Lady Samadin

aka Sam

  • I am Female

I'm a general, not some opera floozy!

Celes Chere

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

I have long blonde hair, light blue eyes, and pale skin. I love to play videogames, especially classic RPGs, but I also enjoy other types of games too. Other than playing videogames I also enjoy swimming, archery, writing, singing, and playing the piano and violin. I tend to be a pretty happy person, usually the first on to start laughing and the last one to stop.

Games BeatenEdit

Games In ProgressEdit


  • FF has inspired me to teach myself how to play the piano.
    • The first song I learned was Aerith's Theme from FFVII.
  • Celes Chere (Final Fantasy VI) and Beatrix (Final Fantasy IX) were the biggest sources of inspiration for the main character in my first book.
    • She is a female general named Beatrix Clerathum. (The name was just too awesome for me to change.)
  • Final Fantasy VI was the first Final Fantasy game I beat, I played it through the second time exactly six years after my first play through.
  • The only main series Final Fantasy games that I havn't beat are Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy XII, both of which I own.
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