Welcome L'Cie....this arena holds battles of characters, summons, items, weapons, music and stuff not even in this Wiki!!!. LegendAqua, the owner created this great Colosseum to see users perceptive of Final Fantasy stuff etc... Have a Good Day and Vote!!!

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We live to make the impossible possible! That is our Focus!


Vote in the Lightning Colosseum, Lightning demands it!!!!!)

Rules[edit | edit source]

Please read the rules and vote, please!

  • You can only vote once
  • Make sure when u vote you add # then your Sig then the timestamp, any non timestamped votes will be erased.
  • No anons can vote, only registered voters can
  • Swearing at a minimum
  • I will bring out new fights each week, some even two!!!, LegendAqua will update the next fight on Friday's at 7pm NZ time.
  • You cannot canvass multiple votes eg.sockpuppeting, if that happens i'll delete the entire lot
  • No long comments, there is a comment's section you can use to discuss things there.
  • Nominations are acceptable, however depending on next week's line-up it could be shortlisted by a week, to nominate a fight do so here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This Colosseum can have spoilers so watch out of some of the comments others put on.

Failing to comply with these rules once will warrant a warning, second will warrant another warning and the 3rd time will warrant you with a ban, but it'll depend how long by me and me alone....

Fal'Cie Affiliates[edit | edit source]

I Fal'Cie L'Cie to vote in these arena's as well otherwise I'll turn you into a Cie'th..naw..just jokes...but by our hand, the world shall know redemption >_<

Current Fights[edit | edit source]


Click me to go to the Queen's Fan Club!! Click me to go to the Lightning Fan Club!!

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Random Video of the Week Lancer's_Gae-BolCar

  • Ahhhh Lancer...the Iron Butt Monkey.....and yes in this clip he dies.............................again.


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