I've devoted this page to the creation and sharing of various custom characters that are in the Dissidia 012 format. I hope you like them and if you have any feedback, feel free to drop me a line on my talk page, the characters' talk page, or directly to me if I'm in the IRC.

Original Characters[edit | edit source]

The Final Fantasy Wiki User Kamikaze Pardee - Completed Version 1 (as of 12-25-10), *minor update 4-8-11*

Final Fantasy V Version of Kamikaze Pardee - Completed Version 1 (as of 2-14-11), *minor update 3-24-11*

Final Fantasy XII Version of Kamikaze Pardee - Completed Version 1 (as of 10-19-11)

Summoner Version of Kamikaze Pardee - Started 10-19-11

Final Fantasy Characters[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy IV's Palom & Porom - Completed Version 1 (as of 1-2-11)

Final Fantasy IV's Edge - Completed Version 1 (as of 2-4-11)

Final Fantasy VII's Red XIII - Completed Version 1 (as of 12-31-10)

Final Fantasy VII's Zack Fair - Completed Version 1 (as of 2-1-11)

Final Fantasy XIII's Snow Villiers - Completed Version 1 (as of 1-25-11)

Potential/Future Warrior Projects[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy VIII's Zell Dincht - Considering after more time is spent with Dissidia 012.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited's Kaze - Possibly considering after Zell.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited's Makenshi - Possibly considering after Kaze.

Skyrim's Dovahkiin - Been playing a lot of Skyrim over break, the potential is there. Will attempt sometime soon.

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