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Hey, guys! My name is KirbiMiroir, or the Mirror Samurai. I'm no longer active on this site, though I do sneak through the pages from time to time. Usually for research purposes. If I make an edit, it's usually just to fix an error or flesh out the strategies.

Official Stats[]

  • Name: KirbiMiroir
  • Birthday: 25th October, 2002
  • Occupation: Schoolboy, Wikia User, Artist, Writer, Game Designer
  • Favourite FF Game: Final Fantasy VI
  • Favourite FF Character: Terra
  • Dissidia Mains: Terra, Lightning, Ultimecia
  • Games Owned: FF1 (PSP and iOS), FF2 (iOS), FF3 (DS), FF4 (DS), TAY (iOS), FF5 (iOS), FF6 (GBA and iOS), Dissidia (PSP), Dissidia 012 (PSP)