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      hello users,admins and fans of the series. I am one of, if not the newest member of the wiki. like armegeddon 11, i originated on sporewiki, but i also like this franchise, paticularly  final fantasy VII. Bluehighwind and A11 were why i joined the wiki, im currently blocked for a couple of months, but that wont stop me from editing! IT NEVER DOES!!!!!!! If you vandalise me, then go to hell, asshole.  Please don't ask me about anything exept for FFVII. Im on many other wikis, ie: I added the wingderbeast description on uncyclopedia.

                             stupid facts about myself Edit


 * Tifa is, in my opinion. WAY better than Aerith.

 * This page is broken working perfectly.

* Now doing walkthroughs.

Random bullshit that I make upEdit clearly states what this is. ill update this at times. but dont expect it to be good.

oK now im going on about chuck norris facts, which are pretty funny to me i mean come on? 70% of his weght is his dick? thats hillarious! now im just trying to make my page bigger than it is.

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