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You're a fruitcake...
―Daniel Jackson, SG-1 Sleep tight
Name Likeacupcake
Real Name Martin Lee ****
Job Class Paladin (Because darkness is overrated)
Hometown Lindblum
Date of Birth 11/03/92 (Oz date)
Age 21
Height ~180±5cm
IQ No idea
Spells Flare, Demi, Drain, Osmose, Ultima.
Summons Bahamut, Ark, Alexander, Diablos, Odin, Choogleberrytaur.
Limit breaks The Plummeting Blade

Hello! I'm Likeacupcake: Elder God of Chaos, Eldritch Abomination, Master of the Unseen and Enigma of Creation. I'm pretty friendly (except when you annoy me, then I'm a bit of a prick, sorry about that), and kind of talkative, so drop me a line if you wanna chat. But well... yah.

Also, if you know any good anime series, let me know so I can check it out! Thanks =) ('specially if you know any good series in the steampunk genre)

Need a hand with a game, but can't be bothered reading a walkthrough? Then check this out: LaCC's Guide to Death and Destruction.... or maybe don't. It needs a rewrite and an update.... soooo many jobs, soooo much catchup.

My Role on various Wikis[]

  • FFWiki: This one right here; I'm a recent changes guardian, and rose the FFU coverage from the dead to an.... acceptable standard (still looking our for FFU's prequel and sequel material) .
  • Alundra wiki : Raising this from the dead alongside SN. If you've played Alundra and are willing to lend a hand we'll be happy to have you! (And will be returning to this as soon as I fix my desktop)

And that's it! Not really, "various" at the moment, but hey; you get what you get.


  • First off, it shall never be Marilith, she has always been to me, and always will be, Kary. LONG LIVE KARY!
  • People would argue over the Cloud/Tifa/Aerith are pathetic even by Final Fantasy nerd standards (I am a self professed Final Fantasy Nerd). And here is the best state the page on this topic has been in years!
  • Sephiroth is awesome... but not awesome enough to name your kid after, or w(h)or(e)ship or anything like that. Seriously.
  • Moogles kick ass.
  • Kingdom Hearts is part of the Final Fantasy series. It may have a story of its own, but since when has plot linked the FF games?
  • Racists/sexists are the worst type of people.
  • Yes, the Caramelldansen happened about 2 years back. It's still awesome.
  • She is called Garnet. Not "dagger", "dagger" is the alias she took while avoiding trying to avoid the Queen (for all the good it did). Square was just lazy and didn't give you the option of chaning it later.
  • Between listening to the English dub of FFU, and shoving steel wool in my ears, the steel wool would be less painful... and if someone liked shoving steel wool in their ears, it wouldn't damage my faith in humanity nearly as much as if they had liked the dub.
  • Kimahri is the Unicorn Smurf. Enough said.
  • Shippers are a little too... into their games. Seriously, there is only one relationship I ship; QuinaXBrahne.

Poll[] This user is a cursed l'Cie, bound into the
service of
Sorceror Nobody for eternity
Branded: November 19th 2010 Eidolon: Alexander
Role proficiencies:
Focus: Bring the Alundra Wiki to an acceptable standard


Martin Lee; my name. Etymology; one of my passions. I love word origins, so let you share with you the origin of my name.

Martin comes from Rome. It means "For Mars" (The god, not the planet). Mars is the Roman god of war, and thus my name can be given as "For Mars", "For War", or "War Like".

This gives my second name a bit of a poetic twist to it: The "Lee" of something is the sheltered side of it. Take a wind running from east to west, then on the west side of something, close to it, will be sheltered and on the "lee". It classicially means "Shelter" or "Shelterer".

Thus my name can be taken to say a number of things, such as "Shelter from war", "Sheltered in war", "Protected by Mars", or any other variation of that.

As I said: I love etymology. Give me your name, and I'll see if I can find where it comes from!

Collapsable Stuff[]

About me

Hello person or people or objects that may or may not be of note and/or interest! ... I really don't think you could get much more ambiguous than that....

Anyway! I'm Likeacupcake (Martin is my real name, but I prefer to go by Cupcake online), an avid fan of a good many things, I avid hater of a good many other things, and an avid fanatic of both language, be it spoken, written, or programming (before you comment on my spelling/grammar, I implore you to watch this video) and foreign cultures, particularly acient and extinct ones.
Also a forewarning: I'm strange. Let's accept that and move on. But it's not as straight forward as you think. When you first meet me, I seem normal, but as you get to know me, the stranger and stranger I become. Well... within acceptable bounds at first.
Anyways, I'm an Australian nerd, and proud to be. It's not as dangerous as people think around here. All you have to do is remember two small rules: Firstly, if it doesn't move, it can kill you. Secondly, if it moves, it is actively trying to kill you. The summers are hot, and the winters average higher than the "hot" summers in England, and I HATE the heat, so I spend most of my summers indoors in the aircon. I get more of a tan in winter than I do in summer.
I enjoy reading (H.P. Lovecraft at the moment), video games (RPGs are my favourites) and music (taste in music include Mozart, Queen, Disturbed, and Georgia Fair). I'm one of those people that can find beauty in just about anything, so I love landscape images, flowers, and trees, I love trees >_< And birds :P
I'm more than a bit of a nostalgia junkie as well, any sort of nostalgia trip I'll be happy to go on. I have nostalgia about things that were around before I was born! Seriously; I love that little orange message box, and I get rather disappointed when it's just wikia telling me it has a new feature in development that will be cancelled in three months without explanation.


Here is a list of what anime series I watch, have watched, qued to watch, and my thoughts of them. (C= complete, S= Stalled, U= up to date, and awaiting the weekly ep, Q= Qued, A=Abandoned).

Title Current episode x/10 Thoughts
Arrancar Saga
C 9/10 All round good fun. While the plot was a let down, and some of the characters standard, the cast is large enough that there's going to be SOMEONE you like in there, and the plot was more or less an excuse to get a bunch of guys with magic swords fighting each other and demons with magic powers. I remind everyone of the rule of cool. Climax: 10/10 Ending: 8/10
New Series
U 7/10 We're only just getting started, and it's much of the same-old, same-old, but somehow has a new feel to it. I would like to see it move away from the format of the last series, and become a new entity all of its own, rather than an extention of the last, but we'll see how it goes for now.
Naruto A 6/10 Nice. Some bits are funny, other bits are boring. Nothing spectacular, nothing amazing, but fun to watch. Abandoned after 171 episodes.
Naruto: Shippuuden S 7/10 Much better. The puppet battle in ep 26 was awesome beyond words, Pain is awesome incarnate. It's kind of dragging out now; the breaks inbetween the action are longer than the action itself. It gets annoying, but it's a little too late to drop it now. Looks like we're back on track... for now. Lost track of where I'm up to. I'll look into it sooner or later
Inuyasha C 3/10 The main problem here; wasted potential. Watched the first few episodes, and got caught up in all the possible directions for her to take it, but nope, she gave us 2D characters, a cliche plot and a repetitive narrative structure. I do not recommend unless you are REALLY into this genre and style. Climax: 6/10. Ending: 3/10.
Final Fantasy: Unlimited C 7/10 Solid job, though some of the 3D work and dialog could be brought up to scratch. Plot was good, if a little rushed, but characters were standard issue. Climax: 6/10. Ending: 5/10.
Ghost in the Shell C 10/10 This is how you make an anime series. If you have not watched this, do so; it's about as good as anime can get. Found out the what the song the Tachikomas sing in the end is, and it makes that whole scene that much sadder... And I've been waiting for someone to do that to Gota for the whole series. I think I prefer the plot of the Laughing Man over the 2nd GIG, but 2nd GIG had more explosions, so it's about even. Climax: 10/10. Ending: 9/10
Avatar C 7/10 Good fun. Silly at some bits, but serious at others. Combat was good, though naturally (as a junior anime) dulled down. Climax: 9/10. Ending: 7/10.
Death Note C 7/10 Pretty good. Very dark; very gothic. I liked the art style, the psychology, and the plot (overall), but the plot wares a little thin around the 24/25 episode mark. It would have been better with a slightly fast pace, and with a little less repeatition, but it was good. Ending was a little too sudden for me (it felt like the crew just got bored of the series and tried to finish it off as quickly as they could). Climax: 7/10. Ending: 6/10.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann C 10/10 Weird as all hell... but more awesome then I care to describe. I would have preferred a few more filler episodes in there. Not many, just 2 or 3 to flesh it out a little bit more, but its fine like this. Climax: 10/10. Ending 9/10. (Almost a 10)
Astro Boy C 7/10 Astro Boy is my childhood, and I love it. It's not an amazing anime, but it's pretty good. I love it =D. Climax: 7/10. Ending: 8/10.
Fairy Tale A 9/10 It's going to be very interesting to see how all these plot threads weave together; the dragons disappearing, the motivation for creating the Dragon Slayers in the first place, Gerald, Mystogan, Uma, all that.

Well, the plot is well structured, physics are reasonable (by anime standards), combat is well structured and planned, and the characters are each unique and interesting. All around; very good.

Rurouni Kenshin 69 A 9/10 I really like the way combat is handled in this series; it's realistic, without sacrificing a single scrap of awesome. The balance between combat, plot, characters and filler is really well done too!

I don't think I'll be going on until the end of the anime series, as the newer half just doesn't have the same feel to it.

Birdy C 7/10 It's fun to watch, but it's nothing special. Climax: 8/10. Ending: 6/10.
Highschool of the Dead C 6/10 If it toned down on the fan service, I may give it an 7, because it's fairly well done besides. We'll see where this takes us for now. And it just lost another mark for one reason; there is no schedule on the magna or anime. I doubt any more will be released in the foreseeable future; another round of wasted potential. Climax: 7/10. Ending: 6/10.
Gundam A 6/10 It's okay, but it's got no real hook to keep you watching; the suspense isn't really played on, the plot twists aren't foreshadowed early enough, so I'm constantly stalling, re-watching a few to try and get me back into it, then stalling before watching the next episode. Abandoned after 10 episodes.
Clannad (both series) C 8/10 For a highschool drama of an anime series, it was exceptionally good. There have been a grand total of two times I have ever shed tears while watching anything, the first was when I was about five or six watching the Land Before Time, when Little Foot's mother died, and the second was during episode 16 of After Story, and the following episodes came pretty bloody close.

Think I'm a girly for that? Try watching the series, and tell me again with a straight face. (following two ratings are given considering genre) Climax: 8/10. Ending: 9/10.

Gosick C 9/10 It's essentially a mystery novel presented in anime form, but awesome enough to distort the flow of space-time. The last episode I found myself REALLY caught up in it; evidence they know what they're doing. Pitty it was only one season, but great nonetheless (and I don't really see where they could go with an extra season). Climax: 8/10. Ending 10/10.
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya A 5/10 The plot and style is so scattered, it's actually kind of hard to follow, so I just gave up after 4 episodes.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica C 8/10 It was heading for a solid 9, with the promise of a 10 if the climax and ending were good.... and then I watched the final two episodes. It almost feels like they weren't sure HOW to end it, but had to do so in two episodes. It would have really benefitted from a full 26 episode season, but sadly was compacted and rushed into a 12 episode format. Good to watch, but will ultimately leave you feeling unsatisfied. Climax: 6/10. Ending: 3/10.
Sekirei C 8/10 Plot is decent. Art style is amazing. Combat is very fun to watch. Characters are all complex and interesting. Pace is (for the most part) good. Can be quite funny at time. The problem? It's borderline porn. Seriously; there is even an "uncensored" version out there. How uncensored this version is, I do not know, but there's not a whole lot to strip away (breasts are already in full view).

Despite this, it can hold its own very well, with an interesting premise promising a lot more fighitng in the coming seasons. I would like to see the releases a bit closer together, but you can't have everything I suppose.

Elfen Lied C 10/10 I could write an essay on this. At first I thought the amount of violence was going to kill the series, but I found it quite an artistic contrast: The bloodthirsty and violet Lucy, and the naive and innocence Nyuu.

Despite this one thing, I have nothing but praise for the series: Brilliant story, living characters, excellent use of suspense and mystery, always something new coming up, without it feeling convenient or contrived, and excellent foreshadowing.

With everything considered, I have no choice as to give it a 10.

Oh, and I am of the faction that believes it was Lucy at the door.

Dragon Ball C 8/10 It may jusy be because I haven't reached the end of the series yet, or DBZ may be a heck of a lot better, but I don't see how this series got its fame.

That said, it is a very good anime; the plot is clear at all times, the characters are all unique, new and interesting powers are constantly popping up, it's a viberant and changing world where lots of stuff happens.

However, I must draw attention to the repition in the plot, as far all arcs have consisted of either a tournment, Dragon Balls, Goku gaining new strength/powers, or a few grouped episodes of filler, the universe seems to have a never ending scale of powerful guys (What's described as a very powerful warrior in one episode is the power of a mook by the twentieth episode afterwards), and a few overplayed jokes.

Despite that, it's still a fun, light hearted series about adventure and growing up, so I am rather enjoying it. After finishing the series, I think it would have had more of an impact if I had grown up with it. Climax 7/10, Ending 8/10 (considering it was basically just a lead-in to the next series)

Sword Art Online C 8/10 At first I thought this would just be another overhyped, passably pulled together, passing fad series. Those thoughts were anniliated by the end of the second episode. This is a very good series; a brilliant premise, that is being explored thoroughly (Inuyasha's problem...among other things),

The characters are well developed and respond realistically in the given enviroment. The plot has a clear sense of direction and advancement. The in-world/in-game mechanics are complex enough to be intruiging and interesting, but simple enough that the series works without needing an indepth explanation. Combat is good, entertaining and impressive without being overplayed (Could easily become so is escalation is not handled well) All up, the only things I would criticize would be the scarcity of reacuring characters, the contastant large time jumps, and the growing focus on romance. I have nothing against romance (I did watch Clannad after all), but I just find it annoying when a combat centric series disolves into a needless overfocus of romance.

I can understand why they do some of these, but they still annoy me.

At the end of the series... I'm going to repeat myself: having some strong ties between 'sodes, and maybe a little extra filler to decrease the time jumps, we would have got a much stronger feel for the world, the characters, and overall the plot. It just felt like it was moving so fast we were running towards the climax from day dot. Still, good series all in all. Climax: 9/10, ending: 9/10

Dragon Ball Z 30 7/10 The tone change and time jump was a little longer than I was expecting to be honest, but I'm not judging it negatively because of that. It's still early days so I'm still waiting for it's idea to pan out.... just hoping this Boma focus isn't going to last too long...

Score guide:
0 - Just... no...
1 - Bad, really bad.
2 - Not fun to watch
3 - Has a few ok points
4 - Has a couple of good points
5 - Doesn't do anything for me
6 - It's alright
7 - It's pretty good
8 - I like it!
9 - WOW! This is great!
10 - Holy... THIS IS AWESOME!

Poll Results

Archives of previous poll victors, as chosen by the people:

Poll Result My response
Wishstone, Death's Gleam, or Clouded Mirror? Wishstone By a landslide. My favourite, and I think probably the most powerful. But also the most frightening drawback.
Favourite Element? Water Honestly thought fire was going to win (it came it close second.)
Most underrated game Final Fantasy IX While certainly a great game, IX gets a lot of attention as is, so I'm not so sure it's the Underrated Game of the series.
Most likely reason Quina was in IX Staff joke. Quina can't possible be cannon. It just... CAN'T!
Responce to the rumored remake of Final Fantasy VII Can't wait!!!! Well, with every passing day it seems move unlikely, but either way; It's high time they stepped away from VII; you're milking it. It was a good game, and the current collection tells the full story, so it's time to hang up the Materia.
Top priority for building parties They have to be fun to battle with. I must agree here; I often find myself leaving the annoying characters out, for that very reason. Besides, it's a game isn't it? It's meant to be fun.
Most liked era of Final Fantasy VII-X A good era! The ATB and CTB era; the dieing age of the turn based systems. VII: The cash cow of the series. VIII: The second worst plot in the series, but a solid game regardless. IX: One of the most loved games in the series. X: Good so far, with a good balance of plot and character.
Mistranslation most prefered over the corrected name Bahamut SIN/Bahamut Tremor Bahamut Tremor? What the hell were they thinking? Bahamut SIN is a much better creature of terror.
Favorite Myst game What the hell is Myst? You guys seriously need to get out more. Myst is the best puzzle game series I have EVER seen; good luck finishing them without a guide on your first play through.
Opinion of the animes/movies in the Final Fantasy Series: Love them! Make more! I would have to agree, but I'm not going to riot Square into it: Quality over quantity.
Lest liked Final Fantasy II II wasn't great, but it was enjoyable... mostly. We have worse games.
Favorite FF creature Chocobo THE CHOCOBO! The icon of the series. Personally, I didn't vote in this pole for three reasons; all three are major badasses, all three can be so cute that your head explodes into sunshine and candy. And the third reason? You need all three to make a Choogleberrytuar.
Most loved spin-off/mini series Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts ^_^ Good choice people!
Most enjoyed aspect of FF The music The music... ah! the music! Truly fantastic; it makes the scene happy, it makes the moments silly, it makes the memories nogstalgic, and it makes the partings sad.
Amount people enjoy Japanese culture: LOVE IT! Japanese culture is truly fantastic! It's complicated, but interesting enough to justify this complexity. I truly enjoy the culture, and the language. It's hard to learn, but fun to learn all about these guys... just don't blind yourself to their faults.
Best city in Final Fantasy Lindblum The great city of Lindblum. An awe inspirering first impression, a barrel of laughs in the first visit, a sense of history and advancement, a proud and a warm city. One of the best designed in VG history, it truly deserves the title.
Legacy of Kain, Alundra, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Crono Trigger, or Metal Gear: Solid? Metal Gear: Solid A good game, certainly; truely deserving of the title you have awarded it. Personally, I would have prefered it if LoK and Alundra got more votes, but I wasn't surprised, and I'm not in charge of what you vote for. Seriously, these five I consider five of the greatest game I have ever played. If you have not played one of these games before, do so, and do so NOW!
Best battle system ATB Ahh, the ATB. The shortcut Square took way back in IV, when it was trying to make a more realistic battle system, but having free-flowing battles, like we have now, back then was one hell of a challenge. Regardless of its origin, it's a favorite among fans (see result of poll) and a favorite of my own.
Live action, stage or animated? Animated Animated shows and movies are a gamble. If done well, they can be spectacular (Avatar, Happy Feet), but if you don't take care, the animation looks too unrealistic, and all the artistic distortions, just make things look grotesque. While I agree that some of may favorite movies are animated films, and I can see why this one won, I actually prefer to watch live-action.
Best ending FFX Well, I can't say much on this; haven't finished it yet. I'll let you know what I think when I do finish it.
Favourite Tactic Speed Speed huh? Being fast is good, but not if you don't have the strength to back in up. It terms of gaming, speed can be one of the most powerful stats, and is not to be taken lightly. Though, that said I see defence as the often underestimated stat, so that's my main choice.
Best of the Bad? Bartz No comment on this one sorry >_>
Star... Wars Star Wars; the space opera which has mutated into the largest cashcow to ever exist. Millions of dollars are milked from the series year in and year out.... but god we love it! The Star Wars series I do love (not in my top-ten list, but could be within my top-twenty....maybe), and like many before my, and many more to come, I own various titles within the series, and look forward to the latest release of each title, but I still wouldn't say the greatest "Star(x)" there is.
Read/watch/listen to old... Music and Books No love for the flicks? Well, there was a bit... and I noticed SOMEONE voted for "none" >_> I will hunt you down and force feed you classics until you ASPLODE! Either way; As I mentioned in the "about me"; I love old stuff, so this was all three for me, though I must conceed that the music and books are the ones that survive the best.
Favourite console line Play Station I should have really though about bias before I did this one, but the people have spoken. Speaking of speaking: SHAME ON YOU! Not a single vote for the Atari (other than myself) nor the Sega.... Xbox I'm not too fussed about, but seriously; It's Sega! IT'S A MOTHER F***ING ATARI! GET WITH IT!
Final Fantasy needs more... Freedom I really need to either a) start playing the newer games, or b) start polling questions that I actually can say my opinion on applies to the entire series. Either way, from what I've seen and heard, the newer games are focusing on the linear story a lot more, as are most games, so I would like to see Final Fantasy exercise its prowess and give us back some free-roaming.
Game List
  • Final Fantasy I - I have defeated fate itself.
  • Final Fantasy II - I have overcome hell.
  • Final Fantasy IV - I am the slavation of both light and darkness.
  • Final Fantasy V - I finished the bloody game.
  • Final Fantasy VI - I have silenced the mad god.
  • Final Fantasy VII - I have resolved our history.
  • Final Fantasy VIII - I have traversed time.
  • Final Fantasy IX - I have crushed solitude.
  • Final Fantasy X - I have oblitorated sin.
  • Final Fantasy XI - Stalled at the moment; when I get some more cash I may hook back into it. (why does moving house have to be so expensive? I thought I could get back into this with the new year, now it looks like it's going to be put off a little later still.)
  • Final Fantasy XII - Working through him, kind of slowly, but we have progress at least.
  • Final Fantasy XIII - Not Queued.
  • Final Fantasy XIV - Not Queued.

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A Little Something To Think About[]

I am constantly amazed and fascinated by this world, and those that inhabit it. We have some truly amazing things; rectangles of light which allow us to build metal tubes, propelled by a giant explosions, to reach beyond the outer atmosphere.

We have achieved so much that we have effectively turned even our closest relatives into the laughing stock of creation. However, I am not here to stroke our egos and make humanity feel better about itself, I’m here to simply marvel at this world around us:

Look around you and you’ll see a good many things; one of which you CONSTANTLY think about, often without even realising it. I truly pity the blind, for they cannot revel in the simple marvel of colour.

Colour is a bizarre phenomenon, if you think about it. To understand exactly how weird and wacky it is, you need to understand the entire process from the production of light, to the image sitting in your mind at this moment.

To begin with we need two things: An atom, and an amount of energy. For our purposes, it doesn’t really matter what form this energy is; all this energy is going to do is be absorbed by our atom.

Now, as we all know, atoms are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Each is a fascinating part in of itself, but the electron is what we are interested in here: If the atom absorbs our package of energy, but has no way to release it, the energy is mostly taken up by the electrons.

This excites them, and makes them leap to a “higher energy level”. Something rather curious about the electron is this: It will only ever absorb energy in “preset” amounts. This various between each element, and each electron within each element, and are so precise, they can be measured from millions and billions of light years away, and can still be used as a “finger print” of the element.

This is the Photo-Electric Effect Einstein proved. He only ever won one Nobel prize, and it was for proving that these electrons would only ever absorb of emit energy at these set amounts. Now, when our electron emits this packet of energy, it releases it in the form of an electro-magnetic wave, which we commonly refer to as light, radio waves, gamma waves, x-rays. Yes; all these are the same things, just at varying wavelengths.

Now, as we all know, in our retina we have rods and cones; cells that are sensitive to light. Here is HOW they are sensitive to light: within all of these cells is a slew of chemicals that are reactive to each other. However, each set of chemicals requires a different “activation energy”, which is exactly what is says on the tin.

When our maddeningly specific package of light enters our eyes, it sets off one of these chemical reactions, which produces more energy. This time, it is by reacting with another chemical, which produces an electrical pulse taken to our minds, which is then interrupted as colour.

Which really means, colour is an optical illusion: That fridge of yours isn’t white, or silver, or whatever colour you’ve painted it; it’s simply emitting light at that wavelength. But this begsthe question; what is an optical illusion? Is colour really an illusion? Or have we simply abstracted things too far?

Well, to say if it is an illusion, we need to know what “real” is. Think for a moment; how hard is real to describe? You can pick up a pen and say “this is real”, but there is something else to consider here:

A friend of mine had a great deal of fun by showing me a picture of a pipe, and then telling me “this is not a pipe”. As to be expected, I spent the next ten or twenty minutes examining the picture looking for the joke, illusion or clever mind games she is prone to. After this, she proceeded to explain what I was looking at was not a pipe, but a picture, a representation of a pipe.

What I’m getting at was also touch on in the film “The Matrix”. I love the Matrix, the whole idea that all of reality is a lie is a thought that had occurred to me a number of times, even before I watched the film, and was pleased when I saw many of the same arguments and conclusions that I had come to presented in the film. However, there were some that I had never even considered.

The one we’re interested in is just after Neo has been “unplugged” from the Matrix, a giant computer program that has deceived humanity into believing they were free for possibly thousands of years, another character named Morpheus takes Neo through a tour of what could be described as a mini-matrix, to get him up to speed.

Inside this computer program, Neo questions “This can’t be real?” Morpheus takes great pleasure is responding with; “What is real? Is real what you can taste, smell or touch? If so, then real is simply electric signals interpreted in your brain.”

This is a rather interesting thought: If we take this to be a truth, we can negate all sensory input as evidence of “real”. What do we have left?

This thought has been around as long as the idea of “real” has been around, which in turn was there since humans could talk and imagine. René Descartes, a French philosopher, pondered this question, and in the 1630s came to a famous conclusion: “Cogito ergo sum”. I think therefore I am.

This states that if one is questioning their own existence, there must be the questioner to ask the question, or there would be no question, and hence we could not ponder it. That at least is proof that you, as an individual, exist.

But let’s take a step back here: The questioner exists, that much is true. But this still does not validate sensory input. Hence, no evidence for anyone other than the questioner, or even our own physical bodies, exist.

And here is what truly captivates me about this entire train of thought: Using just a small amount of chemistry, a bit of simple atomic physics, and a bit of curousity about light, we have brought into question the very existence of the entire universe, bar one tiny consciousness.

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