You don't need a reason to help people.
―Zidane Tribal, Final Fantasy IX

How do you prove that you exist? Maybe we don't exist...
―Vivi Orunitia, Final Fantasy IX

I dreamt I was a moron...
―Squall Leonhart, Final Fantasy VIII
Name Kuja Rhapsodos
Job Class Arithmetician
Hometown Rivière-Ouelle A.K.A. Bran Bal
Date of Birth December 24, 1992
Age 19
Height 186 cm
IQ Never did a test
Weapon Terra's Legacy/Ozma's Splinter
Spells Ultima, Flare, Flare Star, Holy, Doomsday, Scathe
Summons Bahamut, Leviathan, Zodiark, Chaos, Madeen, Ozma
Limit breaks Trance, Renzokuken
Random Facts
  • I can recite LOVELESS .
  • I hate googolplex for its sheer... AHHH! Head bursting!
  • J'étudie les sciences de la nature au cégep de Sainte-Foy, à Québec.
  • I have 3 sisters and a brother.
  • I can touch my fingers to the back of my hand.

Weekly Polls![edit | edit source]

I hereby present the weekly polls, that'll actually stay here forever! (For the sake of sanity, I shall not make a user arena just yet.) Thank you for voting!

About Me[edit | edit source]

Well... What is there to say? I'm from Canada, province of Québec, and I speak French. My life boils down to two simple things: Things you can eat, and things you can no eat. No! I'm kidding. I love maths and I love FF.

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How I Came to Know Final Fantasy[edit | edit source]

About 8 years ago, I played my very first Final Fantasy game: Final Fantasy Tactics. I loved it, of course. However, my love for the series came only a few years later, with me buying Final Fantasy IX. I can say that it is my favorite game EVER. Next came FFXII, Crisis Core, Dissida and, very recently, FFVIII: I'm now on Disc 4 (but I am not strong enough to defeat dear ol' Ultimecia). I've seen Last Order, Advent Children Complete (the RAPTURE when I saw Sephiroth stab Cloud) and played Dirge of Cerberus. I also played Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. I am addict... But I live with it very well.

  • Final Fantasy Tactics: My first. I really liked it and did a thousand games. My next one, on the PSP remake, will be (I hope) my perfect one.
  • Final Fantasy: Very simple. However, beating all those superbosses (especially Chronodia) feels real good...
  • Final Fantasy VIII: Defeated Ultimecia. Damn, that was a good boss fight... With great music, long enough or the pleasure to last. Only that bastard Omega Weapon left... Damn that Terra Breaker of his...
  • Final Fantasy IX: My first game from the main series and my favorite. Only one thing I won't ever achieve: attaining the highest rank at Tetra Master. Too long... (Ozma is great).
  • Final Fantasy X: What is there to say, other than I utterly love Lulu? That it's a good game, maybe? Although the story is weird.... But gameplay is great! ANIMAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
  • Final Fantasy XII: This is a great game, incredible for the time each playthrough takes (130 hours to defeat both Yiazmat and Omega Mark XII) and the number of sidequests. This game also features the great Gilgamesh, along with Clash on the Big Bridge.
  • Final Fantasy XIII: I was surprised to not be disappointed. I like it. It might not give as many hours of happiness as other FFs, but I think it's a very good game.
  • Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-: My first game of the Compilation. I really liked it. Genesis is great, I love LOVELESS and Minerva was a pretty good superboss.
  • Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-: That one really let me down. Not a good game, poor soundtrack.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete: Oh my, that was a good movie. Good story, music and graphics. I just loved the added scene where Sephiroth Octaslash-ed Cloud. A lot of blood in that scene. That was nice!
  • Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-: Well, I have nothing to say. Well, in fact, a little something. There were a few contradictions with Crisis Core...
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy: That's the best combat game I ever played. I have played every single day since I bought it, on August 29, and until december 22. Just look at my Dissidia stats and see.
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Achievements[edit | edit source]

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Ophan Dark FFXIII.png "We are the abandoned one. Born, but now to--" *dies*
This cluttered eyesore is to certify that KujaRhapsodos has completed Jeppo's Challenge #10!

So how does it feel, slaying orphans in under five minutes, eh? How does it feel!?


Kuja[edit | edit source]

Having played several hundred hours at FFIX (and still more to come), my favorite character has got to be its villain: Kuja. He can cast devastating spells (such as Ultima), he destroyed a planet, rides a dragon. He can control Bahamut, the Dragon King. His humour is hilarious (ahhhh... the first time he called Brahne the 'elephant lady'...). He is a cruel narcissist who wears a thong (that makes him all the more evil in my eyes)... So... Don't you think Kuja is better than Sephiroth?

(Feel free to vote for who you want. This is an opinion question. I want to check the pulse of the population.
Edit: Woohoo, after 22 votes, it's still very close. This is interesting. EDIT: O. M. G. That's what I thought would happen. Too close to know. It ends in a tie!! But please, continue to vote. 46 votes is not enough.... MOAR)

Very interesting links[edit | edit source]

I'll put these links, because they are either very funny, or very funny. Behold!

This is Poll Time![edit | edit source]

That's it for now. Thank you very much for voting!

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Banal Fantasy or French Users![edit | edit source]

All of you French users out there: do you know Banal Fantasy?

Banal Fantasy is a Franch parody of the game Final Fantasy VII (oh yes, FFVII). Believe me, it's 46 episodes (MP3) of laughter. Here's the link [note that they also did a parody for Advent Children (video), Dirge of Cerberus (MP3) and Last Order (video)] :

Also, Banal Fantasy II is the also wonderful parody of FFVIII. Here's the link:

(Je viens de me rendre compte que j'ai tout écrit ça en anglais, même si c'est pour des utilisateurs francophones... Mais j'ai d'autres chats à fouetter, pas le temps de tout réécrire!)

Bref, ce sont des incroyables parodies qui valent vraiment la peine d'être écoutées.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Progress[edit | edit source]

Dissidia Stats
Playtime 460 hr PP Catalog Completion 100%
Play Plan Grind-Lover Battlegen Completion 100%
Bonus Day Saturday Accomplishments 84%
Ghost Character Kuja Shop Inventory 98%
Storyline Completion
Destiny Odyssey
93% 89% 89% 92% 78% 95% 81% 95% 96% 88%
Shade Impulse Distant Glory
I II III IV The Lady of Legend Redemption of the Warrior
95% 91% 73% 87% 98% 100%
Character Levels
Warrior of Light 100 UW/IC Garland 100 UW/IC
Firion 100 UW/IC The Emperor 100 UW/IC
Onion Knight 100 UW/IC Cloud of Darkness 100 UW/IC
Cecil 100 UW/IC Golbez 100 UW/IC
Bartz 100 UW/IC Exdeath 100 UW/IC
Terra 100 UW/IC Kefka 100 UW/IC
Cloud 100 UW/IC Sephiroth 100 UW/IC
Squall 100 UW/IC Ultimecia 100 UW/IC
Zidane 100 UW/IC Kuja 100 UW/IC
Tidus 100 UW/IC Jecht 100 UW/IC
Shantotto 100 UW/IC Gabranth 100 UW/IC

Legend: UW means I have that character's Ultimate Weapon (for example, Kuja's Terra's Legacy) and IC means I cleared Inward Chaos with that character.

Awards That Are Not Achievements[edit | edit source]

Kuja.jpg "HAPPY B-DAY!" This is commemorate the day of your birth. Not your Birthday? Too Bad! It's your early present!

Anyway, I only give these out to people who desevre it, by doing stuff. Stuff like: Being Awesome, helping me out, etc... Take this, Kuj, and post it on your wall! We only print a few of these a year, ya know?

PS-For Your 1000th edit!


-Made with love by Kupohunter, and his pal Gil

Talk bubbles[edit | edit source]

Dissidia Kuja.png
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