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Lightning rook
Sky Soldier RW
A.K.A. Rook, Light... And that's about it. (I prefer Rook, though)
Birth Day March 10, 1993
Age 17
IQ About average, last time I checked. I can't remember the specific number, though...
Job Class Psychic/Dark Mage
Abilities Telekinesis (Or psychokinesis if you like TWEWY). Animated dolls of evil doom and occasional mind control.
Limit Break Anti-Light Strike
Final Fantasy Wiki Character

About MeEdit

When I decide what to put about myself, I'll probably add more, but I am a complete scatterbrain so please try and be patient! I am a fanfiction writer (Though I'm not the best in the world, my spelling is decent at least, and I try to make sure I use correct grammar - unlike some) with an average IQ.


  • Writing
  • Doodling
  • Plotting world domination (I kid, I kid)
  • Playing RPGs
  • Watching anime and reading manga (Especially D. Gray-man in spite of the recent arc which annoys me to no end)


  • Really really bad grammar and spelling in fanfics. I don't even have a proper word processor, but I at least try to make sure my writings make sense.
  • Yaoi, though only if it goes against canon or if it's 15-year-old boys getting molested by grown men. It's just wrong.
  • Yuri - same reasons for yaoi, though I don't hate it as such.
  • Sweetness and light types. They just irk me, plain and simple.
  • REALLY chatty people. I don't mind conversations, don't get me wrong, but I hate people who never shut up once they get going.
  • Yaoi fangirls. I just don't see where they get "OMG SO CUTE!!!11!!1" from underage boys being molested. Someone please explain this to me if it's not too disturbing. I just want to know WHY.

Games I am currently playing/am a fan ofEdit

The first time I ever saw a Final Fantasy game (my first ever RPG, for that matter) was at a friend's house down the street. It was Final Fantasy X, and I didn't realise that the 'X' was a Roman numeral, so I really said 'X' rather than '10'. I was, what, 10 years old myself and going to a crappy school, so I really had no idea what a Roman numeral even was back then. When I look back and remember this fact, I feel rather embarrassed about it. About a year later, after this friend had moved away, my mother got me a PS2, and FFX was the only game I'd heard of for PS2, and I'd enjoyed playing it, so I decided to get it. I completed it not long after getting it (and dying many times along the way; curse you, Yunalesca, for killing my party so many times!), and that was really the start of my love of RPGs in general.

About two months after I completed X, I saw X-2, and I would not stop pestering my mom for a copy. After about a year of begging, I finally got my paws on a copy. I was a little shocked at the amount of skin the lead characters were showing, but the gameplay itself was fun for me, and I ended up replaying it a good few times upon completion to attempt to get the 'Perfect Ending'. I got there in the end, though I was slightly disappointed in the poor quality of the image compared to the normal and good endings, though it was sweet to see Yuna and Tidus together again. I still play it from time to time, because it's just so darn fun.

The third Final Fantasy game I got was a Platinum version of XII at a knock-down price. Even though the battle system was outright frustrating when it really mattered, I prefer stuff with an actual plot, and it did give me a plot, though it was nowhere near as fun as X-2. I haven't yet got all of the Espers, but I will... one day. FFXII was the last game I bought for PS2, and I probably won't ever get a game for that system ever again, due to the fact that all the interesting games are being released on PS3 now, so I am currently saving up for a PS3. Mark my words, I will get one one day. You heard it here first.

The fourth and final Final Fantasy game I have is Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. I haven't yet completed this game, though I'm getting there. I want to see that ending, and so help me, I will. The battle system is a little irksome, like its prequel, but I still enjoy playing it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you can control the airship directly now, and summon cute little monsters who you wouldn't really call Espers in comparison to Ultima, or Chaos, or really any proper Esper from XII itself. But the sprites are still cute.

Other games?Edit

Kingdom HeartsEdit

I love this series. It will always have a special place in my heart. Sometimes the support characters are a pain in the backside (Especially if they don't possess any abilities that could possibly redeem them in the eyes of the player), but the plot is cute. And playing the 'villians' in KH: Days is pretty fun. Especially in Mission Mode because I like playing as Zexion for one simple reason: ATTACK OF THE KILLER BOOKS. For me, who happens to be something of a bookworm compared to everyone else in her town the same age, this is EPIC WIN. But seriously. WHY IS THERE NO KINGDOM HEARTS III??? WHY?! And why do they have to release on so many different platforms? I don't have money to burn, I cannot afford a new console for every game you release, Squeenix! Are you doing this to spite me? No, really, are you?

The World Ends With YouEdit

Personally, this is my all-time favourite battle system, what with Joshy-kun's Jesus Beams and living stuffed animals at your control you'd enjoy the game even if you didn't have tons of psyches (that is, attacks for Neku) to choose from. Not to mention it's fun playing dress up with your characters, and those Pig Noise are adorable. Anyone who says otherwise will meet my wrath. WORSHIP THE GRIM HEAPER!!!

Super Princess PeachEdit

I got this when it first came out as a gift. It was surprisingly fun, given my past history with Mario (I USED to have Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart DS, but they were stolen and I haven't had the chance to purchase new copies), and I have now completed it. Like several of my other games, I do still play it from time to time, though nowhere near as much as I play TWEWY. I think when I first got it, I was happy because the damsel in distress gets to kick monster butt for once. Power to the Princess!

Pirates of the Caribbean: World's EndEdit

Don't get me started on this game. The battle system was annoying at the best of times, and the graphics were terrible. One more reason to hate Disney.

Guitar Hero on Tour: DecadesEdit

I liked this game, though I hate it at the same time because I literally can't go beyond easy mode. I have an abnormally short pinky finger, and so I cannot reach the blue button. Feel bad for me, eternally trapped in Easy Mode.


And that's all the games I have that are worth mentioning. I intend to purchase a copy of FFXIII as soon as I buy a PS3, so if anyone can recommend a British store (ALL HAIL BRITANNIA) that sells it for a good price, let me know, because I don't exactly have money to burn.

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