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Who's more Montblancishly Montblanc... than Montblanc himself?


Montblanc (a.k.a Mr. Maskanimogoaitakupo/Mr. Tashikanimoguwaittakupo, The Mog of Ivalice, Mr. Clan-dude, Shiroyama (白山 lit. White Mountain) or Pink-Head) is a moogle. DUH! You think he's a rabbit!? Anyway, This is a page special about Montblanc (not the article!). At this page you could be seriously evil to him or treat him as the Almighty Moogle. So, enjoy being nice/mean to him!

You can edit this page to whatever you like, but it must not be vandalizing and it should be something I agree with.

Not to be confused with Mt. Bur-Omisace or Monberaux or Montblack.

Here's the mog we're talking about!


Opinions[edit | edit source]

Hate him or like him, put your opinion here.

Why do you Love Him?[edit | edit source]

Put your reason here!


The Turtle Hermit says: Montblanc is the toughest Moogle I know except for FF6 Mog of course.

Why do you Hate Him?[edit | edit source]

Put your reason here!


I do not realy hate him, I just hate the FFXII version of him, looks a little fat and older than the others. --MightyMorphinCactuarRanger 08:25, 7 April 2009 (UTC)

Because he is a homosexual monster who wants to rub his ass! (says so on uncyc.) [[Kiff15

Because Tactics, and their moogles, are an unholy abomination... plus real moogles are the third most effective fighting force known to man and these guys rip 'em off... plus he blocked my extension. --Sephirothwolf 17:06, 21 May 2009 (UTC)

Media[edit | edit source]

Those cool Montblanc pictures and stuff! Note: Only the first line are my piccies.

Wanted!!![edit | edit source]

This is only a joke, OK?

Beware of this monster who disguised himself as Montblanc! Call FINAL-FANTASY-FAKE on the phone and the police will capture him!

HELP PLEASE![edit | edit source]

OK, I found this page. Go to art no : 23672. There's a picture of Montblanc and some other person. It says "MontblancxMontblanc". May that guy the human version of Montblanc? I couldn't translated because even though it's Japanese, it has those weird letter stuff. Anyone HELP!

And at this page, picture no : 25786. Could anyone translate that? And is that person really Montblanc?

Montblanc Crew[edit | edit source]

OK, so I've already told you people that you could edit this. But this will soon be limited when there's the Montblanc Crew. They're like a "club" that edits this place. If you want to talk about this, go to the discussion page.

Theories (and other interesting info)[edit | edit source]

Montblanc and the Ivalice Theory[edit | edit source]

OK. How about if Montblanc also triggered the Gran Grimoire at his home? It's just that Montblanc went to Fantasy Ivalice before Mewt does. Or something like that. Montblanc got tired of Fantasy Ivalice, and he was told that a clueless blond-haired boy will help him in bringing back Montblanc's Ivalice. And Montblanc waited. After that he saw him at Cyril and saved him. Montblanc also believed in the crystal theory in hopes that he could come back home.

The reason Montblanc triggered the Gran Grimoire? I haven't figured that out yet. I was thinking right after his master died, but if that's the reason, Fantasy Ivalice would have his master in it.

So many questions here...[edit | edit source]

According to the Ivalice article, the "timeline" was like this.

(And all was ruined by Luso. yey...) If the time line was like this, then...

  • Why would there be Moogles if at Tactics Moogles don't exist?
  • Montblanc had created a seriously large clan at FFXII, but at FFTA he started from 0?
  • I rather use my theories!
  • FFTA2 Luso shouldn't have been the reincarnation of FFT WoTL Luso! Maybe they made Luso's clothes like that because he resembles FFT Luso. Besides, isn't he the one who ruins everything? (maybe)
  • Why would moogles exists, extinct and exists again? Along with the other non-human tribes?

Still so many questions! This shouldn't have been at the Montblancishly Montblanc Page, shouldn't it?

After Reading "The Modern Age"[edit | edit source]

Hm... if it's something like this, Montblanc could be a futurist! And yes, I believe that Montblanc (an Nono? nah he isn't that important, is he?) might have a dream so he could connect to FFTA Ivalice. Via a Grimoire. If somebody didn't fool around, it'll be like this, right? Besides, who says that it's 20 years later. Hm... then if Montblanc's like 14 in FFTA, oh please he's an mid-aged adult! TT _ TT. Advice: He must marry someone! Those bridal missions are drivin' me crazy!!!

And this also means...


Oh I really felt like I wanna say curse words, but no. I wouldn't. Why? 'Cause I'm such a nice person. =D But still! I want Montblanc to have a lover. PLEEEEEEEZ??? (besides me, I'm not that kind of fangirl, am I?)

Montblanc's connection to the Dream Ivalice[edit | edit source]

Many tiny hints have been shown that Montblanc was actually sent from Ivalice to the dream Ivalice, just like Marche, Ritz, Mewt, and Doned (and Cid too, but he didn't realized that until then). St. Ivalice is the platform to make the dream Ivalice base on its facts and its citizens' wishes. Maybe Montblanc was "invited" to the dream Ivalice somehow (someone states that maybe Montblanc was holding the same Grimoire as Mewt). The clues are:

  • Montblanc saving Luso from two Bangaas (though it might just to be for entertaining fans).
  • Mentioning s that are the same ones that the FFTA characters wore in their artwork.
  • Montblanc saying that "Luso was with him for the whole time".
  • The possibility that Montblanc expects Marche's arrival to the dream Ivalice.
  • This last quote that Montblanc said that he wanted to meet Marche in a dream. It might be his last speech, yet again he might say that when he went "home" to the real Ivalice.

Here's some little story I've made based on the the radio drama:

Montblanc wanted to get out from the fake Ivalice he had been into. He then heard Marche’s story, which he thinks that he has the same fate as him, though it’s his world that’s different from his (which that even Moogles don’t exist) made Montblanc didn’t believe him that much.

But then things get worse since Marche keeps saying that the world is all fake, and that he wants to revert it back to his world. He also met his friend from his own world. The closer Marche is to his home, Montblanc started to worry in some of his sleeps if he’s also an illusion himself, as he realized that all that he heard was Marche’s world, St. Ivalice, not his Ivalice. The memories Montblanc had… might be fake.

He wanted to ask Marche, but he’s afraid to hear the bitter truth. He went resilient and let Marche ended the world they were in, by killing the Li Grim, and let himself to his “death”.

After they defeated the Li Grim, the creator of the world, and maybe including Montblanc, Marche hugged him and burst with tears. Montblanc pat his back and said that if he wished for him to exist, he may be there for him. Mewt read the magic mantra from the Grimoire, and Montblanc thought that it’s time for him. The pages turned rapidly, snow fell, and every one in the world started to disappear. Piece by piece.

Montblanc closed his eyes, and he said farewell to his close friend Marche. When he was fully disappeared, his vision blurred into darkness, and said in his mind “We wish that we’re always there. And again, we might meet each other in a dream, kupo. Marche…”


Montblanc gently opened his eyes and what he saw… was his friend Ma’kenroh the Nu Mou. He stood up quickly and feared that he was in the fake Ivalice inn again. Then his brother Nono showed up. “Nono?” Montblanc asked. He looked around and he was in his room all along. Ma’kenroh then explained that he wanted to visit him because he was sorry that his master died.

Montblanc said that he had the weirdest dream. But then he found the book under his pillow, and it looked similar to the Gran Grimoire. Ma’kenroh asked what it was, but Montblanc replied that it’s nothing, and reading it would lead to more trouble. He also told them that he had a dream that he went to a weird place, where Nono and Ma'kenroh is there too. He even mentions that Nono had an airship named "Brilliante", which inspired Nono to name the airship with a similar name. Then he wondered if this “Marche” person is real or not, since he realized that he is real. He finally searched the fact by studying Grimoires, and had hopes to meet him again...

WacKo Theories[edit | edit source]

Hope you don't whack me with a hammer after you read this!

  • Montblanc's mother is a viera.

Cause: Montblanc's the only moogle in FFTA2 with Black Eartips! Edit: This is the most pointless theory yet!

Cause: Orange Pom-Pom

  • Montblanc and his siblings aren't actually blood siblings. Only Hurdy and Gurdy are.

Cause: Complex Genes, such as Montblanc with gray eyes, Hurdy with blue eyes and Nono with brown eyes.

  • There are brains in the moogles' pom-pom

Cause: Hurdy said "Is he out of his pom-pom?" instead of "Is he out of his mind?"

MOAR Info: MightyMorphinCactuarRanger says that:

"Moogles Do NOT HAVE BRAINS IN THEIR POM-POM probably the expresion "out of his pom-pom" refers to them as part of their souls becouse of the pride they feel for them, possibly they have nerves but not brains they have head so their brains are in their heads if not they would have the eyes and ears in the pom-pom (ew ugly) so the pom-pom must be mainly made out of fur, with a little mass of skin, fat and nerves probably because is like an erogenous and erotic zone in the moogles (many animals have erogenous and erotic zones, like horns or other features to make them look healthy and atractive to the oposite gender) that´s why moogles feel pride for their pom-poms cutting off a moogle´s pom-pom woul be like making a human unatractive to the oposite sex or like removing a bird´s feathers (cuse birds use their feathers to look atractive). "

Who do you think how old is he???[edit | edit source]

At FFTA, Montblanc is probably as old as Marche Radiuju, 12-14 years old. At FFTA2, he's in his 20s. At the Monburan no Hanayome missions, Cois and Mogumi were given honorifics. At FFTA, he calls Mogumi "Mogumi-san". While at FFTA2, Montblanc calls Cois "Fransoa-chan".

Montblanc, a Grimoire fan?[edit | edit source]

Well, I was thinking, what happen if Montblanc actually seeks people who has a connection with the grimoire. Since, why would Montblanc lie? It's actually true that at I'm Back, Kupo!, he was with Luso all the time! Have you seen the Easter Eggs lately? Those Montblanc's Sprite Appearances? Maybe that sprite is truly Montblanc, not some other moogle who looks like Montblanc. The reason. It's at the first sentence. He seeks grimoires. He might be a "professor" that studies grimoire and gets his studies by spying on people, and would help those people who were in trouble, or maybe anyone. But that's not the point! The point is that Montblanc wasn't lying at I'm Back, Kupo!. I just hope Square Enix have a trick behind their Montblancishly Montblanc sleeves. I even prayed to God for this. =)

Montblanc's Voice[edit | edit source]

At Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition, Montblanc's voice is like some cutie cutie person, but well not that cute. He was voiced by Kumiko Yokote, who is obviously, a girl. OK, so, even though his voice is like a cute but serious like person (compare with Nono), there's this Mog Knight whose voice is so low, like a man, an old man.

So... I was suggesting that Montblanc is as old as Marche (Babus and Shara too). And at FFTA2, the handsome Montblanc is low-voiced. (Oh no) I was thinking in FFTA2 Hurdy's voice is similar to Montblanc.

Montblanc and Yoda[edit | edit source]

You know who's Yoda, right? That small green dude from Star Wars? I was searching in Google when I found out that there's this person who said that Montblanc (FFXII, yes, the ugly one) and Yoda have resemblance.

Montblanc, the physically diminutive leader of Clan Centurio, is the counterpart of Yoda, the equally short Grand Master of the Jedi Council in the prequel trilogy. Both characters are as cunning as they are versed in combat. Montblanc creates a fake hunt in order to lure out the mysterious Hunter Killer. Yoda attempts to learn the identity of Darth Sidious through his Force sensitivity and finds out that it is Palpatine. Montblanc’s ultimate goal for Clan Centurio is to raise warriors, such as Vaan and company, to become strong enough to finally put an end to Yiazmat. Yoda’s goal after the Jedi extermination is to train Luke to be the one that ultimately defeats the Sith.

Goggle Bloggle

Though this information does make sense, there are still some people who still won't believe Montblanc's resemblance to Yoda (especially their ugliness, not for offense, though).

Just wondering. If Yoda has a lover, Montblanc's wife should resemble her.

Relationship to Chocobos[edit | edit source]

I'm going to be worried out of my pom-pom. I'd loan you one of my chocobos to ride, if only you knew how, kupo.

Gurdy to Hurdy

Gurdy has a chocobo stable. For the record, I can ride chocobos just fine, but I have a policy against riding them. Montblanc is the one who can't ride, kupo.


I'm just thinking, what happened if... Hurdy actually lied? Or maybe he forgot? Or maybe he doesn't want to be embarrassed.

Gurdy is the "mother" right? Well, mother figures are more mature than, leading them to be more "intelligent" than the child figure. And Hurdy is often found in a chocobo artwork that has him holding on to its tail and fly around like crazy.

So let's say that "Hurdy couldn't ride on chocobos while Montblanc could, it's just that he had a policy against them." Then why would Montblanc have a policy against riding chocobos?

Would you mine bringing me back some wine? A vintage bottle of Prudence should do, kupo.

You guessed it.

Easy. His drink problems. It seems that people believe that Montblanc was hiding his secret that he likes to drink wine. Or maybe Montblanc lied. Well, I was just thinking that Montblanc's disability to ride chocobos is a lie. Then again...

FFTA2 OST cover illustration.jpg

Look at the chocobo's expression, it looks like in pain, right? And Hurdy just fell off the chocobo. It seems that Hurdy is not allowed to ride chocobos, for some reason. But people who can't ride chocobos doesn't mean that they aren't seen riding them, right? But since when did Luso learned how to ride chocobos? Are there lessons at St. Ivalice (or whatever the place is) about how to ride a horse? If yes, why wouldn't Montblanc learn how to ride chocobos. It seems that he's the only moogle from the six moogle siblings that couldn't ride a chocobo, and he's supposed to be more experienced than the other siblings. Strange...

Fear of Ice[edit | edit source]

There are two concepts which supports Montblanc's fear with ice. One is that in FFTA2, he learns all Black Magick but Blizzard, Blizzara, and Blizzaga, and he's just starting to learn it. The second concept is that his name means "white mountain" in French. Because of Rydia's case of fear of fire or Pyrophobia, this leads me to this case of Wild Mass Guessing.

You see, Rydia has a fear of fire because her village had been burnt. Because of the trauma, she couldn't learn Fire Black Magic because of her fear. And because she was encourage by the FFIV party at a place where they need Fire, she tried and tried and did it.

And that was Rydia's story of confronting her fear.

Let see the fact that Montblanc has a master and my "Montblanc and his siblings aren't blood related" WMG. It would make sense if Montblanc was rescued by his master when he was a baby, being in harm in a white mountain. Oh, and should I mention that this idea is also based on Cu Sith's story? Such nameless person... Because of the harm, Montblanc had a hard time dealing with ice, and just learned the basic Blizzard when he was an adult.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition doesn't really support this, since Montblanc could easily cast Blizzard without a struggle. Then again, the radio drama might be so unpopular that it was ignored. Besides, it's just a Wild Mass Guessing after all.

Montblanc's Quotes[edit | edit source]

This could also been seen at Kuzlalala's Userpage.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[edit | edit source]

A stuffed animal!? I'll have you know I'm a moogle, kupo!


Noooooo! I've been had, kupo! That's not very nice, kupo!

Montblanc, At mission "Moogle Bride"

Marche is Marche and Ritz is Ritz! All you can do is what seems right to you, kupo!

Montblanc, after the mission "The Cheetahs"

There are a number of theories, kupo. I, for one, believe the crystal theory.

Montblanc, at mission "Desert Peril"

You seem... much older than when we first met, kupo.

Montblanc to Marche

They call me "Montblanc", kupo.


Kupopo... I'm sorry to leave, but... it was a good life.

Montblanc when killed at the Jagd

Maskanimogoaitakupo Mashiwakonosekaninaretemashi Kuranoshigotomahajimetdetakara Hatamatchiotoerabetekupo.

Montblanc speaking Japanese non-sense at FFTA Radio Edition, spectulation

Tashikani mogu wa itta, kupo Ma-shu wa kono sekai ni narete nai shi, kuran no shigoto mo hajimete dakara, kantan na shigoto wo erabe tte, kupo

Montblanc speaking Japanese non-sense at FFTA Radio Edition, the RIGHT one.

確かにモグは言ったクポ マーシュはこの世界に慣れてないし、クランの仕事も初めてだから簡単な仕事を選べってクポ

Montblanc speaking Japanese non-sense at FFTA Radio Edition, in Kana

I certainly said that because Marche is not accustomed to this world and this is the first time to work in the clan. (You shold) choose simple task.

Montblanc speaking Japanese non-sense at FFTA Radio Edition, (finally) translated

You sure are a keen observer of the obvious, kupo!


No, this is by far the most kupo story I've ever heard!


Make it a kupo one!


Maybe they're nerdy bandits, kupo!


He's engaging you, kupo!


岩砕き、骸崩す、地に潜む者たち 集いて赤き炎となれ!ファイア!

Montblanc, casting Fire

Iwa kudaki, mukuro kuzusu, chi ni hisomu mono tachi tsudoi te akaki honoo to nare! Faia!

Montblanc, casting Fire in Romanji

闇に生まれし精霊の吐息の凍てつく風の刃に散れ! ブリザド!

Montblanc, casting Blizzard

Yami ni umare shi seirei no toiki no itetsuku kaze no ha ni chire! Burizado!

Montblanc, casting Blizzard in Romanji

"Amazing" things you'd hear from Montblanc[edit | edit source]

From Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition. You know, some amazing stuff you could compare with anime:

  1. Growling
  2. Cast spells XD
  3. say "yoooooooosh!"
  4. being serious
  5. be called "Monburan-san" by Madam Kiri
  6. scream!!!! XDDDDD
  7. Get mad
  8. say "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance"
  9. And do you know that he yelled KUSOOOOOOO!!!/くそ~~~!!! which means "sh*t"? Ooh... he said a curse word... One of the times that he yelled that right after Madam Kiri called him "Monburan-san".
  10. When he's in something, at CD no. 4
  11. Coughed (omg!)
  12. Giggles, you could even hear him GIGGLE!!!

Oh, and do you know that Montblanc said this:


Montblanc at the very ending of the radio drama.

I was being so fangirlish when reading this. I put this at the Japanese Translation, then it says that he hopes that Marche is always there and they meet in their dreams. I'll research more further. I also wanted to hear this. If anyone have the audio of just the words Montblanc said, contact me!

And then there's Montblanc's habits in speaking in FFTA: RE. You could hear his spit in his throat. Sometimes. And that made me kinda pity towards his voice actress Kumiko Yokote. And then (usually), other character likes to say stuff like "Saundotorakku" like "Soundtrack". But what did Montblanc say? He just retains the Japanese pronunciation! Then he likes to say "Advance" like "Adobansu", even though Marche says it like "Adobans". Kinda weird, isn't it? And some of his speech is usually pharyngealized, like saying "dakupo" to "dakhupo".

Final Fantasy XII[edit | edit source]

You've been burning the midnight oil, kupo!

Montblanc when Vaan gains a clan rank

How fares the hunt, kupo?


I... I don't know what to say, kupo. I'm happy but I... I'm speechless.

Montblanc, knowing that Yiazmat has been killed

Our master will finally know peace, kupo. We'll never forget what you've done for us. Again, let us thank you.


Kupo... I hope you're not angry with me for using you to lure out the hunter stalker, Kupo. Talk may be cheap, but you must believe me! I would never have done such a thing if I didn't have complete faith in your success, kupo!

Montblanc, who wanted to have faith

Listen carefully, and I'll tell you all the details.

Montblanc, being like the Mission Board

His Master was killed by Yiazmat, robbing Montblanc of all Joy in Life, and he would have Revenge.

Yiazmat Bestiary Entry

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift[edit | edit source]

In FFTA2 Montblanc seems to be more wittier, for using a number of idioms and hard words that should be searched in a dictionary. He might be the most idiom user in FFTA2! There's even 2 idioms in his character information.

Kupo-po!! That's it! What are you, kupo? Some sort of repository of wrested relics!?


This, this, this is most unexpected. Kupo! I... I'm beside myself, kupo.


Truth to be told, I bought that pendant once myself, a long long time ago, kupo.


Better to replace it than mope about it!

Montblanc's thought, when he lost his replica of the Gigas Pendant

Kupo-po. Ah, old friend. Is that you...?

Montblanc when KOed

Kupo! Let me show you how it's done!

Montblanc, getting an Opportunity Command

I'm starting to think I may be cut out for this after all! Kupo-po!

Montblanc, after doing an Opportunity Command

Kupo! I finally found you.

Montblanc, when he found Luso.

No matter what they might call you, -never- call call a bangaa a lizard, kupo! Got it?

Montblanc to Luso

Well, I'm off, kupo. Bye for now!

Montblanc, leaving the scene

I'm on personal business as a matter of fact... a bit of a treasure hunt, kupo.

Montblanc, having some personal business.

A ha ha! Kupo! Of course you don't! That'd be ridiculous!

Montblanc, laughing

List of Idioms[edit | edit source]

The idioms that are associated with Montblanc are...

  1. "been had": to have been deceived.
  2. "it's a snap": It's really easy to do.
  3. "stick with somebody/something": to continue to be closely involved with someone or something.
  4. "hang out": to spend time in a place habitually.
  5. "settle in": to become accustomed to one's new surroundings; to get used to living in a place or a new dwelling.
  6. "Long time no see (kupo).": something that you say in order to greet someone who you have not seen for a long time.
  7. "burn the midnight oil": to stay up working, especially studying, late at night.
  8. "ear to the ground": to pay attention to the rumors at work.
  9. "to be a few propellers short of an airship" (Ivalice for "a few sandwiches short of a picnic"): not very smart or dumb.
  10. "cut out": well suited.
  11. "beside myself": consumed by emotion.
  12. "got a hold": a good grasp on something.
  13. "have on hands": to be burdened with someone or something.
  14. "take on": to begin to have or exhibit.
  15. "small world": something that you say when you discover that someone knows a person that you know.
  16. "fond of": liking someone or something.
  17. "out of the blue": happening suddenly and unexpectedly.

Source: mostly Wiktionary and the Free Online Dictionary.

How to be as Montblancishly Montblanc as I am?[edit | edit source]

Like Montblanc[edit | edit source]

If you don't like Montblanc, WTF are you at this page? (except if you accidently go here) Liking Montblanc is the main thing you need to be Montblancishly Montblanc.

Here's someone who wanted to marry him!

Krile- Firstly, she's adorable. Secondly, she talks to moogles! MOOGLES! I <3 moogles. I wanna marry MontBlanc. rofl.

The stuff this person said.

I was about to give her (or him?) a comment:

"Hi! This is Kuzlalala! I'm an editor from FFWiki.

Congratulations on having the same thoughts as mine: marrying Montblanc. Well, I don't really want to marry him, but I want him to be happy by having a life couple and some kids.

I'll put this on the Montblancishly Montblanc page then!"

But it's too bad that I have to log in, and I have no freakin' account. So there's my message!

Honorific![edit | edit source]

Call Montblanc with a honorific. I use "kun"/"sama". But you could "chan" if you want. Monburan-sama!!! XDDDD

At Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition he was called "Monburan-san" by Madam Kirin. How come Marche gets to be called "Maashu-kun"!? TT_TT

Make a LOT of fanarts and fanfics[edit | edit source]

I'm on dA and FF.Net. Why? To make Montblancishly Montblanc fanarts and fanfics, of course! A Montblancishly Montblanc person like me would first like to think "What happen if Montblanc was like this? Or this?" Then I make a fanart/fic that "answers" the question. People with high CQ would get better results.

(Almost) Everything Reminds Me of This[edit | edit source]

A lot of stuff reminds me of Montblanc. The word "blank", does. A mountain reminds me of him, too.

Be So Eager!!![edit | edit source]

Be eager about Montblanc's last name or birthday, even Zodiac! Montblanc has a lack of information, that's why I make alot of fanfics.

If you're like all of the above, congrats! You're like me! XD

What I want from Montblanc[edit | edit source]

From Yours Truly

  1. See him topless. (How come Kefka and Sephiroth gets to be topless, no fair.)
  2. See him being hypnotised (like Adelle OMG)
  3. His last name. (Hey, even Angelo has a full name, why not him? and... even a cyboid has a full name! *coughdigitleboidcough*)
  4. His zodiac (I hope it's Aries *rubs Gigas Pendant*)
  5. His birthday (I'll make his "birthday" April 15th, but I don't know his real birthday. and... Digit has a birthday!?)
  6. See his lover (he is so single and old. He needs a girl NOW! (Am I trying to be Terra?))
  7. See his parents (Only his master available)
  8. See him wounded (I'm starting to be cRaZy!)
  9. See him in many emotions other than happy happy happy! (seriously, I've only see him happy. except for the FFXII Montblanc)
  10. See him as the central hero of a game. I wanna I wanna! You know, I wish Montblanc's part of here! X(

Montblanc seriously lacks information unlike some other moogle! X(

If Montblanc's a Protagonist...[edit | edit source]

a.k.a. Dream Game or Kuzura-san's FFTA3

He must be human. (Almost) every FF game's hero is human. If it's not a human, at least they look like one (eg. Zidane Tribal). What happens if he's the main hero, he gets to transform into a human because of a grimoire, then he forgot who he was (this one's optional). He tries to transform back into a moogle by doing something. He shall be befriended with a girl, probably a childhood friend of his. Haha. At the journey, they will have feelings for each other. Montblanc's clothes will be like some soldier armor (or maybe like Arc's clothes). I'd be a seriously BIG fan of it, and buy it's franchise. Montblanc's theme song is another formation of Teach Me, Mont Blanc. The girl? Hm... how about if her name's Linee. Haha. I was thinking of her with brown hair and wear red attributes. Her eyes are green. Blue's boring. Should Montblanc's siblings appear? Probably not, I guess. I wanted to use the Zodiac System, like Final Fantasy Tactics. The main antagonist might look like Seymour Guado.

If it's not like that, since I'm predicting that FFTA3 would come out at 2011-2012, I was thinking that Montblanc should be sent to St. Ivalice to save the world from a destruction. He should be sent as a human in order to camouflage within the city. Wait, that doesn't sound like Montblanc as the main character. But he should have a lover, who will be the protagonist. Montblanc has gained power of the Grimoires, but the girl hero (along with her friends, who eventually became a clan) should defeat the main enemy in order to stop the destruction.

Oh man! Anymore ideas?

And do you know that according to this page, someone answered...

I actually think a cool concept for A3 would be to center the game around Montblanc or at least throw in something more than a typical hero personality (don't get me wrong, Marche was cool, but Luso? Really?).


I thought "Yay someone also wants Montblanc to be the main protagonist!". Thanks for wanting that. I'm very glad for you.

Okay, I have a second form of the "Montblanc as the Main Protagonist" idea.

Second Form[edit | edit source]

Montblanc wanted to meet Marche Radiuju, after a long time of seperation. Everyone thinks he's crazy, except for his brother Nono, a Viera named Shara, and Babus, a smart Nu Mou. Together, they searched for a portal to Marche's world, and in the ending, Montblanc meets Marche, but only for a short matter of time.

If Montblanc's in Dissidia Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

Montblanc's prototype at FFTA. I'm not kidding here!

His original form will be the original Montblanc, ya know, ya know? His alternate form will be his prototype of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. If he's the main protagonist of FFTA3, or at least appear at the next Ivalice game and look WAY better than at his previous appearances, that'll be his EX-Mode.

Let's see, since I wouldn't like to spoil the Dissidia Dream Characters forum, I would like to put all of them here. His EX-Mode name would be Stead Companion. His weapons are rods, staffs, and books. He must get the one from the artwork!

I was just thinking that his abilities (Bravery, HP) is Black Magick, and probably pairs up with Shantotto. His EX-Burst is summon Belias the Gigas/Famfrit. So cool, wouldn't it?

OK... here's what I put at the Dissidia Dream Characters:

His basic costume will be his usual appearance in the Ivalice Alliance, a greeen jacket with some baggy pants. His Alt. Costume will be his prototype, which is the artwork of the FFTA Moogle race, holding a crystal-like weapon. At EX Mode, he will wear a Pimped Out Outfit. His EX-Mode is called Centurion. He equips Rods, Staves, and Robes.

Brave Attacks

  • Fire (Aerial) - Shoots Fire from hands
  • Thunder (Aerial) - Casts Thunder from above
  • Blizzard - Casts a layer of rock on opponent, than smashes it magically.
  • Stone - Same effect with Blizzard, but with stone and more damage.

HP Attacks

  • Flare - Non-elemental magic. Acts like guns.
  • Firaga - Casts fire-elemental explosives on opponent.
  • Storm - Casts water and wind damage.


  • Clan Teamwork - Summons either a Bangaa White Monk, Viera Archer, Seeq Viking, or a Hume Soldier to strike the opponent, then does a magic attack.

Since I'm not a gamer of Dissidia, I would like to say to make Montblanc having almost the same abilities as Shantotto. Good couple...

Songs that Montblanc is Perfect to[edit | edit source]


  • A Montblanc picture
  • FF Music to Hear

Here are the songs which I think is comfortable with him. You could add more songs, too. It could be more than just FFTA, FFTA2 and FFXII songs.

  1. Teach Me, Montblanc! (duh...)
  2. FFTA2 OST-Crossing Over the Hill (FFXII's Ozmone Plainss)
  3. FFTA2-Green Wind
  4. FFTA2-Front and Back
  5. FFTA-Sleep of Defeat (only if Montblanc dies at the Jagd, so sad *hiks*)
  6. FFTA-A Place We Should Return To (I have some theory that Montblanc also activates the Gran Grimoire of his world, and I visionize Montblanc as a handsome and strong hero...)
  7. FFTA/FFTA2-Main Theme (Montblanc gets to be one of the important elements of Ivalice, a VERY important one, I just hope Montblanc appears at FFTA3 as a main character and protoganist. And this time, I want to know all of his history, love life, and all other of his personal parts, not to be hentai or anything. What I meant are his signature for example.)
  8. FFTA/FFTA2-Beyond the Wasteland, I have made a fanlyric for him with this song (figure out which part yourself ok?
  9. FFTA2-Premonition of Origin (Makes Montblanc the most important figure of Ivalice)
  10. FFTA2-A Hurried Guess (So Montblancishly Montblanc! *swoons*), I think it appears when Montblanc first officially appears.
  11. Loop Demo-To tell that Montblanc's from Final Fantasy, kupo!
  12. FFTA2-Looming Crisis
  13. FFXII-Clan Headquarters

Montblanc at Hurdy's Side Story[edit | edit source]

This is Montblanc's part of Hurdy's side story. It was translated to English by Square Enix Members. Hope you enjoy!

"This music appreciation trip of yours is certainly out of the blue, kupo. But I think it's a good idea. You've always shied away from adventure, and this is the perfect chance to overcome that, kupo.

"The things you'll learn and see while you're traveling will be priceless, kupo. You're in for surprises you can't even imagine. I hope you enjoy every last minuite of it, kupo!"

Montblanc never was like the others, kupo.

"Would you mind bringing me back some wine? A vintage bottle of Prudence should do, kupo."

Prudence? There are only a few thousand bottles of that in the whole world, kupo.
It'll cost a fortune!
Is he out of his pom-pom?
If he's joking, I'm not laughing, kupo!
As far as I know, Montblanc doesn't even drink wine.
Just who does he think he is, kupo?

About the "Prudence" part, either:

  • Montblanc just started an alcoholic habit, or
  • Montblanc just wanted to give a bottle of wine to his friend.

"Montblanc" in Many Languages[edit | edit source]

  • Pig Latin: "Ontblanc May"
  • Gibberish: "Venkfraxanc"
  • Back Slang: "Cnalbtnom"
  • Tutnese: "Mumonuntutbuvlulanuncava"
  • 1337 (Leet): "m0n7614n<" or any variations
  • Hanzi Cantonese: "梦布兰" (pronounced Meng Bou Laan)/莫布兰 (pronounced Mo Bou Laan) XD
  • Korean: "몽블랑" (pronounced Mong Beu Rang)
  • Arabic: "مونت بلانك" (pronounced Muunt blaank}
  • Hindi: "मॉंटब्लॉन्क" (Do not know how to pronounce it)
  • Serbian (Latin): "МонтБланц"
  • Russian: Монблан
  • Lithuanian: Monblanas
  • Bengali: মঁ ব্লাঁ

Japanese Missions![edit | edit source]

仲間募集クポ (Wanted: Friends, Kupo!)[edit | edit source]










ハーディ「モグは今、彼…、ルッソのクランにお世話になってるのクポ。 兄さんこそ、ルッソのことを知ってるクポ?

ルッソ「フロージスの町で、バンガとのケンカを仲裁してもらったんだ。 まさか、ハーディのお兄さんとはなぁ…。 あ、えと、オレ、ルッソっていいます。

モンブラン「モンブランだクポ。 クポポ~。世の中広いようでせまいクポ。 パブに依頼を出して、まさか弟が来るとは思わなかったクポ~。

ハーディ「クポ、忘れてたクポ。 クエスト依頼に一人旅してるってあったけど、兄さん、仲間も連れずに こんなとこまでなにしにきたのクポ? 兄さんは大陸のずっと東にあるダルマスカっていう国で、クランのリーダーをしてるクポ。



モンブラン「『魔人のペンダント』ってアクセサリを知ってるクポ? 古の魔人をかたどってて、不思議な力を持つといわれてるクポ~。





モンブラン「クポーーーーーーッ! そ、それクポ! クポ…。 もう持ち主がいるんじゃ、あきらめるしかないクポ…。


モンブラン「それにはおよばないクポ! モグは次のお宝を探すクポ! 魔人のペンダントとセットで、『死天使のピアス』っていうアクセサリがあるクポ。





モンブラン「クポーーーーーーッ! そ、それクポ!


モンブラン「お気づかいは不要クポ! まだ最後のお宝があるクポ。『統制者のヘアピン』クポ。


モンブラン「…念のために聞くクポ。 まさか、それも…クポ。




モンブラン「クポーーーーーーッ! そ、それクポ!キミはいったい何者クポッ!?

ルッソ「う、う~んと…。 みっつともたまたま見つけて持ってたっていうか…。

モンブラン「予想外の事態に少なからず動揺してるクポ。 クポ、落ち着くクポ。 実を言うと、モグは昔、そのペンダントを買ったことがあるのクポ。


モンブラン「もちろんレプリカだクポ。 シルバーアクセサリでおしゃれしたいお年頃だったクポ。 とってもお気に入りで、肌身はなさずつけてたクポ。 でも、なくしちゃったのクポ。ショックだったクポ…。 けど、モグはすぐ立ち直ったクポ。 『なくしたなら、また手に入れればいいクポ!どうせなら、本物をさがすクポ!』 …そんなわけで、いつか魔人のペンダントをさがしに行くって決めてたクポ。

ルッソ「ごめん、オレ…。 楽しみ取っちゃったみたいで。

モンブラン「気にすることないクポ。 アクセサリさがしだけがモグの人生じゃないクポ~。

ハーディ「クポ、兄さん、これからどうするクポ? クランのみんなのとこへ戻るクポ?


ルッソ「なら、うちのクランにきなよ。 旅の仲間をさがしてたんでしょ? うちならハーディもいるし、クエストでいろんなところ行けて、ちょうどよくない?


ルッソ「ハーディのお兄さんだもん。いいに決まってるよ。 な、ハーディ?



モンブラン「じゃあ、お言葉にあまえさせてもらうことにするクポ! よろしくクポ!




モンブラン「セントリオなら大丈夫クポ。 バンサトがモグのかわりにうまくやってくれるクポ。 最近は自分でクエストやることも少なかったクポ。 クポ~~!腕が鳴るクポ~~!

モンブランの花嫁 (Montblanc's Bride)[edit | edit source]

FFTA2: A Bride for Montblanc[edit | edit source]





モンブラン「フランソアちゃ~ん、モンブランですクポ! 今、来ましたクポ~!

フランソア「あぁ、モンブラン様! お待ちしておりましたわ! ほんとに…ほんとに…。 これでウラミをはらせるってものよっ!


フランソア「あんた、前のクラントーナメントで優勝した、セントリオのモーグリよね!? あの大会は、あたいたちが優勝するはずだったのよっ! 優勝候補に下剤のませて準備万端だったところに、 旅の途中で立ち寄ったとか言ってたあんたらが優勝をかっさらったのよっ!!



勝利条件 すべての敵を倒せ! ロウの宣言 グリアA禁止

フランソア「優勝のお膳立てしたのはあたいたちだってのに、 思い出すだけでムカつくわ! あんたが今いるクランごとつぶしちゃえば、ようやくスッキリするってものよ!


フランソア「うるっさいわね! あたいたちがしたことを知った以上、このまま帰すつもりはないよ! 覚悟しなさいっ!!


エンゲージスタート! ---



FFTA: Moogle Bride[edit | edit source]







やってきたクポ (I'm Back, Kupo!)[edit | edit source]

【やってきたクポ】 旅はいいクポ~。新しい出会いの予感がするクポ~。






道をのくルッソ が…。


ルッソ「なに? オレ、人と待ち合わせしてんだけど。


ルッソ「?? 盗った? オレ、そんなことしてない。



バンガ「ウソつくンじゃねぇっ! このスリ小僧ッ!

ルッソ「ウソなんかつくかよっ! このトカ…。


バンガ「あン? なンだ、モーグリ。この小僧、おまえの連れか?

モンブラン「昔っから落ち着きがないのクポ~。 ちょろちょろ走り回って、よくスリに間違われるのクポ~。


バンガ「ハッ、どうだかなぁ~? てめぇらふたり、グルなンじゃねぇのか!?



モンブラン「ぶつかった拍子に落としたのクポ~。 これでわかったクポ? スリなんてなかったのクポ!




モーグリ「もしあのままキミが「トカゲ」って言ってたら、 エンゲージ沙汰になってたクポ~。 バンガに「トカゲ」は禁句クポ。気をつけた方がいいクポ~。




ハーディ「クポ、ルッソーー! 遅くなってごめんクポ。

ルッソ「ほんとだよ。待ってる間、大変だったんだぞ。 バンガの二人組にインネンつけられてさー。 危うく大さわぎになるとこだったけど、 通りすがりのモーグリが間に入ってくれて、なんとかおさまったんだ。

ハーディ「通りすがりのモーグリ…、なんか兄さんを思い出すクポ。 モグの一番上の兄さんも、道ばたのケンカとか、しょっちゅう仲裁してたクポ。 面倒見がいいっていうか、お人よしなのクポ。


ハーディ「クポ、兄さんのことはともかく、遅れちゃったのはホントに申し訳なかったクポ。 おわびに焼きナッツをごちそうするクポ。

ルッソ「やった! へへっ、ごちそうさま~。 んじゃ、さっそく出発! あっちの広場にさ、おいしい焼きナッツ売ってるおじさんがいるんだ。


Use some translator or something (like this place). Got it from here and here.

Just Sumthin' Extra[edit | edit source]


Montblanc calls his master "Shishō".

Happy "Birthday" Montblanc!!![edit | edit source]

ATTENTION!!!: Montblanc's "Birthday" is TODAY!
YAY!!! It's Montblanc's unofficial birthday, which is at April 15th (and was claimed by Kuzlalala)! Do you know why it's unofficial? It's because Square Enix hasn't claimed his birthday yet, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MONTBLANC(kun)!

Info[edit | edit source]

We are celebrating Montblanc's "birthday" so at least there's a special day where we uh... let's see... how do I say it? Oh yeah! To appreciate Montblanc at our highest levels. What does Cloud fans do when it's his birthday huh?

OK, so first of all, I saw Montblanc with the Gigas Pendant. The Gigas Pendant summons Belias, the FFXII esper that resembles Aries. Aries is from March 21 - April 19. Marche also had he pendant, so I was wondering that his Zodiac is the same as Montblanc. Then I was thinking that Marche was names by his parents by a month, March. So, maybe Marche's birthday was at March. I don't want Montblanc to have the same birthmonth as him, so I wanted to make Montblanc's birthday to be at April. The I made it 15th. That's the origin.

Note that only Square Enix could decide Montblanc's real birthday.

Works[edit | edit source]

Montblanc b-day.jpg

Made by Kuzlalala . May also be seen here

Gogo montblanc!.jpg

Also made by Kuzlalala . It's a set of icons. Look here.

A Day to Remember[edit | edit source]

A fanfic by The_faceless

Summary: A short story for Montblanc inspired by an idea that Kuzlalala came up with. In which Montblanc remembers back to the things he has learned in his life.

And no, I didn't asked the faceless to make one. The story's here!

"Montblanc" as the featured article for April! attempt[edit | edit source]

I'm going to nominate his very own article as the Featured article for April. I know I did some very hard work there, so I think it's worth to nominate it.

April 2010[edit | edit source]

Just in case if the article loses or something. For April 2010, his article's big enemy would be the You spoony bard! article. Knowing that its connection to the month of April is closer than Montblanc's (since it's associated with "funny"), this would be very hard to beat. And if he does lose, I will put a new section called April 2011, April 2012, and so on.

Any Comments?[edit | edit source]

I changed may sgnature! Kuzlalala Squee! 15:08, 18 April 2009 (UTC)

Yay Clothing Time![edit | edit source]

TA2 Montblanc.JPG

I'm going to tell you what kind of clothes Montblanc's wearing. According to the FFTA2 image, he is wearing a wide standing turtle neck. It's probably made out of wool. His jacket is a green doublet, I think. Each of his sleeve has a lace, probably cutwork. His bottom garnet is possibly a Pluderhosen, a type of hose wore on Northen Europe. Or matbe some type of pantaloon. I have a speculation that if he opens his jacket, he'll be wearing suspenders. He also wears a brown fanny pack, a belt with a bag on it. XD

Montblanc and...[edit | edit source]

LeBlanc[edit | edit source]

FFX-2 Artwork Leblanc.png

They share a few traits, the most obvious similarity is that their names has blanc in it. The other trait is that their both leaders. LeBlanc is the leader of the LeBlanc Syndicate, while Montblanc leads Clan Centurio. Their hairstyles are almost the same. Well, at least the hair concept. Their hair is blond and combed to the back. They also have long wide sleeves. Montblanc and LeBlanc has some differences, too. Green and Pink. But they seem to be a perfect couple, right? Like Wanda and Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents. I wonder... if Ryoma Ito designed some of Montblanc from LeBlanc (or perhaps the opposite). Or maybe it's just a coincidence?

Shantotto[edit | edit source]


Shantotto is so similar to Montblanc, she may be the female version of him! or not... They are from a small race. Since the Moogles in Final Fantasy XI are "undressed" and only serves they players, while Shantotto's race; the Tarutaru have a similar position and stats as Ivalice's moogles, that should do. They're also both Black Mages... with blond hair! I have a theory a.k.a Wild Mass Guessing that Montblanc examines the grimoire and their holders to study their magick. Shantotto is usually referred as "Professor Shantotto". Not actually sure if this similarity would stand up much though, since we'd have to wait for the next Ivalice game. How many letters are in their name? 9! With a help of the extra "t" in "Shantotto". The English is true, but their Japanese names are different, with Montblanc: 6 and Shantotto: 7. JUST ONE MORE KANJI! One last thing, there is this information at the Dissidia Museum.

Her age is unknown, and having thus far neglected to marry seems to be her only regret in life.

Shantotto's Character File

Doesn't the "thus far neglected to marry" seems similar to you?

And again, they are leaders of something, as you could see that Shantotto's also the leader of the Parliament of Patriarchs as told at the Museum.

I've also put a Montblanc vs Shantotto suggestion for the DNC and it actually got chosen to be shown one day. Thanks everyone for your support!

Also, I've saw this from here.

And that we will most likely get only one XII character. Any secret characters beyond that is still a mystery to everyone. But the primary reason I am posting this is the nightmarish revelation I just had. What if the XII character they added were a Yang to Shantotto's Yin, i.e., someone of similar stature but almost completely opposite in character? We don't even see him fight in XII, but I am picturing horrific images of he and Shantotto skipping about and ruining this game. Shantotto was included on the XI developers' request, but what they did the same with XII and the character the XII developers wanted was... *whispering ominously* Montblanc...? *shudders*

The part of the Shantotto and Montblanc similarity

Things like this just let me think the Montblanc's so perfect with Shantotto! I've drew a fanart of them: HERE.

Two People Who Looks Like Him[edit | edit source]


I... just think that Sazh Katzroy and Kytes has similar clothing to Montblanc. Not to mention that Sazh's Brynhildr is similar to Belias, who is connected to the Gigas Pendant that Montblanc bears in his FFTA2 Artwork. They're both related to chocobos, too (Well, Sazh and Montblanc, excluding Kytes). As for Montblanc's relation to Kytes, they're both Black Mages and orphans. Yeah, if you think about it, Montblanc having a master and separating from his siblings after his death is an obvious sign that he doesn't have any parents.

Both of them have similar clothes to Montblanc, like I've already said at the first sentence of this entry. Especially Kytes. He has green and orange all over, and his staff! It looked like Montblanc's FFTA2 staff which he'll never equip in the game. As for Sazh... his clothes are like the FFXIII version of Montblanc's clothes! The green jacket, the white shirt, the brown pants, yes, I'm feeling it!

Other "Montblanc" and "Mont Blanc" Stuff[edit | edit source]

Montblanc logo.gif

It's not just this moogle whose name is Montblanc! Here are some links.

Let's Sing![edit | edit source]

Song Number 1[edit | edit source]

Play "Beyond the Wasteland" (an FFTA or FFTA2 song) and sing this at the "reff" part.

M-O-N-T-B-L-A-N-C, M-O-N-T-B-L-A-N-C...

Do you know that it spells Montblanc...


Repeat it again since the "reff" also repeats again. It's fun for me!

Song Number 2[edit | edit source]

Do you know the Montblanc Fan
The Montblanc Fan, The Montblanc Fan
Oh do you know the Montblanc Fan
Who likes Montblanc so much!

Fetish Fuel[edit | edit source]

Montblanc hurdy lunch.png
Not that it's really fetish fuel, but see the folds!!! Doesn't that look like SOMETHING familiar to you?

Tropes[edit | edit source]

Gotta lov'em!

FFTA montblanc.gif
  • Best Served Cold ("His Master was killed by Yiazmat, robbing Montblanc of all Joy in Life, and he would have Revenge." )
  • Big No As explained at the following screenshot:
Montblanc NOOOOOO!.png

Uncyclopedia Article[edit | edit source]


Commentary by Kuzlalala:

"It was fun mocking Montblanc, though I have to sacrifice my morality by typing stuff that has to do with sex. After all, I am not an adult! I did this because someone says that making it would be good.

Actually, at working on this article, I got some of my ideas from other people's thoughts. Like people saying that Montblanc is so insane that he even rescued a stranger. In Uncyclopedia I made him a mentalist who always visits the asylum for some reason.

Thank you for mocking Montblanc, Anti-Montblancs. Because of your critics of him, they inspire me to make this Uncyclopedia article have some content."

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