TA2-Hume BlueMage.jpg
Name Mask de Azul
Job Class Friendly nieghborhood Blue Mage
Hometown Mt. Airy
Date of Birth 10/17/87
Age 20
Height 5' 8
Weapon Rune Axe
Spells 1000 Needles, Acid, Aero, Angel Whisper, Aqua Rake, Blaster, Bad Breath, Doom, Drain, Exploder, Trine, Flamethrower, Frog Song, Goblin Punch, Level 5 Death, Lifebreak, Limit Glove, Magic Hammer, Matra Magic, Mighty Guard, Roulette, Sandstorm, White Wind,
Limit breaks Doublecast

About Me[edit | edit source]

Honestly I got started with a little thing call Final Fantasy 7. I loved the depth that this game had. I just owned an old NES so even 3D was new to me. From there I tried every Final Fantasy I could get on the PSX. After 10 I kind of gave myself a break from the new installments. My favorite has to be 5 though. The plot of a Saturday morning cartoon but the best use of the job system before Tactics. I hope to help this wiki anyway I can.

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