I know I'm a lllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttlllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeee late to the party, but I've been stuck with at least 2 1/2 hours of free time per day, so I've got bored enough to put this together. My Dissidia characters aren't based off of me (bar the obvious exception), but off characters from my stories. I don't really paid that much attention to if they work or not, and frankly I don't care too much, as they're never going to be in a game. Anyway, they are as follows (P.S. Let me know if you have a character, so I can put in an encounter quote for him/her/it/CoD):


Expressionless and emotionless, Yamir's sword has crushed entire armies. No pride, no honor is worth more than his duty, as such his conviction is almost as deadly as his weapon.


Yamir (jeɪ-mr) is a Principle Knight, sworn to protect the principles and ideals set down by the Archon Gabriel. As such, he travels the word in search of those that threaten the stability of the world, be they good, evil or otherwise, mortal, demon or something else. Upset the balance, and he will destroy you.

He carries the mark of his office, a giant sword known as the Plummeting Blade, over his shoulder. It is simply too large to place in any sort of cover, and is too heavy to use constantly in battle. With it slung over his shoulder, he becomes slow moving by its weight, however it allows him to manipulate time around him, allowing him to move with frightening speed in short bursts, and seemingly teleport at times. The sword is board and large, able to act as a shield at times, with a sudden but gentle temper that deprives the single blade of any focal point.


Yamir is a tall, middle aged man. He is obviously well traveled; his clothes are stained and torn in places, yet his skin still remains fair and his hair is a dark brown. His voice is weighted down by the gravity of every moment of his life, and has little time for higher thinking or philosophy.

Though he appears cold and calculating, he follows his instincts more than his mind, and possesses an immeasurable fury.

He fell into this world while investigating a disturbance in the natural flow of the world. Finding a entrance this reality corrupting his world, he resolved to destroy his world, to protect his own.



Move Type Range Description Chains from
Triple Punch Ground Short Three fast and weak blows to one target.
Rising Kick Ground Short Single kick upwards, lifting them from the ground.
Additional Effects: Chase
Falling Kick Ground/Arial Short A kick that slams the enemy into the ground.
Additional Effects: Chase
Rising Kick
Back Kick Ground/Arial Short A powerful kick that throws the opponent back.
Additional Effects: Wall Rush
Falling Kick
Blade Block Ground N/A Plants sword in front, defending against incoming attacks. Cartwheel Kick
Cartwheel Kick Ground Short Vaults over sword, kicking vertically. Blade Block
Blunt Slam Ground Med Slams the blunt side of sword into the ground, creating a small shock wave
Blade Beat Arial Med Summersaults, striking foe with the blunt of the blade.
Additional Effects: Chase


Move Type Range Description Chains from
Bladed Horizon Ground Short A single sideways slash. (If chain is used, attack is brave)
Final Horizon Ground Med Spins around once with a horizontal attack.
Additional Effects: Chase, Wall Rush
Bladed Horizon
Seeking Demon Ground/Arial Long Throws sword, spinning, to attack the enemy. Yamir becomes very fast but can not attack until blade returns. Two brave hits before HP attack. Final Horizon
Flash Cut Ground/Arial Long Rushes target with blinding speed that launches enemy back.
Additional Effects: Wall Rush
Plunge of Terror Arial Med Only usable if above opponent and solid ground. Falls through target, impaling them on his sword. Unleashes a stream of brave damage as they fall, until they reach ground causing the HP hit. Blade Beat


Yamir's Ex-mode is known as "Knight's Duty", while active he carries he sword in one hand as if it were a standard sized broad sword, with energy crackling around him. While in Ex-mode, Yamir moves quickly (slightly slower than Tidus), and his attacks all execute at twice the speed, resulting in a deadly combination of speed and strength. In this state, Yamir gains the Regen status, but also gains an ability called "Slowaja". It is voluntarily activated, but while it is active Yamir's gauge will drain at five times the normal speed.

While it is active, Yamir will move at 75% of his normal speed, while the rest of the battlefield is reduced to 25%, allowing him ample time and opportunity to unleash a flurry of blows and strikes against a helpless enemy.

Yamir also has access to three new attacks while in EX-mode:

Move Type Range Description Chains from
Flash Warp Ground/Arial Very Long Non damaging attack that warps player next to the target.
Archons’ Wrath Ground/Arial Med Rushes target, throws them into the air, kicks them twice(brave), juggling them, then slashes them with a horizontal slash(HP), launching foe.

Arial skips throw.
Additional Effects: Wall Rush

Archons’ Fury Ground/Arial Long Rushes target delivering six sword slashes from different directions (brave), then a single upward blow launching them into the air(HP).

The Ex-burst is known as "Blade of Gabriel", and consists of Yamir launching his opponent into the air with an upper cut, then rushing past the target with fourteen consecutive slashes from different directions. The player must time a button press with each slash. Missing one of the attacks leads straight to the final attack, but with each correctly timed press, the attacks become more damaging and faster in succession. For the final blow, Yamir Appears above the target and drives his sword through the target’s chest, impaling them into the ground while yelling the EX-burst quote.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Effects
Galtarr 30 Brave+30, Attack +40. Increases attack power by 10% when critical.
Ragnarok 60 Brave+45, Attack +50. Increases duration of EX-mode by 50%.
Armageddon 100 Brave+60, Attack +65. Doubles attack power while in EX-mode.

Music ThemeEdit

Normal theme: The Best is Yet To Come
Battle theme: Disturbed - Prayer
Boss theme: Rob Zombie - Dragula

The dissonance between his normal themes and battle themes highlight the difference between Yamir when he is unmoved, and his pure rage when in combat.


Warrior of Light: “Bright...”
Garland: “Another lost soul.”
Firion: “Another rose?”
Emperor: “Proud one...”
Onion Knight: “So young...”
Cloud of Darkness: “Away with you.”
Cecil: “A light from the shadow.”
Golbez: “Moon child.”
Bartz: “Your load is light.”
Exdeath: “Be gone, fool.”
Terra: “Your doubt is well founded”
Kefka: “Fall into the darkness.”
Cloud: “Your resolve?”
Sephiroth: “Another mortal.”
Squall: “No words, just fight.”
Ultimecia: “A war across time...”
Zidane: “You talk too much.”
Kuja: “To kill a mocking bird...”
Tidus: “Child; vanish.”
Jetch: “So confident.”
Shantotto: “...Strange one.”
Gabranth: “I am your judge.”
Chaos: “There ARE no gods.”
Kain: “Lost in the wind.”
Gilgamesh: “You remind me of her...”
Tifa: “Your own body is your weapon...wise.”
Aerith: “You will perish.”
Laguna: “The sea and storm...”
Yuna: “Call your demons.”
Prishe: “Don’t talk, just fight.”
Vaan: “’re like him.”
Lightning: “Both cursed, both saviours.”
Himself: “Yet again?”
Sorceror Nobody: “Insubstantial foes create insubstantial challenges.”
Drake Clawfang: “Courage will not save you.”
8-bit Blackmage: “Learn to fear.”
Armageddon: “I can give you release.”
Silver Crono: “Time is all we have.”
Feathin: “Try to take this seriously.”
Jeppo: “You tip the balance too far.”
DSS: “No allegiance... no mercy.”
Kuja Rhapsody: “Your mind will not save you.”
Yuanchosaan: “Every melody ends.”
Diablo: “Everything perishes.”
Neltron: “Abomination.”
Mirrorshard Sceada: “See yourself.”
Cluna: “Still so young.”
Otherarrow: "Simple and hopeless."
NeoBahamutZeroX: "...strange name."
Netherith: "...fighting... to protect?
Hexedmagica: "This is your final refrain."
TensaZangetsu: "I will show you horror."
ChiefKakashi: "Hunger will destroy this world..."
Jesilyn: "Weakness is just an excuse."
LegendAqua: "Your magic means nothing to me."
Kamikaze Pardee‎: "Let go of your emotions."

“The power of the Archons”
“You have fallen.”

Low HP:
“It is my duty.”

Stronger enemy:
“Fear the fall.”
“Remember well.”

Weaker enemy:
“Leave me, child.”

“I… will...rise…”
“Gabriel; I have failed you.”

Stronger enemy:
“Is this my limit?”

Weaker enemy:
“Have I fallen so?”
“This… is…”

When fighting, he will only make grunts and such expressions, usually emotionless, but will roar loudly when entering EX-mode.
Using EX-burst: “FEAR THE FALL!”
Using Archons’ Fury: “FALL FOR ETERNITY!”


What the? What's this guy doing here? How did he get in? Someone stop him! He's getting into the game! STOP HIM!


Cupcake looks like an ordinary person at first... that illusion quickly shatters. He moves erratically, and while his attacks aren't powerful, you never know where the next one will come from. No one really knows where he came from, how he got here, or what he's trying to do. It's doubtful even he knows.


Cupcake appears harmless at first glance: An average sized, male, Australian, 19 year old. He wears tracksuit pants and a Doctor Who t-shirt. When he attacks, weapons and items appear from hammer-space to engage his foes with completely unexpected attacks.

His fighting style is described as "Copy Quota", with almost all his attacks being a reference or parody of some form.



Move Type Range Description Chains from
Siamasa Ground Short Cartwheels, with feet ablaze, delivering a powerful kick.
Ageless Romance Ground Long Draws the Master Sword* from behind, and throws it at the enemy. Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki
Digi-beam Ground/Arial mid Fires a quick burst of light from index finger.
Hyper Beam Ground/Arial Long Throws a pokeball, summoning a Gyarados behind the target. The Gyarados fires a hyper beam, which deals heavy damage and can damage Cupcake (Cupcake's brave goes to stage)
Bloody Spear Arial Mid Throws a spearhead attached to a elastic cord. If it strikes the enemy, they are pulled towards Cupcake. If it hits the ground, Cupcake lunges towards the surface.
Liquid Metal Sugar Ground Short Cupcake beats out a few rifts on an electric guitar. This creates a dome of metal righteousness, blasting anyone within away, and blocking any incoming attacks. Cupcake is vulnerable as he holds the final cord.
Dragon's Sorrow Ground Mid A mechanical apparatus appears behind Cupcake, and fires a ball of blue energy at his foe. Weakens in strength as it travels through the air.
Chief's Assault Ground Mid Cupcake loads a Halo assault rifle, and unloads the clip into the space before him.
He Who's Hand, Shapes That Which Is Arial Long A large laser cannon erupts from a tear in the fabric of space, and fires a powerful beam that strikes the opponent multiple times. Long charge time. Dragon's Sorrow
Spirit Wand Arial Med A whirlwind erupts from Cupcake's hand, containing molten boulders and ice shards. Deals a string of damage.


Move Type Range Description Chains from
Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki Ground Short Cupcake slashes with a katana after dashing forward. If it is blocked, Cupcake spins and blasts his opponent away (harmlessly) with a gust of wind. Siamsa
Ka-woosh Arial Short A ring of stone-like substance appears beneath Cupcake, and a wave of energy erupts from it, damaging anyone that touches it (bar Cupcake himself)
Jakuhō Raikōben Ground Long Fires a gold and black missile at the target. The impact causes a large explosion.
Rasen Shuriken Ground Mid Launches a slow moving, homing, spinning white disk at the target. It persists for close to twenty seconds. Strikes a number of times for light brave damage, before a final HP hit. Spirit Wand
Major Rage Ground Long A large sniper rifle drops from above. Cupcake fires it with one hand, hitting the target almost instantly. It flys out of his hand backwards, leaving him vulnerable as he staggers back. Accuracy decreases significantly with range. Cheif's Assualt
Scion of Balance Ground/Arial Short Draws a large, two handed kriss. Slashes with two cross-body cuts, before launching the target up into the air with an uppercut. Bloody Spear


His EX-mode is "Cupcake of Divinity". When active, Cupcake's shirt changes to a Distant Worlds T-Shirt, and a ash-grey jacket appears on his shoulders. His eyes glow gold, and a golden-copper aura appears around him as he floats a few inches off the ground.

In this form, he gains the "Regen" status, as well as "Sentinel" which prevents him from flinching while attacking (still receives damage as per normal). His EX-burst is "Dieing Words"; when it is active, a random snippet of "The Caramelldansen", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Come On Feel the Noise", "I Can't Decide", or "Popcorn" will play (lasting ~10-15 seconds). The player must input directional keys in the style of the Dance Dance series.

If the player gets a perfect score, Gurren-Lagann will appear around Cupcake and preform a Giga Drill Breaker, dealing a number of heavy brave damage hits, before the final HP hit. If the player gets more than 50% correct, but fails to get 100%, two Keyblades appear in his hands, and he unleashes one of Sora's Arial Valor Form's combos. Each hit deals light brave damage, with the final finishing blow being a HP hit.

However, if he scores less than 50% a giant, red, stone fist will appear and deal a single hit of HP damage.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Effects
Pogo Hammer 30 Brave +10%, +5% HP, decreases Brave recovery time.
Hewpoe's Fantasy 60 Attack +30, +10% HP, increases EX-force gained by 45%.
Builder's Malice 100 Attack +40, +15% HP, +25% Brave, EX-burst deals +50% more damage.

Music ThemeEdit

Main theme: Aboard the Hilda Garde
Battle Theme: Gummi Bear
First boss battle theme: Eiffel 65's Blue
Second boss battle theme: Disturbed's Forgiven


Warrior of Light: “Who names their kid, "Warrior of Light"?”
Garland: “GARLIC BREAD!”
Firion: “Firion, Firion, where are you gone?”
Emperor: “Sejukhan! I will...sorry; wrong Emperor.”
Onion Knight: “If I put you in a fridge, I won't cry!”
Cloud of Darkness: “Wonder what would happen if I merged you with the Warrior...”
Cecil: “Hmmm... I can relate.”
Golbez: “Do you ever take that armour off?”
Exdeath: “Try to make it a challenge this time...please.”
Terra: “Terra terror! Hehe, just kidding.”
Kefka: “What did you do with the pink banana?!”
Cloud: “I preferred you when you were less mopy.”
Sephiroth: “Does that thing grow every time I look at it?”
Squall: “Does your schooling cover logic, or did you just really suck at it?”
Ultimecia: “Are you Russian?...or German?”
Zidane: “(singing) You are not alone!”
Kuja: “Please put on some clothes.”
Tidus: “If you laugh, I'll tear your balls off.”
Jetch: “Is that a sword or a shovel?”
Shantotto: “That's a weird laugh.”
Gabranth: “Sorry, all I know about you is that your a judge.”
Chaos: “Why not? Let's do this.”
Kain: “To live in the winds... You;ve got it good.”
Gilgamesh: “Where do you keep all those swords, anyway?”
Tifa: “Something else always seems to get bigger too...”
Aerith: “Which spelling do you prefer?”
Laguna: “You're not so bad I suppose.”
Yuna: “This is the way the world ends: Not with a whimper, but a huge BOOM!”
Prishe: “You don't really care what other people think, do you?”
Vaan: “Take me on that ship some time, will ya?”
Lightning: “Thunder and lightning, very, very frightening!”
Himself: “Not the first time, I'll admit.”
Sorceror Nobody: “No tree will bind me!”
Drake Clawfang: “We fight, we laugh, and one of us lands up in a puddle of jelly beans.”
8-bit Blackmage: “There's always something new to learn!”
Armageddon: “Just have fun with it!”
Silver Crono: “Time is overrated.”
Feathin: “Let's play!”
Jeppo: “Ba-le-nce?”
DSS: “Don't worry, I'm not with anyone either!”
Yuanchosaan: “To er is to be human.”
Diablo: “The beast contained herein will not be set free!”
Neltron: “Why do you try and hide your gender? We all know it.”
Mirrorshard Sceada: “Ooooh.... pretty....”
Cluna: “Let's make this fun!”
Otherarrow: "I'll show you the simple beauty of chaos!"
NeoBahamutZeroX: "New Dragon Nothing X? You're weird."
Netherith: "Keep it up! We're not done yet!"
Hexedmagica: "You really need to lighten up. Not everything's doom and gloom you know!"
TensaZangetsu: "Retreat and you'll age. Hesitate and you'll die!"
Jesilyn: "You've got a lot of friends around here."
LegendAqua: "You like magic? Try the magic of memes!"
Kamikaze Pardee‎: "Birds of a feather, huh? Let's dance."

“Does this mean I'm the guy?”
“The sky is blue!”

Low HP:
“A man doesn't die, even if he's killed!”
“Thanks for the challenge!”

Stronger enemy:
“I reject your reality, and substitute my own!”
“Hey! Sweet! I won!”

Weaker enemy:
“Simply enough.”
“Come and play again!”
“Don't feel bad; come back when you're grown up!”

“Take two?”
“Wait... that's not the right song!”
"I messed up."

Stronger enemy:
“Probably should have thought this through.”

Weaker enemy:
“Wait, can I try that again?”

Siamasa: "Feet of flames!"
Ageless Romance: "Destiny that binds... Can also destroy!"
Hyper Beam: "You should be running."
Digi-beam: "I'm old-school."
Blood Spear: "GET OVER HERE!"
Liquid Metal Sugar: "You a deaf-mute?"
Dragon's Sorrow: "HADOUKEN!"
He Who's Hand, Shapes That Which Is: "WE WILL NOT BE BOUND!"
Spirit Wand: "Behold, the bringer of light."
Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki: "Godzadio."
Ka-woosh: "Make it so!"
Chief's Assault: "All your bases are belong to me!"
Jakuhō Raikōben: "Scared?" After impact: "I am."
Rasen Shuriken: "A bit of a breeze."
Scion of Balance: "Vae victis"

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