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A.K.A Internet Facade
Job Class Person
Hometown Lifeforce
Date of Birth Okay, I was lying. My true birthday is November 18th, 1984.
Age Refuse to tell, guess yourself!! >w<
Height Short
Weight Slightly Husky.
IQ uhhh... Bonbons? :3
Weapon I like to own a lot of things, but I prefer my soul to use in combat.
Spells Kinda recorded a lot of them too. When I mean a lot, I also mean all over creation and universes beyond! ;3 But I enjoy simple fare and systems. Big spells are book bound and they make my head hurt. ><
Summons The resonances of heroes and legends past, from media all over.... but I still have to fight them to use them for a day. You know how inconvenient that is!?? >w<#
limit breaks Transcend States. Anytime combat proves to deepen in complexity and intensity, I just adapt slowly.

I ask myself....[edit | edit source]

Should I truly leave?

It's been a few years, really. Heck I'm curious if I should stop coming back until the next Final Fantasy that I'm into comes out. If anything my specialties lie with indepth info research and exposition for wiki articles for more precise information, and expanding upon lore to expand the imagination of many....

Of course, the only reason I am here is because I'm still devoted to the forums and the Dissidia Dream Characters page I've made long ago, and I'm obsessive over correcting mistakes and adding relevant trivia.

Eh. *me shrugs*

Plus I've got me own true self to worry about really. Act as if you do in real life here on the internets, I always say...

I'll always be back, what the hell am I saying... >w< Sorry if I'm not too close to you folks, really. I'm nervous because I'm afraid my personal info will really catch the interest of the Fuzz and they'll eventually track me down before they perform experiments on me, or so I speak.

Hopefully we'll exchange DAs or something of that sort.

One big thing that really sets me off (and in this world, it's not to hard to for a person like me), is the self loathing FF fans out there. Either like the series for what it is, have grudging respect for the things you don't, and quit sucking up to fucking loser anti-fans/prude asshole elitist ignoramus rude bitchasses or GET THE FUCK BACK TO THE TOLL BOOTH.

That being said, I hope I catch you all around!

I live with Mr. Plinkett. Usually I don't come out of my room, and I go out a lot. He's a cool guy. :3

About me, fictionally[edit | edit source]

I have been to worlds, far beyond that of known comprehension....

Experienced many events and profound lessons. Emotions of vast entirety, and systems of worlds to embrace and understand. Seen joys and happiness invigorated by celebration and heartfelt authenticity. Seen foolish sorrow and hatred, spread by suffering, ruin, despair, neglect, and apathy.

Learned of systems of magic and mystical motions of universes far and wide. Seen civilizations and peoples of cultures interact and express themselves. Seen higher beings and mortals interact in varieties of ways.

And now, as a person with this knowledge, it's time to create my own world for others to enjoy.

Where have I gone to?[edit | edit source]

  • Worlds where bodily energies manifest in the fittest and clash amongst those with their own interests.
  • A world where light, reality, and darkness balance together as sorceresses and enchanters fight those that abuse light to their own ends for dominance.
  • A world of astral technologies and the use of brilliant lights to control the fabric of the universe, by peoples that carry on against sorrow, loss, pain, and foolishness to provide a better future.
  • A world where darkness attempts to seep over the land of light, where outrageous awe instilling aptitude keeps balance.
  • A world where the technology of man grows great enough to envelop him to grow further in being, in exchange for his peace and happiness
  • Worlds where a lone nation the east is enveloped in the greatest of worldshaking events.

Of course, as pretentious as that sounded, I've just been playing a lot of video games.

About me, more casual light[edit | edit source]



I'm just kidding. ^w^

Well, if you want to know more about me,

I absolutely love action/ adventure/ RPGs, hybrids that utilize two and more, fighters, and older video games.

Live A Live, Legend of Mana, Vagrant Story, Crisis Core, Devil May Cry 3 (THAT'S IT), Gungrave, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, No More Heroes, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter Alpha, Megaman, Megaman X, Megaman Network Transmission, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Brave Fencer Musashi, Critical Blow, Touhou, Super Punch Out!!, Metal Combat, Soul Calibur, Battle Arena Toshinden, Final Fantasy IX, Warzard, Darkstalkers, Guilty Gear, Megaman Legends, Psychonauts, Jet Set Radio, Okami, Odin Sphere, and Skullmonkeys, to name a lot.

I also don't like getting personal. And I'm paranoid of the internet.

Well, that's taken care of. Please enjoy my user page and have a great day!

Squaresoft VS Capcom: Battles of the Ages

Final Fantasy Etymology and Inspiration Sample Page

Non Square Characters[edit | edit source]

Dissidia Dream Characters - Kenshiro

Dissidia Dream Characters - Megaman X

Dissidia Dream Characters - Travis Touchdown

Dissidia Dream Characters - Richter Belmont

Dissidia Dream Characters - Alucard Tepes

Dissidia Dream Characters - Dracula

Dissidia Dream Characters - Giorno Giovanna

Dissidia Dream Characters - Jotaro Kujo

Dissidia Dream Characters - Dio Brando

Dissidia Dream Characters - Amaterasu

Dissidia Dream Characters - Golbez

  • Ashley Riot Revamp FINAL (Final Fantasy XII - Vagrant Story) Mask no Oni 22:34, April 26, 2011 (UTC)
  • Kenshiro (Non Square, Fist of the North Star) Mask no Oni 22:34, April 26, 2011 (UTC)
  • Giorno Giovanna (Non Square, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5)Mask no Oni 22:15, June 3, 2011 (UTC)
  • Alucard Tepes (Non Square, Castlevainia)Mask no Oni 22:15, June 3, 2011 (UTC)
  • Cyan Garamonde (Final Fantasy VI) Mask no Oni 22:34, April 26, 2011 (UTC)

Vayne Carudas Solidor[edit | edit source]

Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)[edit | edit source]

A hardened military officer, skilled in the use of the transforming gunblade. While she has a cold demeanor, she is actually caring and compassionate to those close to her.

Orphaned and forced to accept the responsibilities of adulthood at a young age, Lightning served as a sergeant in Cocoon's Guardian Corps of her hometown division to support her younger sister, Sarah. After a catastrophic discovery of a Fal'Cie from the dreaded world of Pulse, condemning her hometown, as well as her sister, that day would drag her into a series of events that would decide the fate of her world.

She is a 'Graceful Commando, capable of dishing out powerful chained attacks and being extremely fluid in movement, able to dodge with flips of all sorts and capable of chaining them into jumps that will get her out of immediate danger.

But, her attacks and moves require timing and correct positioning of range to achieve optimal effect. Her defense, while fair, is not capable of handling anything above her level.

Cyan Garamonde[edit | edit source]

A patriotic veteran armed in the ways of Bushido. Noble and proud, nothing will sway him- Even in the face of death.

He once valorously served his home kingdom of Doma in Final Fantasy VI. After Doma falls and loses his family to the Gesthal Empire, he joins the Returners to avenge them.

Cyan is a Seasoned Bushin, his attacks consisting of powerful countermoves and demonstrations of refined skill. Unlike Sephiroth, Cyan, while slower than him, puts more emphasis on strength and accuracy than speed and overwhelming by attrition. Cyan lacks any sort of moves that allow Chase.

Rosa Farrell[edit | edit source]

Akira Toradoro[edit | edit source]

A troubled teenager born with evergrowing psychic powers. Rough looking and punkish, he values his friends and family deeply, and would go as far as to fight for them.

In a near future Japan, where research has brought advanced robotics and technology, Akira finds himself pitted against the vicious biker gang, the Crusaders. After learning of the legendary robot Buriki Daioh, he and his friends uncover a diabolical conspiracy that would decide the fate of Japan.

In battle, Akira is known as a Psycho Buster, making use of his psychic powers to unleash devastating projectiles and ranged area attacks. While not having many close range attacks, he makes up for this with them being hard hitting and staggering on impact.

Oersted[edit | edit source]

A knight who has control over several dark forces, more corrupting and evil than that which Cecil and the Warrior of Darkness have control over.

Once a hero who saved his homeland of Lucretia from the Demon King, Odio, eventually, fate had in store for him a terrible twist, as he fell from grace by his own friend. Scarred and filled with immense hate, Oersted filled the role which Odio had once taken, a King of Demons, and with that position, he hopes to drive all of mankind into despair and ruin.

Oersted is an Inheritor of Evil, and as his attacks include his sword skills, he also has attacks gained from all forms of Odio, that surprise the enemy with their variety and devastating effects.

Travis Touchdown[edit | edit source]

HAHAHAHA, Screw Brawl. Dissidia's where's it's at, folks!

A brash, outrageous geek, armed with a Beam Katana and well steeped in the arts of Wrestling, from Lucha Libre to Prowresu. Inside of his geeky punk attire, lies an individual deep in understanding and wisdom.

An inhabitant of the podunk of Santa Destroy, California, Travis Touchdown had dreams of becoming a top notch assassin. Having caught himself in the clutches of the United Assassin's Association, he worked his way up to be Number One, until seeing the darker sides of the UAA's inner workings and cold reality woke him up to tear the damn thing down.

Living in a cheap motel, Travis doesn't even mind, as it suits his bachelor ways of life. When not on the job, he enjoys watching movies, anime, wrestling, playing video games, and collecting merchandise of his favorite show, Bizarre Jelly.

Travis is a Voracious Contender, his attacks instantly able to connect into more Brave and HP Attacks. He also has the ability to both Parry attacks into destructive counterattacks, initiate the Dark Step Counter with blocking and has the passive ability Battle Ecstasy, that grants him EX Force when he inflicts direct hits on opponents.

His only fault is that he doesn't have Chase Attacks or many Aerial attacks.

Mask no Oni 02:30, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

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