File:FFIII-Luneth-BlackBelt.jpgMe, of course, but without the silly bangs or premature aging.
Name Master Aohan
A.K.A Angus Mackenzie
Job Class Master, sidejob Ninja
Hometown Old Archadia
Date of Birth Serpentarius 2, 792 Old Rozarrian
Age See Above
Height 6'0
IQ IQ=#Stars/age of the hills
Weapon Fists, Yagyu Darkblade, Master Scroll
Spells Haste, Saber, Quick, Valor
Summons Ragnarok Magicite, but it doesn't like me, and won't teach me Ultima. I wish I got the sword instead.

I am Master Aohan, and that title comes from my mastery of unarmed combat, although I am also pretty handy with a blade. I am trying to learn how to use guns, so I can be more like the Leading Man, Balthier, although those futuristic whatzamajiggies confuse me. (The powder goes in first? What the hell?) Master Aohan prefers to be left alone, and would like to remain in his solitary wikicave meditating and throwing out random edits. He does not want to be your friend, unless you bring him a rat tail or are BlueHighwind, but that's another story. Master Aohan considers himself a blacksmith of sorts in playing Final Fantasy, tempering androgynous young men into one-man armies with the hammer of level grinding and the forge of generic monsters.

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