Key of Destiny

aka Matt

  • I was born on May 22
  • I am Male

"If I could protect but one person from war's horror, I would bear any shame. I would bear it proudly."

"Silence! All was stripped from me! Only hatred for the brother who fled our homeland remains mine!"

Hey, the name's Matt. But, because this is the FFWiki, I must have a badass name. Thus, it is the Key of Destiny. I'm actually a fan of both Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Though after the catastrophe that was Final Fantasy XIII, I basically said, "Screw this, I'm staying in Ivalice with Basch and the gang; let the good times never cease!"

Yes, I am a FFXII fanboy (specifically Gabranth); if you have a problem with that and you're still playing a Final Fantasy game, there's something wrong with you. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Mr. Kefka Fanboy in the back row! That goes for you too, "I <3 ExDeath 500"! What, people can't enjoy a good title in the series for once!? on to more important matters. Such as...

Archadian seal

If Archadia invaded the United States, do you think we'd finally get something done? Yes, that is a rhetorical question. But hey, have you seen their capital!? Air taxis, man! Air taxis! Oh, and magick stones...and the world's largest and up-to-date laboratory ever seen. What? Military might? Dictatorship? Pish-posh, it's all for the greater good of seeing the reins of history back in the hands of man! Besides, have you seen what their soldiers get to wear? I'd enlist right here and now if I got to wear a suit of badass armor and carry the swords they hand out to those Judges. You think their gear's standard issue, or do the Judges get to handpick their own equipment? I bet the Magisters get to pick and choose; that's why their weapons are so badass...


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