Name Luacas
Job Class Black Wizard
Hometown Cornelia
Date of Birth Irrelevant
Age Too old to count
Height Short
IQ Above average
Weapon Judgement Staff
Spells Meteor, Ultima, Flare, Flood, Tornado, Meltdown, Death, Morning Star, Ragnarok, Nilfheim, Panta Rhei, Thunder Reign, Samsara, Die for Me!
Summons Bahamut, Odin, Sylph, Grendel
Limit breaks Armageddon, Black Magic Fury

Ahem, please do not confuse me with a murderous 8-bit character. I've been around, sampling different magic styles, attempting to confuse millions of enemies (and often smacking myself in the head in the process), and occasionally jumping into the wrong game (bonus points if you know which game the second set of spells come from!)

Beyond that, not much.

Dissicon_ff1_WoL3.pngThis user is still looking for the Armor of Invincibility!
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