Name KefkaPVI
Hometown Toronto, Canada
Date of Birth 1991
Age 18
Height 5'3
Laterality Left-Handed
Political Views Liberal
Favourite Final Fantasy Final Fantasy VII
Worst Final Fantasy Final Fantasy I
Favourite Character Kefka...
Worst Character Selphie, I can't stand her

Well, hello I suppose. I joined the Kingdom Hearts wiki months ago, and I got bored fairly fast and left. Somehow the log in works here, which I find strange but understandable. In any case wikis are not my forte so I virtually know nothing about this. If anyone is willing to tell how to do these userbox things and that nifty little table to the left of the page, that would be much appreciated. It isn't crucial, though. I can probably figure it out myself in time.

In any case, I don't know how long I'll stay here. I have a habit of joining things and then leaving for no particular reason. Usually the other users drive me away with there incredibly lack of dignity, but I am hoping that maybe this is not true of the place (perhaps I am mistaken). I am a bit of a lurker, and have frequently looked at the forums and on other userpages. I do love both Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts and thus I am here now.

About MoiEdit

Without revealing anything overly personal, I am of the male gender, I was born and raised (and still live) in Toronto, Canada. I am 18 years of age, and study film in University. I am bilingual (spent 12 horrific years of my life in French Immersion) so those of you who are francophones can talk to me in French if you so choose. I should also mention that that I spell like a Canadian. FavoUrite, ColoUr, etc.

About The UsernameEdit

You should be able to get it. Kefka (the villain from Final Fantasy VI) P, for Palazzo, his last name, and VI, the number of the game in which he appears in. My name is not Kefka Palazzo the Sixth, but it would certainly be awesome if it was. I forget to mention he is my favourite character ever.


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Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Game Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy III
Story Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy I
Graphical Style Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy I
Soundtrack Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy III
Cast Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy XII
World Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy VI Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy VIII
Monsters Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy III
Final Dungeon Ultimecia's Castle Temple of Chaos Northern Crater Within Sin
Final Battle Safer.Sephiroth Ultimecia Neo-Exdeath Chaos (I)
Battle System Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy III


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Male Protagonist Balthier Zidane Tribal Squall Leonhart Cecil Harvey
Female Protagonist Tifa Lockhart Terra Branford Yuna Penelo
Male Supporting Character Cid Highwind Sabin Rene Figaro Minwu Gordon
Female Supporting Character Leila Relm Arrowny Quistis Trepe Penelo
Female Love Interest Tifa Lockhart Celes Chere Yuna Penelo
Female Bubbly Ditz Relm Arrowny Krile Baldesion Rikku Selphie
Temporary Player Character Reddas Blank Larsa Cinna
Villain Kefka Palazzo Sephiroth Exdeath Yu Yevon
Minor Villain Ba'Gamnan Bergan Hein Borghen
Recurring Boss Gilgamesh Ultros Beatrix Zorn & Thorn
Cid Cid Highwind Cid X Cidolfus Bunansa Cid Kramer
Biggs and Wedge VI VIII VII  ?
Airship Ragnarok Highwind Invincible Balamb Garden
I Character Garland Astos Matoya Bikke
II Character Leila Minwu Ricard Gordon
III Character Doga Desch Refia Goldor
IV Character Kain Highwind Edge Golbez Zemus
V Character Gilgamesh Bartz Klauser Galuf Baldesion Lenna Tycoon
VI Character Kefka Palazzo Sabin Rene Figaro Mog Gau
VII Character Cid Highwind Sephiroth Tifa Lockhart Yuffie
VIII Character Zell Dincht Quistis Trepe Squall Leonhart Selphie
IX Character Vivi Orunitia Zidane Tribal Eiko Carol Adelbert Steiner
X Character Auron Yuna Lulu Shelinda
X-2 Character Paine Yuna Rikku Shuyin
XII Character Balthier Zargabaath Ashe Penelo


Category Best Second Best Third Best Worst
I Song Chaos Temple Sunken Shrine Matoya's Cave Airship theme
II Song Wild Rose Rebellion Magician's Tower Pandaemonium Castle World Map
III Song This is Our Last Battle Crystal Room Battle Theme World Map
IV Song Castle Baron Golbez Clad in Darkness Battle Theme Another Moon
V Song Battle on The Big Bridge Evil Lord Exdeath Cursed Earth Dear Friends
VI Song Terra's Theme Slam Shuffle Kefka's Theme Umaro's Theme
VII Song One-Winged Angel Aeris' Theme Cid's Theme Don of The Slums
VIII Song Liberi Fatali The Landing Man With The Machine Gun Time Compression
IX Song Battle Theme Burmecian Kingdom Kuja's Theme Final Battle
X Song To Zanarkand Hymn of The Fayth Summoned Beast Battle Otherworld
Final Battle Theme One Winged-Angel This is Our Last Battle The Extreme Zeromus

What I Think of The Actual Games ThemselvesEdit

Final Fantasy IEdit

Not really a Final Fantasy game, in my opinion. I despise it because it is boring. It is also incredibly easy.

Final Fantasy IIEdit

Boring game. Boring storyline. Boring characters. Owes a lot to Star Wars.

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Ugh. What a piece of shit. Although I don't claim to love Final Fantasy II, at least it tried something different. Final Fantasy III uses the first game's plot, throws in some new characters, and voila. The DS remake just gives those characters awful names (Ingus? Refia? Luneth? Arc?...the hell?). Oh, and Xande sucks as a villain.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

I liked it up until Zemus showed up. Next you know I get to travel to the fucking moon on a whale-shaped spaceship. I lost all respect for this game there. I do, however, think it's the first game to be, in some way, a half-way decent game.

Final Fantasy VEdit

I enjoyed it. Nothing much else to say.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Solid game. Kefka is in it, which means it's amazing. Bonus points for having one hell of a soundtrack.

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

My personal favourite. A lot of people think it's overrated, and they have the right to say that. To me, though, it's perfect. It's playable, not too hard and not too easy, it also has a terrific soundtrack and some of the most memorable characters in the series (except for Cait Sith and Yuffie, and to a lesser extent Aeris/th).

Crisis CoreEdit

Solid game. Short, but solid. I hated the DMW, though. It made it feel like the whole game was based on luck. I hate that.

Dirge of CerberusEdit

Plays nicely, but its boring as hell. The cutscenes go on forever and the storyline is pitiful. I also hate Shelke. A lot.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

I enjoyed the game's storyline up until the aftermath of the Battle of The Gardens. The minute Edea drops Ultimecia's name, the plot goes all over the place and the next I know I am in outer space and going through Time Compression. The battle system is pretty boring, and most of the characters are really useless (I fucking hate Irvine and Selphie). Despite this, the last bit of this game is so effectively creepy (Ultimecia's Castle) I thought I was playing Resident Evil.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Solid game. Better than VIII, not quite as good as IX, but still very good. The battle system is terrific, the characters are well-developed (Vivi, anyone?) and even the most hated characters seem to get their moments (I don't hate Quina as much as I thought I would). My only complaint is regarding Kuja. I couldn't take him seriously. It wasn't because he looks so hilarious, he just doesn't frighten me at all. At least previous villains looked either badass or where badass. Kuja fails on all levels.

Final Fantasy XEdit

This is actually the first Final Fantasy game I played. It's also one of my favourites, mostly because the storyline is brilliant and the music is once again terrific. The cast sort of sucks, but I have seen worse. Playing through it again, I realize the battle system is probably my favourite after VII. I never thought the Turn-Base gameplay would satisfy me, but it does here.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Truly terrible fan-service. It did nothing for me. The only thing I liked was the soundtrack, which as funky as it was, wasn't too bad at all.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

I liked the gameplay but hated the storyline. Essentially, its quest after quest looking for (insert name of crown, sword, or mythical treasure here) because of that prick Raithwall hiding every bloody thing. The storyline also seemed irrelevant to everything, and I hated most of the characters except for Balthier.

Revenant WingsEdit

Ugh. I wish I had never bought it. Because you know, all we need is more Vaan and Penelo.

Kingdom Hearts SeriesEdit

I love it. The Disney stuff drags sometimes, though. I credit Kingdom Hearts for getting me into this whole fan-thing, because I bought it seemingly unaware of just how epic it would turn out to be.

Talk BubbleEdit

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