Name Irrelevant
A.K.A Sarcastically Insane, Last tsurugi, Cynical,
Favored Job Class TA2 Paladin or any Thief
Job I Actually Resemble Thief Treasure Hunter, Mime, and Red Mage
Hometown That cloud that looks like a cloud (supposedly)
Date of Birth During the year |- Age Older than Rydia (but which Rydia?)
Race 25% Little Git, 25% Irish LEPRecon, 50% ADD Genius
Height Taller than Vivi
IQ 169(? Somewhere around here, my memory of it is vague)
Weapon Anything within reach
Spells All High Magic in Tactics A2, Nuke (sounds better than Flare)
Summons Belias and Zeromus (FFIV, NOT FFXII)
limit breaks forcing my opponent to become addicted to Famous Amos cookies (which isn't hard) and cutting them off, taping their eyes open and forcing them to watch End of Evangilion, and geeking them to death
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Face it, my ride's cooler than yours


Help me get this helmet off before i puke!


Yes, I'm just THAT awesome

Dissidia Cloud ex

limit break! anti-lawofphysicsmultislashintheair go!


Must...resist...evil laugh.... mwahahahaha...crap...

Dissidia Squall

Who ELSE want some "disciplinary measures" the REAL way it's done?

File:Lunar Whale Rising.PNG

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" -Adam Savage, Mythbusters

I am a cloud fan (even though the game is slightly overrated) and I think the art (and Edge) from FFIV are cool. I have played I+II(dawn of souls),III (ds),IV (ds), VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2 (>.<), XII, and hope to play XIII. I also play Tactics, TA, and TA2, and numerous other ds games. I think rpgs are the best genre and have been playing them [Pokemon at first] since i was 3-4. My unholy creation, the Mini-DNC, is at the bottom of this page.

Other StuffEdit

1. Youtube is a time-sucking, pointless website of anything people are bored enough to put up... it rules

2. Games are time-sucking, pointless programs of anything designers are told to put up by who ownes them... they rule

3.School is a time-sucking, pointless "learning experiance" for smart people like me... it sucks

4. I don't see the point of teachers saying "look it up in the dictionary..." IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT!

5. I'm bored and going to put something up on Youtube

6. Since i'm back from Youtube (and still bored) i'll actually put stuff up here that has small relevance

7. Fav. job/class in any FF is... Seer(tactics A2) w/ illusion 2nd a-ablility, reflex, and ribbon-bearer (they're gay, yet awesome) . 8. Fav. character... Belias (FFXII), because he is half man, half beast, and is a cross between a shaman and an axeman

9. Fav. character that is a playable race... Zemus (FuSoYa was a lunarian, too!)

10. Fav. character w/ out loopholes... still working on that, be back later

11. Least favorite job ... Cecil's paladin form. His white magic is horrible, he starts at level 1, and he loses the Darkness ability.

12. Fav. boss... Belias, again. Sorry, Sephy...

13. Most hated 1) boss, 2) party member, 3) NPC (i got bored of putting up new numbers every time...) Sin, he's a whole freakin' level!?, Butz, WTF!?!?!?, and Sephiroth clones (not very annoying, but gives me an excuse to put Sephiroth on here cuz Belias is awesome.)

14. Hardest boss fight (that i've beaten- no Sephiroth from FFVII, KH, or KH2) Xemnas (only Sora and Riku could possibly... wait, he has lightsabers!?!?!?!? crap 8O...)

15. Must resist... corny joke... about Butz's name...

16. Since i played KH before FFVII, I prefer the spelling Aerith

17. 17 is overrated.

18. i'm slowly depleting my stash of Famous Amos cookies... help

19. A friend gave me the idea for this joke- Red, dripping everywhere, splatered against the wall. I stand over what is, now and forever, the lifeless husk of one of my friends... I cry, "Noooooooo! I spilled my cherry pudding!"

20. Holy crap, i just now realized i've been serious this entire time... or was that just hunger from me running out of Famos Amos cookies? I'll never know...

21. My first attempt at a talk text...failed first text bubble thing... YAY i did it all by my self, mommy!



25. if anyone DOESN'T know why my name is Last tsurugi, go here.

26. I've decided that 26 is even more overrated than 17.

27. If anyone wants a custom userbox, leave me a message. I'll need 1)what you want it to say, 2)what picture you want it to have 3)colors for background 4)textcolor.


I have fine tuned the Tactics jobs and recurring spells form Tactics.

To DoEdit

I will probably start on TA and TA2 fine tuning soon. (Keep in mind this was written over a year ago, so... yeah)

My TextbubblesEdit

FF3 Dark Dragoon


Poll of WheneverEdit

Who is your favorite winged thingy?

The poll was created at 20:27 on April 2, 2009, and so far 46 people voted.

What could SE do to make previous FF's better?

The poll was created at 20:03 on March 1, 2009, and so far 27 people voted.

Userboxes about me Edit

These are all true. [s]Even[/s] ESPECIALLY the Sarda one.

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AB Drec ican ec y vmiahd cbaygan uv Al Bhed.
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Other Userboxes Edit likey fire

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FFTA-bombR This user a splode.
FFTA-bombR This user a splode.

Moogle1138 This user is Kupo for Kupo Nuts!
Moogle1138 This user is Kupo for Kupo Nuts!
Moogle1138 This user is Kupo for Kupo Nuts!

kupo... kupo... and kupo... (BOOM! what just happened, kupo?)

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Thanks for helping the Fan clubEdit


Thanks for helping us out!

Thanks for your help!!! You have been very kind and pointed out anything wrong with the fan club and you deserve some respect around the place. 1stclasswarrior


Ultros battle
FF6 Kefkaart

Just Kidding!

Thanks for your jokes!!! You are a natural comedian and need to be recognised as such. Your hilarious jokes made many people laugh and really screwed with other people, as all good jokes should. You even messed with me! You shall out-joke the likes of Steven Colbert and Jon Stewert. Expect your own Comedy Central Special, quickly followed by your own show. Eventually, you will even meet Octopus Royalty and outwit them! You are now a regular part of the Greatest Funny Stuff on the Wiki. Thank you for the comic relief and good luck with your career! Last tsurugi.

and in userbox form

Ultros battle
This user know how to pull a good joke, and recieved this in recognition.

Mini DNCEdit

this spot is for the more common DNC suggestions, but with 2 major differences- 1) I host/choose/comment on the fights and 2) I provide what happens in the fight. any suggestions should be posted on my talk page, i only need about 3 support/reject for each one.

User:Last tsurugi/Mini-DNC Archive 1

The third Mini-DNC is Snorlax VS. Kratos
fat pokemon vs. god of war... it's gonna be close...

Categoty one-cooler ultimate attack! Snorlax uses Hyper Beam and Giga Impact, leveling and entire mountain, and eats the forest on the other side. A fanboy next to Kratos says "Wow, that might be a challenge for you. But... THIS IS SPARTA! Kratos then eviscerates him for being a d****bag. It's too close... tie

Category two-better "friends"! *Montage of all the Greek gods to give Kratos powers* *Ash laughs his gay little laugh and gets killed by a thunderbolt from Pikachu* Kratos wins!

Category three-cooler video game! *Shows clips of God of War* *Shows Pokemon Platinum* POKEMON! WOO-HOO! SNORLAX WINS!

Category four-cooler weapon! *Snorlax farts and kills Japan* *Kratos eviscerates him with the Blades of Chaos* SNORLAX KILLED THE CREATOR OF POKEMON! uh, I mean SNORLAX KILLED THE CREATORS OF FINAL FANTASY! NOOOOOOO... Kratos wins!

Category five-person left alive after round four! *Snorlax comes back to life* NOOOOO!... tie...
Final score is Kratos 3 to Snorlax 2. Also, I was imitating Pokemon fanboys above. I do play Pokemon, but I'm not that weird.

Video of the wheneverIdecidetofixitEdit

Wait a bit.

Best. Quotes. Ever.Edit

"You may have survived the first two stabs, but what about the fourty-seven consecutive stabs afterward?" *pulls out knife*- Black Mage Evilwizardington to Fighter, 8-Bit Theater

"You nuked an entire forest! You could have killed us!"- Fighter McSwords, same as above
"But I didn't"- Black Mage Evilwizardington, same as above

"They took everything that wasn't nailed down or on fire. I took everything."-Thief, same as above

"I shall now hide inside my pants"- some character from some cartoon I'm too lazy to remember the name of

"I feel stupid"- me to myself (this, sadly, happens regularly)

"You got yourself so lost that the universe folded in unto itself and multiplied you!"-White Mage to Black Belt(s), 8-Bit Theater
"But this is the Temple of Fiends! It's not my fault that its passages are made of madness and its architecture insane!"-Black Belt(s) to White Mage, same as above
"It's a stait line! How could you have gotten lost?-White Mage to Black Belt(s), same

"Someday the world will scream 'will you save us?'... and I will whisper 'no'...-the movie 'Watchmen'


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Game XII Tactics TA2 VIII
Story IV Tactics VI II
Cast IV Tactics VI VIII
World Ivalice VII VIII V/VI
Secret Boss VIII VII XII N/A
Final Battle TA2 IV III IX/VIII
Battle System XII Tactics (series) VII II
Level Up System II XII X VIII
Skill System XII Tactics (Series) VI VIII
Limit Breaks VII XII VIII VI
Ultimate Weapon VIII Dissidia IV/III N/A

And characters. NOTE: some are what I used on my playthrough

Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst Honorable Mention
White Mage Rosa Refia Tactics Yuna (her white magics only)
Black Mage Rydia Vivi Fran Riona Lulu
Summoner Garnet Yuna Rydia the other IX chick My guys from XII
Warrior Ramza Luso Fighter Steiner Squall/Cloud/Tidus
Dragoon Kain Highwind Cid Highwind Blue Highwind Lizard-freaks (good, but the Gria would be better) Ricard Highwind
General Badass Kain Auron Balthier WTF? NO ONE SHOULD BE HERE! Blue Highwind
Paladin Ashe Cecil TA2 Beatrix T.G. Cid
Dark Knight Cecil Luneth Leon N/A N/A
Whiniest (1=worst) Vaan Sephiroth Tidus N/A N/A
Bubbly Ditz Screw Them All Selphie N/A
Kain Kain Kain Kain Bad Ripoffs Kain

Plus, check out my favorite funny stuff on the wikia.


my story of FFI

Final Fantasy Tactics X

Final Fantasy... Ninjas?

User:Last tsurugi/Dissidia Picks


1. I'm trying to make the longest userpage on the ffwikia,
2. Annoy my little brother out of existance,
3. Resist temptation to set fire to the fabric of existance,
4. Hack Hadoken into Final Fantasy 1,
5. Screw something up so badly that the universe folds in on it and brings Kain into existance (might take a while),
6. Get Eagle Scout,
7. Do anything other random crap that comes to mind,
8. and resist the temtation to screw around with existance in any way, shape, or form... too much...
9. this section was originially called "random stuff im trying to do"
10. I think i'm insane. it's quite possible.
11. I have a cousin that is a female copy of me, except she's a better artist and less video-game-obssessed. Seriously.
12. I once tried to flip 360 degrees on a hammock. I got 180 and stopped dead, fell 7 feet, and landed on a root. I didn't get a single mark on my body.
13. the next day, my best friend broke his arm falling two feet into mulch. WTF?!?!?!
14. coming soon.
13. my lucky number is 13, and my unlucky nimber is 7. more proof that i'm crazy.
16. are you confused yet?

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