Nominations are now open! Put your favourite's pride on the line, and prove once and for all, that it IS the most awesome thing in the universe.

Okay, so this how the contest will run: On the nominations page, you will decide on 64 things that are incredibly awesome. After that has closed, I will arrange them in a cascading hierarchy, where each item will pair off and give us the cooler of the two. The way I will pair these is still undergoing some thought and planning, and you will be informed how this will work shortly before the nominations open.

Each of the items will be arranged into four divisions, and once we have the champion of the four, a four-way fight will decide the most awesome thing in the entire universe (as chosen by Final Fantasy Fans).

Rules for VotingEdit

The rules are very simple, and most are just common sense:

  1. Unless stated otherwise, you may only vote for one item in every match.
  2. In the voting section, do not include any comments longer than about six/seven words. I won't be counting them, mind, just keep anything extensive for the comments section. This restriction may be lifted for the later fights, to allow the epic to flow.
  3. Any personal attacks will be removed, and the violate will be warned. If it is clear that the offender will not leave the matter alone, they will be black listed from the contest. Any racism or the like will result in an instant black listing. The broad scope means that there may be the possibility of the line being blurred, and due thought will be given then, but everyone is expected to conduct themselves like proper, civilized people.
  4. Unless sanctioned by one of the coordinators, no one may edit a comment or vote made by another member. This will be heavily enforced, and little warning will be given to violators; I value the right to free speech highly, and thus I ask you to do so while in this contest. That said, anyone abusing this right will be disciplined accordingly.
  5. No smart-assing your way around these rules =P This is suppose to be fun, and these rules are mostly common sense anyway, no need to break them just to look clever.

The FightsEdit

This is why we're here!

This Round's FightsEdit

None currently.

Previous FightsEdit

There needs to have been a fight to be a previous fight >_>

The Contest BreakdownEdit

Below you (will soon) seen a table containing all the currently submitted and accepted fights (nominations may be accepted early if the fight has more than 15 votes for, and is leading by more than 50%, each will be considered individually). This may be in flux right up until that fight actually commences.

The contest is divided into "Rounds". One Round will see every currently surviving contestant fight once, and only once. Each Round will be progressively smaller, until the Final Round. Each Round will be divided into weekly Fights, with each Fight divided into Bouts.

The first three Fights will contain the following: First Fight will have 11 Bouts, second will have 10 Bouts, thirds will have 11 Bouts, each of two Contestants. These Fights will contain Bouts from each Division, and inter-Division fights will not take place until later in the Contest.

Round two will contain two Fights of eight Bouts each.

Round three will contain one Fight of eight Bouts.

Round four will contain one Fight of four Bouts, deciding the champion of each division.

Round five will contain a single, four-way Bout, in which the winner will be decided.

This set-up is a current draft, made using a lot of simplified assumptions about the proceedings, and will almost certainly change before the nominations open.

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