I am Leonhart178

Name Leonhart178
A.K.A Worst Halo Player on Earth
Job Class Theif
Height 5'9
Weapon Gunblade (Hyperion)
Magic Haste, Cuaraga, Ultima, Holy
GF Shiva and Bahamut (what else do you need?)
Limit breaks Fire Cross

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Game Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy III
Story Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy III
Graphical Style Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VII
Soundtrack Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy II
Character Cast Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy XII
World Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy V


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Squall Leonhart Zidane Tribal Bartz Worthless Puke
Female Protagonist Rikku Yuna Penelo Tifa Lockhart
Villain Kefka Garland Sephiroth Ultimecia
Cid Cid Highwind T.G. Cid Cid (Final Fantasy X) Cid Kramer
I Character Fighter Red Mage Monk Thief
II Character Leon Gus Maria Firion
IV Character Kain Cecil Rydia Edward
V Character Exdeath Lenna Butz Galuf
VI Character Kefka Locke Terra Edgar
VII Character Cid Highwind Vincent Valentine Red XIII Evil Puke Faced Rotten Loon
VIII Character Seifer Squall Leonhart Zell Dincht Edea Kramer
IX Character Zidane Tribal Freya Steiner Quina
X Character Rikku Yuna Auron Tidus
XII Character Balthier Penelo Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca Vaan
XIII Character Oerba Dia Vanille Lightning Oerba Yun Fang Sazh Katzroy

Did You Know?Edit

  • If you don't like Yuna you are weird

Final Fantasy VII: Jenova DiverseEdit

Final Fantasy VII: Jenova Diverse was a fan film project I was involved in for the past 4-5 years, unfortunately due to lack of funds and cast it was canceled, but i thought i would share the info and story on it anyway as it may make a interesting fan fic sometime.

The Story was set Three Years after Final Fantasy VII and One year after Final Fantasy VIII and this was in place of Advent Children...

Cloud is living a life of luxury as the 'savior' of the world since he and his friends defeated Sephiroth and all that... Meanwhile in an alternate dimension where the events of Final Fantasy VIII took place, Sephiroth's body was discovered by a team of SeeD. Quistis did research on the bridge between the two dimensions and contacted Cloud and informed him about the situation. Seifer learns of Sephiroth's location and takes the body to an underground lab near Winhill. Cloud comes through the dimentional bridge and there he and Cid meet Squall, Selphie, and Zell. Cid stays at Balamb Garden to help with the building of a new Garden Facility as Cloud and Squall are sent to go track Sephiroth and Seifer. The two obviously do not trust each other and Squall turns on Cloud, who is then ambushed by The Turks. Squall attempts to continue without Cloud in the search. Cloud is taken to the lab by the Turks where he encounters Rufus, Sephiroth, and Seifer. Seifer explains to Cloud that they need his blood to awaken Sephiroth again. And Rufus along with Seifer begin to try to revive Sephiroth. Meanwhile, Vincent finds Squall and informs him of Seifer's location, and of the gravity of the situation (being that the two 'dimensions' are combining and they need to reverse this before both worlds and other dimensions are combined and destroyed). Squall and Vincent infiltrate the Lab and rescue Cloud, but Sephiroth and Seifer are not there... It turns out They are at the Northern Crater (supposedly where Jenova will wait for them to be 'one' with her). Vincent leaves to gather some 'friends' to aid the duo, while Squall and Cloud battles Seifer to his seemingly Death. Sephiroth awakens and begins to yell really weird words, as he and Jenova become 'one'. Vincent returns with Cid, Tifa, Irvine, Zell, and Selphie. Sephiroth and Jenova fuse together and the group battles JENOVA until JENOVA banishes all but Squall and Cloud to another plain of existence, They continue to battle JENOVA an she slowly turns back to Sephiroth. Sephiroth is too weak to still fight and taunts Cloud, Cloud decides to spare Sephiroth's life, but it is ok, because Seifer turns on Sephiroth and murders him. Then of course everything goes back to the way it was in the first place and sequels are set up and merchandise is made, and all the fun stuff happens!

I realize it isn't the best story out there, but the point was to combine the worlds of Most Over Rated Game Ever! and Most Under Rated Game Ever! and produce a story about Cloud and Squall fighting Sephiroth. And the coolest thing for us while we wrote it was to actually have JENOVA in a REAL role, not just sitting there being called 'mother' all the time. So if you have any comments just comment on mt talk page, that is what it is there for, and maybe i will e-mail you a copy of the screenplay if you like. Just please don't take the story for yourself without my permission first please.

I did e-mail Square Enix about this being made as a fan film but they kindly told us no. Which in the long run is ok, becuase we didn't have the money, time, or cast to finish it anyway. If anyone would like to volunteer some story help though to make it better for fun, i am all for it, who knows... if the story gets good enough maybe we can have another whack at it, and give Square a beautiful Trailer for it and get a 'Yes!'... Time will tell.

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