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I'm afraid my time here has expired. I've played and beaten every FF game in the series, and now I've simply lost interest. Dissidia was a fun game, but it totally fucked the fanbase, so I've lost respect for the fanbase. All and all, I just won't do much here anymore. But; I'll keep my anime list. That's for myself.

Anime I watch - In list form![]

NOTE: I have moved my list here to I will rarely add updates to this list, and all of my anime updates shall go to my account there.

* = I don't give a damn about this anime anymore and no longer watch it, for whatever reasons I may have.

ツ = I SERIOUSLY FUCKING LOVE THIS ANIME TO HELL. Say anything bad towards this anime, and I shall hunt you down, kill your family, and give you a fate far worse than death. Either that, or I'll argue with you until you either die, or like it.

「Anime Name」 = I'm considering giving up on this show, but have yet to do so.

  • 07-Ghost
  • 11Eyes
  • After War Gundam X
  • Akikan!
  • Angel Beats!
  • Azumanga Daioh
  • Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu*
  • B Gata H Kei ツ
  • Bleach
  • Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
  • Clannad
  • Code Geass: Hangyaku No Lelouch ツ
  • Code Geass: Hangyaku No Lelouch R2 ツ
  • D.Gray Man ツ
  • Death Note
  • Full Metal Panic!
  • Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu
  • Gin'Iro No Olynssis
  • Gintama ツ
  • Gintama: Shiroyasha Koutan
  • Hagane no Renkinjutsushi
  • Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Shambala o Yuku Mono
  • Hayate no Gotoku
  • Hayate no Gotoku Season 2
  • Higashi no Eden ツ
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
  • K-ON!
  • Kampfer
  • 「Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!」
  • Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 ツ
  • Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 S2 ツ
  • Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED
  • Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Destiny
  • Kidou Senshi Gundam Wing
  • Kuroshitsuji
  • Ladies Versus Butlers!
  • Lucky Star
  • Lucky Star OVA
  • Mai-HiME
  • Mai-Otome
  • Mai-Otome 0S.ifr
  • Mai-Otome Zwei
  • Naruto*
  • Naruto Shippuuden*
  • NHK Ni Youkoso!
  • Pandora Hearts
  • Rurouni Kenshin
  • Samurai 7
  • Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
  • Seitokai No Ichizon: Hekiyou Gakuen Seitokai Gijiroku ツ
  • Shakugan no Shana
  • Shakugan No Shana II ツ
  • Shakugan No Shana S
  • Soul Eater*
  • Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
  • Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 2
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ツ
  • To Aru Kagaku no Railgun*
  • To Aru Majutsu no Index
  • Toradora!
  • Zero no Tsukaima
  • Zero No Tsukaima: Futatsuki No Kishi
  • Zero No Tsukaima: Princess No Rondo