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Hmm...theres not much to know about me really. I have a YouTube acount, if that matters.

And I'm very sorry for any mistake I do in editing or grammer. I'm not good with spelling, and sometimes I think things incorrectly.

If your interested, heres the link to my channel:

Some things about me[]

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Things I've done for this Wiki below[]

  • Spread the Kefka love be pointing out his laugh was used for Zalera.
  • Afew spelling error's corrected in old articles.
  • Month/Year (not sure on the date) old mistakes in both Arc and Ingus pages.
  • Added almost all the card information for Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales (all I'm missing are the pictures and the amount of cards for Tonberry, plus one non elemental).

People that have helped me on the Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales project[]

  • Smeghead: for giving me two codes that where very helpfull. And probably more in the future, and for fixing some coding
  • Diablocon: For creating a super awesome template, and for finding the promo cards, and for fixing some coding and adding any cards I couldn't find. And for adding the templates to the sections so I can just add the pictures when and if they are found. And a whole bunch of things that range from correcting spelling mistakes to telling me poison is spelt with an O and not an E.
  • AuronKaizer (sorry if I spelt that wrong): For giving me the go ahead to do all this in the first place.

Things I shall do before I die[]

In no perticular order.

  • Visit question period (because every Canadian should do so once, and its free)
  • Play Final Fantasy VII
  • Beat FFVII with CaitSith, Yuffie, and one dead guy because I can't think of another hated character
  • Play Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Beat another Final Fantasy game
  • Attempt to kill Justin Timbersuck with the assassin weapon of choice in Canada, the whip cream pie
  • Not get arrested for the above assassination
  • Dress up like Shiek and pretend to be a man just like Zelda
  • Never touch a trampoline
  • Learn to sing
  • Kick Justin Timbersuck in the nuts, and blame it on the next person I see
  • Testify that it was the for mentioned person that kicked him, and not me
  • Win the above case due to my over watching of CSI and Law and Order
  • Destroy any evidence that I exsisted
  • Eat a pie that wasn't completly disgusting
  • Single handedly ruin someone's life
  • Gain eyes that look like Father Lonigan's from Passions
  • Watch Passions with out going "WTF! My long lost gay son killed my lesbian daughter's lover after sleeping with his uncle. This show is fucked up"
  • Beat every single game in my collection (which is quite alot)
  • Never ever see the Alven and the Chipmunks movie
  • See above, but instead put Hortan hears a Who
  • Meet Rick Mercer


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