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Name Neidhardt
Japanese ナイトハルト
Romaji Naitoharuto
Job Mystic Knight
Age 21
Weapon Crystal Sword
Spells Thundaga, Firaga, Blizzaga, Flare, Ultima, Haste, Protect, Shell, Cura, Holy,
Guardian Force Diablos
Limit Break Ultima Fury

My name is Neidhardt, My Journey in Final Fantasy Began with Final Fantasy IV when it was II on the super Nintendo I have since beaten I-X XII and XIII because you cant beat an MMO and I don't take a liking to them either, I have also beaten a few of the spin offs like Legends and Mystic Quest. when I'm not playing any of my other games like Team Fortress 2, Metal Gear Solid, or Killzone and many others I am playing a final fantasy game like Dissidia or Tactics.



Friend Code: 1087-2618-5700

Character: Cecil

Assist: Kain

Music: Cantata Mortis & God in Fire

Stage: Hell's Throne


  • Final Fantasy IV: This is my all time favorite of the series even though looking back on it the whole evil i didn't know he was my brother now just screams star wars to me. "Cecil I am you Brother." "NO IT'S NOT TRUE IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!" Aside from that and Edge being completely retarded I love the story and its characters especially the music, the music added the atmosphere for the entire game.
  • Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: Oh this game when I first played this I had no idea what the hell was going on I just went where the game told me to go the most memorable part of the game for me was getting thorough that Ice cave so many evil squids! then before I knew it I was fight in an 8 armed king who was just plain annoying.
  • Final Fantasy VI: Known as Final Fantasy III in the US for a good while. I have to say I liked this game but at times it just seemed so easy because even though Kefka is the best Villain ever he was a horrible Final Boss I took him out rather quickly even in the advance port of it he was easy.
  • Final Fantasy VII: The supposed best Final Fantasy ever. I liked the game for a while It was rather easy with the exception of the ruby weapon I had a mental block when fighting it and could never kill the damn thing until I got it on my PSP through PSN (I know sad right) Then I completely lost faith in liking this game because of the overly obsessed random killed it for me. But I'm going to be honest it is a wonderful game I have to say this is my fourth favorite.
  • Final Fantasy VIII: I definitely love this game but I'm at a loss for remembering it for some reason I remember seeing this guy named Gilgamesh owning Seifer for me and I shat bricks. and I remember Owning Ultimacea effortlessly with Renzokuken.
  • Final Fantasy XI: Kuja destroying Terra and spamming Ultima and Holy good times then killing him with flare. XI was a fun game I liked how it went a bit backwards to the feel of IV for me because it didn't have any high tech influence on it and the music was amazing Dark Messanger is one of my favorite songs from the whole series behind Clash on The Big Bridge from V and the Theme of Love from Final Fantasy IV.
  • Final Fantasy X: This is my second favorite Main Series Final Fantasy. Mainly because of the music and the battle system sure it wasn't atb anymore but it added more depth in the strategy of your moves. The story was indeed very good in a way it reminds me of Clash of The Titans to an extent.
  • Final Fantasy III: Like most people here in the us didn't play it till the DS version came out I have to say it was a hard ass game for me because every time I killed one boss I level up like 5 or six times and got new gear the next bosses would kick my ass I was revealed when I finally beat it.
  • Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls: I didn't have an NES at the time nor did I feel like getting an emulator to play it and sure it was released on the PS 1 with Final Fantasy II oh well. I'm going to just sum up I and II right here. I was boring to me I looked at it as a time consumer for a while then that view changed magically with the Anniversary Edition and with dissidia that added alot of lore to the first game and I fel in love with it. As for Final Fantasy II it was a better to know what the hell you have to do and know where to go in II and also have a good story behind it The Emperor may have poisoned a city's water supply but he didn't do it as well as Kefka did.
  • Final Fantasy V:
  • Final Fantasy XII:
  • Final Fantasy XIII:

V, XII, and XIII to soon follow to lazy to finish atm.

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