Master, I pretend not to know the anger as though the hatred is expected to fall.
This user had taken interest to Kaito, some guy who modeled for Lala's version of Montblanc's master in some comic that she hadn't show on the internet yet, so expect this user to "hibernate" on liking Montblanc and stop her time counter for liking Montblanc until she sees a new game with Montblanc in it. Oh, she's also going to rarely visit this wiki. Sorry...

Montblancishly Montblanc Content
This page is marked as "Montblancishly Montblanc" by Kuzlalala, because it contains anything related to a moogle named Montblanc. Good job.
Lala Luna Stella
A.K.A Kuzlalala, Lala, Montblanc Guy
Job class Fighter/Fanatic
Weapon Blades
Date of Birth February 29th
Age 14
Race Hume
Height 143 cm (4,8")
IQ Way Above Average, I could say
Spells Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder
Limit Break Temper Strike The Montblancishly Montblanc Blazt (Power of Fangirlism)
Final Fantasy Wiki character
Montblanc chocoboride box.jpgThis user has gone Montblancishly Montblanc for 2 years!

Kupo-po! Watch out Ivalice! Here I come!

Montblanc, at the mission "Wanted: Friends, Kupo!"

Hi! I'm Kuzlalala and I'm SO a fan of Montblanc! Except for the one from FFXII. He looks so ugly!

About Me[edit | edit source]

Fras: "You cannot leave this place alive. Make ready for death..."

Reaker: "We could have been great together, kupo..."

I'm a teenager from a very hot country, who first thought that Final Fantasy was just a weird game. But when I saw someone played FFTA, I saw a very charming person-Montblanc. I became a fan of him, I could even play Teach Me, Mont Blanc on the piano! Then I played FFTA myself and I finished it until the very, VERY end. And I edit a lot at the Montblanc page. Besides, he does need a lot of information, right?

Now I'm reading 8-bit Theater. I'm on this page now!

Favorites[edit | edit source]

Color: Green ('cause of Montblanc, maybe?)

FF Game: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Character: MONTBLANC!!! (With Fangirlism)

Food: Noodles in general. My real fav? Mind your own buisness!

Song: Undefeatable Heart

Race: Gria

Job: Fighter/Elementalist

Must see!!![edit | edit source]

Montblanc saying the Drama Classic: "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

Wiki Stuff[edit | edit source]

I Created these Pages[edit | edit source]

Check This Out![edit | edit source]

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Favorite Characters[edit | edit source]

Male[edit | edit source]

Montblanc and Kytes, since they look so much alike!

TA2 Montblanc.JPG Kytes RW.png

Just look at those two. Their clothes, job, status? My they really look like each other! Well, they're both black mages, using some similar staff, and they both have green and orange all over them.


WTH I'm starting to like Tellah now! I have no idea why, but I think it's because he has a funny flavor... (And the "you spoony bard!" part)

Female[edit | edit source]

Frimelda, seriously! She's so like a tomboy and stuff. Like wielding swords. I also like this person.

Lou Lupis.jpg

I used to draw her frequently. ^_^

Let's Play with the Al Bhed Language![edit | edit source]

Kuzlalala[edit | edit source]


Pronounced: "geeewmaemaemae"

Montblanc[edit | edit source]


Pronounced: "seeoo-ha-de-pemae-ha-lu"

Compare![edit | edit source]


Cool Moogle.jpg

You can go and check out the other comparison here!

Tables[edit | edit source]

Category Best Worst
Game FFTA2 Final Fantasy I
Male Player Character Montblanc Ezel HURDY!!!
Female Player Character Frimelda N/A

My Favorite Quotes[edit | edit source]

(I like almost all words that Montblanc says. Kupo~)

Noooooo! I've been had, kupo! That's not very nice, kupo!

Montblanc, At mission "Moogle Bride"

Marche is Marche and Ritz is Ritz! All you can do is what seems right to you, kupo!

Montblanc, after the mission "The Cheetahs"

Kupo-po!! That's it! What are you, kupo? Some sort of repository of wrested relics!?


This, this, this is most unexpected. Kupo! I... I'm beside myself, kupo.


Truth to be told, I bought that pendant once myself, a long long time ago, kupo.


Better to replace it than mope about it!

Montblanc's thought, when he lost his replica of the Gigas Pendant

Hey, you're Hurdy's brother. That practically makes you family.

Luso to Montblanc

There are a number of theories, kupo. I, for one, believe the crystal theory.

Montblanc, at mission "Desert Peril"

Ah well, I guess the moogle's out of the bag.

Ezel Berbier

Oh, the months I slaved on that ship... kupoooh!


You seem... much older than when we first met, kupo.


I'll kill her! You hear me!? Kill!!!

Cid about Adelle

What makes me laugh!!! XDDDD[edit | edit source]

  • Bansat If you add a "g" between "n" and "s", it'll be an Indonesian curse word.
  • Ingus means "snot" in Indonesian.
  • The fact that Montblanc could sometimes be a dumbs*** seems to be a few propellers short of an airship.
  • Montblanc couldn't ride on a Chocobo.
  • Kefka. Period.

Guys who looks like Girls[edit | edit source]

Who would think that this is not a girl?

  1. Marche Radiuju
  2. Doned Radiuju
  3. Mewt Randell as a Prince
  4. Larsa Ferrinas Solidor
  5. King Leo
  6. Cecil Harvey at this picture.
  7. Kuja

Poll[edit | edit source]

The vote below is the "Do you like Montblanc?" question, just for you people to understand.

Videos[edit | edit source]

User:Kuzlalala/Montblancishly Montblanc Videos

Vocaloids[edit | edit source]

I like vocaloids. They're like computer programs where you can make people sing songs. I like Vocaloid2 the most. They sound so like anime. The first song I heard is from Kasane Teto. It was called Love is War. I thought of Montblanc's voice from the Radio Edition. Then I heard Hatsune Miku's song. I was thinking, How about if this was Hurdy's voice?. This leads me to a plan. I was thinking to make them female Vocaloids. Haha.

See User:Kuzlalala/FF "Vocaloids" if you want more!

Here's the "cast"[edit | edit source]

Still confused with MEIKO and KAITO, though.

Some Good Book I read[edit | edit source]

Kuzlalala Hates a lot of Books
But one of the books she doesn't hate is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It's hilarious and even have funny cartoon images. This is worth reading for!

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

(Let me talk like that I'm not Kuzlalala)

Luna means moon, while Stella means star, which has a certain connection to this user. "Kuz" in Kuzlalala is an abbreviation from Kuzco, a character mainly from the move The Emperor's New Groove, whom Kuzlalala used to like (before Montblanc). She still likes Kuzco a little today.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • I get car-sick
  • I am the only one in my class who's so crazy about Montblanc.
  • I get very mad if someone told Montblanc that they love him, but it's actually a lie.
  • Hate cosplays... especially people who tried to look like Montblanc.
  • Hate skirts.
  • I'm against hentai. Or if you don't understand me, let me clear this up. I hate them! Especially Montblanc ones. (and yes, I saw one. But just ONE, though. It's lucky that I didn't see the whole thing!)
  • Hate vandalizing. Especially to the Montblanc article.
  • Do you know that Montblanc has brown eyebrows at FFTA2? (If you don't believe me, feel free to ZOOM IN)

External Links[edit | edit source]

Kuzlalala at FanFiction.Net

Kuzlalala at DeviantArt Lots of Montblanc here!

Kuzlalala's Journey at the Internet My blog

Kuzlalala at +OekakiBBS+

My TV Tropes Page

Kuzlalala at Wishingstar Wishingstar is a forum on everything, so I think it's great if you join this forum. There's even this Final Fantasy thread I made...

My Square Enix Members Page

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