Name Malik Palyeir
A.K.A Her Majesty's Gaurdian
Job Class Dragoon
Hometown Fairbanks, AK, and proud owner of the independant nation Niesen-Hackfleisch
Date of Birth Friday, October 13th, 1307
Age In real? 14. Otherwise, do the math.
Height 6"1'(in real)
IQ Actually, I've never been tested.
Weapon Lance, Claymore, Sawed-off shotgun. If that fails, I'll use anything that can be used as one
Misspells Feara, Leebra, Deth, etc.
Favorite Battle Position Forget Defense, my enemies are DEAD!
Limit Breaks Boom Headshot, Your Shoe's Untied, Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick, Chocolate Soda, Brain Freeze
Likes Wolves, Italian Shaved Ice, and Terra Branford!!!
Dislikes Eggs, Snow, Poop, Toothbrushes

Leave us... the dog eats strangers.

Shadow in South Figaro's Pub, Final Fantasy VI

Son of a Submariner!

Kefka, Final Fantasy VI

About MyselfEdit

  • Yawn* Hello there, intruder friend, I hope you find my page interesting.

I tend to speak most properly, however it ain't that I can't talk like a normal fellow, I just choose not to. A lover of fine weaponry and a writer, I have much free time. In a few months, I will get my high school diploma. (see age) Yea, smart, am I not? Anyway, this isn't my page. This is Malik's so I should talk about him. Malik is one of my aliasi (or aliases?) that I use. Malik is used in any Final Fantasy situation. Kael Tiernan is the main character in the book I am writing, and I use it on things that I use commonly. Brayden is used in a werewolf setting, however the latter I use for some other things. I don't think anyone really knows my real name, although it starts with the same letter as Malik. Very little of the user box has anything to do with Malik.

About MalikEdit

Malik is the leader of the Royal Dragoon Gaurd under the princess of Gaia. He is a skilled warrior, and does whatever Her Majesty requires. He can fight in any setting, but focuses on gaining the high ground during battle, then reigning pure terror (and lances, lots of lances) on his enemies below. The only one who has seen his face is the princess herself, and she has seen it once. His helmet bears the Seal of the Kingdom of Gaia. His loyalty knows no bounds, and he constantly places his life on the line for his mistress. He believes in justice but also in mercy, and a good sense of humor.


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