際、ルシの烙印を隠すために包帯を巻いた。ではこの烙印、身体のどこに現れていた? 左の二の腕
When Snow became a l'Cie, where did the brand appear? Left arm スノウ・ヴィリアースがルシになった際、ルシの烙印は身体のどこに現れていた? 左腕
When soldiers say, 'You're a real ochu!' what do they mean? I can count on you 兵士たちのスラングで「オチュー野郎」は、その語感とは裏腹にポジティブな意味である。さて、その意味とは? 頼りになる
When the Academy discovered the crystal pillar was in bad condition, what solution did they come up with to try and secure living space? Build a new Cocoon コクーンを支えるクリスタルの状態の悪化を知ったアカデミーが新たな居住空間の確保方法として提案したのは、次のうちどれ? 人工のコクーンを作る
Where is the ideal place to raise a chocobo chick? Humid plains ひなチョコボを飼うために最も理想的な環境は、次のうちどれ? 湿度が高くあたたかい茂みの中
Where was Proto fal'Cie Adam created? Augusta Tower デミ・ファルシ=アダムが建造された施設で、故郷ともいえる場所はどこ? アガスティタワー
Which activity is based on the architecture of Academia and immensely popular among the teens? Free fall アカデミアの構造を利用した若者に人気のアトラクションは? フリーフォール
Which architect designed the congress hall founded in the capital city of Eden? Augustio Camille コクーンの首都だったエデンの議事堂を建設した建築家の名前は? アグスティオ・カミコクリョ
Which invaluable ore is sought after by miners everywhere? Uraninite 大変高価なため、発掘隊がこぞって発掘しようとしている鉱石は次のうちどれ? 閃ウラン鉱
Which monster wields the Centaurion Blade? Immortal 飛燕剣を持っている魔物はどれ? バーサーカー
Which movie portraying a couple torn apart by the Purge won the Tantalus Award for Best Film? 'My Gran Pulse Lover' 今年トップアカデミア賞を受賞した、コクーンとパルスに引き裂かれたカップルを描いた映画のタイトルは? グラン=パルスのあいつ
Which of the following did not occur directly after the publication of Woolrich's novel 'Humans Belong to the Fal'Cie'? It became a bestseller 旧コクーン時代に発行されたG・ウーリッチの「人はファルシの家畜」の発表後、すぐに起きたことでないものは次のうちどれ? 大ベストセラーになった
Which of the following is not programmed into the sunglasses of the Serendipity card dealers? X-ray vision 逸楽の宮殿ザナドゥのディーラーたちがかけているサングラスに搭載されていない機能は、次のうちどれ? 服が透けて見える
Which regiment was Lightning assigned to when she was in the military? Bodhum Security Regiment ライトニングが、軍人だった時に配属されていたのはどこ? ボーダム治安連隊
Who is the distinguished economist who said, 'Humans are merely animals that earn gil'? Gilmay Erskine 「人間はギルを稼ぐ動物である」という言葉を遺した著名な経済学者はギルロイ・アースキンだが、彼の息子の名前は? ギルメイ・アースキン
Who used to live in Oerba? Fang かつて、ヲルバ郷に住んでいた人物といえば、誰? ファング
Whose life revolves around collecting data on monsters? Dr. M さまざまなモンスターの情報をデータベースに収めることが生きがいの人物といえば? ドクターM
Why was the piece 'Cocoon and the Five Moons' stripped of its title for first prize in the 35th Academia Photo Exhibition? It was digitally altered 第35回アカデミア写真展で金賞を取った作品「コクーンと5つの月」は、その後受賞を取り消されたが、理由はなぜ? 合成が発覚した

ニュータウン (南) / New Town South Terminal

ニュータウン (南) / New Town South Terminal
Question Answer 質問 答え
Who is the cute mascot of the popular game show 'Cue This'? Cuebat 人気クイズ番組「バッタン☆Q」で、問題を出すマスコットモンスター。番組名からきている、その名前は? キューバット
Every few centuries, the light emitted by the fal'Cie Phoenix will flicker, causing a moment of darkness. What is this phenomenon called? Flames of Rebirth 数百年に一度、ファルシ=フェニックスが明滅し一時的に見えなくなる現象の通称は? 転生の炎
What is the hit song of Bombtanians, Cocoon's all-violin band known for their melancholy sound? 'Beautiful Ballad' 物悲しいサウンドで人気となった、コクーンのバイオリニストバンド「レミングス」の最大のヒットソングのタイトル名は? ラブパラバラード
Who is known as the world's best weaponsmith that designs and creates the finest swords known to man? Masamune おもに刀剣の設計を手がけ、その切れ味は世界最高といわれる武器職人といえば? マサムネ
Which stupidly strong alcoholic beverage known to 'taste like death' is popular among the elderly? Cie'th Killer 年配層に圧倒的人気を誇る、温めるとおいしいアルコール飲料。「あまりの強さに死人も殺す」といわれるその銘柄は? シ骸ころし
Who was the first female prime minister to represent the Sanctum? Ivory Marilla コクーン初の女性宰相となった聖府代表の名前は? アイオリー・マリリア
Red or black? Vertical = X/A

Horizontal = Circle/B

ラッキー問題です、赤に賭けるか、黒に賭けるか? 縦並びなら黒


When a woman calls someone a 'chocobo feather man,' what does she mean? Someone who won't commit 女性が男性に対して使う「チョコボの羽のような人」、その意味は? なかなかつかまらない人
In 400 AF Academia, the term 'paradigm shift' is used by office workers everywhere. What does it refer to? Reshuffling staff AF400年代アカデミアでは、デスクワークの場でも「パラダイムシフト」という言葉が使われている。具体的にはどんなことをしている? 人材の配置換え
What takes place at the annual Gran Pulse festival La Prettina, an event that celebrates the coming of spring? People throw flan at one another 春を祝うために行われるグラン=パルスのイベント「ラ・プリティーナ」の内容とは? プリンを投げ合う
The hunters of the Steppe love their flan. What part of the flan must be removed in order to ensure no poison is left in the creature? Liver 大平原の狩人の主食であるプリン。それまでにプリンが食べたものが合成された猛毒を蓄積しているため、調理の際に取り除かないとならない部位は?
The Cocoon Firefly discovered on Pulse does not exist on Cocoon. How did it get its name? To remember Cocoon パルスで発見された「コクーンホタル」は、実際にはコクーンには生息していない。それなのにコクーンと名づけられた理由は? コクーンへの郷愁
The National Weather Service controlled Cocoon's weather and what? Seasons コクーンにおける天候は聖府気象管理局の管轄だったが、「天候」以外に管理していたのは? 四季
The communication game 'Choco-Bomb' is a favorite among the students of Academia. What was the original name of the game as it underwent development? 'On the Choco-Brink' アカデミアの学生の間で大人気のコミュニケーションゲーム「チョコボン」は開発当初、大量のチョコボで敵を全滅させるゲームだった。さて、その名前は? 絶滅チョコボ部隊
What silver-colored invaluable ore used to be found on Haerii? Platinum 古代グラン=パルスにあったハリの都で、最も重宝された白金色の好物とは? プラチナ
In the story 'Three Little Microchus,' what did the youngest use to build his house? Stone 童話「3匹のコチュー」で三男坊が作り、ベヒーモスにも負けなかった家は何製? じょうぶな岩
The most common variety of cactuar is used for cooking. What color is it? Green サボテンダーの中で、最も一般的な色のものは食材としても重宝されている。では、その色は何色? 緑色
Marion, the main character of the show 'Black Gloves,' has split personality disorder. He has two occupations: a cold-blooded assassin and what else? Hairdresser 人気ドラマ「ブラック・グローブ」の主人公は表と裏の顔を持ている。一方はクールな殺し屋だが、鏡を使うもうひとつの職業とは? 美容師
Which of the following has never been weighed? Cocoon このなかで、測定不可能だったため重さがわかっていないのは? コクーン
The Flying Tortoise was Bodhum's most famous hotel that was booked till the end of time. What was the attraction that made the resort so popular? An aerial hot tub 臨海都市ボーダムで予約困難だったリゾートホテル「フライングタイマイ」。リラックス効果を求めて、宿泊客の99%が利用するこのホテルの名物といえば? 空中露天風呂
As the people were released from fal'Cie rule, many strove to find a new god. What is the design of the god worshiped by those left on Cocoon based on? Crystal pillar ファルシから自由になった人類だが、心のよりどころを求め新たに宗教も乱立した。その中で、コクーンにとどまった人々の間で人気の神は何がモチーフになっている? クリスタルの柱
What is the main reason for the seldomly occurring vehicular accidents in Academia? Human error 高度に発達した新都アカデミアの交通事情。それでも起きてしまう事故の原因ランキングトップは、おそらく永遠になくならないものといわれている。はたしてそれは何? 人間の不注意
While the transportation system was being redeveloped, how were goods delivered to and from Cocoon? Military jets 物質転送システムが再整備されるまでの間、地上からの物資を運んでコクーン復旧を支えた物資運搬技術とは? 軍用機による航空運搬
Around 150 AF, what accessory inspired by Cocoon's pillar was worn by people everywhere as a symbol of friendship? Cocoon charm bracelet AF150年頃、コクーンを支えるクリスタルの柱にまつわる伝説をモチーフにして、友情のあかしとして持つのがブームになったアクセサリとは? コクーンチャーム
What was the name of the scandal involving the provisional government and blank documents? Blank sheet incident 聖府にかわって発足した臨時政府を揺るがした、大スキャンダル。関係するすべての書類がまっ白だったことから名前のついた、その事件といえば? 白紙事件
The women of Academia are raving about a new powder foundation called Adam. What is the main ingredient of this product? Adamantoise fang アカデミアの女性の間で話題となっている化粧品「アダム」はあるものをパウダー状にしたものだが、その原材料は? アダマンタイマイの牙
Why does the owner of Curious refuse to sell the pair of shoes on display in the front window? They're both made for the right foot パルムポルムに本社があるブランドショップ「キュリウス」のショーウィンドウに飾られた靴は絶対非売品。売れば重大なミスが明らかになるという、そのわけとは? 実はふたつとも右足用だから
What was the name of the act performed by the comedic duo Thousand Giggles in Academia 380 AF? Count Cactuar AF380年のアカデミアのお笑い芸人ナンバーワンを決めるW-1グランプリの優勝者で「サボテンダンス」が持ちネタのコンビとは? サボテン子爵
What is the energy drink made from gysahl greens? Kweh! ギザールの野菜をすり潰した栄養ドリンク、商品名は? クェェェェェッシュ!
What monster toy can only be purchased in the Steppe? Cactuar カーバンクル、チョコボなど、各地でおみやげ品として販売されているマスコットのぬいぐるみ。大平原のおみやげで人気の品は? サボテンダー
Odds or evens? Vertical = Triangle/Y

Horizontal = Circle/B

ラッキー問題です、丁か半か! 縦並びなら半


Those with big appetites go to the restaurant Edenwalker for which dish? The BBQ sheep challenge レストランチェーン「エデンウォーカー」の人気ナンバーワンメニュー。腹ぺこの学生も大満足のそのメニューとは? 塩チャーシューキング盛り
What phrase became popular thanks to the popular anime 'The Mog Team'? Hasta la vista, kupo! 人気番組「爆裂 モーグリ一味」の合言葉で、AF50年最大の流行語となったのは? おばんですクポ!
Which extravagant bottle of alcohol, known as PN, is popular among celebrities for its rich, deep flavor? Pinot Noel 香り高く深みのある味わいで、コクーンのセレブをうならせる高級果実酒、通称「MM」とはどれのこと? ミー・ミル
What is the main ingredient of phantom honey, a condiment with a rather pungent smell? Ochu flower honey 強烈なニオイで一部のマニアに好評の「幻のはちみつ」の正体とは? オチューの頭に咲いた花の蜜
In Academia's popular women's magazine, what is the number one attribute to look for in a man? Academy job アカデミアの女性誌の人気特集「モテ男の条件」でランキングトップに輝いた、堅実な要素とは? アカデミー勤務
As the population of Gran Pulse increased, what business took off? Private military companies グラン=パルスに移住者が増えたことにより、コクーン時代にはありえなかった企業が台頭した。その企業とは? 民間軍事会社
Heads or tails? Vertical = Triangle/Y

Horizontal = Square/X

ラッキー問題です、コインを投げたら、表か裏か? 縦並びなら表


How do flan reproduce? They duplicate モンスター「プリン」はどうやって繁殖する? 分裂で増える
The Sanctum army tried to create a bioweapon using a mu, but realized enemy soldiers wouldn't take it seriously for which reason? They were too adorable 旧コクーン聖府軍が試作した軍用獣「ムー」は、最悪の失敗兵器と呼ばれてた。兵士をなごませすぎて、やる気をそいだその問題点とは? かわいすぎる外見
After the annual singing competition, people shower each other with an alcoholic beverage to celebrate the new year. What is the name of this beverage created using chocobos' favorite vegetable? Mimett 歌合戦の後は酒をかけあって新年を祝う。チョコボが好きな野菜から造られる、この酒の名前は? ミメット
Around 20 AF, higher-ups of the provisional government and the Academy butted heads, leading to the disappearance of a key person. How did they refer to this period? The Dark War AF20年代初頭、旧暫定政府とアカデミー上層部の間で権力をめぐって静かな対立が起き、重要人物の失踪が相次いだ。この時期のことをなんと呼ぶ? 暗い戦争
What New Bodhum specialty uses fresh seafood? Sahagin Jerky 地元の海の素材を活かした、ネオ・ボーダムの名産品は? サハギンの干物
In 2 AF, what did the civilians create to signify their independence from the fal'Cie? An oath of autonomy 人々の手によってAF2年に作られた、ファルシに頼らないことを誓った宣言とは? 自主自立の誓い
What natural material is used to build the solid outer shell of the new Cocoon? Adamantoise shell 人工コクーンの外骨格で、特に硬度が必要な部分に使われる天然素材とはどれ? アダマンタイマイの甲殻
Subject Zero was the first experimental subject to undergo the duplicate creation process. Because they didn't have the technology to create synthetic flesh at the time, which of the following was used as the test subject? A behemoth bioweapon デュプリケートの開発当初は肉体を生成する技術がなかったため、あるものに精神のコピーをインストールして生体実験をしていた。コードネーム「零式」といわれた被験体の正体とは? ベヒーモス型軍用獣
Mythril Hearts Co. is famous for their mythril accessories. Which creepy-yet-fashionable accessory is the most popular? Oneiric Bangle ミスリルアクセサリーで有名なミスリルハーツ社、おどろおどろしい意匠で一番人気の商品は? ナイトメアバングル
What is the name of the beverage created using the water from Sunleth Waterscape? Sunleth's Legend コクーンの飲料メーカーがサンレス水郷の水をボトリングして売り出した、その商品名は? サンレスの天然水
As Serah and Noel appeared in the past time and time again, what research project received lots of funding and donations? Moogle throw simulator セラたちが歴史に現れるたび、彼らを記録していたアカデミーが世代を超えて完成させた研究の中で、発掘調査に多大な寄与をしたシステムとは? モーグリ投げシミュレーター
What multi-colored artificial forest is registered as a Sanctum heritage site? Bifrost Forest 虹色にきらめく美しさを認定され、コクーン聖府遺産に登録されていた人工森林はどれ? ビフレスト森林
What dish can only be made in Sunleth from ingredients found in that region? Patroller's weed salad サンレス水郷でしか作れない、ある料理とは? ヌシの背中の野草のサラダ
Where is hoax herb, a plant not readily spotted by hikers, generally found? Yaschas Massif 素人には見分けが難しい「ごまかしハーブ」。登山のプロだけが見分けられるというこの植物、おもにどこにある? ヤシャス山
The baghorn is an instrument used in Nautilus's parade. Why is this instrument so hard to make? The intricate carvings require too much work ノーチラスのパレードで使われていた楽器、バグホルン。コクーン崩壊後、新たに作るのが難しくなった理由とは? 模様を彫る職人がいない
During their journey, when did Mog decide he needed to go on a diet? When Serah had trouble swinging her sword 旅をするようになってから、モーグリがダイエットを決意した瞬間とはいつ? セラが剣を振るタイミングが遅れた
What incredible new species of cactuar did professor Oga Wan discover during his years of research? The long-necked cactuar サボテンダー族研究の権威、オガ・ワン教授が発見したありえない新種のサボテンダー。深い穴の底から、頭だけ出す彼らの名称とは? クビナガサボテンダー
How did the chocobo breed Wild Broom get its name? Coat チョコボの品種のひとつ「ワイルドブルーム(野生のホウキ)」の名前の由来は? 房毛
The skyscraper's observation deck in Academia was built on a floor based on the incident of 100 AF. What floor is it on? 132nd floor アカデミアの超高層ビルの展望台は、AF100年代にあった事件の年号にちなんだ階に作られた。さて、それは何階? 132階
In the Chocobo of the Year contest that determines the best chocobo in the world, the chocobos are ranked based on speed and what else? Grace 世界一のチョコボを決めるためのレースを行うチョコボ・オブ・ザ・イヤーは、チョコボのスピードと何を競う大会? 走る姿の優美さ
Many people gather at Yaschas Massif to watch the sunrise. What is a necessary item to have in your possession when walking along the dangerous monster-infested path at night? Something that emits light 日の出を眺めるスポットとして名高いヤシャス山。魔物の危険をかえりみず、その夜道を歩こうとする人々の必須アイテムとは? 光を放つもの
What is the relationship between the two runners who placed first in the 106th Eden Marathon thanks to their unbreakable bond? Rivals 第106回エデン聖都マラソンで1位に同時入賞し、愛の力を見せつけたふたりのランナーの関係は? 恋のライバル
The Sabbath is an event where people gather to watch monsters dance and frolic. Which is the best dancer of them all? Succubus 知る人ぞ知るアングライベント「サバト」。モンスターを眺める怪しい会だが、この中でいちばんダンスが上手なのは? サキュバス
What part of the weapon does Mog's bobble become? A decorative jewel きらきら光るモーグリのボンボン。武器に変身した時は、どこについている?
What is the common name for the Helix breshantha, a conch shell found only in the Bresha region? Soilentoise 遺跡調査中のビルジ地方に特有の巻き貝、学名「ヘリックス・ビルジエンサ」の通名はどれ? ソイレントマイマイ
In 320 AF, what city was voted the best place to live by Academy scientists? Academia アカデミー研究生が選ぶ「いちばん住みたい街ベスト10」AF320年度第1位に輝いたのは次のうちどれ? アカデミア
In Sazanbar Cape, one of the famous tourist spots in New Bodhum, what contest is held that is painful to watch? Student poetry reading ネオ・ボーダムの観光名所、サザンバル岬で毎年行われる「見ているほうが恥ずかしくなる」大会とは? ポエム大声朗読会
How did the Academy revamp their program in order to provide more opportunities for the less fortunate? They improved their scholarship programs AF10年代後半、苦学生を中心に起きた革命運動によってアカデミーはより開かれた機関となった。その革命とはどんなもの? 奨学金の充実
What vehicle does Hecatoncheir transform into in gestalt mode? Magitek Armor ヘカトンケイルのドライビングモードはなんと呼ばれる乗り物の形をしている? 魔導アーマー
Raucous cheese looks vile and has a pungent smell unlike anything else. What is it made from? Behemoth milk 強烈な味で一見くさっているようにも見える「おたけびチーズ」。実際は何からできている? ベヒーモスの乳
What is the title of the dark fantasy show based on this world? 'Highway to the Chaos Zone' この世界によく似た時空を舞台にした、大人気ダークファンタジー学園ドラマのタイトルは? 零式 ~アギト~
Who is the chairman of Academia's amateur wrestling league, who was once and still claims to be one of the smallest but best wrestlers in the world? Masked Microchu アカデミアアマレスリーグの名誉会長を務め、自身も生涯現役を誓う選手。アマレス史上、最も小柄な彼のリングネームは? コチューリキ
Pick a hand! Odd number questions = Left/Square/X

Even number questions = Right/Circle/B

ラッキー問題です、アメが入ってるのはどっちの手? 問題番号が偶数:左が正解


4D fireworks are used for ceremonies. Besides sight and hearing, what other sense does it stimulate? Smell セレモニーで使用される「4D花火」視覚・聴覚以外に訴える感覚があることからこの名称がついたが、それは次のうちどれ? 嗅覚
Who was the girl that won the 41st Junior Sports Hunting Championship with a perfect score? Elle Larskin 第41回ジュニアスポーツハンティング大会で大会史上唯一の「50匹狩り(パーフェクト)」を達成した少女は? エリシア・ラースキン
When someone with a pure heart rides a chocobo, heavenly music rings in their ears. The sound comes from which part of the chocobo? Chest feathers チョコボに乗った時、心のきれいな人にだけ聞こえるといわれる至上の音楽、実際はチョコボの胸の空洞を活かし、ある場所が震えることで鳴っているが、それはどこ? 胸羽根
What new breed of flan look young throughout their entire lives but grow in size as they age? Ginorminiflan プリン族研究の権威、アユ・ベージ教授が発見し、幼い頃の容姿のまま大きく成長する新種のプリンにつけた名前は? デカチビプリン
What is the main ingredient of exquisite maple honey, a sugary sweet condiment, said to be developed from crystals? Sunleth tree sap 極上の甘みを持つエクストラメープル。クリスタルが育てたともいわれるこのメープル、原料は? サンレス水郷の紅葉の樹液
Which boomerang brand is the most popular among those hunt for sport? Airwing スポーツハンティング用のブーメランとして有名で最も売れているのは、次のうちどれ? エアウィング
What new service is provided by the Chocobo Delivery Service? Surprise deliveries コクーンで人気沸騰中、チョコボ急便の新サービスは? チョコっとサプライズ

エントランス / Entrance (Grand Avenue Terminal)

エントランス / Entrance (Grand Avenue Terminal)
Question Answer 質問 答え
An Academy scientist wrote a thesis proving some monsters are rattled by what certain human action? Tsking at it 魔物に出会った時「あること」をした結果を見て「一種の魔物はメンタルが弱い」という論文を出した研究員がいる。その「あること」とはいったい何? 舌打ち
Before the crystal pillar appeared, in what state was Cocoon? Floating in midair due to the fal'Cie's powers 現在は巨大なクリスタルに支えられているコクーン。では、その前はどんな姿だった? ファルシの力で空に浮かんでいた
Being oblivious to small, everyday occurrences is called a 'tonberry's what'? Stealthy walk ことわざ問題。日々の変化にはなかなか気付けないことを「トンベリの『何』」と言う? 勇み足
Fireworks were created by a Bodhum resident who used explosives for work. What was his occupation? Miner ネオ・ボーダム名物となったスーパー花火。仕事で使う火薬をもとに発明されたというが、発明者の職業とは? 採掘
How does a tonberry carry its knife? It carries it in its left hand 包丁を携帯しているモンスター、トンベリ。さて、どう持っている? 左手に握っている
How does Hope's Eidolon, Alexander, make his exit? Breathes fire and flies away ホープの召喚獣、アレキサンダー。帰還する時、どうやって去っていく? 炎を噴射して飛び立つ
In 0 AF, monster figurines became popular on Cocoon. Which monsters were the most popular? Triffid and mandrake AFゼロ年代、コクーンに残った人々の間で、モンスターのフィギュアを飾って大自然を感じるのが大流行。中でも目にやさしいとして人気の組み合わせは? トリフィドとマンドレイク
In 1 AF, an old flanbanero flower was discovered in crystal. The color was a cross between crystal and a flanbanero. What was the color? Muddy violet AF1年、ヤシャス山でクリスタルの塊の中から発見された、ハバネロの祖先の花の色。クリスタルとハバネロの色が混ざったようなその色とは? 毒々しい紫色
In 2 AF, an air shuttle became available in the Yaschas Massif. What are the condensation trails of the shuttles that were named after shooting stars called? Comet trails AF2年に開通した、ヤシャス山上空をめぐる航空期間。その船体から出力される軌跡を流星にたとえてつけられた愛称は? コメットライン
In 20 AF, which region was crawling with bounty hunters due to the growing number of monsters in the area? Bresha Ruins AF20年にパラドクスの拡大により魔物が増え、解決に懸賞がかけられたため、傭兵や学者が多数押し寄せた場所は? ビルジ遺跡
In Noel's world, the earth was barren and there was little sign of life. What did his people use to build their homes? Scraps 大地が死の砂に覆われ、植物もほぼ死に絶えたノエルの時代、彼の一族はどんなもので住居を作っていた? 旧時代の廃材
In Sunleth Waterscape 400 AF, which monster showed intelligence by traveling in packs? Flan AF400年、サンレス水郷にて知性を持ち集団行動をしたなどで注目された生物は? プリン
In the film 'MI: Sahagin,' what does the hero use to get past the security system without alerting his enemies? Deceptisol 昨年公開されたスパイ映画「敏腕スパイ~サハギンの苦悩~」。主人公が敵に気づかれず警備網をかいくぐる時に使う道具は? スニークスモーク
Hyperion is the fastest competitor in the chocobo races. Which of the following did he recently beat in a race? An airbike チョコボレース史上最強といわれる「トウホウフハイ」の速さは何を抜いた? エアバイク
In what region of Gran Pulse can the ruins of Paddra be found? Yaschas Massif 古代グラン=パルスで栄華を誇った都市、パドラ。その遺跡がある山の名前は? ヤシャス山
Jones is an infamous treasure hunter who always seems to engulf his discoveries in flames and fail in his excursions. What kind of weapon does he wield? A flamethrower 有名なトレジャーハンターでありながら、いつも発掘品を焼きつくしてしまい、失敗に終わるジョーンズ氏。その所持武器は? 火炎放射器
Kaltz produced a line of shoes that allowed people to walk on water. Although the product was recalled several times, the current product is flawless. What is the name of the product? Floaters 水の上を走れるというカルツ社の新製品。幾度かの回収騒ぎを経て改良されたその商品名は? 真フロートシューズ
Mixing soda water and what prompts sweating and is great for increasing one's metabolism? Flanbanero juice 最近お腹の脂肪が気になる中年層に、ソーダのある飲み方がブームになっている。激辛味で発汗をうながすという、その飲み方とは? ハバネロのしずく割り
Of all the chocobo race urban legends, which one is said to possibly be true? A prisoner won the race and he and his group were pardoned 数あるチョコボレースの都市伝説のうち、時空の彼方で実際に起こったといわれるものはどれ? レースに勝って解放された囚人がいる
Of all the chocobo toys sold in Nautilus, there are rare ones called Happy Chocobos. What creepy characteristic makes it different from other toys? Its eyes are bloodshot 歓楽都市ノーチラスで売られているチョコボぬいぐるみには、ハッピーチョコボなる隠れバージョンがある。はじめは不気味がられたという、その特徴とは? 目が血走っている
Of the many cactuar dolls, which is deemed the cutest by customers? Cactuarina doll 種類が多く出回るサボテンダー人形のうち、かわいらしいとの理由で特に人気があるのは? サボティナ人形
On Cocoon, what Bodhum event was know to grant everyone's wishes? Fireworks Festival コクーン時代、臨海都市ボーダムで行われ、願いごとがかなうと言われていた行事といえば? 花火大会
On what body part does Lightning don her white feathers? Hips ヴァルハラで戦うライトニングは白い羽をあしらった鎧を身につけているが、その羽飾りの位置はどこ?
On what part of his body does Odin wear his cape? Over his right shoulder ライトニングの召喚獣、オーディン。どの部分にマントを身につけている? 右肩に羽織っている
Since the massive relocation to Gran Pulse, a world much less peaceful than Cocoon, which item has considerably risen in sales? Potions 危険なグラン=パルスへの移民が増えて以降、急激に売り上げが伸びた商品のうち、誰もが使うため最も売れたのは次のうちどれ? ポーション
Stage actor John Barker is a less-than-handsome man who is always late for rehearsals. What flimsy excuse does he use as the reason for his tardiness? An ochu was flirting with me 遅刻ばかりして共演者に嫌われることで有名な、舞台俳優のチェン・バッカー。およそモテそうにない彼が、いつも使うバレバレな言い訳は? オチューにナンパされちゃって
The airline providing flights between Cocoon and Gran Pulse came up with a special offer that proved disastrous because of its name. What did they call? Smile and say 'Purge' コクーンとグラン=パルスを結ぶ航空会社が利用客増加を狙ったものの、ネーミングの失敗で大赤字となったキャンペーンとは? ニコニコ下界めぐり
The annual Gysahl Cup that presents the winner with more gysahl greens than it can eat in a lifetime was held every year except for one. Why wasn't it held in 394 AF? Lack of gysahl greens 年に一度の一大チョコボレース、ギザール賞。優勝チョコボには腹いっぱいのギザールの野菜がふるまわれるこの賞がAF394年の1回だけ開催できなかった理由とは? ギザールの野菜の不作
The ATB gauge fills up during battle. What does ATB stand for? Active Time Battle バトル中にたまっていくATBゲージ。では、ATBとはなんの略? ActiveTimeBattle
The Caldana root of the Steppe is an invaluable plant of which reason? They contain salt that can be extracted 大平原に広く群生する、カルダナ草。これが特に暑い時期、栄養源として重宝される理由とは? 塩分が取れる
The cost of the most expensive fireworks used at Bodhum's fireworks show is equal to the population on Cocoon at its highest. How much is that? Approximately 20,000,000 gil ボーダム花火大会で使用された最も高い花火の値段は、旧コクーンの最大人口にも匹敵する数字だという。さて、その値段とは? 数千万ギル
The tonberry parent became a social phenomenon in 300 AF. What kind of parents does the phrase refer to? Those who wield knives when talking to teachers AF300年代なかばに社会問題となった「トンベリペアレント」とはいったいどんな人のこと? 学校にうらみを抱き包丁を持って怒鳴り込む
Two sisters work in Serendipity as casino staff. How does the younger sister describe her older sibling? Shy 逸楽の宮殿サナドゥには、姉妹で勤めているチョコボガールがいる。さて、この中で妹の姉に対する評価は? 恥ずかしがり
What caffeine-filled snack was popular among the Academy scientists of 10 AF? Bobblicious 眠気覚ましの効果があるため、AF10年にアカデミー研究員の間で大流行したスイーツの名前は? ぷちぷちプリン
What color is Snow's hair? Blond スノウの髪の色は? ブロンド
What does Noel have equipped on his left hand? Black armlet ノエルがいつも左手に装着しているものは? 黒い小手
What does Snow's Eidolon, Shiva, transform into in gestalt mode? Bike スノウの召喚獣、シヴァ。ドライビングモード時に変形する姿は? バイク
What does Vanille lovingly call her Eidolon, Hecatoncheir? Hecaton ヴァニラの召喚獣、ヘカトンケイル。ヴァニラにつけられた愛称は? ヘカトン
What does Yuj think of Serah's outfit that seemed to appear out of nowhere? Stylin' 時空の狭間から現れた、セラの衣装。NORAのファッションリーダー、ユージュの感想は? オシャレ
What facility was created on ancient Pulse by the fal'Cie to protect the people from intruders? The Ark 古代グラン=パルスで、外なる世界からの襲撃に備えるためファルシが造り出した軍用施設の名前は? アーク
What happens to Fang's Eidolon, Bahamut, in gestalt mode? It flies with Fang on its back ファングの召喚獣、バハムート。ドライビングモード発動時にとる行動は? 背中にファングを乗せて飛ぶ
What is Noel's weapon of choice? Two swords ノエルは戦う時、どんな武器を使用する? 双剣
What is the best university on Cocoon? Eden Central かつてコクーンの大学で最難関とされた首都の大学の名前は? エデン・セントラル大学
What is the creature shown on the giant roulette wheel in the central area of Serendipity? Carbuncle 逸楽の宮殿ザナドゥの広場にある巨大なルーレット。その中心にあるホロポスターに載っているものはどれ? カーバンクル
What is the defensive paradigm that's useful when the party's HP is low? Solidarity 敵と戦う際、味方の体力が少なく安全性を重視する場合に向いているパラダイムシフトは、次のうちどれ? 勝利への決意
What is the first line of the duet 'Nautilus Yearning,' a song about the city that never sleeps? The neon lights shine brightly 光あふれる歓楽街の夜を歌った往年のデュエットソング「ノーチラス慕情」の歌い出しは「○○○○歓楽の街」。○○に入る歌詞は? ネオンまたたく
What liquid used in perfumes can be extracted from noctilucale and crawlers? Fragrant oil ノクチルカ、クロウラーなどから採取でき、香水の原料にもなる、液状の成分といえば? 芳香の油
What move was invented by Cocoon's 13th boxing champion? Goblin Roll コクーン13代目ボクシングチャンピオンの得意技につけられた愛称は? ゴブリンロール
What role is Serah capable of? Commando 次のうち、セラが使用できるロールは? アタッカー
What title was awarded to the winner of New Bodhum's swimming competition? Speedy Sahagin ネオ・ボーダムで行われる水泳大会。昨年の優勝者につけられたキャッチコピーは? 音速のサハギン
Which creature has white fangs? Ahriman この中で、白い牙があるのは? アーリマン
What was Lightning's rank when she was in the Guardian Corps of Bodhum? Sergeant コクーン時代、臨海都市ボーダムにて警備軍に所属していたライトニング。その階級は? 軍曹
What was the name of the mission to drive out the inhabitants of Bodhum when a Pulse fal'Cie was discovered? The Purge コクーン時代に、臨海都市ボーダムでパルスのファルシが発見された際、聖府が発表した追放を意味する政策の名称は? パージ
With the fal'Cie no longer in power, the delivery system came to a halt. How was Palumpolum able to resume commercial activity so quickly? Abundance of goods コクーンのファルシが休眠した当時、物資転送システムが停止したにもかかわらず、商業都市パルムポルムは、いちはやく商業活動を再開できたのはなぜ? もともと店頭での販売を行っていたため
What was the PSICOM weapon used in the battle at the Hanging Edge? Manasvin Warmech コクーン時代、パージが実行されたハングドエッジ戦線に導入されたPSICOMの兵器といえば? 重攻撃騎マナスヴィン
What weapon did the Sanctum army bestow upon their skilled soldiers? Blazefire Saber コクーン時代、聖府軍が優秀な兵士に優先して支給していた武器といえば? ブレイズエッジ
What weapons does Mog transform into for Serah's use? Bowsword 武器に変身して、セラと戦うモーグリ。さて、どんな武器になる? 弓剣
When Cocoon residents relocated to Gran Pulse, what dish became widely popular as a way to diminish the natural smell of Pulse ingredients? Curry コクーンからパルスに移住した市民の間で、パルスの食材のニオイを抑えるため爆発的に流行した料理とは? カレー
Where are Eidolons said to be from? Valhalla 召喚獣の故郷だといわれている場所はどこ? ヴァルハラ
Which Academy team was ordered to investigate the disturbance in the Vile Peaks in 10 AF? Blitz Squadron AF10年、アカデミーがヴァイルピークスの時空間の歪みの調査に派遣した、精鋭調査チームの名前は? ブリッツ隊
Which creature has large eyes? Neochu この中で、目がぱっちりしているのは? ネオチュー
What refreshment do chocobo race contestants drink before their race? Chocobo XS チョコボレースに出場するチョコボが、レース前に飲ませられることのあるドリンクとは? チョコナミン
Which creature has sharp claws? Silver lobo この中で、とがった爪があるのは? シルバリオ
Which creature has the longest legs? Shaolong gui この中で、最も足が長いのは? シャオロングイ
Which event was the most popular at Nautilus Park? The hologram dance parade コクーン時代、ノーチラス・パークで人気があったイベントとはどんなもの? 立体映像のダンスパレード
Which is not an arthropod creature that appears from the Void Beyond? Meonekton 時の狭間から現れる、節足の魔物たち。この中で、仲間はずれは? メイオベントス
Which monster is not found on the slot machine reels in Serendipity? Flan 逸楽の宮殿ザナドゥで遊べるスロットマシンの絵柄にないのは? プリン
Which of the following is coarse? Scalebeast's back この中で、さわると硬いのは? スケイルビーストの背中
Which of the following is the highest quality wool? Fluffy wool 羊から採取でき、衣料品などに使われるウール。次のうち、最高級のウールはどれ? もこもこウール
Which of the following will not be sold at Chocobo's Fashions, which is scheduled to open next year? Hermes' Shoes 来年オープン予定のショップ、チョコボ用品店「ファッションセンターチョコボ」で販売予定のないものは? エルメスの靴
Which role allows you to heal yourself and your allies instead of attacking the enemy? Medic パラダイムシフトで選べるロールのうち、自分や仲間を回復し、敵への攻撃を行わないものをなんという? ヒーラー
Which role allows you to strengthen your allies by infusing their attacks with elemental power? Synergist パラダイムシフトで選べるロールのうち、味方の強化を行い、攻撃に属性を付加できるものをなんという? エンハンサー
Why do people visit the small cottage on the icy terrain of Rudka? To see the rainbow-colored mustache of a local ルドカ氷山の山小屋にはここでしか見られない不思議な名物がある。ちょっとむさくるしいこの名物とは? 七色に光る親父の長いヒゲ
Noel's clothes are tailored to withstand a severe lifestyle. How is this done? Multiple threads are embroidered through his clothes ノエルの装束の模様は、厳しい生活の中でぼろぼろになりにくいよう、補強の意味を兼ねている。さて、その制作手法とは? 多彩な糸で刺繍してある

グランアベニュー 入り口広場 / Grand Avenue Terminal

グランアベニュー 入り口広場 / Grand Avenue Terminal
Question Answer 質問 答え
What is one way Serah and Noel use Mog to retrieve treasure that's out of reach? They throw Mog at it セラとノエルが、モーグリにトレジャーボックスを回収してもらう時に行うことのひとつとは? モーグリを投げる
Lebreau is skilled in cooking and fighting. How does she train to be such a great warrior? She works out using kitchen utensils 料理だけではなく、戦闘能力も高いレブロ。彼女の腕前は、何で鍛えられた? フライパンをふるう
During the Sanctum rule, the film 'Free Will' was banned due to a scene filled with what kind of questionable content? Becoming a Cie'th by will コクーン聖府の統治時代、倫理上の理由で公開禁止になった社会派映画「フリーウィル」で問題とされたシーンは? 使命を拒絶し、あえてシ骸となった
How does Sazh refer to Lightning? Lightning サッズは、ライトニングのことをどう呼んでいる? 姉ちゃん
In Academia 4XX AF, what year's fashion came back in style? 10 AF アカデミア4XX年、ある人物の登場をきっかけにリバイバル流行したファッションは、AF何年頃のもの? 10年
In the hologram show 'Tonberry's Revenge,' what is the first line of the ending song? I'm coming for you; I'm getting my revenge ホログラム時代劇「うらみ屋トンベリ」シリーズ。エンディングテーマの歌い出しは? みんなのうらみ晴らすため
In the popular holo-comic 'Bombtanian,' what is the secret phrase used by the main character and his friends? Sacrifice yourself to save others ボムが主人公のモデルとなった、人気ホロコミック「爆発 ボムタニアン」。主人公と仲間が使う合言葉は? 自爆はみんなのために
The game 'Holostation' has become a must-have for the female population of Academia. Why has it led to a declining birth rate? You can make a virtual boyfriend アカデミアの女の子に人気の「ハートのキングダム」。少子化の原因とまでいわれるこのゲーム、どんなところがウケている? バーチャル空間で彼氏を作れる
In the proverb, 'One ??? is better than a million l'Cie,' meaning one should take on a single task before taking on many, what goes in the blank? Crystal 「万のルシより一の○○」、多くの仕事をかかえるより、ひとつやるべきことをなしとげるほうがよい、という意味のこのことわざで、○○に入る言葉は? クリスタル
In the song 'Tiny Lulu,' to which city did the little girl's best friend move away? Bodhum コクーン崩壊の直前、悲しい歌詞になってしまったことが話題となった童話「ちっちゃなルルちゃん」で、もう会えなくなった主人公の幼なじみはどこに引っ越してしまった? ボーダム
Many chocobos participate in the chocobo races. Which of the following does not exist? Thunder Chicken 逸楽の宮殿ザナドゥのチョコボレースには、さまざまなチョコボが参戦している。さて、この中で実在しないライバルチョコボは? やきとりサンダー
Many flan make up the enormous Royal Ripeness. Which does not make up part of this creature? Elderly 多くのプリンが合体している「完熟大王」。合体に取り込まれた哀れな彼らの名前でないものは次のうちどれ? ヨボヨボ
Sazh is best-known for his abilities at a pilot, but what is his former occupation? Train conductor 敏腕パイロット、サッズ・カッツロイ。彼のかつての職場とは? コクーン鉄道
The Eden Literary Award is handed out only to those who make a positive impact on society. Rodrick won this award for which novel? 'Secrets of the Crystals' コクーン時代、最も権威があった「エデン文学賞」。市民によい影響を与える作品にだけ授与されるこの賞の受賞作家、ライデリッヒの代表作といえば? クリスタルの神秘
The extreme anti-Academy terrorists perform what action to get their point across? Bombing invaluable ruins アカデミーに反発して結成された過激なテロリスト集団は、どんな方法で活動することが確認されている? 調査遺跡の爆破
The investigations around the mountain ranges of Gran Pulse revealed which children's story to be true? L'Cie Extermination Mountain グラン=パルスの山岳地帯での遺跡調査から、それが現実に行われていたことが明らかになった恐ろしい童話のタイトルとは? ルシ捨て山
The l'Cie incident that occurred before Cocoon fell is sometimes referred to as 'Cocoon's Dusk,' but is more commonly referred to by the media as what? Sunset コクーン墜落寸前にルシたちが起こした一連の事件。その日々のことを「コクーンの夕暮れ」にたとえて、メディアが使うようになった言葉は? 落日のとき
The weather controlling device in the Archylte Steppe can't do which of the following? Make it snow アルカキルティ大平原にある、天候を操作する装置。次のうち、発生させられない現象はどれ? 雪を降らせる
The Yellow Bird is a story about a chocobo living on Gran Pulse. What is the name of the heroine? Coco グラン=パルスにたくましく生きるチョコボを描いた童話「幸せのきいろ鳥」のヒロインといえば? ココ
What is a newly hatched chocobo called? Chocobo chick 生まれたばかりのチョコボは、なんと呼ばれている? ひなチョコボ
There is a certain stuffed animal sold only in Nautilus. What is the name of the creature that possesses a gem on its forehead? Carbuncle コクーン時代、歓楽都市ノーチラスで限定販売のぬいぐるみにもなった、額に宝石をもつ召喚獣は? カーバンクル
What act performed by the comedian Fl-Fl-Flan got him booted off of every TV station? Wanna touch my shaolong gui? お下品な芸風で苦情が殺到し、各放送局から出入り禁止となった芸人「プリプリプリン」の身体を張った一発芸といえば? 足の間からシャオロングイ
What color are Serah's eyes? Bluish セラ・ファロンの瞳の色は? 青系
What color were the orbs that appeared in Yaschas Massif 100 AF when a group of Academy staff members disappeared? Red AF100年、アカデミーのスタッフ失踪が相次いだヤシャス山に、多数出現した球体の色は?
What company became famous for their sales copy 'It's moogle o'clock, it's time to enjoy moogle bread'? Stiltzkin's Bakery 「3時のおやつはモーグリパン」のキャッチコピーで有名なお菓子メーカーといえば? スティルツキン製菓
What did Serah get Lightning for her birthday? A knife ライトニングの誕生日、セラが贈ったプレゼントは? サバイバルナイフ
What disparity, only noticeable by outsiders transferring in, was revealed in the tell-all book written by a disgruntled former Academy employee? Treatment of subsidiary organization graduates アカデミーをクビになった研究員が腹いせに出版した「助教哀史」で語られた、審議不明の「外部から入った者にしかわからない格差」とは? 下部組織卒業生との格差
What do you call an incompetent person who climbs the corporate ladder? A cactuar 無責任なのに、なぜか出世する人のことをなんという? サボテンダーのような人
Who is not part of Team NORA? Cid 次のうち、チーム・ノラのメンバーでないのは誰? シド
What does Noel do best? Hunt ノエルの特技は次のうちどれ? 狩り
What does PSICOM stand for? Public Safety and Intelligence Command PSICOMとはなんの略語? Public Safety and Intelligence Command
What does Serah do for a living? Teacher セラ・ファロンの職業は? 先生
What flan is the same color as a rust pudding? Ferruginous Pudding 次のうち、ラスティプリンと同じ色のプリンは? オクサイドプリン
What is the name of the grand city built by the Academy? Academia アカデミーが建設した大規模な都市の名前は? アカデミア
What hobby became popular among the feeble elderly who moved from Cocoon to Gran Pulse? Gardening コクーン崩壊後、グラン=パルスの環境を活かした趣味が静かなブームになった。おもに身体の弱った高齢者に支持されたその趣味とは? ガーデニング
What is Hope's surname? Estheim アカデミーの初期主要メンバー、ホープ。偉大な功績を残した彼の名字は? エストハイム
What is Hope's unparalleled attack? Last Resort ホープ・エストハイムが得意としていた技は? ラストリゾート
What is Lightning's unparalleled attack? Army of One ライトニングが得意としていた技は? シーンドライブ
What is Sazh's unparalleled attack? Cold Blood サッズ・カッツロイが得意としていた技は? デスペラード
What is the bow used by hunters in the Steppe to protect themselves from wild animals? Wild Chorus 大平原の狩人が、身を守るために使用する弓の名前とは? ワイルドコーラス
What is the famous line spoken by the famous actor who made it big on the show 'Wild Rose'? You're from the rebel army! 大河ドラマ「のばら」で有名になった大部屋俳優の決めゼリフといえば? 貴様ら、反乱軍だな!
Who is the brother of the children's favorite superhero Ultima Ace? Ultimabro 子供たちに人気の特撮ヒーロー「アルテマヒーロー」の兄弟は次のうちどれ? アルテマブラザー
What is the name of Maqui's shop? Lenora's Garage ノラのメンバー、マーキー。メカニックが得意な彼が経営している店の名前は? LENORAガレージ
What is the name of the book of photographs shot by photographer Mitch Rockfit during his numerous visits to New Bodhum? 'Meowllow Days' 写真家ミッチー・ロックフィットがネオ・ボーダムを何度も訪れ、完成させた写真集のタイトルは? 海とネコとコクーン
What is the name of the movie about the friendship of a boy and his bot? 'The Boy and His Bot' 少年と作業用ロボットの友情を描いたAF200年の傑作短編映画のタイトルは? ぼくとヴァッヘの改造日記
What is the name of the natural phenomenon also known as 'Titan's Curtain' that occurs in the colder regions? Northern lights グラン=パルスの気温が低い地方で発生する自然現象、別名「タイタンのカーテン」とはなんのこと? オーロラ
Why can't Mog help Serah and Noel in Serendipity? Mog is off playing on his own 逸楽の宮殿ザナドゥで、モーグリの力を借りられない理由とは? モーグリが遊びに行ってしまう
What is the name of the tower built by the Academy in 13 AF? Augusta Tower AF13年、アカデミーがグラン=パルスに建造した演算能力を持つタワーの名前は? アガスティアタワー
What is the tallest mountain on Gran Pulse? Mt. Fairne ファルシ=タイタンよりも高いという、グラン=パルスで最高峰の山の名前は? フェクラム山
What is Vanille's unparalleled attack? Death ヲルバ=ダイア・ヴァニラが得意としていた技は? デス
What sport is gaining popularity among the adventurous young residents living in the Steppe? Ding dong ditch 現在流行の兆しを見せている、アルカキルティ大平原に住む若者ならではのスリリングなスポーツとは? タイタン試練ピンポンダッシュ
What vehicle is the most popular among 10-year-old boys everywhere? Ciconia Velocycle 10歳の男の子が選ぶ、一度は乗ってみたいマシン第1位に輝いたのは? 快速機シュトルヒ
What was the name of the gambler who won the most number of coins at the slot machines in a single day at the casino Serendipity? Gabbiani 逸楽の宮殿ザナドゥのスロットマシンで、1日の最高メダル払い出し枚数をたたき出したギャンブラーの姓は? ギャッビアーニ
What was the official name of the stadium sold by Eden's sports team due to financial trouble? Potion Stadium コクーン時代、経営難にあえいで命名権を売却したイースト・ブロム・サーティナーのスタジアムの正式名称は? ポーションスタジアム
What coat pattern does Serah's cat Snow have? Calico ネオ・ボーダムで広く飼われている猫だが、猫のスノウの柄はなんという柄? ミケ
What was the one famous dessert pastry chefs couldn't make because they couldn't get their hands on the creature? Caramelized shaolong gui 食糧不足に悩まされた時代、モンスターを用いて意外なスイーツを次々に作った料理人が、材料を捕らえられず、唯一作れなかったレシピは? シャオロングイのカラメリゼ
Which of the following has not been observed in Sunleth? Gold Ore サンレス水郷において、存在が確認されていないものは次のうちどれ? 砂金が取れる鉱脈
What was the war that broke out between the Cocoon and Gran Pulse? War of Transgression かつて、コクーンとグラン=パルスの間で発生したといわれている争いの名称は? 黙示戦争
When Snow and Serah got engaged, what did they buy together to show their love for one another? Necklaces スノウが婚約する時、セラに贈ったおそろいのものとは? ネックレス
When Storm Motors was in danger of getting bought out, which corporation swooped in to save the day? Blue Unicorn Inc. エアバイクチューンアップメーカーのストームモーターズ買収危機でホワイトナイトとして登場した、一角獣のロゴマークを持つ企業はどこ? ユニコーンブルー
Where is the one place Chocolina doesn't open up shop? Serendipity 時を超える謎の商人、チョコリーナ。次のうち、彼女が商売を行っていない場所は? ザナドゥ
Where on Serah's head is her side ponytail? By her left ear 髪をサイドテールでまとめているセラ・ファロン。結んだ部分は、セラから見てどの部分? 左耳の近く
Which creature moves with such grace and beauty that a dance was created mimicking its motion? Stikini 踊る姿が大変美しく、この生物の動きをまねるダンスも生み出されるほど。この生物の名前は? スティキニ
Which Eidolon is used by Vanille? Hecatoncheir ヲルバ=ダイア・ヴァニラが操った召喚獣は? ヘカトンケイル
Which is not one of the Academy guidelines for preserving the nature of Gran Pulse? Nonviolence against monsters グラン=パルスの大自然を守るためアカデミーが出したガイドラインに次のうち当てはまらないものは? モンスターへの非暴力
Which legendary flan has a pink tail? Flan Princess ピンクのしっぽを持つ、伝説上のプリンの名前は次のうちどれ? プリンプリンセス
What monster dons colorful garb? Apotamkin この中で、おしゃれでカラフルな布をまとったモンスターといえば? アポタムキン
Which of the following are not found in Oerba? People ヲルバ郷にないものは、次のうちどれ? 人々の生活
Which of the following is not a nickname for the jet used by the former Sanctum army? Orion 次のうち、旧聖府軍所属の快速機の愛称でないものは? イェーガー
Which of the following is the Academy not responsible for? Running Serendipity アカデミーの活動に当てはまらないものは、次のうちどれ? ザナドゥの運営
In the cop drama 'Cactuar Files,' what is the first line of the opening song? A five-finger discount will result in a thousand needles 刑事ドラマ「サボテンダー捜査線」シリーズ。オープニングテーマの歌い出しは? 物を盗んだら針千本
Who has scored the most points and is known as the king of Cocoon's Premium League? Cazarro 'The King' Mueller コクーン・プレミアムリーグの最年長得点記録を持ち、すべての選手の王といわれる男といえば? カッザーロ・"キング"・ミュラー
Who is the mathematician behind Hart's last theorem, the biggest breakthrough in mathematics since the birth of Cocoon? Smith Hartford コクーン始まって以来最大の数学的難問といえば「ハッシーの最終定理」ですが、これを証明した人物は? メイジン・ハシモト
What was the name of the popular game show where eliminated contestants would get pushed off the stage? 'To the Underworld' コクーン全盛期、最高の視聴率を誇ったサバイバルクイズショー。脱落者をどんどんスタジオ外に突き落とす、その番組名は? 下界追放

ダディベアの地獄クイズ / Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz

ダディベアの地獄クイズ / Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz
Question Answer 質問 答え
Where did Sazh purchase a chocobo for Dajh? Euride's market サッズがドッジにねだられてひなチョコボを買ったのはどこ? エウリーデの商店街
Which of the following can swim? Hedge frog 次のうち、泳ぎが得意なのは? ヘッジフロッグ
Which model is popular among collectors? 1/350 scale of the Palamecia 精巧なディテールとメカニックの再現度で大人に人気のおもちゃといえば? 1/350 旗艦パラメキア
Goblin Maddog is Gran Pulse’s boxing champ. What phrase is used by his fans when cheering him on? Goblinhancement! グラン=パルスのボクシングチャンピオン、ゴブリン・マッドドッグ。ファンたちが彼を応援するときに使う、お決まりのフレーズとは? コブシをかためろ
Which of the following can fly? Wyvern 次のうち、空を飛ぶことができるのは? ワイバーン
Many online shops were available in Cocoon. Which specialized in monster materials? Creature Comforts コクーン時代、通信端末から利用できたオンラインショップ。モンスターの素材を売っている、鮮度第一主義の店は? 生態素材けものや
Many online shops were available in Cocoon. Which is the oldest store that handles ore? The Motherlode コクーン時代、通信端末から利用できたオンラインショップ。鉱石取扱店の中での、老舗といえば? 鉱脈堂本舗
Which of the following has a shell? Adamantoise 次のうち、甲羅があるのは? アダマンタイマイ
Which of the following can be made of ice, water, or wind? A ring なぞなぞです。氷だけど、冷たくない。流水だけど、流されない。烈風でも、とばされない!これなーんだ? 指輪
They say the long gui eat their own weight in food. How many shaolong guis equal one long gui? Approximately 1.5 ロングイが食べるエサの量は、ほぼその体力と同じ程度だという。さて、これはシャオロングイの何倍? およそ1.5倍
What is the name of the exciting underwater sport that requires a ball? Blitzball コクーン時代、そのあまりの激しさから「水中格闘技」と呼ばれていた人気スポーツは? ブリッツボール
What color is the cactuar image drawn in the center of the hunter camp in the Steppe? Red 大平原の集落の広場に描いてあるものといえばサボテンダーですが、ではその色は?
What are the names of the Shiva sisters? Styria and Nix スノウの召喚獣。シヴァの姉妹。彼女たちの名前は? スティリアとニクス
Which of the following cannot be found in New Bodhum? Active volcanoes ネオ・ボーダムにないものは、次のうちどれ? 噴火し続ける火山
What is the ochu incapable of doing? Using its wings to fly 次のうち、オチューができないことは? 翼を広げ大空を羽ばたく
What is needed to keep the new Cocoon afloat? Graviton Core 人工コクーンの浮遊状態を保つために必要な、相互反応を利用して浮力を得る物質の名称は? グラビトンコア
What can be found on the logo of Wooly Sheep Soda? Sheep アカデミアの自動販売機には、モコモコミルクソーダのロゴマークがついてる。そのイメージキャラクターは?
What anthem can be heard at any sporting event since the fall of Cocoon? 'Requiem for Rebirth' コクーン崩壊後、スポーツイベントなどで歌われるようになった応援歌、何を歌っている? 鎮魂と復興の願い
One of the Academy researchers in Yaschas Massif is a dog lover or a cat lover depending on the era. In which year was she a cat lover? 10 AF ヤシャス山を調査しているアカデミー研究員の中には、セラたちが訪れる時代によって犬派だったり猫派だったりする人がいる。さて、彼女が猫派だったのはいつ? AF10年
Many online shops were available in Cocoon. Which specialized in medicine and health products? Unicorn Mart コクーン時代、通信端末から利用できたオンラインショップ。薬や健康用品などが売られていた店舗といえば? ユニコーンマート
Many online shops were available in Cocoon. Which specialized in outdoor gear? B&W Outfitters コクーン時代、通信端末から利用できたオンラインショップ。アウトドアで身につける護身グッズを扱う、有名店といえば? B&W野外用品店
Some Cie'th defend themselves using their large tentacles. What is the best way to defeat them? Get rid of the tentacles first. ある種のシ骸は、巨大な触手で身を守る。彼らを倒すため最も一般的と考えられる戦術は次のうちでどれ? 触手から先に倒す
Kids love Chocobo Biscuits! What flavor is the new black biscuit? Chocolate 子供に人気のチョコボビスケット、最新作の黒チョコボは何味? チョコレート
In the hit TV show "Viking", the main character is a superhero. What is his weakness? Heavy Downpour 人気特撮番組、正義のヒーロー「機甲兵ヴィーキング」。主人公のヴィーキングが苦手なことは? 突然の大雨で濡れる
In New Bodhum, what group of people frequently uses the path along the shore? Surfers ネオ・ボーダムの隕石落下地点へ行く道のうち、海辺の道はおもにどんな人たちが使っている? 波乗り
Kids love to ride the Cocoon Liner. Which car is their favorite? The Carbuncle 子供たちに大人気の乗り物「コクーンライナー」。中でもその愛らしさで人気なのはどの車両? カーバンクル号
When Noel first met Serah, he immediately knew she was Lightning's sister for several reasons. Which is not one of those reasons? Mog told him ノエルがネオ・ボーダムに現れた時、セラを見てすぐにライトニングの妹だとわかった理由でないのは次のうちどれ? モーグリがしゃべった
In 4XX AF, a man was blacklisted for hanging around the Academy headquarters. Why was he there? He was in love with Alyssa AF4XX年アカデミアで、アカデミー本部をじっとうかがっている人物は何が目的? アリサを見守りたい
Which of the following was created using AMP technology? Watera gear AMPテクノロジーで作られたのは、次のうちどれ? ウォタラ=ギア
What can withstand heavy winds, lightning, or even a whole through its body? Goblin chieftain なぞなぞです。風が吹いても雷が落ちても、身体に穴があいても元気!これなーんだ? ゴブリンチーフ
In 7 AF, Bom-Bites became a favorite snack of residents of Palumpolum. What is the unique characteristic of this dessert? It feels like balloons popping in your mouth. AF7年頃、復興したパルムボルムで一世をふうびした新食感デザート「ホップス」。名前の通りの特徴は? 風船を割るような食感
Which club dominated the 5-6 AF season of Cocoon's Premium League thanks to its harsh training conditions and hunger for victory? New Bodhum FC 劣悪な練習環境ながら、圧倒的なハングリー精神を武器に「コクーン・プレミアムリーグ」の05-06シーズンを制したクラブは? ネオ・ボーダムFC
When did Snow propose to Serah? When Serah became a l'Cie スノウがセラに結婚を申し込んだ、意外なタイミングとは? セラがルシになった時
On what floor did Serah and Noel get trapped in Augusta Tower? 51st floor アガスティアタワーでセラたちが閉じ込められたのは? 51階
What is the desert area of Oerba called? The Ashensand ヲルバ郷内の、砂漠が広がっているエリアをなんという? 白い砂漠
A long gui born during the catastrophe would be how old in 400 AF? A few hundred years old カタストロフィ当初に誕生したロングイはAF400では何歳!? およそ数百歳
After the fall of Cocoon, a new era began. What does AF stand for? After the Fall コクーンが墜落しかけたできごと以降、年号がAFと改められましたが、AFとはなんの略? アフター・ザ・フォール
Alyssa was with a friend during the Purge. What was her friend's name? Nena Stein アリサ・サイデルがパージの際、行動を共にしていた友人の名前は? ネーナ・シュタイン
In Palumpolum's aerial road race GP, which airbike was criticized and called names such as the "flying white pig" and the "defective snowman?" Big Mog パルムポルム耐久ロードレースGPで「空飛ぶ白いブタ」「失敗した雪ダルマ」と酷評されたエアバイクといえば? ビッグモーグリ
Besides military personnel, what group of people was exempt from the Purge? Sanctum employees コクーン時代のパージ政策で、唯一パージを免除されたのは軍人と何? 聖府関係者
Duplicates are a 3D portrayal of what? People アカデミーで開発されたデュプリケートとは、何を立体的に再現したもの? ヒトの分子情報
During the War of Transgression, what kind of sword was used by the legendary knight? Sword of crystal 黙示戦争の伝説に登場する騎士は、ルシの力で戦ったという。彼はどんな剣を使っていたとされる? クリスタルのつるぎ
Everyone wants a piece of this monster, whether it be a fragment, shell, or speck of ash! Bomb なぞなぞです。かけらだけでも、欲しくなる。抜け殻だって、拾いたい。灰になっても、役に立つ! これなーんだ? ボム
From the central pathway of Academia, if you cross the bridge west of Chocolina, what will you see on the sign in front of you? A tree アカデミアの中央連絡橋、チョコリーナの西側の橋を渡って正面にある看板の絵は?
How does a hedge frog return home to lay its eggs? They attach themselves to other animals ヘッジフロッグが産卵のため故郷の沼に戻るときに使う、身体のある部分を活かした移動手段とは? 他の動物にくっついて移動
How many blades are on the windmill in Oerba? 3 ヲルバ郷の集落跡にある風車の羽は何枚? 3枚
How many consecutive slot machine wins were achieved in the memorable Double Lucky Seven Incident? 14 俗に「ラッキーダブルセブン事件」といわれる、スロット大当たり連続世界記録は何回? 14回
Which strong-minded NORA member do the residents of New Bodhum believe is the leader of the organization? Lebreau その気の強さで、ノラの実質的なリーダーだとネオ・ボーダムの住民に思われているのは? レブロ
How many lights are there above the gate of the mysterious fighting arena linked to Sunleth? 6 サンレス水郷からつながっていた、謎めいた闘技場。そのゲートの上方に見える、丸く大きなライトの数は? 6つ
How many toes does a sheep have? 3 大平原の狩人が飼っている羊たち、丸っこい身体に小さな足が特徴だが、ではそのひづめの数は? 3本
In 360 AF, what revolutionary idea solved Academia's power shortage issue? Typhoon energy AF360年代のアカデミアのエネルギー不足を解消した、強烈な風力を応用するアイディアとは? テュポーン発電
In Gran Pulse mythology, who is referred to as the false demon? Lindzei グラン=パルスの神話で『邪神』と呼ばれた神の名前は? リンゼ
In order to tell duplicates apart from humans, how are they programmed to greet people? Welcome 人間と見分けをつけるため、設定されているデュプリケートのあいさつは? ウェルカム
In Pulse's well-known nursery rhyme "Elbow Grease," what is the old man in the fourth verse mistaken for? A goblin パルスっ子なら知らない者はいない子守唄「労働せよ」。4番の歌詞で隣の小さなおじさんが間違われるのは次のうちどれ? ゴブリン
What design is engraved in Caius's sword? Eye いつも大剣をたずさえているカイアス。その剣の柄にほどこされている不気味な意匠とは?
In the Steppe, how do the smaller sheep act towards the bigger sheep? They linger near them 大平原に住む羊たち。小さい羊は、大きい羊に対してどんな行動をとる? 寄っていく
Lebreau is younger than Gadot. Gadot is older than Yuj. Lebreau is older than Maqui. Who's the oldest? Gadot レブロはガドーより年下、ガドーはユージュより年上、レブロはマーキーより年上、では4人の中で最年長は? ガドー
Noel once said, "Never give up, for the goddess Etro watches always, and helps those…" Finish the quote. Who help themselves ノエルが心の支えにしていた言葉「女神エトロは、◯◯に扉を開く」。 さて、◯◯に入るのは? 絶対にあきらめない者
Of all the airbikes, which was built for safety? Aerial Cradle アカデミアの空を走るエアバイク。その中で安全性最優先の設計であり、名前も空での安定をイメージさせる車種とは? レビテトクレイドル
Of the Farseers' legends, which has not been passed down for generations? They had the power to turn people into l'Cie 時詠みの一族について、言い伝えられていない内容は次のうちどれ? 人をルシにする力を持つ
Serah has two stuffed animals in her room. One is a Carbuncle. What's the other? Chocobo chick セラの寝室に置いてあるぬいぐるみ、ひとつはカーバンクルだがさて、もうひとつは何? ひなチョコボ
The Parthenocissus sunlethus is the vine commonly seen in Sunleth. What unique characteristic do these vines have? Their fruit shine サンレス水郷に自生するツタの一種、学名パーセノシッサス・サンレシス。セラたちが移動にも活用したこのツタの特徴とは? 実が光る
The chemical linoanin is found in gysahl greens. What diet-friendly effect does it have? Burns fat ギサールの野菜に微量に含まれるリントアニン酸。最近ダイエット食として注目されるようになった、その効能とは? 脂肪燃焼
The fal'Cie responsible for shedding light on Cocoon was the fal'Cie Phoenix. What fal'Cie was responsible for purifying the water? Fal'Cie Leviathan コクーンに光を取り込んでいたファルシはファルシ=フェニックスですが、水を浄化していたファルシの名前は? ファルシ=リヴァイアサン
The kids of New Bodhum love dares. One popular dare requires going into the woods late at night to retrieve an object. What is the item? Rat's tail ネオ・ボーダムの子供が行う肝だめし。ルールは夜に林へ入って、あらかじめ設置された勇気と力の証をとって戻ること。では、そのあかしとは? ねずみのしっぽ
The Oracle Drive is the piece of technology left by the ancient fal'Cie. How did the Academy refer to this device before it was given its official name? Sensory perception device 予言の書は、古代のファルシが残した高度なテクノロジーである。では、「予言の書」という名前がわかる前に、アカデミーがつけた仮称とは? 知覚投影記録システム
The 'Professor Yang' series started off as an education publication, but is now a popular hologram novel with over a hundred volumes. What was the title of the first volume? 'Mystical Creatures for the Clueless' 学習書としてスタートし、100巻を超える人気冒険ホロノベルとなった「ヤン教授」シリーズ。いまや幻といわれる第1巻のタイトルは? 読めばわかる魔法生物
The remains of what facility can be found in Oerba? School ヲルバ郷の集落跡にある、往時の生活の便利さをうかがわせる施設とは次のうちどれ?
The silver lobo is seen in many circus troupes. What is the one act it cannot perform? Sawing someone in half サーカス団の天才、猛獣シルバリオ。なんでも出来る彼が、唯一できない演目は? ゴブリンの輪くぐり
What cannot be found in Academia? Flan schools 新都アカデミアにないものは、次のうちどれ? プリンの学校
What color is the flower Yeul has in her hand in 200 AF? White AF200年のユールが持っている花の色は?
What do the hunters manipulate in order to control the weather? Wind 大平原の民が利用する天候制御装置。平原内に設置された柱の先についた板によって何を操作することで、天候を操っている? 風向き
What does Lightning's Eidolon, Odin, transform into in gestalt mode? A white horse ライトニングの召喚獣、オーディン。ドライビングモード時に変形する姿は? 白馬
When creating a duplicate, why is it illegal to save the data of the original person? Privacy Act 個人をもとにデュプリケートを造る時、そのデータを保管することはある視点から反発され、AF4XX年時点では保管が許されていない。さて、その視点とは? 個人情報保護
What item became popular among the Academy scientists in 10 AF due to the discovery of the Oracle Drive? Lightning's feathery belt AF10年頃、予言の書の発見をきっかけにアカデミーの研究員の間でひそかに流行したレトロなアイテムとは? ライトニングの鎧風の羽根ベルト
What does Mog remember about his upbringing? It was full of freedom モーグリの生い立ちについて、本人が持っている感想とはいったいどんなもの? おきらく人生
Behemoth meat was a rare treat in Noel's era. How was it cooked? Roasted 物資の少ないノエルの時代、ごちそうだったベヒーモスの調理方法とは? まきを大量に使った丸焼き
What does Mog want to do with his savings? He doesn't know yet モーグリがお金をためてひそかにやりたいこととは? 実は考えていない
What does Sazh's Eidolon, Brynhildr, transform into in gestalt mode? A Four-wheeler サッズの召喚獣、ブリュンヒルデ。ドライビングモード時に変形する姿は? 四輪車
What emotion does a cactuar's expression convey? None とぼけた見た目で憎めないモンスター、サボテンダー。では、その表情は? 無表情で口を開けている
What energy source was discovered on the sea bed of New Bodhum in 300 AF? Ether hydrate AF300年前後、ネオ・ボーダム沖の海底で発見されたエネルギーとは? エーテルハイドレード
What fact surrounding the goddess Etro is not recorded in any documents? She has a moogle servant 女神エトロについて、古代グラン=パルスの記録で述べられていないものは次のうちどれ? モーグリを従えている
What happened to Fang's l'Cie brand as it stopped its progression? It looked burnt ヲルバ・ユン・ファングは、ルシの烙印の進行が停止していましたが、その際の烙印はどうなっていた? 焼けただれていた
What identification number is imprinted on the wall of the route near the cemetery in the Bresha Ruins? E000 ビルジ遺跡のアトラス制御装置に通じる道は複数ある。では、AF5年、アリサの友人の墓から近いルートにはなんという識別番号がつけてあった? E000
What is the borgbear incapable of doing? Summoning Eidolons 次のうち、バグベアができないことは? 召喚獣を呼び寄せる
What is the line frequently spoken by Mana in the movie 'Love Trumps Gil?' Can I buy your love? 人気漫画「ギルよりも愛」の主人公マナちゃんの決めセリフは何? その恋、いくら?
What is the main cause of bullying among the flan? Difference in elasticity プリンたちの学校で問題になっている、人間には理解しがたいイジメの原因とは? 弾力性の差
What is the meaning behind the winter flower, the "Silver Petal?" Always remember 雪の降る季節にしか咲かない花「シルバーペダル」の花言葉は? あなたを忘れない
What is the name of the Gran Pulse paradise created from nothing but a poet's dream? Serendipity グラン=パルスのいにしえの物語に登場する、とある詩人が夢想した架空の桃源郷の呼び名は? 逸楽の宮殿
What is the relationship of the NORA members? Childhood friends スノウにとって家族にもひとしい、ノラのメンバー。では、いったい彼らとはどんな関係? 幼なじみ
What is the tonberry incapable of doing? Intimidating foes with its horns 次のうち、トンべりができないことは? 鋭いツノで周囲を威嚇
What is used in the creation of various signs in Academia? Holography 新都アカデミアで、看板や交通標識を表示している技術とは? ホログラフィー
What legendary creature was found in a block of ice on Gran Pulse? Valigarmanda グラン=パルスで氷漬けの状態で発見された伝説の魔物につけられた名前は? ヴァリガルマンダ
What looks like a flower but stings like a bee? Triffid なぞなぞです。花のように見えるのに飛んで人を刺す姿は虫のよう!これなーんだ? トリフィド
What monster can easily be spotted in the dark? Flanitor この中で、暗闇でも見つけやすいモンスターといえば? プリン衛生兵
What quirky stuffed animal is a must-have for young females? Breshan bass 若い女性の間で静かなブームになっている「キモかわいい」ぬいぐるみといえば? ビルジバス
What shape is the archway of the building in which the mystic in Serendipity resides? The letter A 逸楽の宮殿ザナドゥで、チョコボシスターのいる建物の入口は何の形? カードのエース
What shape is the crystal that Lightning uses to summon her Eidolon? A rose 召喚獣を呼び出す時に必要な秘石。では、ライトニングの秘石の形は? バラ
What store is found behind the row of vending machines in Academia? A shoe store アカデミア、グランアベニューの自販機コーナーの裏手にある店は? シューズショップ
What unusual event occurred in Sunleth in 400 AF? Some flan went missing AF400年、サンレス水郷にて発生した異変とは? プリンの幼体が失踪
What was Alyssa looking for in the Bresha ruins? A friend's grave ビルジ遺跡にて、アリサ・ザイデルが探していたものは? 友だちの墓
What was the biggest concern for Snow when he decided to propose to Serah? Lightning wasn't a big fan of his スノウが結婚を決意した時、いちばんの懸案事項だったのは次のうちどれ? ライトニングによく思われていなかったこと
What was the design found on elixir cans that portrayed the incredible journey of the legendary l'Cie? A white background with pictures of the l'Cie ルシたちの活躍が伝説化したAF200年代、彼らの冒険をイメージしたさわやか味のエリクサーが発売された。その缶のデザインとは? 白地にルシの写真
What was the most memorable role played by Jeff Roni, an actor rumored to be carrying on a steamy love affair with actress Terra Branford? King of Mecamania 往年の大女優ティナ・Bと熱愛報道があった俳優ジェフ・ロニ、彼の当たり役といえば? メカマニアの国王
What was the name of the jet used by Lieutenant Colonel Yaag Rosch to fight Lightning and the other l'Cie? Proudclad コクーン時代、ヤーグ・ロッシュ中佐が、ライトニングらルシと戦う際に用いた戦闘機は? プラウド・クラッド
What was the rank of PSICOM's special ops leader Yaag Rosch when he was killed in action? Lieutenant Colonel 聖府軍の精鋭部隊PSICOMを統率した管理官、ヤーグ・ロッシュ。彼が戦死したときの階級は? 中佐
What is the move developed by Mattheus, the best wrestler in Academia's pro-wrestling league, that is based on the movement of the Yaksha? War Dance プロレス団体「アカデミア・プロレスリング」のエース、マシアスがモンスター「ヤシャ」の動きを参考にして編み出した必殺技の名前は? 武闘乱舞
When Sazh became a l'Cie, where did his brand appear? His chest サッズ・カッツロイがルシになった際、ルシの烙印は体のどこに現れていた? 胸元
When Serah lived with Lightning, they had matching accessories. On what body part did they adorn the jewelry? Right arm セラがライトニングと暮らしていた頃、姉妹でおそろいのアクセサリを身につけていましたが、その場所はどこ? 右腕
Which celebrated movie introduced the gunblade, a now-popular toy among kids? "The Sorceress's Knight" 空前の大ヒットを記録し、子供達の間でガンブレードのおもちゃを流行させた映画とは? 魔女の騎士
When Hope became a l'Cie, his brand appeared on his left hand. How did he hide it? He wrapped a yellow bandana around it ホープ・エストハイムルシになった際、左手にルシの烙印が現れましたが、どのように隠していた? 黄色いバンダナでおおった
Which endangered monster species is known for its unique eyes? Catoblepas 絶滅危惧種に指定されている「ひとみ」が特徴の動物とは? カトブレパス
Which enormous fal'Cie causes the eclipse? Fal'Cie Fenrir 日蝕を引き起こす、超大型のファルシの名前は? ファルシ=フェンリル
Which of the following is not green? Bandersnatch 次のうち、緑色でないのは? バンダースナッチ
Which of the following is not red? Tonberry 次のうち、赤くないのは? トンベリ
Which of these four monsters weighs the least? Tonberry この中で、いちばん体重が軽いモンスターは? トンベリ
Who did Serah and Noel think was responsible for hacking into the Augusta Tower security system? Proto fal'Cie Adam セラたちが訪れた時、アガスティアタワーの警備システムに侵入しいたのは、いったい何者だと推測される? デミ・ファルシ=アダム
Who is the fashion guru of New Bodhum? Yuj ネオ・ボーダムのファッションリーダーといえば? ユージュ
Who is the rock star on the posters seen in NORA House and all over Academia? INFOMA ノラハウス、そしてアカデミアにも貼られている、男性アーティストのポスター。時空を超えて愛されるロックスター、彼の芸名は? INFOMA
What is growing in New Bodhum's garden? Vegetables ネオ・ボーダムの畑に植えてあったのは? 野菜