Name The Lonely Rose
Nickname Attee
Favorite Job Class Pictomancer/Geomancer
Race Human
D.O.B. 1992 April 24th
Hair color Brown
Height 185cm
Eye colour Greenish blue

"Through Hours Of Despair ... I Offer This Prayer ... To You... My Evening Star!"

"Can you still remember the days when you were a child? The sensations, the words, the feelings... will not wait. No matter how hard you hold on, it escapes you. And...I..."

Hy Everyone!

It's Me, Or we should say: the Lonely Rose. Of course, you don't have to think too much about where I got this name. Firions dream inspired me in choosing it, but with the bittersweet feeling of loneliness. Anyway, I've already played through most of the Final Fantasy games, only the 8th, and the 10th games are missing... and what's about the games over the tenth game? Well, lets just say, I'm not into those Newbies... The 11th game is nothing like a real Final Fantasy Game for me... and the other ones...Well ... nothing to talk about... But please, don't judge me about this, this is only my opinion!

My favourite game of all is Final Fantasy VI ... and it makes me feel so sad, that no one pays attention to this excelent game... The seventh game is also one of my favourites ... but after i finished VI, well, I realized that many original thoughts were borrowed from the sixth game, and the whole thing lost its quality for me...

--The Lonely Rose 22:27, June 6, 2011 (UTC)

Please, check out my profile, my writngs as often as you can, because i'll return to share my thoughts with all of you!

ABOUT ME[edit | edit source]

Age: 19

Country: Hungary

Language: My first language is Hungarian, one of the most ancient languages( I'm so proud of it!!) But I'm pretty good in English too!

Favourite Games: Final Fantasy Series, Final Fantasy Dissidia, Final Fantasy Dissidia 012, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (And I'm also one of the greatest fan of Silent Hill games From the 1st till the 4th game!)

Music: I love GOOD music ... This Is my phylosophy, I hate to cathegorize music, so I choose the ones, that make me feel good.

Favourite FF Tracks: FFIX: Not Alone, FF X: At Zanarkand, Yunas Theme, A Fleeting Dreams, FFVI: Terras Theme, Searching for friends, Awakening, And I could continue it for days... :-D

Intrested in: Arts, Writing, Music, and philosophy.

Maybe, I won't change the world at all ... Maybe, I'll just stay here forever... for nothing, but to be a flower.



Probably she was wondering about why the best games are the ones, that are never remade...

Just as I promised, I'm here with my thoughts to share with all of you, and first I decided to write about how unfair it is that Square doesn't care about the sixth game at all.

Nearly thirty years have passed since the first Final Fantasy game released, and it is just as a huge HIT as it was three decades ago. Somehow, we just can't get enough of those endless fights, with the same old backgrounds, with the color swapped enemies, and with the cute little chibi sprites, that doesn't resemle their concept designs at all. Since eternal fighting is essential for Final Fantasy games, the only thing what can be changed is the look of the game. Gamers these days are horrified about the sight of an 8-bit sprite, yet real fans find them more intresting than any of the HD 3D sprites (although real fans find any designs intresting). So for the favour of those gamers, and to please the old fans, gamemakers decided to make remakes of the classic games with improving everything obviosly. These changes also made people able to get these games on most of the newer generation platforms, because Nintendo hardly sells Original NES cartridge copyes about the original Final Fantasy I Anymore. So now we have a bunch of remakes: PSP got the improved version of the first and the second title. Nintendo DS Got The Third and the Fourth Games 3D remake. The Seventh Game Is Stil Yet To Be Remade, And The Games Above It Are Just Fine As They Are, or at least not as unacceptable as the older ones... Probably, you figured out, that I missed two games. The Fifth and the sixth. Well, the fifth was a good game, it nearly reached the king status of the SNES Final Fantasies, but, The cruel Sixth game came, and ruined every hope of Bartz and his team...

Graphics and sounds are maximized!

Yes, we can say FF VI Reached the top floor of what could be brought out of a SNES. The Fourth game was already a Da Vinci painting over the first three games, yet the sixth game was a Michelangelo fresco over the ones before it. Yes... it was. The colours, the graphics, the elements, the movement, the enemies, the ares, the items ... no more could have been wished in those times from a game. Music was also a piece of art in FF VI. Not like Nobue were worse before, just he showed that, he can compose better music, than the best one. Good example is Terras Theme. It is remixed in the game in many ways, yet all of them are as original, as the story itself... By the way... let's take a look at the story.

A Girl as the protagonist?

Terra, the protagonist herself was exceptional. Why? Because she was a girl! Yes, feminism reached Japan, and Square had to design a girl with sword and shield. Yoshitaka Amano did great job with all of the designs, and not only terra was special: Mog, Setzer, Gau, Umaru the berserker yeti... they were all colorful parts of a new beginning. But the story! The story was more than original. It wasn't like a fairy tale anymore, like the first five games. It was close to the reality, with that small touch of magic from the writers of the story. The Mediavel Enviroment also lost for once and for all, and a new, a bit-medieval like, but truly futuristic world began to grow, leaving behind the old fashion. The gameplay was easy to use, the characters were not impossible to master, the menus and the settings could be learned easily, and all these things I mentioned here, were the least changes, that made this game, the best of all games from the series.

Terras pixels may never become fine lines.

So as I said, most of the older games got various remakes, only the best one lacks this luxury, and that dissapoints not only me, but probably most of the fans. FF VI worths a remake, and it is something, what the gamemakers should not forget, so just as a suggestion: SQUARE! If you're planning to remake the seventh game, put it away for a while, and start planning the sixth, because it's nothing like a game to forget!

I Can only hope, that once I'll see the world in 3D.

So Come on everyone, if you haven't played the game yet, give it a try, if you liked it, than pray to god, that SQUARE will decide once to remake it. It would be a shame not to do so.

Thanks for reading! Good Night!

--The Lonely Rose 00:13, June 7, 2011 (UTC)


Hy Everyone!

I know, that PSN has been restored for some weeks by now, and most of you have already run up there to put your hands on those Extremely cool Duodecim DLCs, but things are not as easy for me, as they are for you!

Too bad, Hungary has no PSN, what is extreme, because Hungary is nothing like a hazy cave in the mountains!Hungary is the heart of Europe (That's how it's called) and there are a bunch of PSN hungry guys around here, but Playstation Hungary doesn't realy want to satisfy us...Whatever...

The "Enforcer" outfit.

I bought Duodecim Two Months Ago By Now, And I found it very generous of SQUARE to make a special european edition (Legacy Edition). It contains some cool stuffs like special cards with cool artworks, a cool boxing with a different artwork on it, and guess what?! Tonns of DLCs! No, actually it contains only two DLCs, but I swear two of the BEST DLCs! The Yoshitaka Amano Artwork Tifa, better know as the Enforcer outfit, and Squalls Kingdom Hearts Outfit! Yeah, Sound Pretty Good! I Got A Voucher with a code, but.... PSN Discriminated me... for being Hungarian.... Oh God! How will I get those stuffs? But I finaly got them, obviously with cheating...

So shame on Playstation Hungary, and if anyone knows a way to get the "EMPEROR OF LIGHT" DLC for Emperor (:-P) please, leave me a message, because I want it sooo much! (If you'd ask me, why won't I buy it from PSN with cheating, I'd say, because using a voucher is much safer, than buying with my creadit card, and PSN doesn't seem to be too safe these days!)

Ok, Thanks for Visiting! The Blooming: --The Lonely Rose 09:09, June 14, 2011 (UTC)

Deeper meanings[edit | edit source]

There are many kind of people around our world, or we should say, everyone is different in some way or another.

There are things that are accepted, and there are things that are not.

"Life... Dreams... Hope... Where do they come from... and where do they go...?"

People often think that classic art and literature is the only way to tell serious things to the world. Actually, it isn't. I'm a great fan of comics, and obviously the Final Fantasy series too, and I fell in love with them, when I realized that Final Fantasies only "look like" a games. No, they are not only games. A game for me, is for example Solitaire, or UNO, or Monopoly, or Duke Nukem, All these stuffs were made to make you spend a lot of time with doing nothing at all, but Final Fantasy is different.

Final Fantasy is rather a piece of art, a way, to express what the creators feel or think. If we examine the stories, we can see that, there is more under the surface. A lot more. And they not only want to teach us common things, like the importance of friendship and love and so on, but the question of life and death, the meaning of existance, the truth of the world. Well, after all these words should someone come, and tell me, that Final Fantasy is not a serious thing. So it saddens me, that games are hardly accepted these days, and I swear I learned much more than from any classics that I've read so far. When you're playing Final Fantasies, try to see that, it's more than just a linear story built into beautiful shapes and colours, it is a the secret tome of the truth of our world too!

--The Lonely Rose 13:41, June 14, 2011 (UTC)

Dissidia 012 Character Biographies[edit | edit source]

(Click on "show" to read!)



When I bought my PSP, I knew that I won't regret buying it. When I saw that a new game from Square Enix is already on it's way for the PSP owners, I got excited, even more when I found out it's a new Final Fantasy... But What a Final Fantasy! I knew it will be special, because the whole idea of the game itself was special: "Fight with your favourite Final Fantasy protagonist, or with your favourite villain (!!!) against anyone, anywhere!". I thought a huge dream of all Final Fantasy Fans just came true: Play as Kefka, or Sephiroth? Or run up to the wall, then jump into the sky to hit down your enemy with a magic spell, or a mighty gunblade! Could this be true? Yes, this IS true! Dissidia is a special game in more categories: It's a great RPG with chilling new elements, to make the game more lively, and a pairless fighting game, with many different characters and abilities to bring as much action into the gameplay as possible. Dissidia is followed by Dissidia 012 and became even better with time, but this time, I'm not here to talk about the game itself. I'm here, to write down my thoughts to you about the characters of Dissidia and Dissidia Duodecim. Okay, enough words, just get to the point:


Final Fantasy I:

Warrior of light:

Story: Although FFI was the beginning of a whole new universe, and it was made more than thirty years ago, the first game had no deep story. The game was rather a test for the gamers, to find out whether they like this kind of game style or not. The main characters had no real personalities, or character at all, and the story was quiet lineral so we could not find out too much about the main protagonist, but Dissidia revealed some things about WoL. In my opinion: Not enough. He just ran through his story, found out or changed nothing about himself, he was well balanced in heart, or we sould say, boring. His story showed that he is not a real character, rather a guy representing FFI.


Thumbs up: WoL has many bravery attacks. Maybe too much, because they can be quiet confusing sometimes. A Good thing about him is that some of his bravery attacks can be chained into Hp attacks. His movement is avarage, and his bravery attacks steal many bravery, bravery collection won't be a problem.

Thumbs down: His real Hp attack worth not too much. They are either inaccurate, short ranged, or risky to use. Also, handling him correctly takes some time to learn.

Summary: Absolutely not the best character of Final Fantasy Dissidia, but with the correct knowledge, he can be quiet the fearsome enemy.


Story: A Pixel hero, or villain, or whatever. Not much is known about him, but thanks to Dissidia, gamers could see his real 3D form at last, and found out many things about his backstory. Although his fighting style in not the best one, his story helps us to understand the universe of FF.


Thumbs up: Just like WoL, Garland has many extremely powerful bravery attacks, what are not easy to use, but if used well, they will chrash the enemies into pieces. In his EX mode, he gains an ability to stop flinching, and even if he is hit by a bravery attack, he keeps attacking without fear, what is another positive skill. He has more Hp attack than WoL, and they are easier to use too.

Thumbs down: First of all, he carries a sword what is probably ten times as heavy as himself, and makes him run around pretty slowly, but somehow he is strong enough to wield his sword quickly. On the other hand, many of his Hp and bravery attacks are inaccurate, and he has no Chainable Hp attacks.

Summary: A Villain, who looks cool, posessing the powers of a god himself, and a story that reveals many things about the conflict of the gods, but his fighting style is not the best one. In my opinion, he is not a real threat, and not the most exciting character to use, but if you have some time, chrasing your enemy into a gnome could be fun.


Final Fantasy II:


Story: One of my personal favourites, Firion -In my opinion- changed a lot since his original form. His personality was not revealed too deeply in the main game, but I felt him a bit arrogant, rather than that daydreamer type. He also got a new story, and he became the one who inspired all Cosmos pawns many times with his dream.


Thumbs up: As his biography says, he is the Grounded type of character,(Probably the opposite of Zidane.) what makes him a tough enemy on the ground. He has the ability to fight without even moving anywhere, because many of his moves are easy to use from the same place. He owns some good combos, and his attacks are also very powerful. He runs quiet fast, hits quickly, so using him or fighting against him can be a real adventure!

Thumbs down: Firion is grounded. This is the best and his worst skill. Many of his attacks must be extremely punctual to hit, and must be timed well, and even so, the chainable bravery attacks can still miss. His attacks are also very linear, and can easily be dodged.

Summary: Firion has a great look with a good story, and a good new personality, but the contrast in his fighting style is very sharp. If used well, -extremely punctually, he is a killing machine. If used by untrained hands, he might bring some tears in the users eyes. But after all words, he is one of the best characters made for Dissidia.


Story: The good old pixel hero. Not much was known about him, until Dissidia revealed his true identity (Just like it did to Garland!) But something what we know for sure: He has the best look and the best personality of all characters, with his arrogant, manipulative, and aristocratic style. Dressed in gold, wearing high heels, he earned the title of the TRAP MASTER -a unique fighting style- in the history of Dissidia.


Thumbs up: Emperor -as I said is a Trap Master. He lays traps wherever he can to send unexpected attacks on his enemies, and he does it well. His bravery attacks just like his Hp attacks last long on the stage, so if they rest at the right place, they'll might surprise the enemy with a powerful attack, or a paralyzing Bravery attack. Most of his magical attacks are quiet powerful, and just like Firion, he is not the Speedy Gonzales type, so he can be used from the same place mostly during the same battle.

Thumbs down:Lying traps can take long and they must be timed perfectly to cause a REAL surprise, and after all, it is still not sure they will hit. Also, he lacks Hp attacks, and many of them can be canceled, or dodged easily, or worse, they can be turned against Mateus. It is important to mention that his movement speed is not a fast one.

Summary: The dear Emperor looks cool, talks cool, acts cool, and so on, and his fighting style can look useless for the first time, but don't loose your hope in him. The Computer uses him as bad as it can (This is why he is the best training dummy!), but a talented Dissidia player can bring out the real Demon of him. Personally, one of my (NEW!) favourites,and he doesn't look like, but he is one of the most original Dissidia character of all.


Final Fantasy III

Onion Knight

Story: Onion Knight has never been more, than a job in only one game: the third one. (Ok, maybe he served as enemies in some games, and as a weapon for Lulu in FFX, but no more...) These warriors were similar to the ones in the first game: they had no real personalities and storyline. Onion Knight played a part of a helper, or as a tiny bodyguard of Terra in Dissidia, but no more information is given about him, what makes his story weak, so don't even expect great things coming out of his backstory or anything like that! Thankfully, his story is his weakest point!


Thumbs up: Onion Knight has a great advantage: -So great, that it makes this tiny kid an extreme slasher or magic user, because he uses both magical and physical attacks equally-, and this advantage is SPEED. Yes, speed worths a lot in a fighting game, and mainly, because even if many of his attacks are weak, he can use them again and again one after another. His attacks are also very easy to use and effective, and literally, they will always hit! His ground and air movement is extremely speedy too, and he has some special abilities, what makes him able, to boost his stats for a period of time! Also, in his EX Mode, he gains the ability, to make his attacks even more effective and stronger.

Thumbs down: Of course, Onion Knight is one of the best characters, but no one can be perfect, so how could he? His weak point is bravery stealing, because he takes really low amount of bravery away with each hit, this is why he has one of the weakest EX Bursts. His magical attacks are also easier to dodge or block than the physical ones.

Summary: If you expect a huge, life changing story from Onion Knight, you are knocking on the wrong door. If you are looking for one of the best fighters in Dissidia, Onionkid is your man! His speed and his easy-to-use attacks, will never let you down!

Cloud of Darkness

Story: Just like of Onion Knight, not much is revealed of this lady, or man, or monster, or whatever. The only thing what makes her intresting, is that she gained a real form, came alive, and and turned into a women with intresting thoughts and abilities, and at last, she became a "Someone" rather than a "Something" .


Thumbs up: This creature has a huge advantage: it has many kind of Hp attacks. Yes, you can find a Laser beam for nearly every situation: Anti air, feint, block, anti ground. Maybe you will be confused for a while, but don't be afraid,... getting used to her fast attacks is easy. These Hp attack are all very effetive, and fast to execute, furthermore, in EX Mode, she gains the ability, to attack without charging after a bravery attack, what makes her even more powerful.

Thumbs down: Cloud of Darkness is quiet slow on the ground, and sometimes charging her beams make her vulnerable against fast and close attacks. She also lacks this variety of Bravery attacks, and executing them can be hard to learn, because the same attack changes depending on what button combination you use.

Summary: The monster disguised as a lady, with some bizzare tentacles coming out of her back is a born Hp attacker. She can attack from close or long range. She can attack from under or above, or even suddenly from back, but be sure that her attacks mostly leave a mark! Maybe you will have a hard time with her bravery attacks, but whenever you have the urge for some random destroying, choose her, as a powerfull fighter!

The Great Artist: Yoshitaka Amano (Read Me!)

Hey Everyone. As I said, I'm intrseted in art.... No,no...This is not true. ART is my life! Writing novels, Short stories and stuffs are cool things, and I like doing these things too, but what makes me enter my EX mode is drawing and painting. Yeah, I could imagine my life in a small damp place, where I create and create and create and create.... Yoshitaka Amano is one of my favourite artists. His style is uniqe, emotional, and so beautiful that his pictures just take my breath away. This place, Amano, and everyone else inspired me, to make a small gallery here, on my own userpage. I will upload paintings, drawings, whenever I have a new one! Just visit me, and you'll see my own world unfold! Tomorrow will be the first upload! Please, pay a visit! Thank you a lot!

Gallery Of The Lonely Rose[edit | edit source]

Hello and WELCOME to my precious little Gallery! Just make yourself comfortable, and take a look around my dear artworks.If you've got any kind of questions about the pictures, my style, or the way I work, just leave a message on my Talk Page! Hope you'll enjoy them!

Thank you for visiting! The Lonely Rose!

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